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rilaya au with badgirl!maya (like who she says she would have been in true maya??) and riley.

thump. thump.

riley stirred slightly, the dream of her tending the bunnies beginning to crack under surface, the purple cat beside her telling her to wake up. “why?” riley asked the cat, tossing over in her sleep. another stir and after a heartbeat, it woke her from her slumber. lifting her head, she looked into the darkness of her room, expecting auggie. overall, it was nothing but darkness, but if she squinted hard enough, the slight hint of the moon casting itself into her bay window outshone blonde hair silver, outlining what looked like a leather jacket and dark ripped jeans. 

at first, riley was too scared to move. the person, whoever they were, hadn’t noticed her yet, too wrapped up in something they were looking at cast out on her dresser, but then she remembered the whistle that she had, strewn out on her nightstand in case of emergency in such as this one, in case there was a stranger and slowly, she started to go for that. 

simultaneously, she tried to eye the girl whilst reaching rather clumsily for the whistle, not trying to let anything slip off, trying not to make a noise. one she’d reached it, however, she did make a slight noise. her eyes moved towards her nightstand, panic-stricken, as she slowly pulled the whistle towards her. One might have just went for it and blew the whistle, but riley had to put it over her neck first. Once it was secure, she grabbed the silver object, going to secure it between her lips. that was until a hand wrapped around her, keeping her from doing so. 

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” 

It was a feminine voice. the voice of a girl, but not just a girl, a thousand angels. riley never found herself particularly drawn so quickly to a voice before, at least never until now. the blonde was closer now, whereas she could make out her face. a pair of big blue eyes, a beautiful face to outdo her voice, leaving riley, for a second, starstruck. only for a heartbeat until she realized that she recognized that face: the middle school rebel, ideal upon all who wanted to be like her, including riley herself. back in the class, kicked out, hard to manage. rumored to be in and out of juvenile prison for once. for running away? breaking and entering? wouldn’t come much of a suprise, as she seemed to be doing it right now.

“why not? you’re in my hous-” riley said, going to reach for the silver object once more, but again, maya reached out her hand, interrupting her with a quiet “shhh.”

riley didn’t know what to do. she was confused. why had this girl come into her window? in the middle of the night? what had riley done? the two didn’t know each other, not really. they’d been in one another’s class, but they’d never seen eye to eye. riley was an optimist, maya was a pessimist. while riley would volunteer at an animal shelter, maya was spending her afternoons stealing from candy stores. well, riley only assumed via her stereotype. and riley often stuck to those, especially since half the time, they did tell a lot about of a person. 

“why are you here?” riley asked quietly, finally giving the whistle a rest, at least for now. 

“well,” maya said, backing away from the brunette, her eyes once more sweeping around riley’s room. her fingertips brushed over the items, and riley watched closely, as closely as she could in a dark room. as maya spoke, she removed the covers, swooping her legs over the side of the bed. “i came here to steal something because you look like a girl with nice things, but then you woke up….” 

maya’s eyes landed on the bay window. riley’s eyes followed the girl as she walked over and plopped herself on it, her fingers running over the pillows. “i like it here. it feels like a secure place that you just sit at when you just feel alone and i…” maya leaned back, peaking out the window. “i can see the moon from here. me and mr. moon. i’m sure someone is out there looking at it, too tonight.” 

riley looked at maya, tempted to go and join her at the window, but hesitant. the blonde looked over at her, raising her eyebrows. “so goofball, are you gonna join me or what?” 

after a moment, riley stood up and walked over to her, sitting next to her, drawing her legs up to criss-cross applesauce. both girls were quiet. while maya stared at her lap, riley stared at maya, waiting for some sort of conversation. “so,” riley began. “find anything that you liked?”

maya looked over at riley. there was a heartbeat before a smile crept its way onto her lips. “yeah.” she murmured. 

“maybe if you showed me, i could consider giving it to you.” riley said. in return, maya shook her head. 

“i couldn’t make you.” maya said. 

“it’s not a big deal.” riley countered. 

maya, in response, shook her head, sighing.

“okay…” riley murmured, looking away. “so why did you come to rob me then? what is it that i have, that you don’t?” 

