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End Scene

*So, when I finished my Victor fic, I said that was my last Rizzoli and Isles fic.  But, I figured since the show has finally come to end I might have one last scene left in me.  So here it is.  The last scene of Rizzoli and Isles if Crackinois wrote it (disclaimer: I actually haven’t watched the show in 3 ½ seasons and have literally no clue what the show is doing right now so, take this as you will.*


Maura watched the movers load the last item onto the truck and was immediately overcome with a startling sense of finality.  This was it.  This chapter of her life was closed, there was no going back now, only the new adventure that awaited over 400 miles away.  

“It’s so empty,” she breathed out on a whisper, looking around the vacant house, nothing but her purse and a small travel bag sitting in the middle of what had been her living room.  The sofas and chairs were gone, the knick knacks, books, and pictures packed tightly away, but the echo of laughter sounded in her memory, feelings of warmth, friendship, and family enveloped her heart.  Maura reached up and wiped the tear away that was forming at the corner of her eye.

“Anything else I can do?”  Angela asked, placing her arm around the woman that had become like a second daughter to her.

Maura shook her head.  “I’d like a little time alone before I leave.”

Angela smiled with understanding and gathered her things, making her way towards the door before she paused and looked back, “Saying goodbye is hard for her.  You’ve been such an important part of her life for so long….such an important part of our family.  I don’t think she’s come to terms with you leaving.”

She didn’t even try to stop me.  Maura sniffed and turned away, she knew if Angela saw her break down she wouldn’t leave.  And right now, Maura just wanted to be alone.  She glanced over her shoulder once the door clicked and let the tears have their way.  The trials and tribulations of her time as Chief Medical Examiner in Boston had been many, but through it all she had always had Jane, her friend, confidant, and protector.  But, Maura had come to realize that no matter how much she wanted more, a friend was all Jane would ever be.  She had to disentangle herself from the life she had built in Boston.  It was time for a fresh start, and she hoped that this new career endeavor at John Hopkins in Baltimore would prove challenging and busy enough to help her forget the heartache of leaving her old life behind.

She walked through the house one more time, finding it difficult to conceive that it wasn’t even her home anymore.  When the for sale sign went up it had given her a tingling feeling in the pit of her stomach, then a week ago her realtor had affixed the ‘sold’ topper to the sign and Maura felt her heart sink.  There was no going back.  Room by room she checked to make sure no item had eluded herself or the movers.  It was well and truly empty.  One by one, she turned off the lights, making her way back to the front.

“This is it,” she said aloud, picking up her purse and taking a deep breath.  “To something new.”  Maura opened the door and gasped with a start as she stared into Jane’s eyes, the detective’s hand still outstretched towards the door knob.  “Jane!  You scared me,” she chuckled, placing her hand over her racing heart.  Maura’s eyes traveled down to where a couple of large duffel bags sat at Jane’s feet.

“I was afraid I’d missed you, I didn’t see your car,” Jane ran a hand through her messy hair and then nervously shoved her hands in her pockets.

“It’s parked down the street, the movers needed access to the driveway.”

Jane nodded and a tense silence filled the space between them.  “I…umm…I…” she stammered, “…couldn’t even sleep last night.  Like my brain decided to relive every moment of our friendship and at the end it finally hit me that you were leaving, you’re really leaving, and it’s my fault…”


Jane shook her head and held up her hand, “Just let me…please.  It’s my fault Maura, because I’ve been reckless in every way except just coming out with how I feel.  And if I would have just done that, if I would have just told you how I felt about you…how I really felt, then you wouldn’t have taken that job in Baltimore.”  She took a deep breath and shifted her eyes from that spot of nothing on the door she’d been staring at over Maura’s shoulder and looked the other woman in the eye, “I love you.  I’ve loved you for a really long time and I was too scared to admit it, but last night I realized that losing you was even scarier.”

Maura smiled even as tears streaked in fractured tributaries down her flushed cheeks, “I love you too.”  Her body offered no resistance as Jane pulled them together, lips pressing passionately together after years of unsated longing.  Maura wanted to drown in the warmth of Jane’s body held so tightly against her own.  “Come with me,” Maura whispered as their lips barely separated.  “Let’s start over together.”

A smile of relief softened Jane’s face, “Thank God you asked or I was going to look really silly walking back to that taxi I had waiting for me around the corner.”

