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Not All Wounds Heal (Part 1/?) (Avengers/SHIELD x reader)

Request:  Reader is a teen w/ healing powers and is main medic since beginning and everyone loves her and sees her as a little sis to protect b/c she’s super shy and cute and kind but hydra sees she’s close with everyone and keeps kidnapping and torturing her for info or as bait and Fury decides its best that she leaves the team, has a new ID, etc. he tells everyone that she died so they don’t try to find her when civil war happens Maria who knew everything decides to bring her back to try to fix things.

Working with the Avengers was never without risk, and you knew that from your very first day there when Clint came home from a mission with a knife stuck into his foot; even so, it didn’t make you doubt joining them at all.  You had been working with the team under Nick Fury’s direction and supervision, having been a medic with SHIELD before it fell, using your powers to heal as a quick method of climbing the ranks to lead the department.  When SHIELD was no longer, it made perfect sense to move into working with the group of people most likely in the world to need medical attention at any given moment.  

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♡♡♡ Valentine’s Day Drabble 11/13 ♡♡♡

Originally posted by shininghoshi

Member: DK/Seokmin
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 1155 (this isn’t even a drabble anymore)

He hadn’t heard from you in six weeks. You had sent him a quick text that said ‘I’ll call you back in a little bit,’ except you never did. At first he thought you had just fallen asleep and then gotten too busy to talk to him, but after a few days he started to worry. He sent you text after text asking where you had gone, telling you that he loved you, telling you that he missed you. His stomach tied itself in knots as each day without a reply passed. If you weren’t on entirely different continents, he would have been at your door already.

Long distance relationships were hard. Secret long distance relationships were even harder. What wasn’t hard, however, was disappearing without a trace. Seokmin couldn’t show up at your door to check up on you, and he couldn’t call up any of your friends to ask about you. Every night that passed without word from you, he grew more and more anxious. Had something terrible happened to you? Had you been kidnapped? Had you just broken your phone and lost all your contacts? Had you decided that it was too much keeping this relationship up, and decided to just ghost on him? He couldn’t decide if knowing would have been worse than not knowing what happened.

He found himself listening to his voicemails to feel close to you again. He replayed the short clips of you saying things like ‘get on skype, dork, I miss you’ or ‘you must be asleep, I just wanted to call and let you know that I love you’ and he tried to hold back his tears. Tried.

After a month and a half, he was still just as broken up. He had no idea where the love of his life had gone, and there was no way he was going to just get over that. He had to do something. He’d never been to where you lived. You had always been the one to visit him, so he had no clue where to find where your apartment was. He knew what city you lived in. He knew that you worked at a big chain bookstore. All he had to do was get to your city and figure out which bookstore that was. Was this a little creepy? Yeah. Was it gonna stop him? Not at all.

As soon as he had a week off, he was on a plane. He landed and immediately got in a rental car, plugging in the name of the bookstore into the GPS. There were ten locations in your city alone. He didn’t even think about the hassle, his mind was only set on you. It took him hours. Store after store was the same.

“Does Y/N work here?”


He’d just dash back out the door, leaving a confused employee behind. He’d get in the rental car, cross this location off his list, and make his way to the next store. After he had already been to nine stores, he started to get nervous. He sat in the parking lot mulling over what to do if this wasn’t it. He had nowhere else to go after this. He held his breath and exited the car. He went in and came up to the counter like he had done nine times before.

“Does Y/N work here?” he asked quietly.

“Oh, yeah, uh, yeah. Not since the thing…but I guess they might be back soon?” the woman at the counter said, a nervous edge on her voice.

“What do you mean, what thing?”

The woman gave him your address and told him the basics of what had happened. He couldn’t believe what he heard, but he needed to get to you quick after hearing it. He sped to your apartment building, and tried his hardest to keep his breath steady as he went up the escalator up to your floor. His heart was about to beat out of his chest by the time he was knocking on your door.

“One minute,” he heard you call from inside. His chest clenched of the sound he had missed so, so much. There was rusting on the other side of the room for a long time. The door finally opened with a struggle, and he was taken aback from the sight of you. You were shockingly beautiful to him still, he took in the color of your hair, the look of your nose, and the way you mouth opened in surprise at the sight of him. He also couldn’t help but notice the new things about you he hadn’t gotten to see yet. The crutch you supported yourself on, and the small bandaged lump connected to your shoulder where your arm once was.

You collapsed forward into him as you burst into tears, and he carefully held you in his arms as you clutched him with your one remaining hand. You had missed him just as much as he had missed you, and now he was right in front of you. After the accident you hadn’t physically been able to reach out to him, but once you could… you weren’t sure if you wanted to. Would he love you even if you were broken like this?

You ended up back inside your apartment on your couch, where you clung to him and cried and apologized. You explained what happened, you told him about how you were lucky to escape with your life. There was no way you should have lived after your little car collided with a semi, but you did. Or, at least, most of you did. You lost your arm and a lot of feeling in one of your legs. Your life would never be the same, and you didn’t wanna weigh your celebrity boyfriend down with it. He had too much on his plate already.

Except, you wouldn’t weigh him down. He comforted you. He told you that losing you for those six weeks was the worst experience of his life. He loved you. And he wasn’t going to let you forget that.

“Seokmin?” you said, wiping the last tears from your face.

“Yeah?” he smiled down at you and rubbed your side comfortingly.

“Do you realize what today is?”

“…Tuesday?” he furrowed his brows, thinking hard.

“It’s Valentine’s day.” you said, smiling back at him for the first time since he arrived. You watched his eyes widen.

“Oh my god, I totally forgot! I’m so sorry, oh my god, I should leave and buy you cho–”

“Shhhhh.” you hushed. “This is the best thing I could have ever asked for. Other than my arm back.” you joked, cringing at your own situation. It was true, though. He really loved you. Enough to cross the ocean and search high and low for you. Enough to love you when you’ve broken. Enough to stay with you through anything.

- Marcy

one: georgia

word count: 2013

note: well it’s finally here! I really hope that you enjoy the first chapter of my new fic “dream your life away.” It’s a smidge boring, but that’s always how these things start, huh? Feel free to drop feedback in my inbox if you would be so inclined. lots of love my friends xx

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“Eyes innocent and wild; Remind me what it’s like”

    It had been a blistering July day in the city and Shawn found himself walking up the many stairs to the rooftop of some apartment complex on the north side. His t-shirt suffocated him almost as much as the stale summer air. Finally, he approached apartment 12C. His hand hovered for a moment, maybe he could just leave and no one would be the wiser, he could say he was sick, or got caught in traffic, or had a family emergency and couldn’t make it. He knocked anyway.

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    Just Friends

    Summary: You and Adam are friends with benefits until one day he starts ignoring you

    Words: 1,277 words

    a/n: First time writing a wwe imagine here so I hope you’ll like it!!

    There he was, all in his sexy body ignoring you again. This has been going for weeks now. You missed him so much. His touch. His kisses. The way your body felt when you were under his spell for the night.  Five weeks. Five long weeks without him and you didn’t know why. 

     Adam. You were both in a friends with benefits relationship. It just happened one night after all the build up tension and you both decided to not care anymore. Fuck it, as Adam would say. Ever since, he was always at your bed at night but gone in the morning leaving you craving with nothing but his body against you. 

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    Brianna Randall

    This ficlet is part of the Claire returns early with Bree AU which begins with A Ringing Phone and a Folder.

    This ficlet is a direct continuation from Left Behind

    My Fanfiction Master List

    Available on AO3 as The Nature of Choice.

    This is an Outlander canon divergence AU.

    As always, let me know what you think.

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    Could’ve, Didn’t.

    This is the story of the Consulting Detective and The Woman. Of time and distance, across land and ocean. Of a word unspoken. Of things that might’ve gone alternatively, had he been another man and she a different woman. But this is their story.


    For an extended moment, gazing into the mesmerising blue of her enquiring eyes, as they lay on their sides partially covered by the same thin sheet, their bare skin inches apart underneath, he desperately wanted to tell her.

