just a perfect ending to a great series

Gotta say, if this season is OUAT’s last (and that’s a BIG if), all I want is for Killian and Emma to share a True Love Kiss. 

I’ve wanted this since I started shipping them all the way back in 2x06. 

I don’t care about babies. I could even forgo a wedding. 

I just want that kiss. 

I know we’ve already received True Love confirmation last year and I have no doubt that CS is and always will be True Love. That’s not my issue. 

The True Love Kiss is just so iconic. It’s the stuff fairytales are made of– the hallmark–and in the end, OUAT is a show about fairytales. 

And really, wouldn’t it be amazing considering the show opened with Snow & Charming’s True Love Kiss, picture it closing with that same epic moment for their daughter??!! It’s such a great full circle scene. A perfect end to the series. 

Plus, for all Emma’s sacrificed and suffered through her role as Savior, she deserves that moment of pure and utter happiness. That second where she’s actually enveloped into that fairytale world and not by fighting the Villain of the Week. It would mark an end to the constant drama and be the beginning of a new, positive chapter of her life–with Killian by her side.

UGH–I’m gonna go die of feels now. 

Tonight I finally finished watching season 7 of Gilmore Girls (I had been putting off as I was getting scared of finishing it)…and now I don’t really know what to do with myself…I didn’t want it to end, but oh man was it a great ending. I had tears in my eyes; both of happiness and sadness; and now I have been left with this sudden void in my life; how do I even begin to cope/deal with this?! Why did it have to end :’(

Sometimes I feel like people have higher standards for characters more than they do for themselves. I see so many posts about Ron being a shit friend or James Potter being an arrogant bully and people spitting vitriol at these characters as if they themselves would never do such in their situations. Like they would never be jealous or arrogant or mean or whatever.

And I’m just sitting here like guys, perfect do good characters are BORING. They’re not human. People aren’t all good or all bad– moral absolutism doesn’t exist.

What I love about the Harry Potter series is how REAL the characters are. Hermione is a genius but she’s also really fricking annoying sometimes. Sirius is a great godfather but he’s also brash and has a flair for danger which gets him killed. Lupin is a sweet wonderful summer child but he has insane insecurities that leads him to walk out on his wife and child. But at the end of the day– all these characters, they grew and they learned and they were good.

The only real evil was Voldemort. And even Harry– who I think is the closest anyone can ever get to being absolutely good– has his flaws. And I think that’s how life and humanity is. It’s not about being perfect and being good ALWAYS. It’s about keeping ourselves from becoming the worst, learning from every bad situation we find ourselves in, and learning to forgive mostly others and mostly ourselves.

onabalconyinsummerair  asked:

Hiii I literally watched all of skam last week and i am obsessed and i cant stop thinking about noorhelm and then i went into the william tag and there was hate AND I WAS SO CONFUSED. and i just read your *thesis* on why noorhelm is not toxic and abusive and thank you for that. like wtf are these ppl thinking. the entire point is that none of them are perfect cause the serie is supposed to be about real people? and real lives? and ffs whoever says william is a stalker :') i cant :')

and the entire thing about the violence as well like that. is. the. point. the entire discussion is so great because neither ends of the spectrum are perfect. and then the ppl who criticize thomas’ acting I AM SO CONFUSED, are they not watching the same thing, do they not see the intensity in his eyes whaaaaat even. okay. rant over. thanks for the thesis. I agree.

I know, the delusional people who hate William always make me roll my eyes sooooo hard like lmao did we just not watch the same show??  The hypocrisy of this fandom is so ridiculous.

I know!!  The intensity in his eyes is one of my faaaavorite things about him, haha.


Plays Champagne Supernova….

and you have a fit of crying …

because i’m in denial.

I’m just in denial… that is the end.

Is the end.

My mad fat diary is ending. Really. 

Bye nineties, bye oasis, blur and more great bands and tunes….

Bye Gang Izzy, Chop, Archie, Danny, Chloe, FInn

Bye Rinn.

Bye Rae. Oh Rae earl. Bye bye

I’m not okay. 
You know that feeling discovery this world, the MMFD  beautiful scenes, perfect soundtrack, perfect casting,  great dialogues, life changing really. 

So much of this world i don’t want to let it go. 

Thank you so much. SO MUCH. 

This series told me so many things that no one had spoken. Had the courage to show things that people would rather ignore. Courage to show things that hurt and that we do not know how to deal with them ….
How many times I got mad at Rae wanting her to be happy. Then it taught me that if I want it to her to be happy, because I think she is perfect and amazing. Me too. I deserve be happy too. Thank you for showing me that I am good enough.
I do not know if anyone had spoken this to me, and i didn’t register… but i think that nobody told me that “I am good enough”. 

So thank you for showing me this. I am good enough.

Thank you


Not ready to say good bye.