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look my dude I know that tony stark is a beautiful complex mess of a character who has a heart of gold despite the front he puts up in public, but the mcu did not capture that, and a lot of his actions in the movies (especially in civil war) were straight up out of character. tony stark deserves so much better than the movie universe has given him tbh.

finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡


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You should totally read this very cute and fluffy and sweet Katsudeku fanfic series Standing in Awe of Death by @ramabear

Click here for the series link: AO3

It currently has 3 works: terminal velocityIntermission Aexsanguination

Make sure to read the tags and warnings. It’s really really good! Plus it has a whole new spin to the story as it’s an Ajin!AU.

I’m happy Cisco is showing he still cares and trying to protect Barry and understanding what was driving his decision to mess with the timeline and my heart is utterly warmed at him calling Barry his friend BUT I really hope they don’t just completely write off Cisco’s feelings of loss and betrayal and resentment because even if he wants to work to be friends again it would seem really cheap and fake for their relationship to just suddenly go back to exactly how they were before


what if kitty todoroki


remember when the mangaka said kirishima’s character was created to tie the class together with his personality or something…

so by that… doesn’t it basically mean that kirishima was created for bakugou ????

like to help tie bakugou with the entire class ??? so since kirishima gets along with everyone, bakugou was able to connect to the class through kirishima ?????

kinda like “baku - > kiri - > everyone - > kiri - > baku" thingy

i dunno.. i feel like without kirishima, bakugou will probably be a loner or something

like think about it… everyone in Class - A (minus bakugou) looks like they’d get along just fine even if kirishima isn’t there to tie the class together…

so why is kirishima (the guy that gets along with everyone) there ? to be bakugou’s friend, right ?

sooo yeah when the mangaka said kirishima’s character is there to tie the class together, its kind of like a subtle ‘kirishima’s character is made for bakugou’ thing

hahahahaha i’m so sorry.. i don’t even know.. but i think about this a lot..


Dead, yet so full of life~

Rottytops, as voted for in the Shantae character poll from a week ago!

(Finished just in time for October, how fitting)

can i just elaborate on canon panic disorder finn for a second. because literally the first scene hes in-the FIRST SCENE- hes having a panic attack.

its very clear frm the directing choices that that’s what it is. the way the camera spins around, the muffled sound, his amplified breathing, and the preoccupation with tiny details..it all adds up to a full blown panic attack. and lemme tell you, when i was watching it, i was in shock. disbelief. amazement.

action movie protags dont usually get to do that. they dont get to be scared, they dont get to lose their cool. but finn does. the audience’s first impression of him is panic. and then he goes on in the movie to be a fantastic character and a HERO.

and idk that just means a LOT to me as a person who. struggles with that sometimes.

i love finn

Fantastic Lesbians and where to find them (FemSlash February)

It’s FemSlash February so at least once a week every week this month expect some lady on lady love to be filling your eyeballs. Now that isn’t rare content on my blog at all I write about this stuff all the time but my FemSlash February I will attempt to make it a super positive month (Positive from me, we’ll see).

America Chavez from Young Avengers:

America Chavez is one of my favorite characters of all time. Young Avengers is where we get to see her really shine although she doesn’t get to be in a romance I think it’s important that we have stories were queer people are queer but that’s just their orientation like the heteros get. So Young Avengers really works well with that and makes her just this awesome action hero that on further readings actually has a lot more depth in everything then when you first read.

Undyne and Alphys from Undertale :

One of the very few games to have actual lesbian characters inside of it. Undyne and Alphys in nearly all their interactions (at least in the mercy run) mention their things for one another in subtle (and not so subtle ways).  Anyway in the game you can get them to kiss so there is that. It’s a really cute romance and honestly I can’t think of another lesbian relationship in video games that aren’t with your self insert character (and they are super limited normally). (Edit: Several people pointed out Alphys is Bi, I never saw that inside the game this post was made from my experience with the game. )

Raven and more from Raven the Pirate Princess

Raven (as of issue 4) is the only real confirmed lesbian in this series but I mean she is the lead of the book, with the series named after her so you know expect other lesbians. There is already lots of romantic tension between people and Raven is a fantastic character. Raven is the rightful heir to a pirate dynasty but was sent off to a tower to be rescued (In Princless she is then rescued by a princess and amazing adventures happen for a volume). After going free she swore vengeance on her brothers for convincing their father to send her off. So she is building a new crew, has a new boat and is off to claim what is hers.