    That he was here, in Karachi, because he couldn’t bear the dulling of the sky in a world without The Woman in it.

    That the devastation of having played an unnecessarily cruel part sending her to an impending demise had made his every living minute the most agonising hell. His vengeful fury was long extinguished, his ego forgotten, and he just wanted a restart button, or the choice to never have clicked on the game at all.

    That he’d travelled over 6,000 km to be by her side, to bid her farewell, to amend his emotion-clouded judgement and overwrite his stabbing last words.

    That this was his answer to her question from before, that yes, he absolutely would have ‘dinner’ with her on the very last night. Her last night as Irene Adler.

    That he’d wanted her, wanted this, too, and despite his frustration his traitorous heart wouldn’t accept the repeated answer no.

    The past 24 h saw further proof that not only was she a formidable opponent, the most brilliant match, she was also his perfect complement. Recent events – fighting terrorists side by side before making a narrow escape; deciding the next course of action as the road stretched on across the desert plain; devising contingency plans, into the night, seamlessly completing each other’s thoughts; and..how their bodies moved together in an incredible way, were once again replaying in his mind, his mind that was dragged along by his heart, irrevocably falling deeper and deeper into a dangerous abyss. Falling into sentiments. Falling..for her.

    She was still looking at him expectantly, breathing rate still elevated, and as beautiful as ever in the dim light of the hotel room. He wanted to brush his thumb across her flushed cheek, lightly hold her delicate face in his hand, and kiss her again. It would’ve been far too easy to give in. It would also not have been enough.

    But he knew that his life as Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street, London had no capacity to accommodate what his heart was yearning to have. No superlative could describe the ache in his chest that was beginning to consume his mind, at the thought of having to face an Irene-shaped void that she would yet again leave behind, the next morning by the latest, and for good this time.

    He took in a shaky breath. Under the blazing sun and blinking stars of Karachi they had each allowed themselves to be more armourless than they’d ever been. Sherlock and Irene, not the consulting detective versus the dominatrix scheming to bring a nation to its knees. These preceding moments when he was by her side and had her by his, however briefly, would soon turn into a memory he’d always hold dear. From the present onwards, through every mile and every year. It would have to be enough. And he would make their parting easier.

    He tore his eyes away, curled his lips into a sneer, and abruptly sat up.

    “Thank you for the information on Moriarty.”

    He bent down to reach for his shirt and trousers on the floor by the bed, and headed into the bathroom. Whether his hurtful response was seen through or not, when he emerged from his shower fully dressed, The Woman was gone, along with her new identity.


    Across mountains and plateau, from Pakistan to Montenegro. For the past two years a Ms Wolfe had resided in Podgorica, a thousand miles from London, from her old world, and from.. No, she never dwelled on specifically what or, more accurately, who else was a mere three-hour plane journey away.

    His way of avoiding her question, of not saying goodbye, had told her everything she’d needed to know and wanted to hear. It was in his lingering gaze, the constriction of his throat, the masked pain in his expression, the barely discernible wince at his own words – plain and clear. Not to mention what he’d already conveyed through kisses and touches, and what was spelt out in his meticulous measures to ensure her safety. She knew that he cared, that his presence in Karachi wasn’t just out of guilt, and it most certainly wasn’t simply prologue leading to their chat about Jim.

    She – the less danger-seeking side of her – respected his decision, for them not to see each other again. But life, ever ironic, had other plans. And the next time she saw him was because of Moriarty. Indirectly. Whilst he was dismantling the spider web, strand by strand.

    The day went on just like any other, until she briefly glanced out of her window, and spotted a familiar figure hovering in the shadow.

    Her heart leapt at the recognition, but instantly sank in concern and horror as she took in his appearance. He looked..far from his best. Terrible. Worn. Physically and mentally drained. He did manage to retain a trace of the characteristic sharpness and intensity in his demeanour, but was otherwise almost unrecognisable from the man that she’d known, the impeccably dressed London detective that’d always carried an air of exuberant confidence in his sure strides.

    Since hearing of his Fall she’d been keeping a diligent attention on the networks of criminal activity around the world, procuring even the most obscure sources of news, holding onto the glimmer of hope that everything was proceeding exactly as Sherlock had planned.

    She wanted to descend the stairs of her shared villa. To approach him from behind and tug on his shoulder and arm. To see his surprise as he turned around, fervour in his blue-green eyes. To be assured that the apparent weariness was another constituent of his disguise. Or to softly erase the haggardness from his face, and kiss any scars away. To stand by his side. To hear his deep baritone voice. To tell him about.. About..

    She heard a summoning cry resonating from across the hall.

    When she returned to the window with a bright-eyed toddler on her arm and a hardened resolve to observe from afar if he’d choose to make a move, Sherlock Holmes had disappeared from sight. Quietly and without trace, like a breeze of Montenegrin wind.

    Montenegro, or Monte Nero, “Black Mountain”.

    Here for three times they’d nearly met, each just within the other’s grasp, yet neither reached out for that much longed-for clasp. Neither gave in for an ephemeral reunion that would’ve ended in yet another dreaded, unsaid goodbye. And any distraction could mean his mission gone awry. He’d fallen from great heights into the darkest of times, perhaps just knowing that she was there would give him the strength to continue his climb. Next stop, Serbia? Less than two hundred miles away.

    Here a child had been born of the inky darkness, of the unknown and silence, but through which he would doubtless shine with a fiery splendour and brilliance, just as – she was certain – his father would soon complete his strike back with unyielding resilience.


    [To be continued..?]

    Inevitable Pt.2 (Philip x Reader)

    Word Count: 2,664

    Warnings: nothing

    Authors Note: HELLOOOOO! Just stepping by to give you a story that I finished. Let me know what you thought! Until next time… So long!

    Part 1


    July 21, Summer, Your room

    You didn’t see him for the rest of the summer. He went upstate to stay with his grandfather and after that he left. He left for college without a trace, and he left you with all of your feelings bottled to yourself. No goodbye, no call, no text, just gone. You should’ve expected it. You were the one who broke up with him in the first place but for some reason it felt as if you felt more pain than him. You deleted his number quickly, but not before blocking him first. You knew that if you kept it you would be the one to text him first, the first one to cave and come running back, and you didn’t know if he wanted you anymore. Not after what you did. You didn’t want to find out either, so you deleted his number. You blocked him because you knew him. You knew that when he was drunk he would text you saying that he missed you when he didn’t and you couldn’t and weren’t willing to get your hopes up. So you blocked him. You blocked him before he sent his first ‘I still love you’ text post-breakup when he was in college and sober. He sat in his dorm looking at the grey text bubble that wouldn’t deliver.

    You tried to forget about him. And you almost did until you decided that social media was ok. You scrolled through your instagram feed before you stopped promptly. A picture of your love. He was smiling, his eyes sparkly and cheeks brushed ever so slightly with a blush and around his arm was a girl. Two girls actually. One was smiling at the camera, the other kissing Philip’s cheek. Philip’s arm was around her waist, fingertips making contact with her bare midriff. You closed your eyes and scrolled past. This was what you had wanted. For all you knew she could be his future wife, and he was so happy with her. You let your mind wander. Bad idea. She looked nothing like you, were you even his type. Had you wasted his time? Had he wasted your time? Did he look that happy when he was with you? Did his eyes sparkle and did his cheeks flush when he was with you? Maybe he really loved her, and maybe he never loved you.

    July 20, Summer, Frat party

    Philip’s best friend posted the picture.

    “There. Now she’ll for sure be running back.”

    “I don’t know man.” Philip replied wiping the pink lipstick stain on his cheek, his eyes skimming the dark room trying to avoid the girls that his friend had forced him into a picture with. Philip shook his head, he knew you. You wouldn’t budge, and he was trying to accept that.

    You almost forgot.
    But he never would.

