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Rated (SM) for slightly mature.


➸ There was nothing rushed during your little shower session, Jin was definitely going to take his time with you. Thankful he had time off to spend with you, he wanted to make it last for a long as he could - from slow kisses to the slow rhythm of his hips as he easily slid into your entrance. Soft moans would fall from each of your lips as they barely separated from one another, you hands caressing his face while his would travel from your thighs, hips, to waist. He didn’t leave any patch of skin untouched, neither did you. Everything about this moment was perfect and filled with bliss. It was as if the whole world had stopped for the two of you…but unfortunately, that’s unrealistic thinking. 

“Could you two stop blowing up the goddamn water bill?” 

Jin nearly drops you at the sound of Yoongi’s voice, you letting out a small squeak as he presses you even farther into the wall, his chest smushing into yours to hide you away from the sudden intruder. 

“Yah, Suga! Why didn’t you knock, that’s so rude!” 

“So is using up all the hot water. Do it in the bedroom, like normal fucking people.” 


➸ You’ve been needy all day, and when he was finally home, you weren’t wasting a second more. He wasn’t complaining - hell - he was hoping you were in the mood anyways. Things didn’t take long to escalate as Yoongi had no trouble taking you from behind, smirking lazily at the sounds you didn’t even bother to cover up. 

“That’s it, baby, let me hear how good you feel…” 

Constant whispers of unholy things were enough to increase the volume of your moans, not taking into consideration that you two wouldn’t exactly be alone for much longer. Not even 30 seconds have passed when a harsh knock came to the door, but Yoongi didn’t falter into his thrusts - he didn’t even stop. As he continued to pound into you, he answered to whoever was at the door. 

“I’m busy.” 

“Yeah, we know! We all heard you from the front door! The FRONT DOOR, Yoongi! Could you keep it down a little?” 

Min Yoongi grins so devilishly at the back of your head, you could feel chills run down your spine. Gripping your hair tightly to tug your neck backward, you could now see the mischievous look in his eyes; he was up to no good. 

“Sure, no problem.” Without even missing a beat, Yoongi starts back up again at an inhuman amount of speed, finally hitting that one spot over and over again that both made you see stars, and scream at the top of your lungs. By now, the neighbors could probably hear the two of you as well. 

“Is this down enough for you?” They could practically hear his shit-eating grin, all glaring at the door as it seemed that now there was no stopping him. 

He was smart enough to lock the door. 


➸ The two of you just couldn’t wait; didn’t even get fully undressed until after you stepped into the shower. Namjoon watched you intensely as he undressed you from your now drenched shirt, licking his lips at the mere sight of the water dripping down your body rapidly. 

“Fuck, I’ve missed you, jagi…” He groans before pulling you closer to continue the make-out session you started in the living room. Reaching in between the two of you, you eagerly gripped his already throbbing member causing a strained moan to escape past his lips in surprise. 

Namjoon practically panted in your mouth as your pace picked up in no time, him letting you touch him for as long as you wanted as he placed one hand to the wall to keep his balance. 

“Namjoon, did you break my headphon-OH. OH OH OH I AM SO SORRY. IGNORE ME, YOU SEEM BUSY, ILL ASK LATER BYE.” Hoseok flailed, almost slipping on the rug on his way out, almost forgetting where the door knob was as he dramatically exited the bathroom. 

Both you and Namjoon stared at the door with raised eyebrows, him shrugging his shoulders while you giggled softly while shaking your head. That small interruption didn’t kill the mood at all for the two of you, as he stared down at you with lust filled eyes and a slanted smirk. 

“On your knees, babygirl.” 


➸ It was the end of your anniversary date, which consisted of dinner and a movie. He wanted the night to be perfect, and boy did he deliver. Hoseok was nothing but romantic and gentle with you all night, everything just all cuddly and calm. The warm water that cascaded down your still clothed figures felt so relaxing - his soft kisses that trailed from the side of your face to your neck almost had you practically melting in his arms. Your hands ran through his damp hair, while his were placed firmly on your hips, as the two of you basically slow danced in the shower. 

“You’re too good for me, Hobi…how did I get so lucky?” 

He chuckles softly, now nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck. “That’s my line, jagi…I should be asking you that.” 

It didn’t take long for his sweet kisses to turn into sucks, as he marked all of your favorite spots that he’s memorized all too well. Your bite your lip to keep quiet, knowing good and well that the others were in the bed by now…or were they? 

“I’m telling you, Jin-hyung, I turned off the shower an hour ag-OH HOLY SHIT!” As quick as the door came open, it was slammed shut. You and Hoseok now stared at the door in pure horror, covering each other up - even though neither of you was naked yet. Quickly turning off the shower, Hoseok steps out right as Jin opened the door once again - only this time with his eyes covered. By now, Jungkook ran back to his room in embarrassment. 

“I don’t care what you two were about to do in here, it’s none of my business. But, for the sake of Jungkook, and my innocent eyeballs - could you lock the door next time?” 


➸ Just like Hoseok, it was more a soothing type of shower session between the two of you. He sat on the shower bench while you straddled his lap, your bra still intact as Jimin just teased the straps, him smiling teasingly in the kiss as you hissed at him when he would tug it far, only to then let them snap back against your wet skin. 

“Jimin, I swear to God if you do that one more time, I’ll-”

“You’ll what, baby, huh?” His smile drops as he dared you to finish that threat, the hands that were placed upon your upper back now dangerously low on your ass - giving you a warning squeeze. “Did you forget who you talking to for a moment there? Does daddy need to punish you?” 

Before you could even respond, you could see the color drain from his face as his eyes drifted to something that was behind you. Tilting your head to the side in confusion, you turn to see what he was looking at, only to let out a scream in shock. Taehyung stood there in complete horror, unfortunately walking in at the wrong time. 

“I-I…I have no words…”

“Tae…how much did you hear?” Jimin gulps, afraid that his friend might have just discovered a little too much about himself. 

“Enough to where I want to shove pencils in my ears. Dinner’s ready, by the way, but it looks to me you’re already about to eat-”

“Y A H.” Jimin exclaims, Tae shooting his hands up in surrender as he starts to exit the bathroom with still a look of horror on his face. “Don’t tell anyone about this, please. I’m begging you.”

He shrugs, a small smirk starting to creep upon his lips. “Will daddy punish me if I do-”



➸ It was, at first, a solo shower. You had just gotten home from work, your day already starting off shitty - but that really took the cake. Not only did most of your co-workers call in sick, but they did it on the day where you have the most crowds. You were practically drowning in stress that you almost punched a costumer in the face. In conclusion : worst day ever. 

The dorm was empty by the time you got there, mentally thanking the man up in the sky that at least you came home to some peace and quiet for once. The warm water was exactly what you needed, but yet it wasn’t enough to fully relax you. Sighing heavily at the fact of not being completely satisfied, you lean forward to turn the water off - feeling defeat. It wasn’t until you felt a pair of cold hand grab your waist, and spin you around did you accidentally turn it to freezing ice water before letting out a small scream. Taehyung doesn’t hesitate to seal you screams with a kiss, letting you register that it was only him as you finally calmed down. 

“You jackass, don’t do that! One of these days I’m gonna stab you!” You couldn’t help but giggle as he started placing kisses all over your face, your lips trembling as the cold water draped over your bodies. 

“With what? Soap? Your shampoo bottle?” He teased, while continuing to place kisses anywhere and everywhere. “You looked a little down, so you can’t tell me that didn’t brighten you mood up just a little bit, jagi.” 