They settled into a comforting embrace, “You’d leave BPD for me?”  Maura asked, her voice shaky with the fear that she was misunderstanding what was really happenng.

“Remember that time I told you I’d give you one of my kidneys?”

“Maura laughed into Jane’s neck, “You said you weren’t sure you’d give your brothers one, but you’d definitely do it for me.”

“I put my job first for too long,” Jane took a deep breath and pressed her lips to Maura’s temple, “there’s more to life than that, and I denied it for too long already.  I’d do anything for you, so, yeah, I’d leave BPD for you, Maura.  Cool thing about my line of work, there’s police departments everywhere.”  

we might fall {a gallavich one-shot}

ian x mickey || rated r for mickey milkovich-approved profanity

synopsis: Ian doesn’t have a breakdown in 4x12. Mickey takes his lover and runs.

Lying on the grass now, dancing for the stars.

Maybe one will look on down and tell us who we are.


The roadtrip is Mickey’s idea, but don’t fucking remind him of it. 

“I wanna do something nice,” Mickey had dropped casually, pretending that it didn’t feel really fucking fantastic to see his carrot top’s face light up the way it did. “You know, since your whiny ass is constantly nagging about us being a couple." 

Ian bit down on his bottom lip, and Mickey nearly dropped his cigarette. Jesus.

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Okay well, I wrote this and then realized that there is a death, but it’s just a random character that doesn’t really matter. So, hope it still works. I’m assuming you’re the same person who asked thepriceismeg this question, so you’re officially an evil butthole. As for whoever sent me the song, gold star for you. 

Sorry if you cry, eh?.


“Hey, how long you got?”

Jane pulled the sleeves of her suit jacket and checked the watch on her wrist. She’d tried to avoid it as much as she could- why get so nervous about something that was going to happen anyways. She glanced at Barry Frost, who had asked her the question, and smiled like a proud sibling. The dark-skinned man had traded his shirt and khakis in for a suit and tie. He looked so dapper, like a debonair next to Jane, who looked like…Jane.

“Still got a like two years man, I’ve got some time to fuck shit up still” Jane whispered lovingly, fixing the tie on her partner. She brushed away dust that didn’t exist off the dark fabric of his shoulder. Barry Frost, Jane’s partner and best friend, was going to meet his soulmate today. He’d been waiting for this moment since he’d gotten his watch at age 13- the youngest age available. Then there were people like Jane who didn’t bother with one until she’d graduated high school. If she wanted to fall in love with someone, she’d do it after high school.

“Man, I don’t know Jane- I still think that I’m not ready. I mean, what if I change my mind or something, and completely ruin this plan? I still have 20 minutes, and we’ve been standing here in the park so long, that most people probably think we’re on the date. I don’t know Jane, I- I’m just so nervous.” Frost stammered, gripping the roses in fist so hard that the plastic around it started to crinkle. Jane just laughed and grabbed his shaking hands. She rubbed her thumb affectionately across his knuckles, feeling his muscles relax after a bit.

“You’re gonna be fine dude. She’s gonna love you, okay? Who couldn’t, you’re a great guy!” Jane started to tear up a bit, it was emotional when you’re best friend was about to meet their mate. Deep down, Jane was kind of envious, she wanted to meet her soulmate now- not a year later, but she’d never admit that out loud. Besides, if she met him, who could guarantee that she would even love him? How could- nevermind. Today was all about Frost and his happiness.

Jane sniffled a bit, willing the tears in her eyes not to spill, if anyone knew that she got this emotional over romance she’d never hear the end of it.

“I’m gonna go okay? Call me if anything doesn’t happen, I’ll be sitting at home with a beer and Jo.” the brunette hugged her best friend once more and smiled even brighter when his watch chirped, signalling that he had five more minutes.

He just nodded, not trusting his voice to properly convey anything right now. He turned around and exhaled all of the jumbled thoughts and emotions. He sat on a bench and watched Jane jog back down the path  towards her apartment. To distract himself, he wondered how she’d be acting when her watch went off. A warm hand touched his shoulder and he jerked his head up and stared. She had a nervous smile and big brown doe eyes, with a stellar pearly smile.

“Ha, I know this is awkward but, I’m here..and I think that I’m underdressed.” The woman said staring at her jeans and polo. “But, I just got off work at Boston Joe’s and I thought I wouldn’t make it! I assume you’re here because…” the woman trailed off and sat down next to Barry and clasped her hands nervously. He saw the slim watch on her wrist and laughed, they’d even picked the same color.

