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because i miss ren and harry too fucking much: what does one of them do that drives the other crazy? (as in bad habits) what are their fave looks on each other? do they have rituals before bed? do they share shampoo/shower gel etc or do they have their own each? does harry ever catch ren touching herself like she did him? do they have pics of the other as their lockscreen? i just wanna know EVERY LITTLE THING 😩😩

Ren has only just learnt to lock the door behind herself. Drives Harry mad. He’ll see her just leave it wide open and be like “how the fuck has she not learnt yet?” but she’s slowly getting better.
Ren tends to get annoyed about how perfect Harry is. Well, she thinks so anyway. She just gets annoyed that he can do anything and do it well. She’ll roll her eyes and stick her middle finger up at him because how the fuck is he like that?

Ren likes to see Harry just in his boxers, hair up, sauntering around their his apartment. She also loves it when he wears his ridiculous shirts. The pink Mickey Mouse one from NYE is probably her favourite.
Harry likes her first thing in the morning. Messy hair and golden eyes.

They don’t really have any rituals. Falling asleep isn’t really a nice thing. They cuddle and they talk and they kiss until they literally can’t keep their eyes open. I guess their only ritual at that time is just… being anxious.

They share shampoo & conditioner. Harry still likes washing her hair, like he did when they were at her parents, but now he gets to kiss her and hold himself closer to her, and it makes him so so happy. He buys floral scented things for them to share.

Ren has been extremely…. pent up, since moving in with Harry. But he’s never caught her in the act. She’s very careful. She really doesn’t know his limits, and wants to take her time to learn his boundaries. She’s owes him that much.

Harry’s on the left, Rens on the right.

A cool thing:

Make a moodboard for yourself
Like a pretty aesthetic one you would see on here but make it for you featuring you. It doesn’t even have to be a full pic if you want! I made one with a close up of my eye with a bit of my hair.

Just a little thing to do that’s nice for yourself💕

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do you like spitfire? I see you tagged it but there's very little so I'm curious

Nah, it’s not my cup of tea! However, I’ve reblogged some of it just bc those particular pieces of art were really good, regardless of ship. I mainly reblog those pics for either wally in em, or just ‘cause it was too good/pretty/amazing to pass up. Thanks for the ask, tho!!

i found out something really cool today

there’s a bird called the hoatzin that lives in south america that looks like this:

it looks really cool kinda like a feathered dragon??

but the coolest part about this bird is the juveniles!! the babies in this species have claws on their wings that help them climb until they’re old enough to fly, and by that time the claws disappear!!

you can see the tiny claws in this pic!! it’s so cool because birds are living dinosaurs and these little baby hoatzins look like baby raptors with their claws!!

idk i just had to post about this bc this is a rly cool birb that deserves more attention!!!

20lb difference face comparison. Honestly a little nervous to post this because I didn’t realize all the weight I’d gained in the winter months until I saw pics of me out with friends and I didn’t like what I saw. Of course, both of these are just selfies, but I feel it’s pretty apparent in the first photo that I’m carrying a lot of water in my face.

I have chubby cheeks no matter what!! But at least they’re a little healthier looking now 😊💕

“Something in this scene is just a little bit... off.”

Carl the Animator: “Uhh… that the random lady’s hair looks like a lightning bolt, or possibly a hedgehog?”

Ted the Animator: “No, that’s not it.”

Carl the Animator: “That Velma’s lei looks like it’s made out of salami?”

Ted the Animator: “…gross, but no.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, I c–”

Ted the Animator: “OH! Oh! Part of her nose disappears!”

Carl the Animator: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Ted the Animator: “I must’ve forgotten to re-align the lower bit when she turns her head. I’ll fix it in a sec, just need a coffee refill first.”

Carl the Animator: “Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.”

Ted the Animator: “…hm?”

Ted the Animator: “…this was not the fix I had in mind.”

Carl the Animator: “Perhaps… but it was the fix the world needed.”


Found the pic of the new glaives on instragram, umm! Prompto looks nice tho 😉😉 just noticed that he grows his beard a little if you look closely xD awww, cutie chocoboko 😻😻😆😆 glady looks so Samurai and iggy is like Yakuza 😻😻😻 I can’t wait for this game!!!!

Hoe Tip: Be a sweetie!

One of the best things you can do to make a sugar daddy fall in love with you is to embrace your sweet side. When I found out that my daddy was going in for back surgery, the first thing I told him was to let me know if I could bring him anything that day or if I could help at all in the days after. I made sure to send him some sexy pics the night before and to check up on him the day he went in. He was so touched that I texted!
The next day he joked to send coffee. I told him I was at work but I’d love to see him after. Picked up coffee just the way he likes it on the way. He was so grateful just to be cared about and cared for. He also wants to take me shopping after graduation and told me to practice my Italian 😸😸

It’s not hard to go a little bit extra. I didn’t ask him to pay me back for the coffee or gas to drive up. I just dressed extra cute for work and saw him after. Treat your sugar daddy as good as you would your favorite boyfriend. Spoil him back. Treat him right.

That is what makes you a keeper.

Say fucking cheese, pal.
We gonna take a selfie.

Happy New Year from the Hong Kong side of earth!
And may I welcome everyone to add yourself into the pic!!
Let’s make one big new year celebration photo here!!!

