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I don’t really do aegyo on braodcasts… I felt really sorry, hence, even though it’s funny, I practiced a lot in front of the mirror. - Nam Taehyun

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The Boss

Hi :) could you perhaps write one where the BAU hires a young consultant on a case and Hotch develops a crush on her (or really anything Hotch related, there aren’t enough Hotch x Reader stories out there)

It had been a couple of moths since you started working at the BAU. You did a little bit of everything, picking up whatever was being dropped. You we’re mostly hired to the new media lesion but you often ended up helping on cases, helping Garcia make calls, helping Hotch with paper work, all in the days work. 

It was after a particularly difficult case that you stayed behind to start on the paper work, just to make everyone else load a little lighter. The office was quiet, everyone had left, it was almost peaceful. All the paper work was finished and you headed to Hotch’s office to drop it off, his seal of approval was always neceserray. You opened the door and with out turning the lights on you dropped the files on his desk. 

“Hello” a deep voice called. 

“Woah, I did not know you were here” you said surprised. 

Hotch turned on the lights on as he entered the room, “I was actually just looking for you” he said closing the door behind him. 

“Hey i thought you had left with the rest of the team?” 

“I did, but you didn’t, I thought i’d find you here” 

“Here I am, I stayed to do some paper work, you’ve had a tough week” and he had, how he managed to do everything with out breaking a sweat you would never understand. 

“Everyone missed you, I wish you could’ve been there” you looked at him as if you didn’t understand what he had just said. 

“You wish I could’ve been there? You?”

“Yes, I don’t think you understand how much you do for us, everyday, everyday you come here and you somehow make this easier for us, with your humor, your kindness, your thoughtfulness. I appreciate it, I appreciate everything you do for us Y/N” 

“I don’t think I do that much, you guys are the ones doing all the hard work.” you were flattered, blushing, you never thought Hotch would be saying this about you. He was always serious, composed, never missing a beat, he never hesitated, he was always in control. This was out of his norm, usually it never went further than him giving you orders, or a new case to look over. 

“You’re always there, regardless of what is, I know I can always count on you” 

“Hotch, you’re the one everyone looks up too” 

“I look up to you Y/N, you make everything easier” 

Your cheeks we’re burning up, you felt all the blood rushing to your head, the butterflies in your stomach, what was going on?

‘What are you saying Aaron” you needed to hear it. 

“I like you, and I never saw it getting here, but here I am” 

“You’re my boss” was the only thing you could think to say. 

“I know but, I think you’re smart enough to keep business separated from what’s personal” 

“Separated from pleasure? I can do that”

Maybe sometimes we just have to break down. To fall apart. To watch our worlds crumble into dust and for our walls to tumble down before our eyes. Sometimes we have to shatter. 

Maybe that’s Life’s way of telling us to start over. To try once more. You’ve fallen apart so you can build yourself again, so you can collect the pieces and find out what went wrong. To find out which piece didn’t quite feel right. Arrange the puzzle pieces and this time, make sure all the parts fit into the right place. When you’re done fixing yourself and patching your life back together, you’ll discover that you can breathe easier now. You smile a little more. You live a little lighter. 

But before that, you just have to fall apart.

—  to fall apart

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm currently a second year student. Pharmacology scares the hell out of me. Do you have any tips to make studying Pharmacology a bit lighter? I have trouble in conversion and memorizing formulas ever since I was in high school, haha Thank you!

Hey anon!

Pharm was and still is a challenge for me (especially when they play the brand to generic name game bleh). If the actual pharmacokinetics, equations and the like are tripping you up suggest going back to basics and working out of BRS and doing questions from the lippincotts review book. Unfortunately the only way to get good at equations is to do the same type of questions over and over. If you’re not being testing on them this minute though I’d suggest holding off until closer to your boards date because equations just don’t stay in the brain long. So a little lighter in theory haha.
If you’re struggling with the actual drugs and MOA as well, I’d say sketchypharm is your best bet, even though it kind of annoys me.

Hope I was able to help, good luck, and don’t hesitate to ask for any help during second year!!

anonymous asked:

Yo! Can you do ASL body headcanons? You know like put more details about their body -causeimahoe- , and includes dick Headcanons 🙊🙊>//<

YES but I’m not doing anything about their junks, I’ll leave that to your imagination^^


  • Ace is brown
  • That boy is dark skinned and his skin is just a little bit lighter than Luffy’s
  • freckles are not limited to his cheeks, they’re everywhere, EVERYWHERE, but they’re especially a lot on his shoulders and chest
  • Ace is well inked
  • Ace is fucking shredded


  • Sabo is not exactly pale but yeah light skinned
  • he’s blind on the eye that got burned and the burning scar is not just on his eye but goes down to the left side of his body
  • Sabo is fucking shredded too


  • Luffy has darker skin than Ace and yeah he’s brown too
  • his skin is smooth and soft 
  • well beside the billions of scars and the  tropical jungle of hair that grows in his armpits
  • Luffy is shredded as well, he’s pretty skinny and smol but damn he’s got abs as delicious as his brothers’

You have her eyes, you have my father’s name

Song of the Dark Between - Tessa Crowley
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TIME FOR ANOTHER FIC REC, i really need to be better about this.

anyhow, draco malfoy jumps off a bridge and lands in the tardis and even though that kind of sounds like the biggest bunch of tumblr bait that has ever been put into words, it’s actually very good, and i feel obligated to recommend it because it made me cry.

for something just a little lighter, there’s sex on legs in six-inch heels, which is considerably more pwp than i usually go for, but i keep coming back to reread it because apparently i’m just really into draco malfoy in heels.