“I’m Detective Barry Frost, and I think that we’re soulmates…?”

“Netta, Netta Wilson. Hi Barry, wanna go get some coffee” She asked giggling like a small child. She thought that knowing that you were going to meet your soulmate would dull this feeling- the butterflies that everyone talked about. But, they were there, and boy they felt great.

“Sure, we can go to Starbucks though, I won’t tell your boss”



“Hey, Maura- what time is it?” Maura glanced at the silver band on her wrist. She couldn’t help but grimace at the large “20 years. five months, three days, and 40 minutes” that stared back at her. It was sad really, every other girl in her high school had their numbers always on display. Most of them sported numbers that indicated that they would be well on their way to meeting their domestic partner before the turn of the century. But poor Maura-the-Bora, was going to be single woman until she was nearly 40.

“Half past four” Maura gave Susie, her lab partner and best friend, a clear and concise answer. The dark-haired woman grimaced when she realized what she’d done, Maura hated to be reminded that she was going to wait so long to meet her soulmate. Susie’s watch, which she only put on at home, told her that she still had a few years to wait, which was great- she still needed to make it into college.

“Sorry Maura, I didn’t mean-” Susie started.

“No- I’m being immature. I should know better than to antagonize about an outcome that I cannot change. I should focus on my studies anyways. they’re more important than finding love.

Susie just frowned, she hated it when Maura talked like that. Maura was wonderful person, and no one but her seemed to care. Her parents were too busy gallivanting across Europe to realize that their daughter, needed them here. Maura Isles just didn’t realize just how wonderful of a human she was.

“Hey, wanna go to the cinema tonight? Edward Scissorhands is playing, and we all know how much you love Winona Ryder.” Susie teased Maura, remembering how hard her best friend had swooned over the girl in Heathers their sophomore year. Now Maura, being a senior, had been able to register for her fan club. It was adorable watching her get excited over having a member ID in the double digits.

“I don’t know Susie, this science lab is due this week and I’d rather not do horribly.” Maura bristled. She could tell that her friend was just being nice and trying to get out of her house.

“Whatever Captain Maura, you’ve never gotten below a 100%, I’m sure you’ll do fine.” Susie jumped down from the desk she was sitting on and started to gather her things. Besides, you just spent an entire study hall talking. Not getting Senioritis are we?” Susie lightly punched Maura’s sweater-covered arm.

“I hardly think that applies. Besides, it’s not even a medically recognized d-”

“Whatever Maura, it’s okay” The bell rang before either one of the girls could finish their conversation. Susie scooted out of the door, blending into the crowd. Maura just sauntered out of the door towards her locker. She put her school things away and took out her keys and purse. The sun glared down on the sullen girl, making her shadow taunt her from the sidewalk. She got into her car and just sat there for a moment, willing herself to not dwell on the fact she had to wait one-fifth of a century to find a single person on this planet to love her. Could she even wait that long? With a heavy heart and mind, Maura started her car and drove home.

When she got home, she set her purse and keys on the wooden pegs next to the door. Avoiding as much contact as she could, she tiptoed up the stairs hoping that neither the housekeeper or the gardener could hear her. Her door swung open and Maura flopped onto her bed. She took off her watch and sighed in relief when the numbers faded from the screen. The blonde rolled over and stared at her ceiling, playing the game she played every day when she got home from school.

I wonder if she’ll have curly hair

I wonder if she likes puppies

Maybe she’ll even like cuddling.

So long as she likes me I suppose I can’t be very disappointed.

Maura burst into tears, like she did every day. I just don’t want to be disappointed.


Jane could feel herself waking up and groaned, she felt like shit. It was to be expected actually, she had drank an entire bottle of Jager last night- if she remembered correctly. Her first thought was to call Frost and ask how she’s gotten home, but then she realized why she gotten so trashed last night:

It was Frost’s wedding night.

Jane smiled tightly as she rolled over to smother her hungover face into the pillow. Jane cried so many times last night that she felt like she’d been hit by a bus today. She surely looked like it too. Cavanaugh, after seeing how well they’d cleared out the bar, had given all of the Rizzoli’s the day off to recuperate.