    September 4, First day of school, High school

    You walked into school senior year, a bright smile gracing your face. Walking the familiar hallways, you waved at old friends and acquaintances eventually making your way to your locker. Setting your backpack on the floor, you began to twiddle with the lock.

    “Hey! There she is!” you heard a familiar voice say. Your best friend.

    You turned around to be greeted by open arms as she hugged you tightly.

    “Lol, dude. I literally saw you last week.” you say suffocated by her tight grip.

    “Still, this is our last year of this.” she said letting go of you. You had to try not to burst into tears at the fact that this was your senior year. She was right. Everything was in place and perfect. Almost.

    “So, how was your summer? How is Philip?” she asked nonchalantly. You nearly choked on air. Feeling the heat rise to your face you turned around to look busy in your locker. You hadn’t told anyone about the breakup and truthfully it still made you uneasy to talk about it, about him. You didn’t know why. It had been 3 months without him, hearing him, feeling him and yet you still felt something that lingered in your gut because of him.

    You felt a tear fall from your eyes and you tried to quickly wipe it away before she noticed, but she was your best friend. She knew everything.  

    “Y/N. Are you ok? What happened?” she asked putting a hand on your shoulder and her kind tone only made your tears fall faster.

    “Hey, hey. It’s ok. You’re gonna be ok.” she reassured rubbing your back.

    “No.” you hiccuped. “I broke up with him.” you said shakily.

    “Y/N.” she said pulling you in for a hug. “Hey, listen to me. Don’t let him ruin your first day of school. You deserve so much better-” she said before she was interrupted by the bell. She gave you a sympathetic look before saying she had to get to class. She made you promise her that you wouldn’t cry anymore that day and that you’d find her at lunch. You nodded absentmindedly and watched her disappear in the sea of students before resuming back to your locker. Thankfully you had a free period first hour and you made a beeline for the bathroom. 

    September 4, First day of school, Bathroom

    Why were you crying?

    It had been months since you broke up with him. Sometimes you had to remind yourself that this was your fault. You were the one that broke up with him. Every time you had doubts you told yourself it was for him, and that you were trying to be selfless and give him everything he had yet to see. What you couldn’t tell was that you had taken his everything away from him. You quickly wiped your eyes and took deep breaths in the mirror when you heard the bathroom door beginning to open. You dove into a stall and locked yourself in keeping quiet.

    “Did you hear that Y/N broke up with Philip?” one of the girls asked her friend, reapplying her lip gloss in the mirror.

    “She broke up with him? Are you sure it’s not the other way around?” the friend joked.

    “I know! Tragic really, but hey at least he’s single now. He deserved so much better anyways.” The girl huffed before walking out of the bathroom. You stayed in the stall until you heard the clicking of her shoes on the tile begin to fade. You felt something wet hit your leg and you looked down to see a wet mark on your jeans. You couldn’t even tell that you had been crying.

    Millions of thoughts swirled your head. Was that how everybody had seen you two as a couple? That he was out of your league and that he was being so generous even giving you a portion of his time? You absentmindedly pulled out your phone and began to type in numbers before you hit the green call button. You let it ring a few times before hesitating and ending it. You wished that you would’ve let it go through.

    September 4, Post party, Philip’s dorm

    Philip awoke to his phone ringing, he groaned at his hangover and tried to find his phone. He pulled it to his face and saw your name plastered on the screen. He scrambled to answer it before it stopped ringing. He felt as if his whole world was spinning around him. Taunting him.

    “DAMN IT!” he screamed into his covers before throwing his phone across the room.

    If he hadn’t drank last night, he would’ve been awake by now. Awake to answer your call. He desperately wanted to know what you had wanted to tell him, actually, he just wanted to hear your voice. He swore that he would’ve recorded it and listened to it every day if he could. After all your last words to him were “Don’t forget about me.” And how could he not. The way your hair fell to frame your face that day, sitting in the passenger side of his car. The way your cold hands felt against his cheek. The way your lips felt warm on his and how sparks still flew around his body like it was the first time kissing you. He wished he would’ve kissed you back that day if he knew it would be the last time.

    May 25, Late night, Bed

    The weeks progressed into months and Philip never left you. Every goddamn turn you made, something had to remind you of him.

    At school you passed the janitor’s closet where he would sometimes pull you in during passing time for a quick kiss.

    At the library when he would come surprise you when you were studying with coffee and his company.

    Even at home on your bed where you two shared some intimate moments

    You layed in bed when it hit you. The feeling that had been lingering because of him…

    It was regret.

    May 25, Post breakup, bed

    Philip had his fair share of girlfriends in college, each one never lasting more than 2 weeks. Every time he thought they were the one, he remembered you. How you would caress his cheek when he was stressed. How you would play with his hair and how it made him sleepy. And how none of them made him feel the way you did.

    He wondered how you felt, and if you still thought of him the way he thought about you.

    June 4, Pre graduation, Dinner table

    Senior year was over sooner than you wished. You wished you could stay at home with your parents and friends, and mostly you wished you would’ve cherished it more.

    You sat at your desk writing envelopes for your grad party invitations with your best friend.

    “I can’t believe we’re doing this!” you say still in shock that you had graduated.

    “I know. I feel so old.” she giggled as she placed a stamp on one of your cards before slipping it into her bag.

    You addressed the last couple envelopes when your friend asked if you wanted something to eat.

    “Um, sure I’ll have whatever.” you say sticking a stamp on the last one. She walked into the kitchen and you sat at the table looking around when the last crisp white envelope seemed to be taunting you. You sat there, and before you could stop yourself you grabbed it and effortlessly addressed it.

    ‘Philip Hamilton’

    June 10, Grad party, Your room

    You glanced at the clock before looking back in the mirror. The guests were going to be arriving any minute now. You smoothed out your hair and checked your outfit once more. Wearing your favorite romper you gave yourself a 360 before beginning to walk out when a crisp white envelope caught your attention. It sat under a pile of books and a necklace, and in black ink, it was addressed to Philip Hamilton. 

    June 6, Studying for finals, Kings College library

    Philip sat at the table trying his best to keep his eyes open. The light at the end of the tunnel was that he would be going home on the 10th and he couldn’t wait to get out of school. He was drifting off when his roommate sat in the chair in front of him and handed him a crisp white envelope with his name scribbled on the front.

    “What’s this?” he asked his roommate, who just answered with a shrug before chugging more of his redbull.

    The return address was to your best friend.

    “What in the-” he asked confused as he ripped open the envelope before his breath caught in his throat.

    In the envelope was an invitation to a grad party, your grad party. On the card there was a picture of you, your senior picture he assumed, where you sat in a field smiling naturally, your hair blowing in the wind. You looked unbelievably beautiful. He turned the card over to see a small note scribbled on it.

    ‘Listen, you don’t have to come if you don’t want to. I just thought it was worth a shot.’ it read.

    His heart sank once he realized that it was not your idea to invite him.

    Would he go? Did you even want to see him?

    Could he bear ruining your big day just so he could see you once more?

    June 10, Grad party, midday

    You smiled as new faces began to appear.

    “I’m so proud of you honey.” your aunt said as she pulled you in for a hug.

    That’s when you saw him. He was looking straight at you, bags under his eyes and a small smile as he gave you an awkward wave. You stumbled back from your aunt’s hug and she looked at you with concern.

    “Darling, are you alright?” she asked.

    “Oh, um yes. Could you excuse me for a minute.”

    You ran towards him.

    “GEORGE!” you exclaimed as you ran into his open arms

    “I didn’t think you’d be able to make it Eaker.” you whispered as you pulled away.

    “And miss out on my childhood best friend’s big day? No way!” he said as he gave you a card.

    “You really shouldn’t have.” you thanked him as you began to engage in a conversation with him.

    Your best friend sat at the table looking for familiar cars. Philip’s car. He never came. So he was a coward after all.

    June 11, Post party, 12:00 AM

    You finished cleaning up the mess in your home and you were beginning to get ready for bed when the doorbell rang.