You wanted to punch him for almost giving you a heart attack, but you were happy to see him. Taehyung was actually the last puzzle piece to help turn this sour day back to sweet. Leaning into him closer to further his pecks into something more, the door to the bathroom was practically kicked in, and in came six out of the seven members as they all rushed into the small bathroom - Jimin holding a bat, while Hoseok started swinging at the air. 

“Y/n! Are you alright?! We heard you scream and- oh.” Namjoon pushed his way in, only to see that it wasn’t what they thought at all. “Seriously? Why can’t you do this at your own place - some of us have to shower in there, too!” 


➸ You moaned into his mouth shamelessly at the pleasure he was giving you, the rushed movements of your mouths only making the bathroom much more steamier than the hot water. He wanted to use up all the time he had with you, knowing that his hyungs would be home soon, Jungkook wanted to use this opportunity to make noise as much as possibly. With one hand he held your wrists together, while the other rubbed your clit in slow circles, the water giving spectacular lubrication as you whimpered at the feeling. 


“Please what, Y/n? You’re gonna have to be more specific~” 

“Please g-go faster, please..!” You would cry, the teasing no longer tolerable as you were now reduced to begging. You would give anything to cum, even so much as scream his name while his hyungs were home. Be careful what you wish for. 

“Jungkook, are you watching porn again?” Jimin opens the door, only for both his eyes and mouth to completely bust wide open in shock. Jungkook being Jungkook quickly pulled away from you to cover himself up - only to then realize that you were naked as well, to then cover you up away from Jimin’s amused stare. 

“J-Jimin, don’t tell Jin-hyung! W-We were just uh…saving water?” 

“Oh, don’t worry, Kookie. I won’t tell him that you’re committing unholy things in his bathroom.” Not even five seconds later, “SEOKJIN! GUESS WHO’S MAKING BABIES IN YOUR SHOWER.” 

Jungkook, not even giving a shit anymore, would practically run after Jimin naked - leaving you to stand in there confused and sexually frustrated. 

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10 Ways to Enchant Your Breakfast: Everyday Witchcraft

✨Use herbs that match your intent for the day in an omelette or scram: basil for harmony and warding, parsley for protection, Rosemary for matters of the heart, etc.

✨Sigil infused Pancakes. This can be done a number of ways. If you’re fancy, you can cook it into the pancake by doing pancake art with the batter in a piping bag, or you can cook it in with chocolate chips or berries. You can also simply do the sigil afterwards with some syrup or other toppings.

✨Enjoy a magical tea with your morning meal. Bonus, read the leaves to see how your day will go, and anything to look forward to or watch out for.

✨Keep something constant in your meal each morning, whether it be making the same order at a coffee shop, or sitting in the same place to eat, and use the familiarity and constance of that to ease stress and bring about stability during the rest of your day

✨Find a food that makes you feel great and use it to aid glamours when you want to feel more beautiful or confident.

✨Do you have a lucky number or number correspondences that match your intention for the day? Try cutting your food into that many pieces, dividing it up into groups of that many pieces, or chewing each bite that many times as you focus on your intention.

✨Use some color magic by choosing brightly colored fruits that match your intention: strawberries for vitality, oranges for self expression, blueberries for tranquility, and so on.

✨Share some food with your deities. It can be easy to rush and get stressed in the morning, but if you can make some time to talk to your deities in the morning, it can really brighten up your day. Offer a little of your food to them as well, if that’s something they like.

✨If you’re someone who likes to make tinctures or other preserves, you could try canning some magical jam and jelly mixtures to use on the daily.

✨Just have time for some cereal or toast? Sprinkle a little cinnamon sugar on top to sweeten your words during the day and get people to listen to you. Use salt and pepper the same way for protection through the day.

compliments part 2 - zach dempsey

requested: yes

word count: 2.216

warnings: none besides fluff i think

plot: zach decides to (nervously) confront you after finding out you’re the one slipping compliments in his bag

a/n: i Cannot believe a 2nd part was requested i cant believe you guys enjoyed the first part and sent me messages!! i wasn’t planning on writing this but here she is since y’all are cute as heck

Originally posted by veronicsalodge

Thursday night found Zach Dempsey sprawled on his bed.

A week worth of complimentary notes was at the foot of the bed. Some were folded, some all the way open but none of them were in their original, pristine state. They were crumpled, thing that probably happened whenever the boy stuffed them in his pockets.

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I’m supposed to be writing Andrew angst but I got distracted and came up with a new theory behind how they got the cats instead. So, here’s some Andrew fluff first:

  • We’ve been thinking Neil makes them get the cats or that Andrew gets them for Neil all along
  • But hold on guys
  • What if Neil gets the cats for Andrew?
  • Because Andrew likes cats
  • And they make him feel a little better when he’s depressed
  • Neil knows this because Bee texts pictures to Andrew to cheer him up when he’s upset
  • Or, when she thinks he might like something
  • Like with the Halloween picture
  • So, what about Bee sending cat videos and pictures to Andrew?
  • Andrew texts her that he’s having a bad day and she sends him cat videos to distract him and make him feel better
  • Or, sometimes she just randomly sends him one when she sees something she thinks he might like
  • As @earthsea–borealis suggested, with messages like “Oh! Here’s a video that made me happy, I hope it brightens your day a little!”
  • And you know how Andrew likes to show Neil funny things Bee sends him?
  • Like how he laughed and showed the picture to Neil at Halloween?
  • He shows the cat ones to Neil too
  • So, Neil figures out ‘oh, cats cheer Andrew up’
  • So, one day when Andrew is really sad Neil fucking leaves and comes back with 2 cats
  • And Andrew pretends it’s ridiculous and they don’t need cats
  • Why would Neil ever think they needed cats?
  • But also, Andrew definitely lets one of them lie in his lap and lets the other rub against his side and get hair all over his black shirt
  • And when Andrew’s having a bad day he likes having the cats lie on him and listening to them purr
  • Or, sometimes, he likes taunting them with one of those feather on a stick cat toys
  • And then he’ll watch the cats fight over it and act all stupid to amuse himself

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My boyfriend and I just broke up. It was mutual but it was really heartbreaking because we love each other but just can't be together right now. Could you do a little something cute with my bb Jae from Day6, please? Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

im sorry!! here is a cute music majors!au with jae that i hope brightens ur day!!