Jo jumped on the bed and snuggled her little puppy butt right into Jane’s sternum. The laid like that for another hour, until the pup started to whimper and do her potty dance.

“Okay JoJoBean, I gotcha. Just a minute.” Jane muttered and rolled out of bed, hissing at the cold air around her. She quickly threw on a hoodie and a pair of running shorts. She slipped her feet into her sandals and twisted her hair into a bun with one hand- a skill that she’d perfected since the age of 12.

She grabbed Jo’s leash and clipped it to her collar. She cursed and went back into her bedroom for her phone and wallet. She might as well stop and get some coffee on their walk, so she could at least say that she ventured outside today. Finally, she opened the door and locked it behind her. Jo sprinted her furry white self down the stairs and out the door, nearly tripping Jane by wrapping the leash around the tall brunette.

The sun was bright, too bright for hungover Jane Rizzoli. She held up a hand to shield the offending light and walked slowly to Jo’s tree that she loved so much. While the little dog did her business, Jane thought about the wedding the night before. It had really given her a ray of hope for her romantic life. It was really hard to date someone knowing that they obviously weren’t going to last. Frost and Netta had truly been made for each other, in Jane’s opinions, and it was nice to see her partner so happy! Ever since she’d left him on the bench a two years ago, he’d been walking on sunshine.

It was refreshing for Jane to see a love like that after her parent’s had split. It was difficult to think that if only they’d had their watches, they wouldn’t have had to marry and find out that they just didn’t work. They could still get them now, but it was very probable that their soulmates had passed them while they’d been married. There was nothing worse than seeing someone’s watch read 00:00 for more than a second. It meant that their time for true love had passed, and they would either have to search the globe for love, or just admit that they would never meet their soulmate. Jane cursed the watches existence for ruining people’s lives like that, but she was also grateful for the heads up- it had saved her from many an unwanted suitor.

You still need to find your damn watch, Jane. It’s been exactly two years, and when you checked it last month, you only had 32 days left. How exciting.

Jane was apprehensive about the whole thing, honestly. So, she just lived her life as best as she could in hopes that she would be in the right place at the right time? It was just so…specific that Jane doubted it would even work. Besides, you’ll probably get some stupid jock who only likes sports illustrated and women’s volleyball. Well, at least you’d have that in common. Serves you right for being the damn closet so long you pussy. You’re doomed to marry a stupid, dense man.

Jane jumped a bit when Jo nipped at her leg, letting her know that she was cold. Jane huffed and turned around, coffee be damned. Maybe she’d clean her house and try to find her watch anyways, she hadn’t seen it since Frost’s bachelor party last week, and a new one was just too much money. They got more expensive every year after you turned 13, so getting one now at Jane’s age was just ridiculous.

She unlocked her door and unclipped Jo, who just ran up to the couch and pounced on one of the side pillows that her Ma had brought over weeks ago. She turned in a circle three times and settled down for her afternoon nap. Must have been a strenuous peeing session.

Jane just tossed a look around her apartment and picked a thing to do first: the dishes.

She ran the hot water for a minute before putting in the stopper. As the water filled up around the plates and bowls, Jane imagined what it would feel like to have two arms snake around her waist and a delicate chin set itself on her shoulders.

Would it feel nice to sway back and forth

Maybe they’ll smell nice, like vanilla

Perhaps they’d get married at Fenway

That is, if she found them.

Or if they found her.

Maura gave herself a once-over in the mirror and flatted non-existent wrinkles on her dress. She was nervous, and it was showing.

Today’s the day Maura, the day you’ve waited 25 years for.

Susie walked out of the crime lab and walked towards her old friend, smiling as she saw just how happy Maura seemed to be. The blonde had lead a life of solitude and sadness, never quite feeling as if she belonged. Susie had idly stood by while Maura had tried her damndest to appease her never-happy parents. They probably hadn’t spoken for at least three years, and Maura seemed to lose a bit of herself with each passing day.

Susie had already settled down with her boyfriend, Scott. They’d met just as the watch said they would. They had contemplated marriage multiple times, to the point where he’d proposed numerous times and Susie kept saying not yet. He thought that she was waiting for a promotion, or for a good date. What he didn’t realize is that Susie was not going to get married while Maura still remained alone. She couldn’t do that to her, it would break Maura. Susie and Bass, Maura’s tortoise, were the only people on this planet who ever listening to what she really said. To take that away would shatter Maura.