(Feel free to join this little New year collab lol, all of this is just for fun, since I feel like it is a good start to leave a memory on the start of 2017. Yeah let’s try this out)

i mean they literally did not have to do that :( the whole purpose of RBB was for us and they put out so many fires with that. when we were scared and panicking and like turning in ourselves they’d post pics specifically so we could find stuff and be distracted (REMEMBER WHEN THEY BLURRED OUT ALL THE KEY ON THE COMPUTER EXCEPT FOR RAINBOW LOL), and they fought a stupid potato cause it made us feel upset and invalidated and they literally did not let that go!!!! they hated that thing!!!!, and they’d just let us know they were okay with the little smiley faces or frowny faces and when they had frowny faces we were ready to rally around our boys and FIGHT and i don’t think i ever took it for granted cause it was so special but now that they’re gone it just hurts lol like i haven’t gotten over it pls come back 

The Pic Nic Spot.
Sometimes I just do images as pretext to figure out stuff about colors… like in this case. I’ve mentioned it before, but, daytime lighting is always hard for me. So I’m trying to understand it more. It’s one of my ( multiple) goals for the year!( Along with trying to understand color better, as well as lighting , drawing, fashion and composition… just a few little goals!)
#pascalcampion #goals

Well, I guess it’s time to unmask the bad guy!

…and unmask some derps as well, it seems.


Anyway, here we go!

Spray some purple stuff on that blue makeup…

…give a little wipe, and… voilà!


Wait, so… he still had his glasses on? 

And beard, for that matter? 

And he just, like, put blue makeup over them, and they became invisible?

Forget about him pretending to be a ghost – this guy really does have supernatural powers!

check out my salt lamp and little faux succulents. i got the lamp for christmas and so far i haven’t really noticed any changes but it’s pretty at least, like a giant crystal. i just turned it off for this pic, it’s on a lot. anyways.. i’m feeling kinda? better lately? only low key wanna die instead of high key loL. maybe the lamp works after all :P but the problem of my energy levels being sooo low is still here. doing simple tasks exhausts me and i feel the need to nap constantly ;~; but i’m trying to draw more. and also i wanna say thank you sooo much to everyone who sent me such kind supportive sweet messages about my mental issues and art ;w; i’ve read all of them and i feel so lucky to have such wonderful followers! i’d like to reply individually but there are a few months worth of messages, it’s too daunting for my low energy levels.. from now on i’ll try to reply to messages more promptly so they don’t pile up so much and become overwhelming. i hope to have more new art to post soon, and also get my shirt store going again!


Although I am good at ps, I don’t like to beautified my personal pics. These are the pics of my bunnies from 2013 till today, telling me every little thing about our  past. Those real pictures of them tell me how lucky we are now. When we decided to keep Moya, we were nobody but  just some penniless college kids. 

Now we can afford better stuff for them just because we can’t stand the idea of raising them in a sad way. Our home now is a total bunny house, everything is prepared just for them. 

My life is not all about bunnies. I just enjoy posting them because they are simple and happy. I don’t need to prove anything, just want to share some joyful moments.



I wanted to make more people for this set but I got lazy cause it took so damn long- but I am happy with what I managed to finish!

First is Mark and Jack, who have no money for costumes so they make ones with things they find in the shack and what junk Ken gave them that the costume store was gonna throw out.
After a while though, as the night goes on, Mark stays in character a little too well, Jack realizing that its linked to the pink gem he gave Mark as a necklace, with approval from Bill Cipher (Its a crystal that causes insanity and chaos-)

The rest are just other kids in costumes- I really like them all- Here’s little junk to go with the pics just for you guys who like any kinda story-

  • Jack added to his costume by putting a plastic green fang in the spot of his missing tooth
  • Mark’s knife turned out to be a real one and Jack only found out when Mark started to stab Jack-o-melons.
  • Cry doesn’t join civilization after he gets found and stays in the cave with the Sup Guys by choice, and keeping on his mask by choice. Felix is one of the few people who is his friend and is chill with him keeping on the mask and living in a cave- So, with a marker he finds a way to incorporate Cry’s mask into his costume-
  • It was definitely Phil’s idea to put whiskers on Dan too, even if it didn’t match.
  • Vanoss and his friends constantly fight and roughhouse for fun, hence why he straight up punched Delirious.
  • Not sure how well those could be considered costumes since everyone except Nogla dresses like that the rest of the year anyways- atleast the masks-
  • Vanoss was almost given a cape and hat in that picture to be “Hoo-dini”
  • Alternately, Vanoss was also almost BatOwl, but I went against it cause then I wanted to make regular masked Delirious instead of Batcoon.
  • All the photos except the first one seem to be taken from shots inside the Shack (and I’m just realizing this now) so I’m dubbing it that before they all went trick-or-treating, they met up there.

“Mom. Come on.”

“Look at me, Mom.  Mo-om.  Mommy.  Look at my face. Look at how happy I am.  Look at my sweet pudgy cheeks and my adorable button nose and my precious little grin.”

Squishy Baby Henry feels her resolve weakening.  He wills her closer with the power of his adorable squishiness.

“Hah! You grabbed my hand.  You are so taking me home with you.  Behold my wise, somewhat smug but still utterly adorable expression.  You didn’t stand a chance.”