  • you and jae are both music majors but he’s concentrating on guitar and you’re doing jazz studies
  • which is why you,,,,,,,,,never interact
  • and it’s just chance when you end up walking by the practice rooms, looking to put up posters for a performance of one of your friends when this tall, lanky, frantic looking boy runs up to you and is like
  • “hELP”
  • and youre so startled you drop the stack of flyers you were holding and you’re like holy shit is there a fire or something??? is someone hurt??? why did u yell help??
  • and the boy, glasses perched on the end of his nose, wide eyes looking at you like those of a lost child goes
  • “,,,,,,,,,,my friend ditched me so i have no one to record my audition.” 
  • for a moment you wait for him to continue,,,,,,say something else,,,,,but he doesn’t
  • and you narrow your eyes and go “that,,,,,,,that’s why you yelled help?”
  • he nods, shrugging his guitar case over his shoulder and fixing his glasses, “dowoon canceled on me last minute to go get free food with wonpil,,,,,can you believe that? they call themselves my friends, ugh”
  • for a second you want to laugh but then you just shrug and go “id ditch someone for free food too.”
  • crinkling his nose he goes “really? you just gonna say that to me after i went through this traumatic experience of being abandoned.”
  • “you made me drop my flyers”
  • “if i pick them up, will you help me?”
  • you don’t have anything else planned, plus this guy is pretty funny so why not
  • you nod and the two of you gather the scattered flyers and he leads you toward an empty practice room
  • handing you the handheld camera you look at him and go “why cant i do it on my ph-”
  • “old school is the best school, now get my angle!”
  • you roll your eyes and hold up the camera,,,the guys guitar case is covered in band stickers and scribbles of random things in sharpie
  • he’s wearing relatively plain clothes and his hair is a little messy,,,,,,you dont think it’s a good look for an audition
  • so putting the camera down you walk over and you’re like “hey, whats ur name-” 
  • he tells you it’s jae as he tunes his guitar and settles into the chair
  • you frown, looking him up and down and going “ok jae, let me be real.”
  • “be a real as you want”
  • “you look a mess, take the flannel off and comb your hair”
  • jae pulls his head back in shock, but does shrug off the old looking flannel. as for his hair he runs his hands through it and looks to you for approval
  • shaking your head you go over and tell him to sit still
  • for a minute or two you run your hands through his hair, trying to make it look presentable and less shaggy
  • stepping back you admire your work and give him a thumbs up,,,jae puts his hand up to fix his glasses, simultaneously hiding his oncoming blush from having a cute stranger play with his hair
  •  on the cue you start filming and jae introduce himself with his name, age, and the name of the song he’s going to play
  • you don’t know why but when he starts playing you’re shocked at how good he is,,,,,,,,i mean this is a music major school but still,,,,,,he sounds like a professional
  • doing your best to hold the camera still, you get lost in the sound and the image of jae playing
  • his long body, awkward to the glance at first, looks better with a guitar in his hands 
  • his fingers are long and pretty and then,,,,,,,he starts to sing
  • and it’s a voice like no other and you can’t help yourself - you’re hypnotized
  • you don’t even realize the song is over until jae gets out of his chair and comes over, taking the camera from your hand and pouting because “hey, why are you still recording?”
  • snapping back into reality you go “wow, you’re really good - whats this audition for?” 
  • jae shrugs and mumbles that it’s nothing too crazy,,,but he’s happy you like it
  • grinning he turns to you and goes “thanks for your hardwork, you can really hold a camera well!”
  • you find yourself rolling your eyes again but also whatever - he’s cute
  • you tell him no problem and you turn to gather your flyers and leave when jae goes “ill help you put those up”
  • “you don’t have too-”
  • “nah, you did me a solid so ill help. maybe after,,,,,,,wanna get chicken together?”
  • you smile,,,,,feeling your heart skip a beat 
  • “id like that.”
  • “,,,,,,,,but really a+ filming skill why are you in art school you could TOTALLY be a director”
  • long story short jae makes you laugh the whole time but also when you get food it kinda feels like a date,,,,,maybe????? definitely????

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Can u do a reactions of got7's s/o having big green eyes. Thanks ❤️

Here you go darling:)


He’d never admit it to anyone other than you on a rare occasion, but they were his weakness. Anything you wanted you would get if you just tilted your head a little and looked up to him with your piercing green eyes. 


He’d constantly get caught watching you, especially if you were doing anything that required you’re full attention. The way your eyes slightly brightened when you were doing something you enjoyed would bring a smile to his face and a light blush to his cheeks, especially when you caught him looking. 


Since green eyes weren’t something he was used to seeing every day every time you’d look at him his heart would flutter and he’d find himself unable to look away. He’d always call your name to make you look to him and he’d laugh when you’d get frustrated since he never finished up with anything.


He’d always lean in and gently tuck your hair behind your ear. ‘Look at me.’ He’d whisper so no one else could hear and hen you did he’d smile at you as he took in every aspect of your green eyes there would never be any words spoken about it but just the way his cheeks would slightly turn pink and his smile would threaten to get bigger you’d know that he loved this feature of yours the most. 


You wouldn’t look at him with out his eyes lighting up and a giddy chill running down his spine. He’d always compliment you on your eyes and would even go as far as letting everyone know that you were ‘the one with the beautiful green eyes’.


Although commenting on your eyes wasn’t a daily habit of his when ever the two of you grew intimate his favorite instruction was for you to look at him. The way your eyes almost changed color with lust made would drive him mad and he’d find himself always smiling when you listened. 


He loved you’re eyes so much he knew exactly your emotions just by looking at you, there was no hiding anything from him. He’d find his new habit was making you laugh, just so he could see your eyes change to a glowing green.


ok but au where tattoos show up after something really important in your life like:

  • standing up to your parents and leaving home; receiving a bird tattoo
  • meeting your soulmate for the first time and receiving a small infinity symbol or heart or something
  • talking to a stranger on the street and receiving a little sun symbol because you just brightened a persons day
  • vets, doctors, surgeons, police officers, etc. all receiving a tally mark every time a patient, pet or civilian dies at their hands because that would all change us
  • depressed persons receiving a number that goes up each day after they are diagnosed because thats how many days they have been brave and fought with it
    • it appearing inside their wrist or somewhere else where they may be tempted to hurt themselves
  • a quote that fits you being tattooed across your shoulder
  • the opening notes to a song you identify yourself with being tattooed along your arm
  • a little x symbol appearing everywhere you’ve been seriously hurt (along scars or whatever, not among bruises otherwise id be covered too)
  • the names of the most loved 20 people being tattooed inside the sides of your fingers
  • believers/imagineers having folded angel wings across their backs (using alternate black/skin colour pattern) and realists have the outline of folded wings in the opposite colours so that they would fit perfectly together
  • those who have watched a loved one die or witnessed death having a halo tattooed around their head
  • once you get married a wedding band is tattooed across your finger in just the right pattern
  • most people consider the more tattoos you have to be a greater achievement and the higher variety you have, the better
    • a person covered toe to neck in sun symbols and just being the beautiful being that they are
    • a person with more sun symbols than most but also the number 4012 on their wrist
    • a person who survived a car accident with 50 x’s around their body but also a halo around their head

I just can’t with this I want self-created tattoos so bad

Cleansing Techniques

Since I’m in the process of trying to… how you say, get my shit together, I’ve decided a good way to wipe the slate clean would be some cleansing!

We are all smart people, so I’m sure you know what cleansing is for: To clean shit up. Mostly, negative energies and whatnot. Even bad spirits. For my purpose, I’m doing it to get rid of all the nasty emotional waste thats hanging out in my room, and later the whole house, so as to give me and my girlfriend a chance to recoup and restart this healing process.

With that in mind, I find it useful to do this when the area is actually clean. Whether you do it WHILE cleaning, or afterwards, it’s a lot easier to feel peaceful and relaxed when you’re not surrounded by dirty laundry and dishes that need done.