    Who in the hell would come to your house at 12 AM? You thought as you walked to your door, fidgeting with your romper, wanting nothing more than to be able to take it off. When you swung the door open your heart jumped to your throat.

    In front of you someone stood there in a King’s College sweatshirt, flowers in one hand and the other by his side. Familiar curly brown hair pulled back into a bun and a crooked smile.

    “Philip” you said in whisper.

    “Hey, Y/N. I know it’s late but I just got in and I wanted to stop by and-”

    You pulled him in for a hug, his familiar scent engulfing you. You felt him drop the flowers and snake his arms around your waist as he pulled you in closer. The hug was longer than any hug should be but you missed being in his arms.

    “I missed you so much.” he whispered into your hair as he began to pull back.

    “Philip. I love you. And I’m sorry. You were right. I never should have let you go…” your mouth was like an open faucet and everything you’ve kept bottled up came out. Your eyes beginning to tear up as well. You felt a tear roll down your cheek and before you could wipe it away, Philip’s hand went to your cheek as he wiped the tear with his thumb. You expected him to pull his hand away but he left it there, caressing your cheek and bringing you closer to his face.

    “Philip, do you still love me?” you said at the end of your rant. His lips were dangerously close to yours and you felt him let out a soft laugh. He leaned in slowly and pressed his lips onto yours. Everything was slow, nothing rushed as you memorized the way his lips worked in sync with yours. You moved your hands up to his hair and his hands went to your butt giving it a light squeeze.

    Same old Philip.

    You squeaked and let out a giggle as you pulled away.

    “I love you. You, Y/N, more than anything else in this entire world.” he said, a goofy grin on his face.

    “I can’t believe you came back to me.” you said intertwining your fingers with his.

    “Of course I did. It was inevitable.”

    I Am Good: Jason Scott X Reader [PART I]

    Prompt: You’re a new girl in Angel Grove, and you aren’t exactly a typical, everyday person you’d meet on the street. You had green skin and did your best to hide it from the world. But after discovering an ironically green coin on the outskirts of town, you find it brings more terror to your life than before.

    Requested: No

    Word Count: 2,221

    Warning: Long, strong language

    Author’s Notes: In this you will have a father. Also, if you haven’t noticed, this is based off of the book and musical “Wicked,” but the reader is not like Elphaba in the sense that she has powers. I also do not own any storylines revolving around Elphaba, but I own the original plotline of the reader in this story.

    Your name: submit What is this?

    “What do you mean ‘the green coin is missing’?” Zordon asked Alpha 5, his voice laced with anger and worry.

    The green coin Rita Repulsa had once owned and was once held by Zordon’s ship’s containment unit was now gone, as if it just completely vanished without a single trace.

    “Exactly that!” Alpha 5 shouted, moving frantically across the floor, unable to contain his panic. “It’s just not there! I checked and searched a hundred times and it’s not there! You don’t think…?”

    “No,” Zordon said quickly, avoiding the possibility. “The Power Rangers defeated her, she’s long gone. But who would want to steal the coin? How did they even get on the ship?”

    Alpha 5 thought for a moment, “But what if they didn’t? Get on the ship I mean.”

    Alpha 5 didn’t have to explain himself for Zordon to understand what he had meant. He had sworn it was impossible for that to be a plausible circumstance, but it appeared that it might not have been. It seemed that the Power Rangers would have another member of the team. Questions were, how would he tell the team and who would it be?

    To say the least, you were different. You tended to keep to yourself in school, and for all the right reasons. Behind all those pounds of makeup and long sleeved shirts was a secret your family had tried so hard to hide. You, the simple Y/N from a strange town somewhere far, far away from Angel Grove, had skin so green that it could compare to that of an emerald. And because of this sickeningly green skin, you were forced by your father to hide your true self. Not that you were complaining all that much. It was better to at least look normal to others and perfectly blend into the high school crowd than walk around school looking like you were just freshly picked from a garden.

    It was a quiet day in Angel Grove, something you found to be common after the demolition of a little more than half the town before you moved there. And while you weren’t there for the destruction, people were still talking about it to this day. People still don’t know what that thing was that destroyed almost everything, but they know that whoever saved them that day were heroes.

    After school, you decided you needed to clear your head, get out of the house and be alone despite the fact your father was never even home, even when you lived in your previous town and the one before that and so forth. You were on your own most of the time. While your father was out on business trips, which was really just his way of staying away from his only daughter, he sent money to you so you could buy food and bottles and bottles of concealer and foundation and make remover, but you figured it was so you didn’t have to get a job at the risk of someone seeing your skin. It worked out, though. You were living a stable life with a nice house to live in, good grades, and that was pretty much it. You didn’t have any friends, but that was something you were used to in life and sure, there was that one asshole who loved to pick on you, but once again, you were always going through that kind of stuff no matter where you attended school.

    You headed out of the house and took a short walk around the neighborhood. But, feeling spontaneous and wanting to get to know more of the stupid place. Maybe she’d be able to find a place outside of her house where she could just get away.

    Upon further investigation, you came close to a forest like area which lead up to a trail near the mountains. You stared up at the mountain for a couple seconds, you started to walk up the path. You gazed around at the scenery you passed, but for some reason, you couldn’t bring yourself to take it all in and appreciate it. You had this weird feeling growing inside of your chest, making it feel as though you weren’t supposed to be here, but you somehow were. You put on some calming music to clear your head, which seemed to be working as you ventured onward.

    “Oh shit…” You swore when you realized that you were kind of lost.

    You gazed at your surroundings, trying to find even the smallest piece of evidence that shows the way you came, but all you could see was a giant chasm just beyond a few trees and bushes, which were all you could see from behind you; trees and bushes. You were close to just giving up and calling for help in hopes someone would hear you, but something out of the corner of your eye caught your attention.

    It was a little hard to see at first with the setting sun affecting the light of the land, but you could see a small, but very bright speck of colored light coming from something beside the chasm. You were about to let it go, but you were just too curious to just walk away. You slowly walked towards the object, leaning down to pick it up when you reached it. Your painted fingers grasped onto a golden coin-like object. In the center was a shining green stone, which was what caused the glinting in the sunlight. At seeing the color of the stone, you let out an exasperated and annoyed sigh.

    You grunted, “How ironic.”

    You heard indistinct voices nearing your position and felt panic flow through you. You didn’t want to be seen by anybody, so you quickly pocketed the coin and hurried towards a nearby shrub that was just big enough for you to hide behind and not be seen. You kept quiet, not wanting to make a single sound or movement.

    “Did you guys see that?” You heard a feminine voice ask.

    You felt your heartbeat starting to pick up a bit, and you feared that the person might come over to investigate.

    “No. What do you think you saw?” A male voice questioned in response.

    “I don’t know,” The female replied. “I thought it was a person… but no one comes up here besides us.”

    “Probably just an animal or something.” Another girl said.


    You quietly waited for them to leave, but only heard a splashing sound from a distance after that point. You peeked out from behind the bush and saw that there was no one around. You let out a sigh of relief and dusted off your outfit.

    Feeling curious and seeing it was okay to make movement, you pulled out the green coin. You turned it around a couple of times, noticing the odd patterns which looked like rigid, technological lines and squares embedded in the stone and the gold rock that seemed to have formed around it. You furrowed your eyebrows, never having seen something like that in all your years of living. You put the coin back in your pocket and started to try and find a way out of these damned woods.

    You eventually did make it out of there without being caught or harmed. But you felt off when you got home the next day. You were so tired from your adventures that you simply crashed on the couch without getting anything to eat and you didn’t even get changed into comfortable nightclothes or remove all the makeup layers, something that was not like you in the slightest.