“a lot…” maya’s voice faded off along with her smile. it was silent before she looked at the brunette. “come out with me. just for a little bit,” the blonde said. 

“what? right now?” riley asked as maya stood up, grabbing riley’s jacket, handing it to her. “right now.” maya said. “i want to take a walk with you.” she said. 

“but–” riley began.

“it’s bed time?” maya asked in a sarcastic tone.

“well, yeah. don’t you have one?” riley asked.

maya looked over at the brunette, staring at her for a split second. “no, riley.” she said. 

“you know my name?” riley asked, not sure why she was so surprised. however, after a moment of hesitance, she grabbed the jacket, slipping it on, and followed right along with maya out the window. already, she began to have an uneasy feeling, but along with it came an exciting rush. never had she snuck out in the middle of the night. never had to ever thought about sneaking out in the middle of the night. and right now she was doing it. with the beautiful maya hart.


it’d been fifteen minutes into speaking and already, the girls were able to fall into normal but small conversation. both girls, as they spoke, had completely different views of things. maya’s spat of disgust of couples holding each other by a diner was riley’s reactive heartmelting “aw’s”. maya looked at her, eyebrow raised. “you want a love like that? just hugging and kissin’ all the time?” the girl asked. 

riley frowned, her eyebrows furrowed. “and you don’t?” she asked. 

“i prefer the lonely road, pal. it’s the best way to go. that way, you don’t get hurt. take notes..” maya said. 

“you never know how someone’s going to treat you unless you try.” riley remarked. maya only responded with a shrug. riley didn’t say anything for the time being but wasn’t quite ready to let it go. she’d asked her soon enough.

the two girls stopped for a moment at a park bench. maya finished laughing due to riley almost falling on her butt for like, the third time. “you’re so klutzy.” she said once she was able to recover from laughing. 

“i know.” riley said, slightly flustered, looking around the area, trying to change the subject. her eyes landed on the sculpture of four friends, one of her favorite in the park. 

“i always wondered what it would be like to have friend like that.” she said. “they look so happy together.” riley smiled, looking over at maya.

“yeah?” maya asked, her eyes lingering on the sculpture before looking at riley. “you’re just full of wonder, aren’t you?” 

“is that a bad thing?” riley asked. 

“not for you. you got a family that loves you. a nice bed to sleep. nice clothes. of course you’re happy. you’ve got nothing to worry about.” maya gave a tight lipped smiled, but this time it seemed more forced. eyebrows furrowing, riley leaned into her, putting her hands on her shoulders.

“and what about you? what’s there to worry about?” riley asked. 

maya looked at her and riley hoped, she hoped that she would say something. at first she thought a glimpse of what she thought might be maya caving in. but the girl shook her head instead, taking a deep breath. “whether or not i’m going to get caught sneaking into the house of a girl with a whistle.” she said.

riley gave a breathy laugh. she wasn’t quite ready to let it go but figured that maya wasn’t going to give in that easily. so instead, she let her hand lower from the girl’s shoulder to her wrist her hand wrapping comfortingly around it. “i’m glad you came in.”

maya smiled. “me, too.” 


it was a few minutes of talking when the two figured it was time to go. riley did, in fact, have school tomorrow and whether maya would attend tomorrow or not, so did she.

as the two got inside the window, they sat there for a moment, looking at each other, a smile on their faces. after a moment, riley spoke. “so?” riley asked. “i guess this is goodbye, until further notice…”

“until further notice…” maya murmured, almost in a wondered tone. suddenly she perked up and reached into her pocket, pulling out two rings, ones that riley particularly recognized, ones that she got when she was younger in case someone came along, a best friend of the sorts. 

“these belong to you.” maya said. riley looked at them and as she did, something clicked. how comfortable she was with this girl, right off the bat. it wasn’t something that normally happened. while she felt insecure around some, she felt secure around maya. something she never thought herself to say, especially around someone who opposed to her. was she her best friend? the one she’d been looking for? 

“here, i’ll have you a deal,” riley said. “i’ll wear one.” riley took one and slipped it on her finger. “you wear the other. and if you are picking up what i’m putting down maybe we can be… partners in crime?” she asked. 

maya’s eyes lit up, something that riley saw for the first time. “really?” she asked. “I suppose, matthews, that we could make that arrangement.” 