My Favorite Cleansing Methods

  • Recently I saw a post floating around with an idea that I loved. It was to take a candle, preferably white, but in my case I’m using Lavender, and purify/bless/charge it. Then, sprinkle some sea salt around it, (I’m going to use my blend of Peace Salts), and tie it off with a piece of quartz(or in my case, rose quartz and amethyst). Then, place it in the area and let it burn for a while! I want to emphasize how much better spells work if you make them your own. In my experience, any spell or charm I make works a million times better when I a, make it myself entirely, or b, use an already made spell and change a thing or two that resonates with me personally.
  • Leaving behind the fanciness of the last point, it can be as simple as lighting any candle and saying, “Clean this mess up.”
  • Mixing together water, sea salt, and Lavender Essential oil, and spraying it around a room. I even bought a blue bottle (for $1 at the Dollar Tree) to promote calm and relaxation. If you don’t have a spray bottle, you could alternatively just flick water from your hands around the room. Make sure you get in the nooks and crannies and every corner. I even got under the bed and any furniture that I could spray under.
  • Visualizing a ball of fire starting from you, that slowly expands to contain within it the entire room/house/area you want to cleanse. As the fire pushes through the area, it burns away or scares off anything icky that might be hanging around. You can leave this up with weekly maintenance(if that’s how you program it) as a continued purifier and a protective barrier!
  • Making small crystal satchets containing things like Quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, or any other stone you program for this purpose. You could then hide these in the corners of the room, or keep them all together in a central area so the energy they create can flow throughout the space in a more concentrated way.
  • Ring some bells! The high pleasant sounding chime makes bad guys run for cover ;)

More Mundane Methods of Cleansing

  • Literally clean. Nothing puts me in a worse mood than having to put away laundry, wash dishes, scrub the floors, throw out trash and make the bed. Cleaning is proven to put you in a better mood, and you will be glad you did it.
  • Bring in some flowers. They brighten up a space, and they smell nice!
  • Do something fun! Have a little dance party, watch your favorite comedy, play a board game with your family or SO.
  • Do something small, like making the bed, cleaning off the floor, organize your desk. This is a small victory but one that doesn’t require much energy and makes it seem less daunting when you decide to tackle the rest of the day.
  • Just smile. Even if you don’t mean it, smiling is proven  to put you in a better mood, and makes the people around you happier too! And nothing says “F You” to bad vibes more than a big cheery smirk.
  • Open a window! The smell of the outdoors, the fresh air, the sound of the birds and crickets all will lift your spirits, and clear away the funk fogging you up!
How you  Interact: Them visiting you at Work.

So this is a Mark, Ethan, Jack and Tyler fic where I write what I think they’d do if they were walking past/ came to your work-place. 

I had a friend today visit me at work and it was ridiculous. He was dragged out by security because he was being an ass-hat and not allowing me to work. 
Anyway, enjoy! 


Originally posted by riciehmon

I feel like Jack wouldn’t be very disruptive if he visited you. But he’d try making your day a little brighter by just popping by and saying hello. 

He’d wear a silly outfit, or have some sort of ridiculous hat on just to make you smile.

But on the other hand, if he was in a silly mood, I think he’d try and distract you while being outside the premises. 

Which would include random dancing and making funny faces at you through the window. 

Once, he ran to your workplace just to show you something he bought from a dollar shop. He was so excited that you couldn’t be mad at him for barging in. 

“(Y/N) look, look! Isn’t it cool!” 
“How far did you run to show me this?” 
Physically sweating and slightly out of breath, “Not very far”

If you in an office he’d defiantly call your workplace and ask to speak with you. At first being professional about it, dragging out the joke until he lets something slip. 

As soon as you realise who it is though, you’d hang up and sigh. But it would bring a little smile to your face. 

Jack would also bring you lunch/dinner/breakfast, depending on what time you started work and/or what time he visited you. 

He’s always friendly with your workmates, and they always wave and point you out for him. Jack doesn’t stay long, because he doesn’t want to drag you away from work to often for too long. But they’ll be occasions when you’ll sneak out with him for an hour. 

No one will notice. 

Your boss is polite with Jack.  But sometimes asks him to leave so you can get back to work. Which Jack apologizes and leaves right away. He doesn’t want you to get in trouble because of him. 

If you forgot something he’d bring it to you. If you walk home or catch a bus, he’d go to your workplace on rainy days and bring you an umbrella. The of you would huddle underneath it, hurrying home as quick as possible. 

You look forward to his visits at work. He lights up the place and makes the rest of your day a little easier. 

Originally posted by jiminy-krispies


He’s a little shy going into your workplace.

He doesn’t want to intrude or cause a scene.

But like Jack, he’ll bring you little gifts or food to brighten up your day. 

Since you complain a lot about work, we wants to make the days easier for you. 

On your breaks he’ll sit in the lunch-room with you and just talk. It’s nice, and on occasion he’ll bring your favorite treat.

He’ll encourage you throughout the day. Texting you every so often a joke or reminding you that there’s only a few more hours to go till you get home. 

He also leaves little funny voice-mails on your phone. Going from asking you if you needed something at the shops, to loud, tuneless duets with Mark.

You share them with your friend at work. Who laughs and gossips with you about them.

If he passes by your window at work, he’ll wave and smile. Again, he doesn’t want to embarrass you or make a fuss. So he’ll do his thing and leave quickly. 

He’s usually pretty busy himself with all the stuff with his channel and possibly helping Mark with his. So, the two of you understand that it’s exhausting. And at the end of the day he’ll give you a hug and you’ll just lounge around the house. 

On really bad days, he’ll come into the workplace and take you out for your break. 

Whether it be just a walk down the street or a quick bite at a bakery. He doesn’t want you to feel too stressed about whatever is making your day worse. 

Your boss thinks Ethan is a little sweet-heart and adores him greatly. They have little chats, usual small talk about the weather and how they’re fairing. It’s nice to know you don’t have to worry about your boss throwing him out. 

Ethan is an elusive creature at your workplace. He’ll turn up, chat for a bit and walk out. You enjoy his little visits. 

Originally posted by starryiplier


He’s a little sweetheart. 

Mark makes sure you brought food to work and if you didn’t, don’t be surprised if you find him carrying a plastic bag full of home-made delicious choices to your desk. 

Sometimes you purposely forget your lunch because you want some of his chicken dumplings. 

But when Mark does visit you, expect him to take a while to get to you. 

He talks to everyone! He knows everyone by name. Your boss will literally stop what they’re doing to say hello to Mark. 
You don’t really mind, but the smell of that food makes you really hungry. 

Other times, Mark will just duck in and give you a kiss on the cheek and leave without saying a word. 

Once you didn’t even realise he was there. You were working hard, your mind elsewhere, and suddenly there was a pair of lips on your cheek. Before you had even spun around, Mark was halfway across the building and running out the door. 

It became a little game and your boss keeps score of how many times Mark can sneak up on you. 

Mark is winning by two points. 

He got bonus points for tying a balloon to your belt without you noticing. It was rather surprising when you turned and found an inflated rubber ball floating behind you.

Like Jack, Mark doesn’t want to disturb you too much during work. So, his visits are quick but heartfelt. 

However, everything went out the window when he brought Chica to work. 

She ran straight to you but everyone wanted to pat her. You hid Chica under your desk when your Boss strolled over. 

But they were just as taken by the Lab as everyone else.

Also, if Mark catches your eye walking past a window he just happens to be besides, Mark will blow you a kiss and make weird faces at you. 

You just shake your head and walk away. He pouts at you till you give him a smile. 

Originally posted by crankityler


Like Ethan, Tyler is an elusive creature at your workplace. His visits are rare but he makes the most out of them. 

He’ll bring you a flower and place it somewhere so you can see it while working. 

Little treats are a must. He brings chocolate or pastry’s. Things that are sweet so you can keep your spirits up. 

He got into the Boss’ good books by bringing a box of goodies from the nearby bakery for everyone to share. 