    You heard your phone go off with your morning alarm and instinctively slammed down on the phone to turn it off. However, you noticed that not did the alarm stop ringing, but you heard glass crashing and wood splintering as if it had just been smashed to pieces. Your eyes widened when you saw that you had broken the glass of your phone and the corner of your nightstand was caved inward. You gasped once the realization hit that you had done this, but confusion overtook you once you realized that you hadn’t even gone to bed that night. You specifically remembered landing on the couch and falling asleep down there. In addition to that, you also didn’t remember placing the green stone you found that day on your now destroyed bedside table.

    “What the Hell is going on here?” You breathed, unable to comprehend the situation.

    You walked into the bathroom as you normally would, but of course you were a little more on edge than usual. Upon arrival, you saw that the green coin was now on the counter when you knew you didn’t even pick it up that morning.

    “I’m seriously freaked out right now…” You gulped, almost backing away from the coin.

    Despite the fact you feared the coin, you knew you had to do something with it. You opened up the window to your bathroom and quickly grabbed the coin as if it were a grotesque animal that you grabbed by the tail. You chucked the coin out the window with all the strength you had and slammed it shut, feeling glad that you got rid of the thing.

    A few seconds later and you heard a rattling sound behind you. Low and behold, there was the coin, sitting on your counter like it was a moment ago.


    School was like any other day- annoying pricks who liked to torment you, low-class snobs and idiots who were just there because it was law- but this time, you had a damned coin that wouldn’t leave you the hell alone. It remained quiet for the most part, until a mishap occurred in lunch with you, a stupid bully, your lunch tray, your coin, and a really cute guy named Jason.

    You had gotten your chicken salad from the lunch line, and you instantly made a beeline for your corner of the farthest lunch table, hoping that if you got there fast enough, you could avoid any interaction with anyone. Too bad that your half-witted assaulter was one step ahead of you.

    Your lunch tray was smacked upward, your chicken salad getting slammed against your sweater and the dressing seeping through the material. You heard others gasp and a boorish laugh present itself from beside you.

    “Whoops!” He snickered. “My bad!”

    You curled your fists in an attempt to keep yourself from fighting back. Even with your newfound strength you could’ve used to fight back, you refrained from doing so, knowing it would force your father to return home and deal with the matter to make him hate you more than he already does. You pursed your lips as you felt tears swelling up in your eyes once you noticed the dozens of pairs of eyes gazing upon you in your dressing-covered glory.

    “Are you going to cry?” He snarled. “Wow! That’s so path-”

    “Hey.” Someone calmly said, but it was said harshly enough to show that this person wanted his attention and wanted it now.

    Through your watery eyes, you could see a buff, handsome-looking boy standing before you. You recognized him from a class of yours, a few rumors, and a couple pictures. His name was Jason Scott. He was the star quarterback before he placed a cow in the opposing team’s locker room and became a regular guy in high school who just so happened to be disliked by most of the Angel Grove High student body.

    “Scott.” Your bully snapped.

    “You know, I would’ve thought you had learned your lesson with Billy, but you just keep going, don’t you?” Jason responded, shaking his head disapprovingly. “So how about this? How about you leave her alone, get out of here, and we’ll avoid what happened last time. Seem fair?”

    The bully didn’t say anything in response. He merely stared at Jason, as if testing him, to which he did. Without saying a word, the bully pushed you to the floor, then ran off. You could tell Jason was about to run after him, but having heard your hurt cry and the scattering of your belongings after falling to the ground, he lent down to help you up.

    “Are you alright?” Jason asked, giving you his hand.

    You cautiously took it, him hoisting you up into a sitting position so you could gather up the things that had fallen out of your bag.

    “I’m fine,” You sighed. You looked up at him with genuine eyes as you looked up from placing your stuff back into your bag. ”Thank you so much.”

    “No problem. I’m Jason.” He introduced himself.

    “Y/N.” You graciously smiled, pushing a piece of your hair behind your makeup-ed ear.

    Jason smiled back at you. He looked over and saw something shining from just a few inches away. He grabbed it, believing it belonged to you.

    “Hey, is this…” His voice trailed off.

    You glanced up, seeing that Jason was holding the coin you had found between his fingers. You saw his face twist into pure disorientation while yours flashed to that of horror. You were eased at mind that most people stopped staring at you two, but you didn’t hesitate to quickly snatch your coin from Jason’s hand and keep it out of sight.

    “Thank you.” You simply said in a hushed voice before grabbing your bag and bolting out of the lunch room and away from the scene.



    Originally posted by wonhontology

    Having a significant other with a grueling work schedule is always difficult. It hurts to see them overwork themselves to the point of exhaustion and it seems that there’s never any time for them to just breathe. It also seems that there’s never any time just enjoy one another’s company, even though you share a living space. But having a significant other with a grueling work schedule that can sometimes include jetting off to a different country makes things that much harder.

    In the beginning, things weren’t that difficult in your relationship with Hoseok. Time spent together was limited due to his training and his participation in No.Mercy but he always managed to find some spare second, even if it was just a second, to get in touch with you. He made it his mission to ensure that the two of you saw one another at least once a week, even if it was only through a screen. He loved you with his whole heart and gave you every ounce of love that he could.

    And then things began to shift.

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    I Think We’re in Trouble

    Request: You and Peter sneak out for the night to party and get home really late at night. The next morning, when your dad (tony stark?) see you in bed with Peter he flips out and both of you get in maaadddd trouble? Do whatever you want with this and btw I love your writing!!

    Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

    Warnings: A few swear words, a bit of innuendos and other things that mention or hint at sex.

    Word count: 1,552

    A/N: GUYS I’M BACK!! I’m sorry I was gone without a trace for so long, and i also apologize because this is short, but I just had to post something. Hope you guys enjoy. I’ve missed you all!

    My Masterlist

    Feel free to request anything by sending an ask to my inbox! (Please check if requests are still open before requesting!)

    Originally posted by maggiesawyver

    I Think We’re in Trouble

    Peter stumbled in through your bedroom window, holding you close to him with one hand while pulling you both into the building with the other. He tried to move stealthily, something which wasn’t too hard with his inhuman abilities, but became gradually more strenuous after the couple shots you had both taken earlier.

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    make it up to you - Joji

    A/n: Request. Joji’s kid with you feels sad and forgotten since Joji’s always busy.


    ‘I’ll be late home again. You don’t have to wait for me with dinner. I’ll eat out.’

    “Idiot…” you grit your teeth, angered, wanting to just throw your phone around the kitchen. But you think better; that would be a waste. So, instead, you just slam it onto the table, making all the forks and the plates clatter loudly. Heaving out a big sigh, you rest your forehead into your palms, closing your eyes and trying to calm yourself down. It’s the fifth day in a row since he first started missing dinners together with his family. He always showed up late in the night, and would simply just kiss you hastily before locking himself in his room—to work on his videos, of course. Every night, it was the same thing, the same response: ‘Sorry, babe, I’ll make it up to you later, but this is really important!’

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    Sneak Peek To: Fingertips Between Us

    Hai hai! I just wanted to announce that since Train Rides is coming to a close soon, I have another fic ready to go! Fingertips Between Us will be a MCxJumin fic! There will be NSFW scenes later on in the story, as well as angst!!!!  I’ve provided a summary below ^^ I hope you’re all as excited for it as I am!

    Sneak Peek 

     “ After cooling his head, Jumin returns to the home you both had created together.  As he enters through the door way he can see all the lights are off, replicating just how bad his actions were just moments before. He calls your name only to be answered with silence. Ashamed he walks passed the kitchen, the handkerchief he had slammed onto the floor deposited into the trash can. His heart aches at the sight of it. Above the trash on the counter top is a plate of food, wrapped in plastic wrap. Beads of water have already began to form from the steam on the inside. 

    “MC. Let’s talk.” He calls out, only to be met with silence once again.

    Jumin stands alone in the kitchen, his head spinning at how he could make up for what he did. Finally, after what feels like eternity, he steps forward to the bedroom door, slowly creaking it open.  

    His head is hung down, ashamed and sorrowful, but as he looks up, his eyes widen. 

