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“{Minor age} and {18+} isn’t that bad of an age gap I dated a guy when I was [minor age] that was [grown adult age] sheesh” “Age is just a number” “Teenagers are capable of consent with an adult, I mean they’re practically adults anyway!” “You would accept an [adult age] and an [adult age] even though they’re five years apart too!”

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For the past 3.5 weeks, my mother brought home a magazine edition of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher’s death and I finally cooked up the courage to read it and I have cried 4 times already

my mom just came home from having lunch with her friend and her friends daughter (who is 30) has been having trouble finding men to date. turns out her daughter is actually gay. i was like “see mom its not that unusual” and she was like very excited and it was nice, and shes like “u two have to meet now! u can have a friend”

my mom has a friend who has a failed program-service dog and he’s literally my favorite creature

He’s a really smart lab, he learned all the commands, but he just has an affinity for doing them whenever he wants

So this lady’s dog literally turns on-off lights, opens doors, opens the fridge, etc… at his own wishes.

Her house looks like its baby-proofed, with kid safe locks on everything and stuff, but really she just has a dog that’s learned all the mobility service dog commands but has a mind of his own.

why do i gotta ask for people to let this 30 yr old man live his 30 yr old life. like. drink a beer phil. call dan a cheeky fucking cunt when he’s being an idiot phil. make a disgusting sex joke that’s so bad it’s funny phil. live ur life. do it for me babe. im sorry people still treat you like a 15 year old scene kid who wants to fuck a plant.

no offense but boys in like…. sunglasses………… boys who tie sweaters…… around their waists……. boys who just like…… lean on things……. put their hands in pockets………..  play with their hair……… stretch their arms behind their heads for whatever reason……. boys who somehow make normal behaviours ten times better like thru magic or some shit……… how the fuc