“Are you excited Maura? I’m so impatient- you’ll have to tell me everything tomorrow! I even told Scott to go hang with his bar friends because you and I, we’re having a friend day- no matter what happens!” Susie clapped her hand excitedly. She gathered up her things and ran up to Maura, looking directly into her hazel eyes and seeing the last glimmer of hope for the blonde.

“I’ll see you later, okay? Text me if anything goes awry” Maura nodded and smiled at the shorter woman, who was standing on her tiptoes trying to stare directly at Maura. She glanced at the silver band that Maura still wore, seeing the bright 48:35 on the screen, she still had the better part of an hour to prepare her house if Maura’s soulmate didn’t show.

When the door clicked shut after Susie had left for the day, Maura looked herself over in the mirror once more. Maura, you look fine. You know it’s not your dress that you have to worry about. Just speak in clear, quick sentences, and maybe you won’t scare this person off.  After today, you won’t be alone again- ever. You did it, you’ve overcome so much and here you are today: ready to meet your soulmate.

Maura grabbed her clutch off the steel table and walked towards the door leading out. She shut the lights off and stared back into the morgue- it would be so easy to just stay in here and wait for the watch to count down to zero. She could then stop worrying and just realize that maybe she just wasn’t cut out for happiness.

Her watch beeped at the half hour mark, prompting Maura to hurry and lock the door. She quickly left the morgue and got into the elevator. She pushed the buttons to take her to the base floor and tried to steady her breathing. If she hyperventilated now, she’d surely not make it. The familiar “ding!” rang out and Maura stepped out into the lobby. For some reason she felt that she wanted to walk through the park before settling in for the night, maybe that’s where her soulmate would be. The park was about 10 minutes away and she had…15 minutes to go. So, she walked out the door and onto the street.

“Shit! Fuckin shit!” Jane jumped around trying to put on pants. Had she shaved? Did she smell funny?

Jane had just finished the dishes and was working on getting the vacuum out of her closet when she’d spotted her watch on top of the towels. Of course, she had no idea how it had gotten there, but when Jane put it on and started it up, she saw that she’d only had 20 minutes to get to…wherever she was going. Which lead to Jane trying to shower and change into decent clothes that didn’t smell like black licorice from all the Jager that she’d sweated out while cleaning

Her watch beeped five minutes and then Jane felt it, she needed to go to the park where Frost had met Netta. If she ran, she could get there in three and pretend that she was waiting. So, she threw some pants and a t-shirt on, making sure to swipe a bit of perfume behind her ears, she was going to meet her soulmate, she could as least smell pretty for him.

She grabbed a water bottle and blazed out her front door so quickly that she nearly fell down two flights of stairs. Hmm, maybe her soulmate was a paramedic.

The park was only two block away, but Jane had to cross a busy street to get there. Once she finally crossed, she check. 1:34, whew. She still had time. There were tons of people here : There was a guy reading the paper on a bench, maybe it was him? There was a girl talking on her phone, yelling at someone. Yeah, you’re not that lucky Jane. She walked a bit further ahead and checked her watch 00:45, shit. Well, there was a dude in a prison vest, maybe she was doomed to marry someone she’d have to arrest later in love. That seems like more your style Jane, you’ve always known how to pick them.

Her watch beeped, saying she had thirty seconds. A figure blew past her, almost knocking her over in the process. After flipping him the bird, she realized that he seemed to be paying attention to his hip when running. He has to be packin heat- who else wears a gun in public.

Suddenly the guy turned around, making eye contact with Jane. She knew him from somewhere. She just didn’t know where. She went to turn around when she saw the man reach for his pocket. Knowing what was gonna happen in this crowded park, Jane took off at full speed- soulmate be damned. She didn’t want to have a mass shooting on her hands in a park .

“I don’t know Susie!” Maura squealed into her phone. She’d gotten herself too worked up and had needed to call her best friend to keep her calm. “I just don’t see anyone here who seems remotely interested in me. Oh shoot, I’ve only got 45 seconds left, I’ll call you back!” Maura mashed the buttons on the screen to hang up and threw the phone in her purse. She scanned the park again, feeling vulnerable. Someone in this park was her soulmate, and it bothered Maura terribly to not know who it was.

