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Vernon/OFC: Flooded, like ocean waves

Genre: Fluff/Humor/Romance

Word Count: 804

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

Summary: university!AU, “I accidentally flooded the laundry room and you really need to do laundry.” 

It was well late into the night, as she passed every floor with the halls being dead quiet. Students were pulling all nighters and it was quiet hours, so it was almost creepy having the only sound being furious laptop typing and violent pencil scratching. She made her way to the laundry room as fast as possible, her basket tucked in one arm and a textbook in the other. At the very least, she could kill two birds by studying while she waited.

The laundry room was closed shut, but light seeped through. Not only light seeped through, but soap, as she opened the door and took two steps in.

Squish, squish.

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cr1tikal sentence meme


  • “How was I supposed to know to keep my child alive? There should be a message at the beginning: child is useful, do not murder. Otherwise how would I know, this is ridiculous.”
  • “Alright, now I wanna sound nice, formal, and normal.”
  • “Taste the titties with every bite.”
  • “I have strategically placed sea sponges on my body. Sometimes I’ll even use sea urchin if the price is right.”
  • “Well fuck you, not even exchanging pleasantries?”
  • “What the fuck does ASL stand for? Asparagus… Sex… Live?”
  • “Do I like to talk dirty? Is that even a question? That’s like asking a telephone if it likes ears.”
  • “Look at this guy, running all the way from Lithuania just to give me the business.”
  • “Is that titty seaweed?”
  • “Bitch, I will sprinkle Scooby Snacks all over your face.”
  • “Alright, I need to get dancing. If the phantoms see I’m not busting a move, fuck’s gonna get shit.”
  • “Stop conveying such a wide range of emotions!”
  • “Are you really off balance after one cocktail? You’re a fucking lightweight. And you call yourself an alcoholic?”
  • “Good afternoon fellow sober citizen! It’s a very nice day out here.”
  • “It’s probably all the cocaines she has in her system. She’s got some cocaines there, a lot of cocaines. At least 50,000 cocaines.”
  • “His head just popped off like a lego, that’s all.”
  • “It is very hard to control a vehicle after bumping three lines of coke!”
  • “Toy Story 4: rated R for strong language, sexual themes and ass gore.”
  • “Let’s find out who’s masturbating upstairs.”
  • “What if I told you that was my husband, huh? Bet that’d take you for a surprise.”
  • “Okay then, I’ll go fuck myself. Thank you.”
  • “If I was ever gonna have sex with with a towel, now would be the ideal time to do so.”
  • “Your mouth says ‘not bad’ but your eyes say ‘everything’s bad.’ You look extremely sad.”
  • “This is not my home! My home has porn and stuff.”
  • “Just talk about ass cheeks or grass or something, that’s what I usually do.”
  • “I might as well go into my closet and grab a fucking Boppet, try to have a conversation with that.”
  • “Where are we going? Probably some weird fucking place- ooh, I guessed right.”
  • “Somebody fuck me. I don’t know what is going on.”

anonymous asked:

How can those Ji/Bae/Top/Dae fans that hate and bash Ri ever call themselves "fan" of said BB member(s)? When it's clear as day the hyungs all adore Ri- treat him like real beloved little brother, and very protective of him. No way they'd take it kindly toward "fans" who claim Ri is useless in BB, or unnecessary. Imo BB documentary the staffs at YG all picked Ri and Hyunseung overwhelmingly- they should've been in. But YG cut them both- funny right? I think he did it to test them further- don't

