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It’s funny how a name can be just a name. It was never anything special till someone came alone and made what was once so insignificant one of the most extraordinary words in your vocabulary. That one word, that one name now has the ability to brighten up even your darkest days. That one name that was once so insignificant now means something to you.When you read it in a book or hear it on the radio or in a conversation between the two strangers on the bus even though they are undoubtedly referring to someone else, to you it’s THEM. That special someone who made the name significant to you to begin with. So no matter where or how you hear the name, it’s always going to be them. Now, the problem with that is people can be careless with each other’s hearts. It’s the eternal flaw of humanity; we can be cruel. So, when that person with that iridescent name walks away, as people usually do, their name that once caused so much happiness can now cause enough pain to knock the wind out of you. The once significant name becomes a source of significant turmoil. Then on that business meeting with perspective new clients, when one of the partners introduces themselves by that certain name, all you can do to stop bursting out in tears is take deep breaths and pretend it’s all okay. Just hold it together and hope and pray that maybe, just maybe, one day even 5 years from now; that name will go back to being as insignificant as it once was and it will no longer be a source of grief for you. And in that moment, you will be whole again.

Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #338


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You did all of this for me?

#41 You did all of this for me?

A cute little Cas x Reader Oneshot to brighten up your day. :)

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(I like this GIF because his hair just looks so cute when it´s messy. *_*


You felt rather disappointed.
Dean and Sam were off on a hunt and you were drinking coffee at a gas station.
Not quite the way you had your 21st birthday imagined to be:
Alone with bad coffee.
Not even a simple “Happy Birthday”, had crossed the boy´s lips, when they had stormed off this morning, mumbling something about a werewolf attack.
They were out of the door before you could even suggest going with them.
Frustrated you payed the creepy, long haired guy behind the counter and started your way back to the motel, thinking about how unfair life was.
The motel you were staying in was only one block away and when you reached the parking lot, you immediately checked for the Impala, but it wasn´t there, which meant you had to spent the rest of your special day alone too.
When you unlocked the door, you thought about spending the rest of the day in bed, but when you stepped into the room, you forgot everything else:
There were balloons all over the ceiling,
the furniture was covered in streamers and you could barely see the floor because of all the confetti.
It looked like a third graders birthday party and you loved it.
Right at this moment, Cas came out of the bathroom, carrying what looked like party hats.
When he saw you, he put the hats down with a shocked face: “(Y/N), you´re not supposed to be home yet.
This is supposed to surprise you.”
You ignored his words and just smiled: “You did all of this for me?”
“Well, not alone. Dean and Sam are out for pie, but I suppose I arranged the decorations.”
You had to laugh.
So they had remembered after all.
“How did you even know it was my birthday?”, you asked, “I can´t remember telling you.”
Seemingly embarassed, he looked down at his shoes:
“I asked Sam, after I found out that birthdays are important for humans. I wanted to make it nice for you.”
He sounded so sincere that you took two steps to him and hugged him really tight: “Thanks Cas. It´s perfect.”
After a few seconds he hesitantly hugged you back and it felt so wonderful, that you both held on for a little longer than neccessary.
Suddenly the door flew open and you broke apart.
You felt a blush rising on your face when you saw Dean´s raised eyebrows: “What kind of special moment are we interrupting here?”, he asked.
You looked away, trying to hide your face, but Cas, being Cas, stated: “(Y/N) hugged me out of gratitude and it felt nice.”
Nobody said anything after that until Sam said: “Well then, who wants pie?”
And when you were sitting next to your three best friends, eating cherry pie, and feeling Cas´ not so subtile gazes on you, it somehow started to feel like the best birthday ever.


Here is my soft kitty Lena. She’s squishy and furry and friendly and offers all kinds of comfort. I hope you’re having a good day today, friend. And if not, Lena’s here to bring a little light and comfort to your day. Things will work out. We believe in you ♡

All Because Of A Cookie

A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction
Written by Michelle Angeli (@heartpanorama)

It’s @faith-xx-love birthday and I wrote a little something for her.
Happy birthday, Faith! Here’s just a short drabble of 1,211 words. I would’ve loved to write some more, but you know… my research paper, aaah! Anyways, I hope this brightens your day a little. :) Fun fact: As I came up with a certain paragraph here, I was grinning like an idiot. So, enjoy! <3

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All Because Of A Cookie

“Hurry up, Tikki! I’m late for school.” Marinette waited for her kwami to finish up her cookie. “I’m eating as fast as I can, Marinette.  If you just let me finish the cookie in your pocket, we could already head out,” Tikki reminded the girl, who was walking about impatiently. If it wasn’t absolutely necessary, Marinette tried to avoid having Tikki eat cookies inside her pouch, since she was annoyed at the remaining crumbs in there. She was very fussy when it came to things like that. At Tikki’s words, Marinette stood still and crossed her arms, “Okay, you have one more minute! And even if you haven’t finished eating by then, we’ll have to go!” Tikki was absolutely fine with that, as she’d get to savor her breakfast either way. Still, she respected Marinette’s wishes and tried to eat up.

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You’ve consistently managed to push the boundaries of my love further than I thought them possible. I used to think I knew what love was, but now I know how naive I was, I couldn’t possibly understand something like this, but I’m trying my best. You’ve shown me my innermost feelings, that I’ve denied myself for so long. The little things like seeing the way I look at you mirrored in your expression, or noticing you listening to my heartbeat like I listen to yours. One of the things that makes me happiest is hearing you talk about something you’re really excited about. Seeing the spark in your eyes showing me how you’re enjoying yourself just talking about it. I can’t even put into words the way you make me feel. The mere thought of you, or seeing the image of you in my head will never fail to brighten up my day, and when I’m with you I haven’t a care in the world apart from making you happy. When we make love, well there isn’t another feeling like it. I use the term “love-making” not because I don’t like the term sex, but as I feel it’s more appropriate for what we share. In those moments I can feel every movement of your body, every breath leaving your lungs, almost every thought going through your mind. In those moments I am complete. 
I think one of the defining feelings I have for you is my absolute trust. I say I’d trust some people with my life, meaning I’d trust them not to shoot me if they had the chance. But the way I feel for you is more, I trust you to make every decision regarding me, for the rest of my life. 
I love you, in every way I know how to.
—  Him