just a pun

Jokes of Astral-nomical Proportions

What do you call a polite ice Astral that looks good in a suit?
A Gent-iana.

What did the grumpy Astral say when Christmas was coming around?

Did you hear about the lightning Astral that nearly electrocuted the prince?
Apparently, he wasn’t aware of the Ramuh-fications.

What do you call a duel on top of an Astral’s back?
Attack on Titan

Leviathan was asked to make a covenant with Noctis, but something was fishy about the situation.

The fire Astral wasn’t invited to the party, but he was ind-Ifrit about it anyways.

I just have this very out of place idea that there is a sentence in Ritsu’s diary after the 7th Division arc that says “I thought psychic power was meant to be a tool…………..but it turns out I was the tool all along”

Hierarchy of Ube

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

  • Lily: All men are dogs.
  • Remus: *staring at Sirius* Some more than others.
  • Sirius: Do wolves count as dogs?
  • Peter: I'm not a dog.
  • James: No, I see you more as a rat.
  • Lily: I don't know where this conversation has gone.

*Me banging two pots together at 2am*

Friendly reminder that Hunk built a Geiger counter for an unknown alien element ON THE SPOT.

Friendly reminder that Hunk figured out Galra tech/machinery ON THE SPOT to get to the yellow lion.

Friendly reminder that Hunk KNEW Rolo was not to be trusted BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE because of his STELLAR ENGINEERING SKILLS.

Friendly reminder that Hunk figured out how to TRANSLATE/BYPASS GALRA TECH/CODES using his knowledge of algorithms.

Friendly reminder that Hunk consistently provides EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES in battle.

Friendly reminder that Hunk can essentially figure out and fix ANY ALIEN MACHINERY.


Frendly Rhys-minder::

Rhysand gave his life to repair the cauldron, not expecting to be brought back. He let his magic and life drain away to save the woman he loved and the world she lived in, held on in death because she begged him to stay-

- and even in the midst of all that he still reached out and brought Amren back.