just a little something before i have to go to the airport (

Traveling with Hanbin

-has everything planned in detail like a year before you even knew you two were going on trip

-it was meant to be a surprise but he kind of  accidentally mentions it during one conversation and you have to spend a whole night comforting him because ‘’I just ruined everything!’’

-trying to get him to understand that it doesn’t matter if it’s a surprise…it’s enough for you to know that he took time to prepare something like that for you

-’’I’ll pretend that I’m surprised when you finally decide to officially tell me!’’-’’Come here, you little…’’

-spending the whole day packing your things

-half of the time you’re just dancing around the room, you trying his clothes and him following you around after he sees you in his hoodie

-at the airport he’s glancing at you like EVERY SECOND to check if you’re still there even though he’s holding your hand

-he’s the obvious reason why two of you are non stop bumping into other people causing chain reactions of falling suitcases

-’’That guy is giving us a evil eye.’’-’’I think we just knocked down his girlfriend’s suitcase full of red lacy underwear. We should probably run…’’

-hotel is kind of fancy and you know he’s trying to be romantic so you just decide to wait and see what else has he planned

-trying to give him a kiss in the middle of your walk but he pulls you into a tight hug and is like ‘’You’ll get more when we get back.’’

-glaring at the guys who he thinks are checking you out.-’’-Well, don’t you look badass…’’-’’(Y/N), you’re not helping!’’

-composing short songs about what you did that day 

-also filming your every step so you can watch it later, throwing weird comments and drawing attention to yourself again

-smiling from ear to ear whenever the grannies selling souvenirs start talking about how cute looking newlyweds you are

-actually doesn’t stop smiling until you get back to the hotel …then he gets busy with thinking of what he should do next

-should he let you rest a little…would you mind cuddling…do you just want to sleep???

-after minutes of struggling to decide he joins you in bed pulling you closer so your head is laying on his chest ‘’Where are you touching, Hanbin…?’’

-feeling of his soft kiss on your forehead just before you fall asleep

A Quick Response

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of people freaking out about how Jackson looked super tired and whatnot at the airport. Usually, along with said freaking out, there’s cell phone pics of him at the airport, curled up against a window or walking through a crowd of people or something.

Now, there’s no doubt he was exhausted. He probably got little to no rest between Running Man filming and having to go to the airport. That’s undeniable. That’s also something we as fans can’t control.

But all of these “fans” crowding him both in Korea and China need to realize that doing that to him only makes his exhaustion worse.

Take a minute to think about this. Have you ever had to walk through a really crowded area? Think of an airport during vacation season or a mall right before Christmas or something. You know how tired you can feel after just walking through that?

Now imagine all those people are pushing their way toward you, shoving phones and letters and gifts in your face, screaming all sorts of things at you, most of which is just white noise to you. Some of them may even be full on crying. To add on to all that, imagine you were exhausted from working out all day before that.

“Fans” need to learn to back off. I put that in quotes because real fans wouldn’t ever even think of rushing their favs in the first place. A real fan will want their idol to feel comfortable and happy. They wouldn’t push and crowd their fav. They wouldn’t continue to take pictures, even after they were asked to stop.

Crowding and general disrespect is a problem at every airport that the boys (and lots of other idols) go to, but what’s been happening at Chinese airports when Jackson has traveled for solo activities recently is by far some of the most dangerous and disrespectful behaviour I’ve seen in a while.

People that go to see him at the airport, please learn to stand back and give Jackson space. You don’t need to touch him. If he wants to take your letter, he’ll come and get it from you. Use the zoom in your phone instead of shoving it in his face.

Treat him with the respect he deserves.