Tyler is now allowed to waltz into the building whenever he likes. You called him a suck-up and he replied with a wink.

He’ll pick you up from work and drop you off, depending if you have a car or not. Sometimes he’ll do it just so he can see you smile before work, and make up for a bad day on the way home. 

If he spots you through a window he’ll wave and smile. Not wanting to distract you. 

Sometimes he’ll sit at you desk/workplace and just chat. Breaks are always nice when Tyler is there. He’ll chat with everyone in the lunch-room, not wanting to be rude and ignore everyone. 

If you’re working late, Tyler will bring you a coffee and dinner. He doesn’t mind dropping by at night because he wants to make sure everything is ok. 

On stressful days, he’ll drive you to a park after work and the two of you will just lounge on the grass. 

Fanfic Rec list PART 2!

Fanfic Rec List Part 2: (All stories found on AO3. I would do the cool link through the title thing but that requires tech skills that I don’t have… cause I have none… I can barely post on tumblr)

Satisfaction Brought it Back @siderealsandman

I am not going to lie- when I saw Miraculous Ladybug and BDSM in the same tag set I was hesitant. However eventually I caved to the high kudos ratings and I am SO glad I did. This story is an absolute gem. Not only does it handle a somewhat controversial subject with breathtaking sensitivity and care, but the actual build up of the romance is some of the best I have seen in the fandom. It is the best kind of slow burn (in a smut fic no less??? ) and leaves you really cheering for the characters. (This is NSFW so know that going in) 

Trouble in White @imthepunchlord

Another author with many great titles to their name, however this one in particular jumps out at me. Anyone who has ever had a longer than 2 minute conversation with me about fanfics would know that i am a very harsh judge of soulmate AUs for a variety of reasons, so the fact that i have 2 on this list is saying something. This fic also did something very refreshing with the “Chat Blanc” troupe which is what caught my attention in the first place. The story really emphasizes what Adrien and Marinette can bring to each other in a relationship by taking away the Ladynoir dynamic and having them building to the same sort of trust and support in a more round about way. A great read that I highly recommend. ^_^

Summer in the City kali_asleep (don’t know tumblr url ::sobs:: ) 

This fic is just so fun! And sexy. Getting to watch Adrien struggle with his feelings for Ladybug and dedication to her while being attracted to his classmate is just endearing. This is only 3 chapters long (with an additional explicit sequel for you sinners out there) so if you want something quick to brighten up your day I highly recommend it.

A Wolf by the Ear by Anthemyst  ( @miraculouspaon on tumblr)

Straying off the beaten path a little bit- this is a HawkNath Soulmate AU.

Yes you heard me.

This is worth every second of your time to read it. From Nathalie’s POV it’s a great look at dealing with a difficult situation and a difficult person and finding the balance between being forgiving and knowing when it’s time to punch someone in the face. (Literally)

Psyche by poppicock ( @gabriel-fucking-agreste on tumblr)

My other “Older generation” rec on today’s list- this was a story that was actually recommended to me and I am going to be honest- I was a little skeptical going in. I tend to not get invested in “Alternate” miraculous users (and by that I mean things that are highly unlike in canon or directly contradict canon). Nothing wrong with them just not something that really clicks for me. However this story sold me. Nathalie centered again and Gabe/Nath ship based, this story really hits home with the “Agreste Family Feels” as I like to call them. The lore building was really neat and I did NOT see the plot twist coming- which is not something I say often. This fic is a great example of why it’s a good idea to be willing to look outside your normal ship zone. It can be worth the adventure.

Won’t Tell as Soul/The Weight of Jade @thelastpilot

Turtle!Nino I will continue to be devoted to the hope of you happening someday ^_^

I will be shocked if you guys don’t already know about this universe, but even so it deserves to be called out. I adore the dynamic that is established between Nino and his assorted friends as well as seeing one of my favorite characters get the development they deserve. The other thing I love about this story is that at least from what I saw, the writing gets better every chapter, and I love seeing a good author (I had already read several of Pilots earlier works at this point) truly find their voice.

Talk to Me by 1004_Angel ( @the-noble-idiot  on tumblr)

Ok I am going to admit this now- I am a sucker for Non-magic AUs. I will always give them a shot when I am scrolling through AO3 looking for new fics. This one caught my attention and kept the same engaging, fun dynamic that got me hooked all the way through to the end. There is a really nice balance of tension where we get to see the characters dancing around each other’s lives without feeling like it is being drawn out just for the sake of torturing the readers.

You don’t Know Me @ferisae

OK, so I am not usually all about the angsty train- and this story definitely cranks the the angst dial up to the max. (Seriously give poor Chat a break my poor baby!) However the story is wonderfully compelling and this is one of the few fics I have walked away from remembering the akumas we have encountered because of the attention and care given to the action sequences, which I really appreciate seeing in a fic. Tom and Sabine feature heavily as well and they are just such a blessing. If you don’t mind crying your eyes out, this is a well done story that is worth getting invested in.

If you missed part 1 you can find it here: http://baneismydragon.tumblr.com/post/157091557891/fic-recs-day-1-of-3

I am also doing a Fanfic Rec page link on my main tumblr as I still have a LOT more to do >_<  and I figure that is a better way to keep it easy for people to find if they want it! (Plus then I can just add things as I read/reread them) 

Better Than I Imagined

A/N: An anon request for a Colorblind Soulmate AU for Spencer. Basically, you finally see color when you touch your soulmate. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @cherry-loves-fanfic


Day after day, year after year, Spencer was told that one day his day would come too. After all, his mother never expected her day to come, and then one day it did - in the most mundane of ways. Nearly four years earlier, Diana had been walking down the street to grab something to eat between her teaching classes at the University. As she entered the store, her vision remained the same, with various shades of black, white and gray - the only hues she’d ever known - plaguing her vision. She’d heard tell of land of color, where there were nearly as many shades as there were words, but she was convinced she’d never find that place. Then, as she left the store, a sandwich in her bag for after her next lecture, she bumped into a handsome stranger and from his being emanated a world of shades she never imagined she’d see.

Being the frank woman she was, she looked up into his eyes and said, “You’re my soulmate?”

“I guess I am,” he’d responded. 

And the rest was history. “Your day is coming soon, Spencer,” his mother said. “I can feel it.”

Spencer smiled at his mother from across the room. “You’ve been saying that for years, mom,” he said softly. He was getting ready to leave the facility where she’d been staying. For years, she’d been in Vegas, but recently, he’d had her transferred closer to him so that he could see her more often. “I’m 35 years old and I don’t feel any closer than I was ten years ago.”

“That’s the beauty of it,” she replied, standing up and caressing the side of her son’s cheek. “It’s not something you feel. It just happens. One day, you knock into someone and that’s it - your world brightens. Granted, your father and I aren’t together anymore, but I still see in color. A little more muted, but it’s still there, and it’s still beautiful.”

He could only hope that one day he’d experience what his mother had. As a man of science, it was difficult for him to understand something like this. “I hope so,” he responded. “I’ll see you soon, okay?” With a quick kiss on the cheek, he left her at the facility. It had been a good day; she’d been very lucid and very talkative.

