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tbh i love that clip of magnus's petty ass, and i love that he's kinda wary and vulnerable when it comes to relationships. there's such a huuuge difference in age, experience, and power between him and alec that it would be easy for their relationship to feel very boring and unequal with him as the perfectly mature wise sage teaching alec all about love. it's so much more interesting and healthy if they both have flaws and insecurities and moments of immaturity and pettiness.

Same, and i think every relationship is new, too. Magnus might have had relationships in the past, but it doesn’t mean falling in love isn’t new every time. Alec is his own person, this is a brand new relationship for both of them, and they’re each going to be learning about each other – all their favorite foods, what makes them tick, the things that make their knees weak. These are things they both have to put work into learning, not just one or the other.

So yeah, I agree, it’s nice to see them both a little unsure about their footing and watch them slowly work it out together. Magnus, I think, has enough experience to know how to open communications where Alec might be hesitant to, but I don’t doubt Alec will put in quite a bit of effort, as well. We’re already seeing it happening when he approaches Magnus on his own to apologize and to talk. And if you don’t realize the significance of this, remember that just days ago Isabelle literally had to blindfold Alec and drag him into a room before he would talk to Jace and even then he stubbornly refused to until Jace spoke up first. So Alec coming to Magnus first all on his own is a pretty huge step for him and I think it says a lot about how important his relationship with Magnus already is to him.

Bitter Sentence Starters

“You made me this way.”

“You think I wanted this?!”

“This is all his/her/their fault.”

“I’m not the bad guy.”

“Don’t make me the bad guy here.”

“I wasn’t the only one who did it.”

“They framed me and everyone believed. Even you.”

“The things you made me do… I can never forgive you.”

“ I’ll never forgive what you did to me.”

“I only did what I had to!”

“I had to do it to survive.”

“I knew you wouldn’t understand.”

“I needed help and you ignored me.”

“You were there, but all you did was watch.”

“I wasn’t the one who turned their back.”

“You just took in everything they said.”

“You believed every little lie they fed you.”

“You promised to be there for me, but you never were.”

“I needed someone more than ever, and everyone just walked away.”

RWBY Vol 4: episode 10 thoughts

I’ll start off by saying this is one of my favourite episodes of the volume, and the absence of Blake/Yang/Weiss didn’t bother me at all because the story crafted for Ren and Nora was just beautiful!

Okay so thoughts!

• Be careful Oscar, big scary Tukson is big and scary!


• Ren’s mother calling him “Lie” 😭❤️

• Tiny Nora being bullied and pushed around made me so sad because it’s just so opposite to her character now and you can tell Ren is the reason she has the strength and confidence she has now.

• Jaune, you have been a bit on and off for me this season, but that was a cute lil’ speech.

• I really hope Qrow is alright..

• The way Ren lost his parents was just heartbreaking, my poor little Lie…

• Ren giving Nora the hammer! So much of Nora’s personality relies on Ren and it’s beautiful.

• Renora holding hands!!! This is why they are a real OTP!


• Ren’s semblance!!!! So what I gathered is his semblance is being able to be invisible/undetected? And he can share that with people in close proximity to him.

Really a wonderful episode, it wasn’t rushed and it finally gave characters some well overdue development!

I know some people may dislike it due to a lack of team RWBY, but if there’s any characters that deserved a whole episode, it’s Renora.

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Lottie, help! I'm completely blown away by The Song of Achilles. Can you rec anything similar/equally amazing?

i’m assuming by “similar” you mean queer, historical and a little bit sad, in which case YES, I BLOODY CAN: 

  • the last of the wine by mary renault (ancient greece) 
  • the alexander the great series by mary renault (ancient greece)
  • eromenos by melanie j. mcdonald (ancient rome) 
  • as meat loves salt by maria mccann (c17, english civil war) 
  • the vintner’s luck by elizabeth knox (c19, france)
  • maurice by e. m. forster (c20, pre-wwi)
  • the stranger’s child by alan hollinghurst (c20, pre-wwi onwards)
  • at swim, two boys by jamie o'neill (c20, wwi/easter rising) 
  • the absolutist by john boyne (c20, wwi)
  • the city and the pillar by gore vidal (c20, 30s/40s) 
  • the charioteer by mary renault (c20, wwii) 
  • giovanni’s room by james baldwin (c20, 1950s)

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Could you do a headcanon what it's like to be raising Harry alone while your love Sirius is in Azkaban? I hope you understand what I mean. Your work is great and I would really appreciate reading this kinda sad hc 😢

  • In the begining it’s hard. Youe friends are dead, your love is in Azkaban and you’re left with this child.
  • But omg you would love that baby so much. 
  • It all happened to quickly so sometimes you would just break down, not thinking you can do this. 
  • But then little baby Harry would see you cry and crawl up in your lap, and it always makes you feel a little better. 
  • It’s hard in the begining, and some days you would just look at Harry to be reminded about all the darkness that had happened.
  • You and Harry becomes a family, just the two of you. 
  • When Harry gets a little older you never lie to him about his parents, you would never hide who he is from him.
  • Telling him funny stories about his parents and making sure that Harry has good memories about his parents. 

this sucks lol sorry idk what more to write


Here is how the finished petticoat looks when worn! I think i’ll add another horsehair ruffle to the waistline to create a more dramatic effect in the hips. But aside from that it’s done!

