just a little something i whipped up on the train

6 & 12-Steve Rogers

6. “I don’t know why you keep looking at me like that.”
12. “Would it be terrible of me to kiss you?”

“I can’t believe Tony’s funding all of this,” you rambled, wide eyed, strolling through the new Avengers Facility, “Well, I can, but it’s still amazing. You guys get to have your own little home that still allows you to train. I just might drop my gym membership for this place.”

Steve chuckled while beaming at your words. In all honesty, he was proud of the place. He felt nearly at home. You grinned at Steve, seeing his pride. You looped your arm around his to move closer.

“Where to next?”
Steve smirked. “How about the kitchen? I’m sure I can whip us up something to eat.”
“You cook, Stevie?” you asked curiously.
He bit his lip and gave a slight nod. “Mac n’ cheese, mostly.”
You giggled. “Sounds delicious.”

The two of you continued  to chat while working toward the kitchen. When you reached it, you hopped onto a bar stool in front of the main counter. You were rambling on about something that happened while you were out shopping. Your hand had grabbed some strawberries while you were talking. Between words, you would throw some into your mouth. Steve watched on with amusement and adoration. You stopped, mid-bite, when you noticed his staring.

I don’t know why you keep looking at me like that,” you told him.
“Like what?” he asked, eyes glinting.
“Like that!” you teased.
Steve licked his lips before lowering his gaze. He leaned onto the counter top.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”
You scrunched your face playfully. “You didn’t. Just pointing it out.”
He returned his admiring gaze to you. “You’re so perfect, Y/N.”
You felt the heat rise to your cheeks. “Uh, um. Thank you, Steve.”

You glanced away nervously. You could practically feel Steve inch his way closer to your face. His breath fanned over your ear and nose. Gritting your teeth you held back a shudder. After a moment or so, you chanced a glance at the boy from Brooklyn.

He was giving you the softest look you’ve ever seen. Your heart practically melted at seeing it. The sun flickered off his golden locks and cast beneficial shadows over his features. His smirk was neither playful nor embarrassed. He was just staring at you with…love. Your face continued to heat up.

Would it be terrible of me to kiss you?” he whispered.
Always the gentleman.

You shook your head slightly, a smile spreading across your lips. With the needed permission, Steve gently pressed his lips against yours. Feeling the bliss, you traced his cheek and jaw with your hand. You’d definitely be hanging around more often.

*whispering* I just have this small little head canon that Steve can’t really cook, but he’ll make you stuff anyway because you find it cute.

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