Some people, like his mother, saw in color, and then it became muted because they’d separated. His friend JJ from the Bureau said she saw in what she called “a waterfall of color,” and Morgan hadn’t experienced it yet either. He’d been with plenty of ladies sure, but none of them had been the woman he’d end up with, at least according to his vision. Rossi, his superior, who’d had three separate marriages, and had seen brightly each time; but his vision, like his mother’s, muted upon separation. And perhaps most heartbreaking of all was his boss Aaron Hotchner, who saw in beautiful technicolor for the entirety of his marriage with Hayley, and then, when she was shot by George Foyet, Hotch’s vision had immediately turned to black and white; his soulmate had been taken away. Spencer always wondered what it would be like for someone to just be born seeing color. At least then, you wouldn’t be shockingly aware of when your soulmate died. Maybe it was better that way.

As he rounded the corner, he decided to grab a couple books from the library. He’d never seen in color, but when he read, he could imagine what the colors looked like from the words he read; they painted the canvas before his eyes. The minute he walked in, he saw the same beautiful girl at the counter. She’d always been very sweet to him, and more often than not, they’d talk for a bit about whatever book he happened to be checking out before he left. 

Sometimes he read the classics. Sometimes he read books in other languages. Sometimes he’d read whatever random book happened to be on the bestseller list, and more often than not, he was disappointed in those, but today he wanted a fairytale, so he reached up on the shelf for the collection of Hans Christian Anderson fairytales and another by The Grimm Brothers. 

With a strained smile, his brain running a million miles a minute, he walked over to the counter. “Hello, Y/N,” he said, handing over the two books along with his library card.

“In the mood for fairytales today I see.” Her smile shone bright. “I’m always in the mood for those. Still waiting for my own.”

“Really?” That took him by surprise. For some reason, he’d always imagined that she went home to a husband or wife at the end of the day despite the lack of a ring on her finger. He’d always imagined that she already saw the world for what it truly was.

Apparently, she wasn’t surprised by his assumption. “Yea. My parents have been together for nearly 35 years. Still happy and in love and seeing in that ever-elusive color I still haven’t experienced.”

“Me either,” he replied. “My mom claims my day is coming, but I think she’s just saying that to make me feel better.”

Y/N said her parents had been telling her the same thing for years, but no matter where she turned or the connections she made, no one “brightened her world” the way she’d always imagined. Apparently, some people went through life without one, but others found a friend that did what a partner didn’t. There were endless possibilities. 

As she handed him his library card, the tips of their pointer fingers touched. Spencer started to place the card back in his wallet when he noticed the floor, it was an almost rugged hue he’d never noticed before. Looking up, he took in the almost royal hue of the blouse she was wearing. It made him think of luxury. The skirt was a color he was all too familiar with, white, but everything around her was exactly as his mother had described - shades he’d never experienced before radiated outward. “Oh my god,” he laughed.

“Do you see what I see?” she asked hopefully, placing her hand on top of his. It was almost as if she was double-checking to see if what was happening was truly real. “We’re wearing the same color.” She pointed to his shirt, which he knew from the label was purple, but now he actually knew what purple was. 

For a few moments, they stood in silence, looking around each other and putting the names and colors together after 30 some odd years of only have a word, but not a visual for the hue. The woman who ran the library looked out with a smile. She and her husband had been married for 50 years, so she immediately noticed the look on her face. “Spencer?”

His eyes locked on hers and he took her hand. “My mom was right,” he said softly, the tears stinging his eyes in the most glorious way. “But you’re even more beautiful than I ever imagined.”

“Dinner tonight?” she asked, covering her mouth as she tried to make sense of all the color. 

He couldn’t form a coherent thought, so he just nodded his head and held her hand as she walked out from behind the counter and jumped into his arms. He’d waited so long for this day, when his world was changed forever. But as he wrapped his arms around her, he knew he would’ve gladly waited another 20 years for this moment. He’d imagined it every day, but this was more than his imagination ever could’ve dreamed up.

Tao scenario - You make me smile

requested by @taoswag

genre: smut, fluff

Warnings: couch sex. Is that a warning? IDK ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

summary: after a hard day at the office, Tao just needs a reason to smile. It’s a good thing he has you to brighten his life :)

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No I Don’t!

Ricky Horror x Reader

Warnings: Language

A/N: So, I’m not British, obviously. But the reader will be, and will also be talking with an accent, so if I use incorrect slang or terms, forgive me. At least I tried.

Ricky: R u coming 2 the show 2nite?

You: Gonna try! Plane lands at 7 so i should b able 2

Ricky: great! see u then?

You: course! <3

Ricky grins down at his phone, pleased.

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More BTS Fanfiction

Title says it all so.. 

1. The Usual 

Summary: Jimin will date anyone, except for boys who serve coffee.

Pairing: Vmin (Background: Namjin/Yoonseok) 

My rating: 4.5/5. It’s cute and sweet and there’s the right amount of drama splashed in it. The author was heavily inspired by Gilmore Girls and I love Gilmore Girls. 

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12126441/chapters/27503556

2. Black Apples

Summary: Yoongi is the angel general and Seokjin is the demon’s gatekeeper, but Seokjin isn’t like any demon he’s met before. 

Pairing: Yoonjin 

My rating: 4.5/5. Got me crying on the toilet at 3 in the morning. It’s not as straightforward and I loved it for it. The subtleness of it all made my insides turn to goo. And hello? Demon Jin? Do I need to say more? Seriously? The sass that was written for Jin’s character was a breath of fresh air. 

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5831449/chapters/13438903

3. Pocketful of Tricks to Try

Summary; : “I honestly can’t believe he hasn’t figured it out yet. He is the most unobservant person I’ve ever met. You sure you want to be with someone that dense?” Jimin asked, pulling a face. 

“He’s not dense,” Seokjin defended immediately, “He’s a genius. He just… doesn’t pay attention sometimes- he has a lot to think about!” 

Jimin stared at him with a mixture of disgust and pity.

“God, you really are in love with him aren’t you?” 

In a world where magical beings are bound to secrecy, Seokjin falls in love with the only human he knows- oblivious music student Min Yoongi. 

Pairing: Yoonjin 

My rating: 4.5/5. *insert monkey covering its eyes emoji here* This was so cute I just *melts*. It’s a short fic so if you need a little bit of something to brighten up your day or anything like that, this should do the trick. 

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12015312


Note: once again, these are sfw fics. (I’m saving the sinful ones for later ahaks)

fanfic author appreciation day!!

i honestly had no idea this was a thing before today, but i am absolutely here for giving love. i know i haven’t been around long and i don’t have very much up and i’m not on very often, but i really appreciate this community for always making me feel accepted and loved and not a day goes by where i am not so utterly appreciative of everything i learn and gain from being a writer here and being surrounded by so many incredible writers all the time. i really adore every single one of you, even if we haven’t spoken much. i love you guys <3

just to let you know though that i have never done this before and this honestly isn’t in any particular order it’s all a big ole messy mess just like me :))

@minigum ~ I LOVE GUMI SOMETHING FIERCE!! THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS GIRLIE!!!! CAUSE I DO!!! I ADORE YOU SO SO MUCH!!!! i still can’t fucking believe that we were once just little anons on the same tumblr and now here we are. you honest to god brighten my day up so much, and even if i am terrible at responding, i always hold your messages to me very close to my heart and you are so patient with me and we literally are so similar. i adore you and you make me feel so soft and comfy and uGH you’re my sweet babe and your writing makes me want to curl into a ball and wail cause it overwhelms me with so many feeling aHH i love you a whole lot baby <33

