just a lot of quick from season 3

Little thought of mine on Lance and Lotor in s3:

Now what I got from Lance’s personality is that he is rather quick to trust people, or at least he doesn’t have much mistrust in him.

I mean he just accepted a giant yup pet as his friend, told her about himself and tried to protect her.

Lance also does a lot for his friends, like transforming into a Dolphin to catch a coin for Pidge.

So I could imagine that when he sees Lotor for the first time, he may not know who he is and maybe neither would Lotor know that Lance is a paladin.
Perhabs they could just meet under normal circumstances, on another big store planet, with Lance hitting the friendship button immidiately.
And later on he learns that the Person he befriended was the enemy.

Hell, he could even tell Lotor some important information and Lotor could just roll with it like “this kid sure is dumb, he practically tells me everything.”

As for angst in Lance’s character development, I can really see this happen, his friendly selfless nature turned against him.

Quiet Dreams (Part 1)

Summary: After Barry changes the timeline and saves his mother, he discovers a huge aspect of his life has changed, maybe for the better. (Set after the finale of Season 2)

Universe: The Flash

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

A/N (IMPORTANT): Thank you so so so much for all the love on the last fic!! So, a few quick notes. This will be a series, not sure how long just yet! Also, because Season 3 is airing in October, we don’t have a lot of things explained yet, so I am making my own interpretations and developments for the sake of the story (For example, we don’t know whether Barry still has the speed force, if he gets stuck in the past or can return to the present, if he has memories of his new timeline.) Based off the episode where Barry ran back to learn from the Reverse Flash how to gain speed, I am assuming he won’t have memories of his new timeline because he didn’t remember that anything changed with Hartley, and this plays a huge role in this fic. Thank you for reading loves!!


Barry looks around the old room of his childhood home, watching The Flash behind the door fade and disappear. Quickly, it clicked that he needed to run back to present time before the speed force faded from his cells. He kissed his mother’s forehead and ran for the life of him, thanking anything out there for the speed force not having escaped from his system yet.

As he ran, he contemplated. What was going to happen? He knew he likely wouldn’t have his speed anymore because he wasn’t sure if the particle accelerator would still be built at the same time. He was worried for changes, because he knew he wouldn’t have a recollection of them. He didn’t- Crash!

Heaving, he found himself in normal clothing, outside his old home. He looked around frantically, and with a deep breath, he walked forward and opened the door, seeing the lights on and hearing laughter from the living room. He came further inside to find his mother and father relaxing on the couch, wine on the table.

“Barry, honey! What are you doing here?” She laughed. Barry felt his heart strain and he smiled a bit, keeping tears from falling.

“I thought I’d drop by.” He says, his voice rough and trying to keep from choking. His mother’s eyes flooded with concern.

“You okay, sweetheart?” She asked, and his father adds,

“Yeah, slugger. You don’t look too good.” Barry lets out a soft laugh, seeing both his parents alive again shook him.

“I’m fine, just don’t feel like myself.” He says softly. His mom ushers him forward, pouring him some wine and beginning a conversation between the three of them.

The hours drag forward, and his mom begins teasing him. “How’s Y/N, sweetie?” And his father winks and lets out a chuckle. Barry was caught off guard, not knowing who they were talking about.

“Y/N?” he stuttered, worry flooding him and not knowing how to play it off. He quickly realized that indeed, he was lost of memories and had no idea who played what role in his life in this timeline.

“Oh honey, I can’t believe you can get so flustered. For God’s sake, you’re marrying the girl in three months, and you still turn into a tomato!” His parents laugh, and he just smiles, looking at his lap.

A fiancee? No way in hell had he expected that. He was more than confused. He was engaged to a girl he had never met before, a girl he was supposed to be in love with and would be spending the rest of his life with. Although he wondered about Iris, he decided maybe he could learn to love whoever this girl must be. His parents seemed to adore her, anyway.

The phone rings, interrupting his thoughts. His father picks up the phone, saying “Hello?” waiting a few seconds and then chuckling before responding, “Hi Y/N! We were just talking about you!”

Barry felt his nerves amp up, and he twiddled his fingers while his father continued to talk.

“Oh Barry? Yeah, he’s here! Didn’t he tell you he was coming? Oh, I’ll let the boy know. Bye Y/N!” His father hung up the phone and smiles. “She’s waiting for you at home, Barr. Go on, now.”

Barry smiles weakly, hugging his parents and exiting his old home. Where was home now? Where the hell was he supposed to go? Taking a leap of faith, he decided to go to his old apartment.

All of a sudden, Barry realized he didn’t have his superspeed anymore. He felt around in his pockets, feeling keys jingling. He took it out and used the button to start his car, looking around to the black one two parking spots away. He had a car, another oddity for him.

He drove to the old address, and soon he was standing in front of the apartment door. He took a deep breath, hoping the key would fit. And thank God, the key clicks and he turns it, slowly opening the door.

“Y/N?” He calls out, walking in and locking the door.

“Barr!” He hears from the bedroom, walking towards it. He enters, and he feels himself lose his breath. “Hey babe, why didn’t you tell me you were visiting your parents! I’ve missed them too, you know?”

And he is so caught off guard, struck by your beauty. Your hair, the way it fell before your kind eyes, framing your gorgeous face. Your skin was glowing in warmth and love, and your aura sucked him right in.

“Barr? You okay?” You coo. And he smiles, running his fingers through his hair, stepping forward.

“Yeah, babe, I’m okay. I just,” he takes a breath, “I still get stunned by how beautiful you are.” He chuckles and sits on the bed. He runs his fingers through your hair, and you beam. “How was your day, love?”

And as you begin to explain your long day, Barry contemplates. He knew that this piece of him already loved you.

‘This was the way it was supposed to be.’ he thinks to himself, letting you wrap your arms around him.

His thoughts continue a bit, fading as he gets lost in you. ‘These are the days I’ve always wished for.’


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