Kimber and Stormer from Jem and the Holograms

This is a romance I hadn’t expected but it’s truly outrageous how quick I feel for this couple. They are not treated like Misfits for being gay although their Romeo and Juliet esque love affair from Rival bands does cause tension.  These two are the leading romance in this book for sure even when you do have a cast of other awesome ladies.

Connie and Carla from Rock and Riot:

Rock and Riot is a webcomic so you can go read that for free at http://rockandriotcomic.tumblr.com/ set in the 50′s about  LGBTQ people. It’s a romance comic and it’s pretty new it’s first volume only recently went to print. This is a series that is really worth supporting and really worth reading. There isn’t a whole bunch of drama but right now our Lesbian couple and our gay male couple are both hiding their relationships from their gangs and we’ll see how that plays out.

Angela and Sera from Angela Queen of Hel

Angela and Sera are Marvel’s power lesbians. Angela is a goddess raised as an Angel who is in love with a magical trans woman who is also an Angel. She then has to dive into hell to rescue her lover from death because Sera is so clever she managed to let Angela know what had happened. They are both these insanely powerful lovers who are taking over freaking Hel. It’s this amazing Adventure Romance and these two’s love is just so amazing inside this comic. You don’t need any previous context to become totally committed to to these two’s deep love.

Maybe everyone from Lumberjanes:

No one in the janes is confirmed to be straight but we do have lots of gay hinting and straight up gay characters.  Mal and Molly are a cute couple that is there in the comic from the start. Jo seems to be at least at times romantically interested in April. Speaking of Jo Jo is trans and has two dads so that is awesome too. Hell even Roise the leader of the camp seems to have had some sort of close encounters of the feminine kind at some point.

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All space rocks except for the bi one from Steven Universe:

I’ll start by saying I’ll just go ahead and block anyone who wants to be like “The gems don’t have a gender so not lesbians.” Moving on from that disclaimer you want lesbians Steven Universe is gay girls the show. Some of this gayness in blunt and other is just so gushing out of the subtext you have to be homophobic or at least not know gay people not to get it. Spoilers but Garnet is a fusion of two people in love meaning we just always have little lesbians dancing around inside of a main character. Even Steven is pretty gender non conforming so even though he seems straight you never know how straight that is. This show is just so amazing in general and if you haven’t watched it you should do yourself a favor and do it. From it’s brilliant soundtrack, acting, and animation to what it means for kids animation Steven Universe is A+ all the time.

anonymous asked:

Could you please explain for me how Will mistreats Nico. I'm not trying to be rude I just legitimately don't understand

Of course! Lemme just get my handy dandy copy of BoO and the THO books.

To begin, I’d like to point out that I am writing this from the POV of a gay male. I am a gay male with a lot of resentment toward my sexuality. I was forced out at around the same age as Nico as well so I strongly identify with his feelings. I want you to know that I am speaking from experience when I discuss how Will treats Nico. I’d also like to say I do not hate Will as a character (in fact, I quite adore him as a character when he isn’t around Nico.)

There are many routes I can go with discussing Will and Nico that all take place in how Will mistreats Nico and all of it can be summed up as “Riordan can’t write romance, at all.” Anyone who has read through HoO can see the messy writing with the other ships in the series as well.

So with that, let’s pull out BoO first, shall we?

This was the first time where I had problems with Will. We have a character that pretty much appeared out of thin air after having no relevance before this point (other than healing Annabeth once 5 books ago) and what’s he do? Constantly bicker with Nico. Nico hates it. It’s in Nico’s internal monologues that he does not like the way Will is treating him. This is climaxed at this point. This despicable point. This is genuinely the worst thing I have seen with people still shipping a ship. Will, quite literally, invalidates Nico’s feelings that are sprinkled throughout the 2 series’ and says they’re his fault. Will put the blame on Nico for being ostracized by the rest of camp. We’ve seen from both Percy and the other campers that while, yes, Nico does distance himself, but the campers were also very scared of Nico. They didn’t like him. This wasn’t some made up fantasy Nico had and yet here’s Will basically telling Nico to get over himself and that he’s just being angsty for no reason. Who tells a depressed kid to just “get over it?” That’s not okay.