She stood up to stretch her legs and and jumped out of her skin when she heard a loud noise ring out. She turned her head towards the noise to see an older gentleman collapse onto the ground, gun in hand. Given the blood spatter on the cement, Maura ascertained that this man had just taken his own life. She went to go call 911 when she felt the mass panic of the people in the park start to creep in. Suddenly mass chaos broke out at families ran back to their cars, covering their children’s eyes. Men gasped at the sight and lost their lunches. The runners on the paths turned around and sprinted home, even if it meant going an extra five miles. People were pushing past Maura screaming so loudly that she couldn’t even think clearly. She was so close to finally being able to get into her purse, when someone ran right into her, knocking her back onto the bench, the person threw back a hurried “sorry!” and kept running towards the man.  As if on cue, Maura’s watch beeped, signalling that she had missed her soulmate in all of this bustle. She had missed the one opportunity to feel real happiness.

Jane saw the man lift the gun to his head, and took off as fast as she could. She dropped her wallet and looked back to make sure that it landed in the grass. She turned back around just in time to see him pull the trigger. She darted around people who had started to panic and advanced on the man. She jumped over garbage and discarded belongings from people who were just too eager to leave. She felt her ankle roll as she tipped forward, slamming into a woman who just just stood up. Jane threw her head back and yelled out a “sorry!” while limping towards the man.

She got on the phone to call in the scene, when her watch went off. Fuck, she’d probably ran right past her soulmate. Well, that’s just time number 584 that your job has won out over your life, Jane. Maybe you’re just meant be that lonely older detective that everyone shoots sad looks at when other people get married.  Well, at least you can still take people home for awhile, they just won’t ever make you happy.

She felt a tear slide down her cheek as she took in exactly what had happened. She had let herself get excited at the prospect, and this what happened. She dialed 911 and scanned the park, maybe she could catch a glimpse of the man who was supposed to make her happy. It could have been a woman Jane, but you’ll never know.

“This is Detective Jane Rizzoli-  badge number Victor-25 and I need to report a self inflicted GSW on an older man in Central Park. No, he’s dead. But, there’s mass panic going on. Okay.” Jane hung up, they said they’d be there in two minutes. So, that meant that it was okay to cry for a minute, right? No one would have to know, she’d tell Frost that she had lost her watch and that she’d find it someday. Too bad it would be too late.

Maura hovered over the body of her latest autopsy, trying her best not to break down. Not only did you miss your soulmate by mere seconds, you also witness this man shoot himself. What could drive a man to such lengths?

Maura cut off the man’s clothes and gasped when she realized that he was also wearing a watch. She was curious and peaked at the time, her heart breaking when she saw his numbers flashing, stuck at 00:00, just like hers. . He had probably been looking for his soulmate too. She heard a knock on the door and got the hand signal that someone was here to view the body. She brought the sheet up over the man and nodded her head at the tech, who opened the door. A red-haired woman walked slowly into the morgue, clutching a watch that matched the man on her table.

“I-I’m here to confirm his identity.” The woman muttered, looking sorrowfully down at the white face. Maura nodded and lifted the sheet back, her heart breaking to hear the sobs of the woman. A glance at the watch showed Maura that this woman’s had also stopped at 00:00.

“I’ve loved him for years, you know. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I just knew. I knew that even though our watches never matched and always said something new, that were were soulmates. Why, why would you do this Patrick?”  the woman burst into tears, grabbing onto Maura to keep her steady.

Maura patted the woman’s back affectionately, letting her cry out all of her pain. Once the woman’s sobs had subsided, and her breathing returned to normal she spoke to Maura:

“I’m sorry, my name is Hope Martin, and that man there- that’s Patrick Doyle Jr. I’ve loved him for years, but he loved his life of crime more. We even had a child together, but- well… she died too. Why does everyone have to die before I get to love them?” The woman started to cry again, this time Maura joined her. Why did everyone have to leave her, before anyone could love her?

anonymous asked:

Could you write a oneshot where Regina gets her wisdom teeth taken out and Emma has to pick her up and she says all this weird stuff because she's high on laughing gas? PLEASE

There were things in this world Emma Swan did not understand. Fairytales coming to life, travelling in time and realms and magic, to name a few.

But something Emma definitely did not understand was why the hell was she responsible for everyone’s transfer in Storybrooke.

“I am not a taxi, David!” Emma growled, refusing the favour her dad was asking of her.