    There’s no sight of you. The bed sheets that had been tousled roughly are remade perfectly along the bed, his suits washed, ironed, and hanged. But your side of the room…

    The closet hangs wide open, empty. 

    And Jumin’s running though the house. Screaming your name, not even caring that Elizabeth the Third is frightened. He slams the bathroom door open, his heart ripping to shreds as he sees that your blue tooth brush is no long in the crystal container. 

    Jumin finds himself in front of the front door, only now realizing that all your shoes are gone. He’s never realized just how stark his penthouse is, empty of all your little touches. Like your brightly colored handbag that you kept by the door. 

    As he looks around Jumin feels something in his chest crack open. There isn’t even a trace of you left. “


    Jumin has always claimed that you’re the only one for him. You’re both ready to live your lives together, with or without the approval of Mr.Han. But Jumin’s fear of being used has always haunted him. Can he really say he trusts you completely?

    Mr. Han is willing to do anything to separate you from his son, and you find yourself wanting to accept his help, of course, with his terms.  

    You love Jumin with all your heart, but as your sister approaches you with an emergency that means life or death, you’ll be forced to choose between an innocent life, or your life with Jumin. 

    Our lives are strings caught in one big web, connecting and intertwining with each others. Against all odds, Jumin will reconnect the string he himself cut off from you. He swears on it.  

    anonymous asked:

    (Romanced?) New Vegas companions seeing the Courier for the first time in weeks after suddenly disappearing without a trace (most likely from the Dead Money or Old World Blues dlcs)

    Arcade: They had left in the night, leaving him sad, confused, and frustrated. In their time together he had learned that the courier was quite flighty. He had gotten used to them being missing for a few hours or a day or two, but this was the longest time they had been away, and he couldn’t help but think it was for good. He continues with his daily routine, but people can tell he’s down on something. When the courier walks into the Mormon Fort, he’s speechless. He runs to them and can’t decide if he wants to punch them or kiss them. He settles for demanding where they were and asking why they would do that to him. He stays mad for a little bit, but forgives them, especially after they give him a bunch of goodies from their time being away.

    Boone: He’s upset that they have been gone for a while, but he feels like he has an understanding as to why they would want to disappear, he feels that way a lot. He tries to be stoic about it, but the sting is real, he’s lost someone before and now it’s happening all over again. He busies himself with patrolling known Legion hotspots, taking out as many as he can. He tries not to think about the courier. When the courier comes into the room they’ve been staying, he’s startled, but he remains calm. He asks where they’ve been, and why they were gone so long. He doesn’t have much to say back. A few weeks later while they are on a stakeout near a Leigon camp, he tells them how he felt when they were away.

    Cass: She’s pissed that they are gone. She knows that they tend to go off on random missions, but it always bothers her. This particular absence drives her bonkers. She hates having to sit on her ass waiting around for them. She decides as a big fuck you to them she wasn’t gonna stay put and she was gonna go on a nice bender on the strip. She gets kicked out of The Tops, and does a lot of drinking at Gomorrah. When the courier returns, they track her down at the bar at Gomorrah, and collect her before she gets kicked out of there too. While they cart her hoe she kicks and yells at them a bit, telling them how much it sucked to be left behind again. The next morning as she woke up, she can’t help but smile that they are asleep next to her again.

    ED-E: Poor ED-E doesn’t know what to do with itself without the courier. It follows around the other companions a bit, but doesn’t have much to do. When the courier returns, ED-E flies around them, beeping happily. It sticks close by to them for the next few days.

    Lily: Honestly she didn’t even realize they were gone for that long, but as with every time when she sees them after a bit of an absence she is happy to see them. She asks them if they have been eating well, and if they have any stories to tell her. The courier spends an afternoon with her, telling her stories about their trip.

    Rex: He doesn’t note how long the courier is gone until after a few days. He sniffs around, and he acts out a bit because he doesn’t understand why they have been gone. He barks at the other companions and they aren’t quite sure how to control him so they just give him some space. When the courier returns, Rex is super excited and pounces on them, licking their face.

    Raul: Waking up without the courier by his side is depressing for him. He’s felt lonely before, but this is more severe. He had gotten so close to the courier, and they vanish without a trace. He feels very poorly about himself while they are gone, he should have expected to be abandoned, how could anyone want to stay with him anyway. When the courier returns, he is super emotional. He tells them he thought they had left him, and the courier gives him a kiss on the forehead and say that while they may wander, they will never leave him for long. Raul holds them tight, and feels truly loved for the first time for a long time.

    Veronica: The courier being gone stresses her the fuck out. She trusts that they will be back, but she can’t help but be worried about them. She tries to keep busy as best she can, mainly scavenging and doing some trading because its something she can do well without that much effort. When they get back she smiles a lot and tells the courier that it sure took them long enough. She puts together a nice meal for them with her recent acquisitions, and they stay up all night talking about the courier’s trip.

    Tidings of Comfort and Chicken Cutlet

    This was a very fun commission for @shadeofdarkness, who was looking for some fluffy MP100 with Mob and dad Reigen ^^ Thank you again, and enjoy!

    Originally posted by worldvalentine

    Reigen had stopped being surprised when Mob kept showing up to his consulting office every day, regardless of the weather or school events or anything else he figured the boy would be doing. So it shouldn’t have been that startling when he knocked on the door on Christmas Eve, his puffy coat making him look twice as big as normal, the light snow landing on his shoulders and stocking cap.

    “Merry Christmas, Shishou,” he chirped, red-faced, and Reigen let him in.

    “You really don’t have to call me that, you know,” Reigen mentioned as he took his hat, scarf, coat, sweatshirt and sweater. God, the kid had so many layers he was practically an onion. “You’re not old enough to actually work for me. Anyway, what’s up, kiddo? Isn’t your family doing anything today?”

    Mob shook his head, sending little droplets flying. Reigen handed him a tissue so he could dab it dry. “Dad has to work, and Mom doesn’t really care about Christmas. And Ritsu’s class is going ice skating.” Mob suddenly perked up, slightly alarmed. “Oh! Shishou, do you have a date tonight? Teacher says that usually boyfriends take their girlfriends out on Christmas Eve.”

    Reigen made a small choking sound, sitting down at the chair by his desk. “Uh…no, no plans for me tonight.” He couldn’t even remember the last time he had been on a Christmas date. Not that he’d be going out with a woman anyway, but that was a conversation for another day.

    In fact, most holidays were spent doing exactly what he was doing before Mob showed up: sipping a gin and tonic, considering going out and never actually doing it.

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    gifset remake series: [x]

    just a longing, gone without a trace…
    oh, i wish i’d never, ever seen your face

                               i wish you were the one —
                               wish you were the one that got away.


    Fandom: Star Wars

    Pairing: Ben Solo x Reader, Kylo Ren x Reader

    Words: 1152

    “Come with me.” When Ben said this, you were probably facing the hardest decision of your life. Go with Ben? Run away from the temple and everything you two worked hard for? “Please, Y/N. I really don’t want to leave without you.”

    “Ben, all of the hardwork we put into this. All of our training-”

    “We’ll get better training. I promise you that.”

    “From who?”

    “You’ll see. Y/N, we both have incredible potential to become very powerful.”


    “Please. I love you.” Ben leaned his forehead onto yours, “If we run away, we can finally be together. The Jedi Order can’t stop us. I want you to be by my side. Always.”

    Your heart clenched. You nodded, “Okay. I’ll go with you.”

    Ben smiled and kissed you.

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    The Way We Were (Dean Winchester)

    Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader

    warnings: crying, mild violence, swearing (probably), fluff

    word count approx: 2010 words

    summary: After Dean is cured of being a demon you think about all your happiest memories with him, trying to get passed the last couple of months and forgive him.