It was  hellish to make so I didn’t have high hopes for the end result. But the length is perfect, and the shape looks much better than I was expecting, which i’m really happy about.

Twenty yards of netting, six yards of fabric, and a pair of curtains went into it. I went through almost a whole cone of thread and twentyish full bobbins. Veryy labor intensive process ;;

But it’s done! And I won’t have to make another one any time soon.

I waver between being so angry vs so disgusted vs so incredibly sad and heartsick, I just cannot believe that this is the world we live in, and I’m terrified of what’s to come.  It feels so hard to find any reason to get up and keep fighting, what’s the point, when this is where we ended up, but every hour I get a smidgen of it back, every hour I get a little bit more sure that we can’t just lie down.  I don’t usually talk about politics on this blog (partly to due with separating my life, partly because of how my anxiety works) and I’m still going to keep this primarily as a space for being escapism when I need it, because I can’t let my fear and disgust and anger overwhelm me, I need to have a buffer against those feelings to get back up again.

Some do need that space, some do need to look at cute animal gifs or magical girls or space monks with laser swords, to not collapse out of sheer despair. The push for a better world just got a lot harder, but that doesn’t mean giving up on it and sometimes that means I need good things to remind me why I keep voting, why I keep caring, why this world is still worth it.  I have so much anger about all of this and I’m going to use it irl, I hope that others take this and remember it (because, goddamn, apparently nobody fucking remembered 2000) and use it and keep going, but if you need a brief break, sometimes it’s okay to go look at Skyrim gifs or talk about which fictional characters you want to fight each other and/or kiss.

I’m just… going to… lie down… for a little while… not because… I’ve been… crying over Star Wars fic… again… or anything… no, definitely not….. (Fic recs every Wednesday.)

Hello From the Other Side by DarthNickels, anakin & luke & han/leia & kylo ren & piett, body swap, time travel, 16.7k wip
   Kylo Ren is destined to take up the mantle of Vader. The Force can be incredibly literal.
In Color by Glare, obi-wan/anakin/padme, modern au, soulmate au, 6.4k wip
   Anakin Skywalker is six years old the first time he marks on his skin with intent.
Died last night in my dreams by SquaresAreNotCircles, obi-wan/anakin & qui-gon & yoda, force ghosts, 2.2k
   Obi-Wan sipped his tea and stared morosely out into nothing. “Become a force ghost, he said. It’ll be for the good of the universe, he said.”
All Over Again by tricksterity, obi-wan/anakin & qui-gon & shmi, 22.3k wip
   Obi-Wan Kenobi is sixteen years old when he collapses in the training salle to the shock of his master, Qui-Gon Jinn. When he wakes up two days later after multiple seizures and flatlining once, he remembers the Clone Wars, remembers Mustafar, remembers being cut in half by the man he loved more than anything in the universe, and he remembers Luke and Leia.
I’ll Be There For You by SinkingLikeASunset, obi-wan/anakin/padme & qui-gon & ahsoka & cast, time travel, 25k wip
   Just days after his fateful encounter with Anakin on Mustafar , Obi-Wan has resigned himself to a lonely existence on Tatooine. However, he has been granted a chance to go back and fix things. Obi-Wan must alter events and make changes as he struggles with memories of a dreadful future and deals with new developments this time around.
Odd Kind of Honeymoon by deaka, luke/mara, 26.6k
   Newly married Luke and Mara Skywalker journey across Tatooine on their honeymoon, some unexpected discoveries arising along the way.
untitled by themoosejthm, obi-wan & anakin/padme & ahsoka & luke & leia, 1k
   Anonymous asked: Padme: “I always have a note in my pocket that says “Anakin did it” just in case I’m murdered because I don’t want him to remarry.“
Meet the Skywalkers by frodogenic, anakin & piett & luke/mara & han/leia & jacen & jaina & anakin solo, 26.7k wip
   Newly returned from the Unknown Regions with Darth Vader, Admiral Piett doesn’t expect much of a welcome from the New Republic. And not in a million lifetimes would he have predicted that their very first guest would be Luke Skywalker. After all, Vader is still his mortal enemy…right?
Lineage V by ruth baulding, obi-wan & qui-gon & tahl (& some qui-gon/tahl) & dooku & cast, 50.7k
   An evil scientist wreaks havoc when she captures Jedi Knight Tahl Uvain for purposes of obscure research; Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan rush to the rescue, only to be embroiled in further trouble; and Master Dooku joins in the hunt with characteristic aplomb.
Escape by KeeperofSeeds, shmi & anakin, 2.7k wip
   Shmi’s escape from Tatooine after the Visions. The first steps of her journey towards freedom and a new life. One where she must deal with the consequences of remembering lives already lived and horrors that might still come to be.
all things said and done by wreckageofstars, anakin & cast, 5.8k wip
   The galaxy doesn’t fall; Anakin Skywalker does.
untitled by themoosejthm, obi-wan/anakin/padme, 1.1k
   Padme and Obi-wan helping Anakin paint his nails together so that he stops biting them to ruin
You Didn’t Hear It From Me by ruth baulding, obi-wan & anakin & garen & bant, 6.2k
   Garen Muln reminisces about his childhood friend.
Mission Report by ruth baulding, obi-wan & anakin, 2k
   the team that does paperwork together stays together.

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