“You do drive a yellow car though,” Snow pointed unhelpfully, rocking baby Neal on her knees. David made a funny face to his son who giggled, throwing a piece of toast in his hands onto the carpet. Diverting Snow’s scolding, David turned back to his older daughter.

“Please, Emma. I will owe you. I really really really want this night to work out- me, Killian, Robin, all having a great time together, getting to know each other: don’t you want that? Everyone getting along?” David Nolan, the Prince of the Enchanted forest did not beg. But if he did, this would be the tone.

“I want a quiet afternoon in, that’s what I want. I want to get pizza, watch some crime show where no one is chasing wicked witches or flying never-aging boys, and fall asleep to the flicker of the screen. So no, I don’t care about your boys’ night out enough to play taxi for Regina - which, by the way, last time I checked should be Robin’s responsibility,” Emma complained, perhaps too angrily about the last part.

“Yeah, Robin’s hosting the night at the Rabbit Hole so he can’t drive her,” David said, trying to keep the details vague. Snow did not need to know about the shenanigans Robin promised they would get into that night.

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It's a Date

The stunning figure of Dr Maura Isles striding into the bullpen appeared in the corner of Jane’s eye, and the detective turned to fully appreciate the sight. A long morning surrounded by the hoi polloi of the Boston Police Department left her aching for just a glimpse of the beautiful blonde, though exactly why she needed to see her was a mystery to the detective. Sure, within a few weeks they had become good friends, but before meeting the quirky woman Jane would have had no complaints about being around a bunch of cops all day. In fact, she would have relished being “one of the boys”. But now, a simple visit from the doctor put a stubborn, lopsided grin on her face, and sent a warm current buzzing under her skin.

 And as luck would have it, instead of stopping just inside the room to deliver results from their latest case, Maura headed straight to her desk. Jane tried in vain to wipe the grin off her face, instead spreading it further across her cheeks as her gorgeous friend stopped in front of her and smiled, white teeth on display.

 “Detective Rizzoli, I hope I’m not interrupting anything important?”

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So, socks-lost posted this lovely little feels-inducing ‘suggestion,’ and I kind of couldn’t help giving it a go. Ooops. Rizzles feels and angst and all that good stuff in 1800 words. 

“Go ahead,” he attempts a sneer even as he grits his teeth against the pain. “Do it,” he slides two more inches down the wall, one hand pressed tight against the bleeding wound in his stomach.

She can’t move. Can’t think. Can hardly breathe.

“What are you waiting for, Detective?” The title is worse than dirt sliding from between his cracked lips.

“Shut up!” She orders tersely. The gun – her gun – is pointed at his face, but it’s shaking ever so slightly, held in a hand that cannot stop trembling. He can see it – her entire body is vibrating, and for the first time in her life, she wishes she had paid the slightest bit of attention in all those yoga classes Maura dragged her to, because if she could just get her breathing under control…

“Well, c’mon,” he smirks, his body slipping further down the white concrete wall. He’s pressed into a corner, unable to run even if he was physically capable of doing so. “I expected more of you: the invincible Jane Rizzoli. Yes, I certainly expected more –“

“I said shut up.” She nearly yells it this time; her voice cracks on the last syllable. She wants to kill him. She wants to put a bullet between his horrible, ice-cold blue eyes. She wants to hear him beg for his life. She wants to hurt him. More than she’s ever wanted anything; she wants to hear him scream.

“Tick tock, Detective.” He glances at the watch strapped to his wrist. “Time’s up. Looks like you were too late to save your little doctor friend. How sad. You know, she cried for you, for you to save her. Although that probably wasn’t the first time she’s screamed your nam-”

She fires once

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Whispered Stories
Wide green eyes peer around the around the door entrance taking in all the masks and fossils that line the walls, along with tribal vases and artefacts that are placed around the office.

Waves of jet black swaying as the little head moves to take in everything. It’s the first thing Maura Isles notices and then her hazel eyes lock on green before the little heads pops out of view. Confusion washes over Maura as she stands but stops mid-way as the little girls steps into to full view and smiles. The little girls dressed in faded skinny jeans with a bulky Boston PD hoodie on and bright purple chucks, Maura can’t help but stare at how beautiful she is. Her dark complexion and jet black hair, dimples to die for and the most beautiful green eyes she’s ever seen.

“Hello.” Maura says smiling at the little face.

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