@spcywolf ~ i’m not gonna lie but without v, i wouldn’t actually have this blog. she’s one of the very big reasons i was inspired to even make a writing blog. she’s also a goddess and i aspire to be at her level of characterization and prose. there’s something about her writing that is so weirdly fragile and invokes so many feelings and makes my heart lurch around a whole lot. anywho, v is so sweet and soft and i love her a crazy amount

@versigny ~ i have looked up to kap as a writer for so so long. i first found her blog and devoured most of her fics in one sitting. i instantly fell absolutely in love with everything she writes. aND THEN I WAS BLESSED TO MEET HER and she literally is so sweet and wild and kind and loud and wonderful and honestly what a cutie i love an entire kappy

@tayegi ~ i still feel bad about the hella awkward hug we had lmao but!!! chemistry partner is the first fic i read on tumblr (regarding kpop lmao) and honestly how blessed am i to have that fic as the one that welcomes me into this world. i just adore how real lu’s writing is. she doesn’t sugarcoat anything and she isn’t afraid to include the awkward moments. and she gives the reader strong personalities and quirks and flaws and aHH i just adore her writing

@warmau ~ i remember chatting with my best friend and her talking about this au she was reading and i recognized your monsta x college au so quickly we were literally both obsessing over your writing at the same time lmao. but i love you style and your characterization of people is so spot on and hilariously in character and i love how you write for so many people but still manage to give everyone their own very distinct personalities and oh man you just inspire me so much

@brokeandjetlagged ~ oh man you don’t know how psyched i was when i stumbled upon your treasure trove of xiumin fics. your fics all have the perfect mix of drama and comedy and it’s so realistic and just know that your model!taeyun fic will always have a special place in my heart i am shooketh

@hitchhikingbabeh (it won’t let me tag you??) ~ you tagged me in your own post for today and i was honestly so shook?? first i didn’t recognize you but then i went to your masterlist and realized i had literally read most of it and i just??? i didn’t follow you for some reason??? i am so surprised honestly cause i blazed through your masterlist when i first found you wtf is wrong with me ugh it’s so good you’re so good it’s unrEAL

there is so much more i wanna write for everyone else, but i’m actually falling asleep right now lol. so please just know that i love and adore every single one of you. you guys constantly inspire to keep on writing even though i have been in a bit of this weird rut right now. you’re all so amazing and wonderful and there’s some of you i haven’t gotten the chance to speak to or get to know but just know that i do love and look up to every single one of you:

@sebuntease // @svt-husbands // @onlylovekpop // @noir0neko // @baeseoul // @markerifics // @svt-stories // @imaginethesedorks // @yoonminnings // @gukvory // @17mounteens // @hearts-of-paper // @jinkimon // @chimmy-joos // @hansolmates // @wen-junehui // @inktae // @seoulscapes 

anonymous asked:

RFA members with a female MC who loves to make origami butterflies and give them to people she cares about?? Thank you!!

This is so cute!


  • He loves it so much? like??? It’s so cute??
  • What the hecc? Why are you so perfect?
  • When he was sick with the flu, you just showered him with them and he loved it so much
  • He doesn’t tell you this, but he keeps like,, every single one that you make 
  • Each one holds a different meaning to him, and yOu made them so he can’t just throw them away??
  • Honestly, Yoosung never thought he could love someone as much as he loves you


  • You make one for him before every performance and honestly it just means so much to him? 
  • Even if it’s super easy for you to do, it means literally the world to him
  • They’re like small tokens of motivation for him
  • No matter what role he plays, or how nervous he is, he knows that you’re out there somewhere cheering for him
  • And that is honestly what makes him shine so brightly on stage
  • He never wants you to stop making them for him because he just holds them so close to his heart


  • So cute!! What the hell!? What did she do to deserve someone like you!?
  • To brighten up her office at the coffee shop, she hangs them up so that even when she’s down she can think of you and smile
  • Such little things give her such large amounts of happiness
  • She just adores them so!! 
  • Every time you give her one it’s almost as if it resembles something of your relationship
  • And she can’t help but stare at them and day dream when you arent around <3 
  • A reminder that you’re here to stay and that you love her very much <3


  • He keeps them in his desk so that when he’s busy at work he can open the drawer and think of you
  • He doesn’t express it much, but he l ov e s them so much
  • Whenever you give one to him his heart melts a little more
  • Whenever he is stressed or sad and you’re not there to talk him through it he can hold onto the butterfly you made him, and it’s almost like you’re there with him
  • He just loves you, and them, so so much
  • He didn’t know he was capable of such love


  • Hangs them up all around his computer like trophies!!!
  • When he gets bored he legit plays with them like a lil boi
  • He is a lil boi <3
  • Honestly though they mean so much to him
  • When he’s feeling depressed they serve as a reminder to him that, no matter how hard he tries, he will not be alone ever again
  • He just loves you so much
  • But really, they’re great for interior design purposes 
  • They are just…. So cute :,)


  • For awhile Saeran had been staying with his brother, Saeyoung
  • And during that time he was sitting on the couch, brooding, pissed off about being at his brothers
  • He was planning on leaving soon anyways
  • You had tried to talk to him on multiple occasions, but he makes sure to make the conversations one sided
  • But one day you came up to him and presented him with a small, red origami butterfly
  • “What the hell is this?”
  • “I made it for you,” you smiled. “I make them for all the people I care about.”
  • He snatches it out of your hand and rolls his eyes, “thanks I guess.”
  • Ever since then, he’s been paying close attention to you. Did he… Like you?
  • He couldn’t, you’re with Saeyoung and going after his twin brothers girlfriend is just wrong… But he can’t help himself
  • Eventually Saeyoung noticed that Saeran kept eyeing up MC, and confronted him about it
  • This of course led to a huge fight between the two, and you tried to break it up, without knowing what it’s about
  • Then Saeyoung shouted at you, “he’s in love with you, MC!”
  • Saeran left that night
  • He wondered around for hours, before finding a motel to crash in for the night
  • He lays on the bed, and puts his hands in his pockets
  • His fingers brush against something, and he grasps it and pulls it out
  • In his finger tips he finds the small and wrinkled origami butterfly you made for him… 
  • He closes his eyes, and holds it close to his chest
  • He lays like this for a few moments, thinking of you being there with him, dreaming of you being in his arms…
  • He sighs, and furrows his eyebrows, coming up with a plan in that crazy mind of his
  • He snaps his eyes open, and glares at the ceiling
  • “Don’t worry, MC. I’ll come and get you soon. And we can be together again.”
  • He chuckles a little, and gently kisses the butterfly
  • “Just as it should be.”
Picking up the pieces

Requested by: anonymous

Summary: Josh is on tour and your having a tough time at home and somehow Josh still manages to make you feel better


Your Pov:

Lately I have been feeling low. Everything in my life felt like it was falling apart. My job, social life, family life just everything. The only thing that I didn’t feel like was falling apart was my relationship with my boyfriend of 2 years, Josh. Even though Josh was on tour right now with his best friend Tyler he still managed to be the best boyfriend ever. It was a Monday when I finally snapped. The day started off horrible. I woke up late, I spilled my coffe all over me, and when I finally got to work I had a huge pile of paperwork that needed to be finished by the end of the day. I could just tell this day was going to be bad. I was in the middle of doing the paperwork when my boss called me into his office to talk to me. “Great.” I muttered as I was walking to his office. “I wonder what I did now.” I finally got to his office and opened the door. “(Bosses name), you wanted to see me.” I said to him. “Ah yes dear, please take a seat.” He motioned for me to take a seat in the chair in front of his desk. “I wanted to talk to you about something very important.” He told me with a serious look on his face. “Lately I have noticed that your slacking a little bit on your work. Now I don’t know what the problem is but I think you should take a rest from work for a while.” He told me slowly. I looked at him in shock. “Is this your way of firing me?” I asked him. His eyes got wide. “No, no, no dear.” He told me. “It’s just that I think you need a little break, till you can function properly again and stop slacking off. I will call you again when I think you have had evough rest.” He reassured me. I slightly nodded at him and sighed. “Okay, I guess I’ll just leave right now.” I told him sadly. Why does everything horrible happen to me? I questioned to myself as I walked out of his office. I went back to my desk and grabbed my purse and keys. I put on my jacket and started to walk out of the building. On my way out I felt all my co-workers staring at me, it was very uncomfortable. I finally made it to my car and just sat in it for a couple minutes with my hands resting on the steering wheel. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Now what am I gonna do? How am I gonna pay for the apartment? So many questions were going through my head. The longer I sat there the more I needed to get out of there. I started the car engine about 15 minutes later and started to pull out of the parking lot. The way home was just a blur. I finally got home and walked inside. As soon as I stepped inside I started crying. I was just too overwhelmed with life right now. My boss was right, I did need a break. Still crying I walked over to the couch, sat down and took my heels off. When they were off I layer down and was crying into the pillows. Eventually I ended up falling asleep.

Time skip-EVENING

Your Pov:

I woke up with a start. I didn’t know where I was at first. As I was looking around I realized I was in my apartment. At first I didn’t know how I got here but then after a couple minutes everything that happened in the last couple of hours came rushing back. My eyes started to get teary. I looked out the window and noticed it was dark outside. How long did I sleep for? I asked myself. I slowly sat up and reached for my purse that sat on the living room table. I pulled my phone out and checked the time. It was 6:30. Wow, I must’ve been tired. I noticed that I had 3 missed calls. Two were from Josh and one was from Tyler. I unlocked my phone and decided to call Josh back. He was probably starting g to worry since I didn’t call him this morning cause I don’t have enough time too. He answered right away. “Hello” he said. “Hey josh, it’s me.” I told him. “Hey baby. Why didn’t you answer your phone? I was getting worried.” He questioned me. “ I fell asleep, sorry babe didn’t mean to worry you.” I told him. “It’s okay, you always worry me.” He said with a chuckle. “Are you okay? You don’t sound like yourself.” I sighed. I guess I have to tell him all about my horrible day. “No im not okay.” I heard him sigh. “What happened?” He asked worryingly. “I have had a horrible day.” I took a deep breath and continued trying not to cry. “Everything that could’ve went wrong went wrong today. I woke up late for work, I spille y coffee all over me and to top it all off my boss let me go, kind of.” I told him. At the end of it I started crying. “Awe babe.” He said. “I feel so bad, I wish I could be there to make it better. I feel so hopeless sitting here traveling the world while your crying.” He told me honestly. I laughed a little at him. He was too adorable. “It’s okay babe. It’s not your fault and beside just hearing your voice brightens up my day.” I told him with a small smile. I heard him chuckle at that. “Well I’m glad I can at least do something for you, even thought you deserve so much more.” He told me. I just rolled my eyes at that. “I got a question for you Y/N.” He told me. His voice getting serious for a moment. “Yeah, what is it.” I was curious now. “ I was wondering if you would like to come on tour with us? I know you said no before cause of your job, but now that your not working you can come. And plus I wouldn’t be missing you all the time and I could cheer you up.” He told me. I gasped. Was he being serious right now. “Are you serious right now? You want me to come?” I asked him. “Of course I want you to come. I wouldn’t have asked you if I wasn’t being honest.” He told me. “So what do you say?” He asked again. “Of course!” I nearly screamed. “I would love too! As long as it’s okay with Tyler and Jenna.” I told him. He laughed at that. “Of course it’s okay with them. They both love you.” I laughed. It was true. “Okay then, I guess I’m coming on tour with you.” This day just got so much better. “Great! I’ll book you your ticket and send you the information tonight.” He told me. I nodded even though he couldn’t see me do it. “Start packing baby!” He told me. I couldn’t believe it. I was finally gonna see him after two months. I was so excited. “Okay babe, Thankyou so much for this, I can’t wait to see you. I missed you so much!” I told him with a small smile. “I missed you too. And anything for you.” I laughed. This boy was crazy. “Alright babe. I gotta go start packing see you in 24 hours.” I told him. He laughed. “Alright princess. See you soon. Love you so much!” I smiled. “I love you.” I told him. “Impossible.” He laughed. “Whatever you say babe.” I told him laughing as well. “Alright babe, have a good night see you soon! Love you again.” He told me. “Thanks, you have a good night as well.Love you too, bye!” I told him. “Bye babe.” He told me as I hung up the phone. I couldn’t believe it. I was going on tour with Josh. I had to be dreaming. Somebody pinch me. I laughed at myself. I got up off the couch and made my way to the kitchen, I was a little hungry since I haven’t even anything since breakfast. I opened the fridge and pulled out some leftovers that I had from the other night. I put it on a plate and then in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Once those two minutes were up I pulled it out grabbed a fork and sat down at my small island. I pulled out my phone and started eating. After about 30 minutes of going through all of my social medias I finished eating. I stood up and put my plate in the sink. I would would wash it later. I made my way upstairs and into my room. I pulled out a suitcase and started packing. After about 2 hours I was finally done. Phew, that was a lot of work. I thought to myself. I heard my phone ding indicating that I got a text message. I looked at it and saw it was from Josh. The message had all my flight information for tomorrow. I noticed that my flight was leaving pretty early tomorrow so I thought that I should probably get some sleep so I won’t be as tired tomorrow. I got undressed and put on some Pj’s and crawled into bed. I turned off the lights and found a comfy position. All of my thoughts were filled with Josh. I can’t believe I’m going to see him tomorrow. He truly makes me happy. He makes me whole. Whenever I’m with him I feel like everything’s going to be okay again. I slowly started to close my eyes and in no time I was fast asleep dreaming of being in Joshs’ arms again.

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“T…Tia…” Kasamatsu stammers, trying to ground himself before speaking further. When he’s gathered his bearings, he looks to you–a blush still very evident on his cheeks. “I know you’ve been having a rough time…and there’s not much I can do to help..” He pauses, taking your hand in his. “But I’ll be here for you if you need anything…I can promise that much.” He assures you–and while his cheeks are still well lit, you can’t help but melt at the sincerity in those words. 

Just a little something for Admin Tia!! ;v; I don’t have a lot I can give right now, but I thought maybe this might at least brighten up your day a bit! Sorry if this sounds too strange;;; I haven’t written or drawn kasamatsu before but I tried my very best!! 

Little things to brighten my day

So today at work I was helping one my employees out at the dessert counter when this little girl walked up. Her whole face lit up and her eyes got so big and I heard her say “Wow!” I immediately assumed she was talking about the chocolate cupcakes right in front of me but then I heard her say, “Your hair is so beautiful!”

It caught me off guard and I didn’t know how to react at first. Just as I was about to say something my male employee goes, “Oh I know. Thank you.” This little angel gives him the meanest screw face and says, “ Not you. You don’t even have hair. I was talking to her.” And then she turns back to me and says,“ You’re so pretty and I love your hair.” Before turning around and running back to her parents.