    A/N: the bold writing are memories


    It was done.
    The cure had worked and Dean Winchester was no longer a knight of hell.
    I watched with mixed emotions as the onyx melted away from his beautiful green eyes; his lips parted slightly as he looked around the room.
    “You looked worried fellas” He stated, looking back and forth between Sam and Cas.
     His arms and legs were still tied to the chair but he was no longer struggling against them; his jaw no longer locked tight from pain. I was still standing towards the back of the room, hidden partially by the shadows; I wanted to run up and wrap my arms around his neck but I couldn’t make my feet move, my brain overriding everything my heart was feeling…Dean was human again…but would that change anything? The mark was still there, burned into the skin of his forearm and it still scared me.
    “Welcome back Dean!” Sam said with a smile as he untied him. Cas was standing there also, a smile gracing his lips as he watched Dean. Why couldn’t I just switch off like that? Act like everything he did didn’t leave its own gory, twisted mark…
    Suddenly feeling to hot in the room I quickly turned and headed for the door; I just needed some fresh air that’s all, I needed to sort through all this with a clear head. I wasn’t going to think clearly with Dean standing right in front of me.
     As the door swung shut behind me I heard Sam’s voice.
    “She just needs time Dean…this has been hard on her”
    I didn’t hang around long enough to hear Dean’s reply.

    Running straight out of the bunker I headed for my favourite place to be alone. It was only a short walk up the hill before I could see the giant tree; it branches hanging low to the ground, it was the perfect shelter.
    Leaning back against the trunk I closed my eyes…

    “Deeeeeeean!” I whined as he kissed the back of my neck, “I want to sleep!”
    “Nope” He replied with a smirk, nuzzling his nose into my hair. It was one of those rare days off that never seemed to happen often enough. I was snuggled back against Dean’s chest, his warmth comforting on the cold morning; his large hands splayed against my stomach as he tugged me closer.
    Turning around in his arms I looked deeply into his candy apple green eyes, I couldn’t help the smile that stretched across my face. Closing the distance between us he kissed the tip of my nose.
    “Good morning Sweetheart”
    “Mhmm good morning” I mumbled into his chest.
    I’d been seeing Dean for the past three months now and it was amazing, he was everything I needed in my life; I felt safe in his arms.
    “What do you want to do today?” He asked quietly, I shook my head and smiled.
    “I want to do nothing…just stay in bed with you all day”
    “Oh you want to stay in bed all day?” He raised his eyebrows before wiggling them suggestively. Shoving his chest lightly I couldn’t help the blush fanning across my cheeks. He laughed loudly before pulling my body flush against his; kissing me lazily.

    The memory brought a smile to my face; it seemed so long ago now that we were lying there in each other’s arms, kissing the morning away. It was easy thinking about all the good times with Dean; we had so many together…

    “I swear to god Dean don’t you dare spray that at me!” I shrieked as Dean threatened me with the hose; we were outside washing the impala, the hot sun beating down on top of us. Dean had started out wearing his usual jeans and grey Henley but after his shirt became stuck to his skin with sweat he took it off all together; not that I minded one little bit.
    “Come on Y/N I just want to cool you down” He smirked
    “Don’t. You. Dare” I retorted as seriously as I could.
    With a wicked gleam in his eyes he ran at me; screaming loudly I ran the other direction. With his long legs he caught up to me easily though, wrapping one arm around my waist as he held the hose over my head. The frigid water ran down the back of my shirt, goose bumps erupting all over my skin. Once I was soaked through, wet hair hanging in tendrils across my face, Dean lowered the hose.
    “See all cool now Sweetheart”
    “I hate you Dean Winchester” I laughed; he wrapped his other arm around me tighter, I could feel his naked chest through the drenched fabric of my shirt.
    “No you don’t” He breathed into my ear; It sent a shiver down my spine. “Tell me you love me”
    “I love you”
    “That’s better”
    He kissed the back of my ear before slowly moving to my lips, he tasted of sweat and soap but I couldn’t think of anything better. We stood there; lips locked…the impala now completely forgotten.

    Every time I thought about a time Dean and I had spent together it was filled with nothing but love; even when the world was falling apart around us we stood strong together, that was how it was supposed to be…even when we were fighting with each other I knew Dean always had my back; he wouldn’t let me down…

    It had been a rough hunt…I’d been to slow and the demon we were chasing had snapped his hostages necks…one by one…all four of them. With a white hot rage consuming me I had run at him without really thinking about it. Before I could get within two feet of him, he threw me against the concrete pillar, my body brutally bending around it before slumping down onto the ground. I vaguely heard Dean yell my name as he came barging in with Sam; I didn’t remember anything happening after that, my body to beaten to stay conscious.

    I woke up a short time later, snuggling deeply in Dean’s arms as he carried me out to the impala. As soon as he noticed I was awake he quickly started on his lecture.
    “You’re a goddamn idiot you know that?! What made you think you could just run straight for it!”
    I shrunk away from his tone; I knew I made a mistake, I’d messed up bad…I just didn’t want Dean to look at me differently.
    Gently he placed me onto the backseat, climbing in directly after me. Sam started the car without a word, pulling out of the abandoned warehouse and heading back for the motel.
    “I’m sorry Dean” I murmured looking down at my lap.
    Grabbing my chin softly he brought my face up to look at him; his eyes were softer again, all traces of his anger gone.
    “Hey I know you’re sorry Y/N but dammit just think about what you’re doing before you go charging in next time…I don’t know what I’d do without you”
    That brought a small smile to my lips; I leaned forward into his embrace, ignoring the searing pain in my lower back.
    “Thank you for helping me”
    “For as long as I’m around I’m always going to help you…even when you’re being reckless…I love you”
    He whispered the last part just for me; probably embarrassed by what Sam would say if he heard him. I pressed my lips against the hard edge of his jaw; I felt him smile.
    “I love you too”

    A few tears slipped past my eyes, falling down into my hands. I hadn’t noticed anyone approach until they sat down in front of me; I looked up into Dean’s face – all the pain and guilt written across all of his features – he noticed my tear stained cheeks and if possible looked even sadder.
    “How did you know I was here?” I whispered.
    “It’s your favourite place” He replied quickly.

    The warm breeze of summer was possibly the nicest feeling in the world; I stood with my arms out stretched and head back, letting the wind ripple through my clothes and hair. I couldn’t help but let out a giggle as my hair tickled my cheeks. I had been walking with Dean when I found this spot; a low hanging tree on top of the hill the bunker was in front of, it was perfect.
    Dean was sitting in the grass watching me with crinkling eyes, his own smile the widest I had seen it in a very long time; turning towards him I walked back, sitting down on his lap. He hummed as I ran my fingers through his hair, scraping my nails softly against his scalp; I leaned in close to his ear to murmur…
    “This is my new favourite place”

    “You remember that?” I asked in a quiet voice; my tears flowing freely now.
    “I remember everything”
    I knew he would want to comfort me, wipe my tears away with the pad of his thumbs but he was holding himself back; scared that maybe if he got to close I would run away. I needed to prove to him that I wouldn’t ever leave; that just having him back was enough.

    Crawling over the grass I pulled myself onto his lap; his whole body tensing, arms rigid by his side.
    “Dean look at me” I pleaded. My breath hitched in my throat when he did; my heart breaking when I saw his own tears welling in his eyes…green not black. This was my Dean.

    Wrapping my arms around his neck I buried my face into the crook of his neck; his scent enveloping me entirely. After about a minute he hesitantly wound his arms around, his hands resting on my back.
    “I’m so sorry Sweetheart” He sniffed; I shook my head, kissing him softly.
    “No no baby I’m sorry…I couldn’t see passed the last couple of months but I can now…I’m so happy your back”
    “I’d deserve it if you never forgave me Y/N…hell you probably shouldn’t forgive me…after everything I did”
    “It doesn’t matter” I implored.
    “I tried to kill you and Sam…I don’t…I…”
    “Sssh Dean it’s over now and that’s not you anymore…baby you have to forgive yourself; the things you did? That wasn’t you!”
    “It was me…some dark twisted part of me”
    “You’re okay Dean, you’re okay” I hushed, his arms tightened around me further; his face buried beneath my hair.


