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Happy #nationalpuppyday Meet Tundra, my 4 month old Great Pyrenees! He’s a rambunctious little boy who loves grabbing anything he can get his little teeth on. He loves chewing on bones and playing tug-of-war. His favorite teething treat is a frozen carrot!
Tundra is a service dog in training for depression and anxiety. He’s going to be an amazing dog one day but now he’s just a little monster! ❤🐶



Tbh I don’t think Mabel would be such a problem when it comes to bath time, Dipper on the other hand…

Lady Gaga, 2009

This is was taken at the SHOWstudio exhibition where I was one of the exhibits. Or rather my studio was. We constructed a working photographic studio inside the gallery with the back wall as a two way mirror so the public could see in but from our side it was just a mirror. When Gaga came the gallery was full of her Little Monster fans all pressed up against the glass. She was in hair and make up for 3 hours by which time her fans were beside themselves desperate to see their idol. Gaga walked into the studio looking amazing in blond wig and beautiful YSL vintage suit. She walked up to the mirror and - just as if she was alone in her bathroom - applied her lipstick, her face literally inches away from her fans but still totally untouchable. It was one of the best bits of contemporary fashion performance I have ever seen, articulating ideas of the remoteness of celebrity and the loneliness of fame brilliantly. Her face was lit up in a sea of hundreds of little red glowing dots from the auto focus red LEDs on her fans cameras. Just beautiful. - Nick Knight

Personal and sappy.

I often shy away from getting overly personal on here, but I’m going to make an exception today. Today is my anniversary. Eight years ago, Emory and I got married. It was at the Natural History Museum; There were dinosaurs. 

Emory and I have been together more like 19 years, though, and even though he doesn’t often make an appearance here, I think it’s fair to let you know that if you like the Beastlies, my larger work, even the Wayward Retreat, well, none of it would exist without Emory. 

I don’t have a history of being incredibly confident in myself and my abilities (imposter syndrome, am I right ladies??), and without his continual voice of support and nudging to just trust him, these little monster guys are cute, people would buy them, I wouldn’t have started getting serious about Beastlies, selling them, and I never would have made that terrifying leap to doing them full time (also a quick thank you to his employer for my health insurance!). He’s never been anything but supportive, even when pursuing this has meant stretches of financial hardship. After I’d been making a living on Beastlies for years, I still didn’t believe I could make or sculpt anything OTHER than that. I was pretty sure I had reached the extent of my skills. But Emory gently nudged and nudged, and eventually wore me down with his relentless praise and belief. And now, years later, the art gallery-type work is one of the most rewarding things in my life. He’s always the guy saying “You’re pricing this too low, it’s better than you think,” or “That crazy idea sounds awesome, you should try it.” He’s also the guy you may have met if you’ve ever come to my table at a convention. He’s pretty good at hawking Beastlies to Comic-Con crowds! (He’ll tell you that they’re happier with friends, so maybe buy two). He’s put in enough hours helping me sell, package, ship, and deal with paperwork that it’s basically his second job.  Even the retreat is something he made possible: He worked in secret to find my long-lost, not-on-the-internet friend that I’d been so sad to lose track of, calling a series of mutual friends until one of them had her mom’s phone number. He gave me this friend’s contact info as a Valentine’s Day present, and having her back in my life is truly a gift. And hey, she just happens to own a magical house on a magical island in Canada, so now I can share this friend’s magic with others! 

But anyway, that’s my shoutout to all the dude contributes to this particular part of my life, so now y’all know: He’s vice-captain of Team Beastlie. Plus, he provides a strong male role model to our cats, so I guess I’ll keep him around.

  • deuce in the new mh clip: HAHA let's pick on people who are afraid of the DARK that's so silly
  • me: deuce gorgon your future girlfriend is afraid of the dark and you have the absolute nerve to not be able to somehow magically know this and also get past the bad writing consistency mattel is always giving us

Nothing worse than NO WET FOOD

Also, I took a few artistic liberties with the third Gaster Follower…just because it’s a little easier to deal with a complete monster guy than just a weird head sticking up out of the ground. He just looks like a head in the shadows, and he is always sticking to them anyway.

More will be along later!

–Dogs of Future Past–


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