“okay, but we need something cool. nicknames. i’ll call you peaches. general peaches and me…”

“honey.” maya decided. “and we need something cool… some cool thing that we do when we connect our rings like… thunder!” maya lifted her hand

“lightening?” riley asked almost questioningly, lifting her hand to connect with maya’s and almost impulsively did she intertwine her fingers through maya’s. 

“perfect.” maya said, giggling. 

the two let go, neither ready, but thinking the other was. it was silent before maya spoke. “you know how you asked me if i found something i liked in this room, and i told you it wasn’t a big deal?” when riley nodded, maya went on, almost sheepishly. “well… that something is you, riley.” she said. riley couldn’t answer before maya spoke again. “so tomorrow.” the blonde said simply before she turned and slipped out the bay window. riley stared at the empty open window for a moment before she got up and closed it, walking towards her bed, returning within the safety of her covers.

yet, throughout the night, all that remained in her mind was the mysterious blonde that climbed through her window. and how could the two never had interacted before now.

Wherever the Wind May Carry You

Happy Valentine’s Day to my dream, @sugainmycoffee. Some Minjoon. (tw: mention of bullying)

Growing up, Jimin hears all kinds of stories from his family. Ones of love, of happiness, some real, some fairytales, all with happy endings. The story of how his parents meet has always been his favorite. They’d met on a plane, both young, his mother 10 and his father only 8. His father and managed to get onto the wrong plane somehow (his mother always said it was because he was following her, and his father never denies it), and she saw him crying without his family and stuck to his side the entire flight until they landed and were able to phone the airport they’d departed from, hoping to god that his family were still there. Luckily, the flight had been short and not out of the country. His grandparents always tell him how scary that day was, but how happy they were that it happened.

Jimin thinks his parents are soul mates, they had to be, right? (He’d heard about soul mates from one of his older cousins. She was in high school and she knew a lot of things, so he was certain she was right about soul mates.) Because, after his dad was reunited with his parents, the two families stayed in touch, learning that they hadn’t lived very far from each other at all, practically in the same neighborhood, and when both families returned from their respective trips (all on the right planes this time), his mother had insisted that she be able to watch over the younger boy at all times.

“I need to make sure he doesn’t do anything else dumb like that ever again,” she’d told her parents. They’d just laughed and agreed with her.

It’s been a long, long time since they met now, and his mother still watches over his father to make sure he doesn’t do anything dumb. Jimin thinks that’s what soul mates are for. To love and protect you. The thought makes Jimin sigh. He hopes he can find his soul mate one day.

Jimin is 9 when he learns how to make paper airplanes, his grandfather had taught him one summer afternoon when Jimin was a little restless, since he couldn’t go outside and play because of a storm. From then on, he would make them out of every piece of paper he could find, his hands becoming skilled in crafting the small planes very quickly.

Jimin is 9 and ¾ when he reads a story about a message in a bottle that traveled across the sea from a very lonely girl to an equally lonely boy. The boy then spends his whole life trying to find her. It takes 30 years, and he’s traveled to many places, but he finally finds the girl, and neither of them are lonely anymore. Jimin thinks they must have been soul mates too.

The story makes Jimin start to wonder if he would be able to find his soul mate with a message in bottle, but there’s no water around his house. He decides he’s going to write notes on his paper airplanes and then throw them into the wind. Maybe they’ll somehow get to his soul mate that way.

His first note is short, just a small introduction of himself and what he’s trying to achieve. He addresses the letter to his soul mate, and on a particularly windy afternoon, late in summer, he throws the paper airplane into the sky and watches it sail over his fence.

School starts soon after, and Jimin meets a new boy in his school who’s in the grade ahead of him. His name is Namjoon and he tells Jimin he’s just moved in to the house next to his. He tells him that he’ll walk him home after school because he’s older and can protect his new younger friend. He doesn’t admit it’s because he has a really bad sense of direction. Jimin laughs when Namjoon gets them lost 3 times on their way home.

They walk home together every day until, eventually, Namjoon can find his way back home without Jimin nudging his arm every time he’s about to make a wrong turn, or tugging on his sleeve when Namjoon has to stop and try and figure out which way to go next.