This dismissal of Nico’s feelings is honestly continued throughout the next series.

Here’s where “Riordan is just a bad writer” comes into play. I don’t expect Riordan to be able to write a gay male’s recovery story well because he’s straight (as far as we know.) But I still expect him to understand how people fundamentally work. Sure, THO takes place 6 months after BoO but let me be honest with you: That’s not enough time. There is no way Nico would have a boyfriend because he’d still be trying to accept himself and trying to gain the trust of others. There’s no way he would love Will who told him his feelings don’t matter which continues in the next book:

Ah yes, the legendary significant other scene. Also known as the scene that actually made me gag. Nico is clearly uncomfortable here. There is no denying it. Will is literally teasing Nico about being uncomfortable with how open Will is. As someone who was outed by force and is very uncomfortable with their sexuality, I get how Nico feels. It’s scary and you don’t like being like this. The last thing you want is to be reminded of it. It makes you sick and depressed. But here comes Will just straight up ignoring how Nico feels. This is not okay. This is not how a relationship should ever be. Your feelings should never be used for the butt of a joke. That’s just awful.

It’s already canon in HoO that Nico doesn’t like being touched. We can assume this has continued 6 months after as he literally pushes Will off of him. It can be evident that Will, based on his character, probably does this a lot. Now, I don’t know about you, but I hate it when someone touches me without me asking. I don’t like being touched in general and this would just peeve me. The fact Will does this without even caring for Nico’s feelings is just sad to be honest.

For an added tidbit:

There’s small implications here that Will probably stares at other guys and whatnot. There might be implications that Nico is wary that Will is going to cheat which is – well – pretty messed up. It shows that Nico has not grown to trust Will at all and it might have to do with how Will treats Nico.

To sum it all up, Will invalidates Nico’s feelings constantly and always pushes Nico’s comfort zone to uncomfortable levels. This is the sign of a toxic relationship that should have ended but hasn’t. The lack of trust makes me wonder how Riordan ever thought that these two characters should have gotten together. I mean, it’s only been six months there’s no way Nico would be comfortable like that at all and he isn’t. So why is Nico still with Will when, if he was in character, there would be no doubt that Nico would hate Will?


#so this is one of those moments that i just keep coming back to #this entire ep is important for them #and this scene is so so meaty #but it’s cat’s reaction here that i can’t let go #and i think it’s because of that long pause and the slow yes #and how /this/ is the piece of evidence that shifts her from flippancy #this is when she shifts from pacing near kara #to walking toward her #from looking around and barely making eye contact #to holding her gaze without blinking #cat lists her reasons in overhearing dirk and kara’s broken arm #and they support her discovery of course but they aren’t exactly damning #she starts off slow with those oddities and they lead up to this as the shifting point #to livewire #because that was an Important moment #a moment that cat hasn’t been able to shake #a moment that has never made sense to her #and you hear it in the way she says ‘fled’ #there’s an implicit disappointment in both the word and her emphasis #because for more than a year kara has been strong and loyal and steadfast as her assistant #and i think for weeks kara’s behavior that night had driven cat crazy #because it didn’t FIT #because kara is not the type to ~flee to safety when things get tough #and so when cat shrugs and tilts her head she agrees but she doesn’t /agree/ #her yes is slow and hesitant because kara’s words are accurate but they’re not true #because while on paper it makes sense #on paper it’s a perfectly acceptable reason for kara leaving her #in actuality it’s irrelevent #because cat asking kara - a girl who does literally everything she asks - to leave her behind? #wouldn’t work #because cat knows kara is the type of person to choose loyalty over obedience #and so when cat starts to put this all together #it finally clicks #that the only reason kara would abandon someone #(would abandon HER) #the only reason she wouldn’t fight beside someone #is so she can fight FOR them


milla + tv tropes


Forgive me for I have sinned.
I’ve been playing School Idol for a while and then I decided to make this monstrosity. I’m sorry my sweet child of death.

Also this is a really rushed made comic so I’m really disliking how my art turned out in this one.

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