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Single Dad!AU - Bellamy Blake

warnings: single parents, custody stuff and legal stiff, some curse words, abandonment, police involvement

a lot of dot points omg i’m sorry

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  • in a modern situation i recon bellamy would’ve been out one night like celebrating lets say monty’s birthday
  • he go a little bit too drunk and ended up in someone else’s bed the next morning
  • so with his prompt leave he would’ve thought that was that and moved on with his life right
  • wrong
  • like a fair few years later when bellamy has his life pretty much sorted, he has a decent job, he’s got himself a pretty good car, a pretty good apartment that he shares with lets say murphy and rocks up to work and working away at his detective desk when he gets a phone call
  • it’s from an unknown number he answers thinking it’s a wrong number call bc most people call his work number if they need him urgently
  • and he gets the shock of his life when there’s a quiet little voice on the end of the phone; “is this bellamy blake?”
  • and his eyebrows furrow and he’s like ‘uh, yeah, how can I help you?”
  • “so i’m at the police station and i need you to come pick me up”
  • and he sits there for like a few seconds and is like “who is this?”
  • “long story, can you please come?”

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Honest Opinion

Fellow Jonerys shippers (Hi I’m new),

I think we all need to collectively step back and take a deep breath.

Because what I’m seeing right now in the tag is several people working themselves into a frenzy of disappointment over #epicboatsex before the scene has even aired.

And I’ve seen this before and I know how it feels, believe me! To wait for something for so long that you make a million theories about it. Theories that start off happy and joyful and fun until too much time passes by and we’re all ripping each other to shreds over how horrible it’ll end up being (thanks, leaks!).

Just…look. Maybe a good bunch of us should focus on something else. Like petting a cat. Or eating nutella. Or, in my case, diving deep into another fandom for the next couple of days so that Sunday would just hurry up and get here already. Anything to keep us from worrying about what’s gonna happen.

So…yeah. I’m just saying this to tell everyone it’s gonna be okay.

anonymous asked:

Ok so this is kinda dumb but just letting ya know that there's a insta phan account with the same name as this (your) blog and not really sure if ur aware (it's probs you but I'm not gonna think about that rn) but just as a heads up!

it’s not me lmao, imagine having a phandom insta, what the hell would that even entail????? thanks for the heads up tho lol and i guess ill let this serve as a psa for anyone else who might be wondering about that account (i dont have a fandom twitter either just in case theres an acc on there too w my url) 

pledis’ group seventeen is going to be debuting soon so here’s a psa for all u nasties (specifically “pedo noonas”): a lot of the members are underage so don’t fucking sexulize them ok thank u


ooc; hi guys. katsumi-mun here to make a quick (though i hoped would be unnecessary) psa.
so i guess there’s some rper’s burn book thing where people are shit talking other rpers. in case you didn’t know this, that’s the farthest thing from cool that you could possibly be. period. we rper’s need to stick together and understand this is a hobby, NOT a chore or an obligation. people are allowed to drop threads and ships if they become stressful, or are just uninteresting or unwanted. people are allowed to have uncontained themes, and not html, and not interact with every single person that comes their way. people are allowed to do whatever they want, and just because they enjoy rping a different way than you do does NOT give you the right to treat them lesser. i will defend everyone’s right to rp how, when, and who they want to for the sole reason that they want to. sorry you feel personally attacked because someone dropped your thread or dropped your ship or refused to interact with you or follow you back. it sucks. but making a burn book to attempt and shun others is in no way okay.
so long story short, we’re a family here, guys. this is an outlet from everyday worries and woes. don’t make this a place people don’t want to come to. support each other. :) and remember, if i see anyone reblogging or posting anything negative about another roleplayer, regardless of if i know them or not, expect a quick unfollow, block, and a sympathetic apology on your behalf to the victim of your insensitive, unthoughtful, and blatantly cruel & unneccesary behaviors. that’ll be all. love you guys. xoxo