People like that aren’t fans, they are just trash. I understand that you can like only some members it’s okay, your lose but if you started shit about others then you are just trash. I don’t even waste my time for people like that. Yea hyungs really love him and adore<still sometimes go too far> I have hate and love relationship with Taeyang also cuz Ri, but yea hyungs love him, especially in this comeback. It’s one of the mln reasons why this album, era is the best to me. Yes, in BB documentary most staff said that they are for Seungri, Daesung and Hyunseung but You know, YG from beginning knew who will be in BB, like he always knew even in Who is next and Mix&Match? I knew it even when I started watch this, I didn’t knew then that Ri really didn’t get at first but when I watched it I knew that he and Hyunseung wouldn’t do it. It was so strange cuz I know Ri is in BB so I thought how is it possible… He just wanted to test Ri. You know what is the most sad? That when someone say that Ri is in something the best, it’s some Vips who come then and start: I am Vip from bla bla” “Even if I am Vip and I know that Seungri isn’t..” Vips really don’t like that much give Seungri the best in something, especially kvips, now in this year it’s better and better and I am happy and You can see how Ri is happy. He was so happy in his first concert in Seoul before official Loser and Bae bae. I was crying then cuz it was really first time that kvips treated him that well. I even thought that day like that would never come. Return to that the best thing: when I was going to FB or to bigbangupdates, YT there were post like Seungri is really the best in technique in dance<cuz he is, Taeyang dance more with music You know, if he trains other dancers it would be difficult to him, cuz he life with music, he just moving so he would need some kind of dancers who knew how to dance and are creative, they are just good> Ri is the best in techniques and choreographs so it’s why he would be better teacher for beginners, but of course fans don’t want to give him anything with the best, even if it’s fact. Also like he is the best in harmonising but many don’t want to admit it either, when some Vips tell that Ri can hit high note, other half of Vips will laugh at that. When someone said that Ri was the best at dance earlier, it’s fucking true! His group was so popular, they won a lot of awards, and it was Seungri who choreographed their dance, he got to YG cuz his dance and choreographed so many BB dance but of course most Vips don’t know it but how they would when they are not that interested and just give him, he can’t or cuz stupid YG who don’t even said<I think never?> that it was Seungri. I think it was one of the members. Seungri was the best at beginning even Taeyang admit this! Teayang for beginning wasn’t that good, he just started now he is amazing yes, but why many fans repeat that Ri never was better than Taeyang!? He was! When YG said in documentary that two groups will be fight each other in dance IT WAS SEUNGRI’S TEAM AND G-DRAGON’S TEAM AND TAEYANG CHOSE BY YOURSELF THAT HE WANTS TO BE IN SEUNGRI’S TEAM CUZ HE KNEW, AND IT WAS SEUNGRI WHO CHOREOGRAPHED WHOLE THING AND IT WAS SEUNGRI’S TEAM WHO WON AND I NEVER FORGIVE YG THAT AT THE END HE SAID THAT CONGRATULATIONS TAEYANG’S TEAM WIN. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK YG!? HE DID THAT SPECIALLY CUZ HE KNEW WHO WILL BE IN BB FROM BEGINNING AND EVEN IF SEUNGRI’S TEAM WON WHEN HE DID 90% OF THINGS+PATIENTLY LEARNT TOP ALL MOVES, YG JUST DIDN’T GIVE FUCK AND FANS STARTED STUPIDLY REPEAT NOW IN ARGUMENTS WHEN SOMEONE SAID THAT SEUNGRI WAS THE BEST IN DANCE: even in their documentary Taeyang was that good that HIS TEAM WON. Fuck you fuckers!? You really watched the same thing? Stupidness is everywhere  I see. It’s why I hate when Teayang said something bad about Seungri’s dance and he did that many times, I hate him then, but I started love again cuz other things. Geez.

The same goes when someone said that Seungri is the best in fanservice, other Vips started then: but other members are good too? Like what the fuck!? You think I don’t know? But why they always have to…or when some Vips<not only even> said that Ri is the most dedicated to their fans, and learn languages for them, others said, but others are dedicated too, G-dragon can speak English, French ….Taeyang can….It wasn’t about them! Can You at once give Seungri fucking credit which he deserve!? He learns all the languages in every fucking country even if it short phrase, just to communicate with fans! like he even said that he likes haters cuz he can learn a lot from them and they are some kind of fans too!?? LIKE YOU ARE STUPID LEE SEUNGHYUN OR WHAT!? THEY ARE JUST TRASH STOP DEFEND THEM! When he did something bad then kips and other vips were so bad to him at concerts etc. and don’t even react to him! Like, hell!? he wasn’t one who did bad things!? what about others!? There were a lot of events when fans at fanmeeting were so bad toward Seungri and said him hateful words<and I think this is one of reason why they didn’t have that kind of fanmeeting anymore> Sadly, I could go on forever. THE MOST THINGS WHO REALLY PISSED ME OFF WAS WHEN J-HOPE SAID THAT SEUNGRI WAS THE BEST IN DANCE IN THEIR ACADEMY THEN FANS-VIPS! STARTED THAT: lol Seungri? you know to that academy went also that person, and that bl bla, how Seungri can be better than them? Omo how sweet of J-hope he is really biased……I just want kill people like that and become assassin who will kill even without orders. OR WHEN IN BB DOCUMENTARY VOCALIST TEACHER SAID THAT SEUNGRI VOICE IS THE STRONG<STABLE> AND FANS WERE LIKE: loool Seungri? I think something is wrong there? HE HAD THE MOST STABLE VOICE THEN CUZ TAEYANG WAS MORE CONCENTRATED ABOUT HIS RAP WITH GD AS DUO SO HE STARTED TRAINED HIS VOICE THEN AND DAESUNG WASN’T STABLE THAT MUCH TOO THEN! Yes seungri had short range with his voice it’s true, and then Daesung had the most<he still has> but now Seungri range is more and more and GO FUCKING MORONS TO WATCH HIS SINGING BEFORE YOU STARTED SHITS!?

I also hate when some GDstan said that it’s him who is the more hated and poor, like bitch then start be Seungri fan.

Lol, I am sorry for any mistakes but emotions…I just remember all these fucking hurtful words and events and now I am crying. Being Seungri’s bias is the most difficult cuz whole Korea hate him, not only YG and many kvips.

It’s why I love tumblr, not only cuz here are nice people but also cuz here these people <I mean Vips> appreciated Seungri. Sadly I don’t find other website, place like tumblr where Vips are that nice to Seungri. About haters here: I don’t give a fuck cuz even if here are many of them it’s only place where are that many fans who love Lee Seunghyun also~and this is the most important to me.