In other words, none of your fucking business.

When his fingers ghost across porcelain pale skin, she will think about how many beings he’s killed, how much dirty black blood has stained the tan skin there, and she will press pink lips to every knuckle and tell him how adored he is.

When they lay together in a too small bed draped in white sheets, she will brush her fingers ever-so-gently across raised scars on his arms, his back, his chest, and thank each and every one for doing the job they were meant to do, for keeping him safe.

When her stele finds purchase in fresh skin, the comforting smell of newly applied Marks surrounding her, she will do her best to press her power into each one, asking them all to make him just a little faster, a little stronger, a little lighter on his feet.

When her teeth scrape the bend between neck and shoulder and his voice escapes as naught but a quiet little huff, she will press herself closer to sweat-slicked skin and remember first night under a dangerous sky in a cave hidden far away from them and be so, so grateful that they made it to this point, where she knows his every sensitive spot and every quiet noise.

When her fingers pass sweetly through flaxen hair, she will inhale his smell, sweat and leather and sunlight, and allow herself to imagine a hazy future in that twilight darkness, a future where she wakes every morning in his arms, surrounded by that scent she has so come to adore.

When he stumbles down to the kitchen in the mornings, eyes half open and pants hanging low on his hips, she will press a mug of fresh brewed coffee into his fingers and laugh as he grips it like a lifeline. They will drink their coffee together in the morning quiet, making time for each other before their lives drag them into chaos again.

When she whispers those three words into the hollow between his shoulder blades, he will breathe them back and they will remain there in that fuzzy half light where they are safe and together and so, so very loved.

My favorite of the Marvel hero workouts I found, and also the last. It comes directly from the trainer who designed her fitness regimen for her first Marvel appearance in Iron Man 2. This trainer got her ready for the cat-suit in 6 weeks. It was also the same workout Robert Downey Jr. did, as they both worked with the same trainer. RDJ just got a little bit of a lighter load because of his age, but the same basic workout was done by both actors.

Editing style inspired by yeolsims <3 I can’t get over how much I love Gia ;-; I edited her hair just a tiny little bit to make it a lighter blonde because I think she looks better that way. :-) 

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Hair by darkosims3, Retexture by missparaply || Pearl Necklace by salem2342 || Pearl Earrings by EA || Dress by simpliciaty || Pose by flowerchamber 

Heroin is my Heroine

Loop swoop and pull
Tie it nice and tight
Take out your spoon
And pour her on just right
Add a little water
Lighter then ignites
Back and forth she dances
Heating up the night
Then watch the whitest cotton
Turn darker then the night
Before you generously suck her
Into her ship air tight
Take her to the runway
Get her ready for her flight
Pull back on the boosters
Until you see red light
Then pushdown for the lift off
Attack with all your might
Surging through like magma
Burning everything in sight
Applying so much pressure
Every movement is a strife
Only taking moments to overthrow your life
Hypnotize your conscience and enslave your primal mind
Loose all inhibitions
And sense of space and time
Completely taking over
Every aspect of your life
Hindering your judgement
Blurring what is right
Doing what it takes to keep her on your side
The only one who’s power
Can make the sick subside
Battle your anxieties and make you feel alive
Kidnap your emotions and
Keep them hostaged deep inside
The warden of your whole life
The ruler of your mind
The keeper of your prison that you welcome every time

here’s to the good days, 
when the shaking hands are still,
and the tired eyes are bright.
when the weight of the world 
is just a little lighter than yesterday.
when candles burn instead of cigarettes,
and the tear tracks have dried.
the bottle of pills has stayed
in the back of the closet for one,
two, three, four days in a row now untouched.
they wrote me off as another suicidal head case,
but against all odds, against my own thoughts:
i am alive.
—  note to the reaper: catch me if you can // f.s.

I don’t really get it why some fans lose their shit over some edited or ”whitewashed” (tbh I hate that word) pics of their idols. What’s so bad in editing the skin tone a little lighter if the purpose is just to make the idol look more attractive and presentable? Or is it just an excuse for you to get butthurt and yell ”that’s racist!!11!!1” everywhere? Being pale is considered beautiful in Korea, it’s just their culture, and if you don’t understand it, you have no right to judge it. It’s the same how a lot of white people want to be as tanned as possible, so why aren’t people losing their shit over some white people editing their skin to look more tanned? What’s the difference?

The Signs As Fireworks

Aries ; the ones that go high up in the sky and then leave you hanging and explode into its majesty

 Taurus ; the ones that you have to light up and run away from quickly because that’s how fast they explode

 Gemini ; the ones that you open on the road with just friends and family because they are just a great time to enjoy 

 Cancer ; the little lighters that sparkle and you hold it and make a design and it stays there for .3 seconds 

Leo ; the ones you try hard to light up and when you do they explode with so many noises and it’s just beautiful

 Virgo ; the ones that explode half-way and its just a big surprise 

Libra ; the ones that linger still after you light them and they explode

 Scorpio ; the ones that explode in one color but its enough because in the night it looks amazing

 Sagittarius ; the ones that explode with a really high-pitched sound that is annoying but everyone looks forward to

Capricorn ; the type that pop and they change color every few seconds

Aquarius ; the ones that make a figure/phrase when you pop them and you struggle to read them because they’re gone in a second, but its still majestic

Pisces ; the ones that last so long and when they fade you think its over but whoosh they’re back

Happy Independence Day!

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ohh i wish i liked coffee :(