    Later that night I snuggled under the duvet with Dean for the first time in months; it felt so right. He fell asleep quickly, his breathing evening out as his grip on me loosened. I watched him for a moment before running my finger down the length of his nose; it wrinkled under my touch. I knew everything was going to be okay; it would take some time but eventually everything was going to go back to exactly the way it should. Once we managed to get rid of the mark Dean would be whole once again; he wouldn’t have to live in constant fear he was going to hurt someone he loved.
    Shifting closer to his face I pressed my lips against his; they were just as soft as I remembered, plump and delicious. As I pulled away I noticed his eyes were open, staring at me softly.
    “Come here” He muttered.
    I leaned forward once again and pressed my lips to his; this time he moved in synchronization with me, nipping at my bottom lip until I parted my mouth completely. I ran my hands back through his hair as his tongue explored my mouth. It was a slow kiss, filled with everything we felt for each other. Love, adoration…passion; but most of all forgiveness…
    it was a while before we parted once again; I laughed lightly before snuggling down into his arms again.
    “Goodnight Sweetheart”
    “Goodnight Dean” I replied sleepily; I was almost asleep when I heard his voice whispering against my hair.
    “I love you Y/N…I always will”
    “I love you too Dean”

    Overwatch: Second Impressions (WidowTracer)

    Read part 1 here

    Dedicated to @nikanono for being awesome


    She blinked back into reality, instantaneously she returned to her room of lights and mysterious machinery still completely foreign to her as if no time had passed at all. The tall french woman was still with Winston, this time offering a banana and tea with a small smile. 

    It was always hard to say how much time had passed since she last reappeared, she stopped asking when a blink of an eye for her turned out to be a month. It was mind boggling and downright depressing, four weeks without a single trace, leaving poor Winston alone to decide if she was ever coming back and if he should even keep trying when there was not a speck of the girl in this vast room. 

    Yet this particular moment, the woman was there again. It wasn’t often she saw the same person twice aside from the very one trying to fix her disappearing act. How long had she been there? Did she come often? Or was Lena just gone for a few minutes this time? Regardless, Lena’s mouth opened and called out to her with excitement. 

    The two immediately whipped around and stared at her as if she were a ghost. Well they technically weren’t wrong. In a sense. Sort of? 

    Amélie leaned back against the table, clutching her chest where her heart nearly leapt out of,“Merde!”

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    Wanting Memories

    Originally posted by amralleme

    Bucky Barnes x Reader

    Wanting Memories

    Prompt: hello my lovely!! Could I please request a Bucky x Reader where the team are clearing out a Hydra base and they find the readers Cryo Chamber and Bucky thought that the reader was dead and take them back to the avenger tower, where they help them out to adjust to the new life. The reader doesn’t remember Bucky, but he remembers them and their past relationship, so the reader has a nightmare one night and Bucky goes to comfort them and then the reader remembers him. Thank you xx

    Note: I’m really sort of proud of this one?? Like it turned out better than I could have ever hoped?? Feedback please??

    Bucky’s heart pounded as the team ran through one of the many Hydra bases that had yet to be cleared. He knew these halls. He had been here before. He took a left, down the hall, past the doors. His feet knew where they were going, even if he didn’t. Not necessarily. The memories were foggy, but it felt right. This way, then that, and then a door.

    The plate was inscribed with a name. Her name. (Y/N) (L/N). Bucky turned the handle and opened the door. There, in a Cryo Chamber, frozen with her eyes wide open, her face contorted into an eternal scream. Bucky’s breath hitched. He knew her. He remembered.

    He remembered the smell of her perfume and the way her hair curled on humid summer afternoons. He remembered the pop of her red lipstick against her skin and the way her dress hugged her body perfectly. He remembered her running, her hair swept back by the wind and the tips of her locks lit up by the rays of the sun and a broad smile on her face, laughing.

    Bucky remembered her tears. He remembered the look on her face when he told her he had enlisted, the sadness in her voice when she told him goodbye. He remembered a long hug, her whispers in his ear telling him not to get himself killed, making him promise he would come back to her. He did, his voice low, but sincere. He would come back to her. He had to.

    He remembered the shock when he met her on the army base, working as a nurse. He remembered the rib-crushing hug she gave him after he came back to the camp after his brief capturing at HYDRA before ‘Captain America’ stepped in to save the day. He remembered her soft lips kissing his over and over in a long-awaited reunion.

    He remembered the day he found out she had been lost, without a trace. No one knew where she went or why. He just remembered that she was gone, that he would never see her again.  

    “Buck.” Steve said softly, breaking Bucky’s reverie. Bucky wasn’t sure how long he had been standing there, staring at her, her beautiful face contorted in pain and grief. Natasha typed something into the keypad beside the chamber, and the room was filled with steam. She slumped forward, unconscious. Bucky caught her and carried her in his strong arms, determined to carry her to safety, determined to make things right after decades of separation.


    Bucky was scared to talk to her. He was scared of making things worse. Steve said she was fine, she just didn’t remember. She didn’t remember anything. Bucky’s heart fell. She didn’t remember him. She didn’t remember anything.

    She was sitting at the island in the kitchen, cautiously taking a sip of Cherry Coke. She remembered the taste. It was the only thing in the world that seemed familiar to her.

    There was writing down her wrist, and Bucky recognized Steve’s handwriting. He must have done it. They were simple notes.

    Your name is (Y/N) (L/N).

    You are safe here.

    “I can’t seem to remember anything,” you whispered as Bucky sat across from you, looking at you with gentle eyes, hoping, praying that something would click.

    “I’m here for you. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. I want to help,” he forced the words out, choking back tears. He wanted more than anything to hold you to him and tell you everything would be okay. You would never hurt again. But he couldn’t. Not now. Not yet.

    “Who are you?”

    “My name is Bucky. Bucky Barnes.” He offered, hoping it would trigger a memory, but nothing happened. You picked up a pen and scrawled on your arm.

    Metal arm – Bucky Barnes

    Above it were other notes.

    Red hair – Natasha Romanov

    Quick – Pietro Maximoff

    Magic girl – Wanda Maximoff

    Norse – Thor

    Patriotic – Steve Rogers

    He smiled. It was a start.


    Bucky bolted awake in the middle of the night. He knew that scream. In moments, he was out of bed and tearing down the hall, desperate to get to you, determined to help. He opened the door and stepped inside your room.

    Your eyes fell on him. You clicked on the lamp and glanced at your arm. Metal arm. Bucky. But another name tickled the back of your brain as tears flooded your eyes.

    “James,” you whispered. Bucky’s breath hitched. He nodded, taking slow hesitant steps towards you. “James Buchannan Barnes,”

    “(Y/N),” he whispered, his voice cracking. He sat on the edge of the bed and caressed your cheek with his bare fingers. “It’s me. I’m here. I know I look different and it’s been a long time. I don’t know what they did to you. But I love you. I always have.”

    “Bucky,” you whispered softly. You pulled yourself out of the covers and moved to sit in his lap, wrapping your arms around his torso and resting your head on his shoulder as your tears finally spilled. Bucky held you close. He wasn’t planning on letting you go ever again.

    OK but. AU where Zoro makes it off of Mihawks island (Kuraigana?) in the tiny boat and doesn’t get the 3D2Y message.

    He drifts for months on the grand line, half dead when he sets out and not getting better, but he doesn’t stop hoping that even if he can’t be there for Luffy someone else has been, Luffy has been saved, and they can reunite as soon as Zoro makes it back to Shabondy.

    But when he finally gets found by some surprised sailors on a trading vessel all the news he can find is that the other Strawhats are gone without a trace. Luffy was seen alive before disappearing, so Zoro clings to that. He brushes off badly healed wounds and months of absolute solitude and keeps going, because they were going into the New World, weren’t they. Maybe the others just kept going, maybe they are wondering why he’s taking so long. He just has to get there.

    (ok this got p long time for a readmore.)

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