By the time summer comes again, they’ve become best friends and rarely stray too far from one another. Jimin has to practically tear himself from Namjoon’s side one night a few weeks before school starts so he can prepare his Annual Soul Mate Note. (He’d decided before he even threw the first one into the wind that he would do it every year until he found his soul mate).

Summers come and summers go, and before either of them knew it, Namjoon is in high school and Jimin is left alone in the dumb 8th grade. Namjoon had told him he wouldn’t mind walking to the middle school to walk with him home from school still, but Jimin had told him it was too much out of the way, and Namjoon would just get himself lost. Namjoon grumbled that he wouldn’t, but said okay anyway.

Jimin leaves school a little late one afternoon, and Namjoon waits for him outside his house like he usually does. When he gets home, Namjoon notices something strange about his younger friend.

“I don’t really wanna hang out today, hyung,” Jimin mutters, not even looking up at Namjoon (he’d sprouted up to like, 20 feet, Jimin complained when he’d seen him the first time after his growth spurt. He didn’t think he’d been at his grandma’s long enough for Namjoon to turn into a tree, but he’s been wrong before), before walking straight into his house.

Namjoon thought maybe he was just tired, and let it go for the day.

He can’t let it go, however, when it happens for the rest of the week. And then the week after that. And the next.

Namjoon is about to give Jimin a piece of his mind when he sees the younger walking up to his house, a large bruise blooming on the side of his cheek. Namjoon immediately rushes over to him to inspect the damage, a major wave of anger washing over him.

“Who did this to you?” he asks gruffly, reaching his hand out to touch Jimin’s cheek but jerking it back, not wanting to hurt him any more than he already was.

“It’s fine, Namjoon,” Jimin replies, his lower lip wobbling a little, betraying his claim.

“Bullshit,” Namjoon huffs before tugging on Jimin’s hand and pulling him to his own house.

When they’re in the safety of Namjoon’s room, Jimin breaks down and tells him about the kids who have been tormenting him all year. It’d only recently gotten this bad. They cornered him in the hallways after school and hurled insults at him, pushing him around like a ragdoll. When he stopped giving them the response they’d wanted, apparently, one of them decided to deliver him a blow to the face. They’d laughed as Jimin tried not to cry, breaking from their small circle and running all the way to his block before stopping to catch his breath. Namjoon just sat next to him and let him cry it out, rubbing small circles into his back without saying a word. Jimin didn’t even want to know what his friend’s expression was.

The next day, Jimin gets out of school and is bracing himself for whatever was waiting for him by his locker, when he sees Namjoon towering over the group of cowering bullies. The older boy isn’t even trying to reach out and hit them, but they’re all crowding nervously against the wall as if Namjoon would come out swinging at any moment. From where Jimin’s standing, Namjoon looks calm as he talks to them, and Jimin knows Namjoon’s quiet fury is scarier than if he was yelling. Namjoon takes a step toward the group of boys and one of them lets out a rather pathetic squeal. Namjoon just laughs before turning around and walking out the front doors of the school.

“Hey,” Jimin calls when he sees Namjoon hanging in front of the gate to his school. “What are you doing here?” he asks, as if he didn’t know the answer already.

“I had something to take care of over in this general vicinity,” Namjoon answers with a shrug, Jimin thinks he should bake him a cake or something. “Come on, I’ll walk you home.”

Namjoon wraps his arm protectively around Jimin’s shoulders as they walk back to their street, and Jimin tries to will away the blush that’s found its way up to his cheeks.

Once they reach home, Jimin tells Namjoon he’ll be over in a few minutes. He just has to take a shower real quick because he felt gross having Namjoon’s armpit all over him. Namjoon laughs and says he’ll see him later.

Jimin writes a quick note and folds it into a paper airplane before stepping outside and letting it sail over the fence.

Namjoon sees the piece of paper land gingerly in the middle of his backyard, as it always does, and walks outside to pick it up.

Dear stranger, it begins, which is weird.

I’m sorry I can no longer call you soul mate, because I think I’ve already found mine.

Good luck,


Namjoon smiles down at the note as he walks back to his room, pulling the shoebox that contained the rest of the paper airplanes inside of it and placing the newest one inside.