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kara: "hey lena can you do the dishes tonight? im really tired and i just want to lie down for a bit..." lena: "#there is little for a concerned citizen to do but weep for the shameless fear mongering-'' kara: "OK I'LL DO THEM GEEZ!"

pls i love all their banter potential


So…. I saw this. And I just couldn’t resist. Because I’m a weak, weak human being

Just imagine, when the Paladins come back to earth years later, nobody has a clue how or why a bunch of people that went missing quite some time ago  reappear in giant robot lions out of nowhere. Suddenly both, the missing students from the Galaxy Garrison and the Kerberos crew are back and there’s a giant alien space castle and an alien princess and OMG.

When the media finds out about the Paladins they’re celebrated like rockstars. And since everybody desperately wants to know what happened out there, they’re invited to talk shows and stuff.

And now imagine Keith and Shiro sitting in one of these talk shows, dropping this on their audience because they’re both into memes. A lot. They planned this for weeks.

Also, Keith with undercut is my life now.


….. also: wedding rings. Hell yeah.

Listen if we get to see what haruka is doing after graduation, I hope it’s one or all three of the following:

-OLYMPICS for Christ’s sake

my favourite looks / part 1
- fitness crunch time
- come, over to my house
- olive garden
- the origin

Family’s What You Make Of It

Family’s What You Make Of It | It starts when Dan stumbles through the door of his two bedroom flat with an attractive stranger attached to his mouth, and it ends with, well… a family. Or, the one where Dan is a single father of a three year old, who intends for Phil to be nothing more than a one night stand until he see’s him interact with his daughter for the first time. | Phan | Mature | Smut, self-neglect, implied self-esteem issues, single father Dan | 4,374 Words

Thank you so @phansdick for encouraging me (as always) and then being wonderful and beta’ing for me without me even having to ask ;)

(Ao3 Link)

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  • Molly: *reading Little Women* I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that Jo and Laurie didn't end up together.
  • Sherlock: *responds casually while experimenting in her kitchen* Isn't that what fan fiction is for?
  • Molly: *brows shoot up*
  • Sherlock: What? I don't live under a rock.
  • Molly: *giggles* I suppose you're right though. Maybe that is the next best thing. Not every relationship I like can work out in reality.
  • Sherlock: Very true. *pauses thoughtfully* Some can though.
  • Molly: You think?
  • Sherlock: Naturally, yes. You see, as I understand it, there was one insurmountable obstacle in the case of those characters you're reading about. *voice drops* They didn't love each other in exactly the same way.
  • Molly: *riveted now* R-right, they didn't.
  • Sherlock: *locks eyes with her* Some people don't have that problem.
mother’s day psa:

if ur mom has harmed u in any way, including all types of abuse, and you don’t like/love ur mom, it’s ok to not feel as though you want to “celebrate” her; an abusive parent does not deserve your guilt or your kindness. if doing something for your mom will ensure your safety/is safer than not doing anything (like me for instance), just for a little peace of mind, please do it. it’s okay to lie for your safety as well. 

everything will be okay. we will get through this.

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Mom! I follow your posts regularly, sometimes I check a couple times a day. I realized something, your Monsta X bias is missing from the Friends - to - Lovers series. Could I possibly request a Friends - to - Lovers Hyungwon. (tbh he's totally my bias too). Love you!!!!

find: shownu (here) | kihyun (here) | minhyuk (here) | jooheon (here) | wonho (here) | changkyun (here)

  • you work at the local botanical garden and there’s this one exhibit on like,,,,tropical flowers that’s always warm and has like benches that sit between the different patches of flowers and plants
  • and there’s one bench that’s kind of hidden behind a really large cactus 
  • that bench,,,,,is where you’ve found hyungwon several times
  • and at first you were concerned,,,,because you’d always find him there,,,,,,asleep,,,,,with what looked like a sketchbook or notepad in hand
  • and you’d always have to wake him up because if another person found him he might be kicked out or get his membership taken away
  • and once when u ask him if he even has a membership 
  • he’s like “here is the card,,,,i got it as a gift,,,,,,,,this place is nic-”
  • and u swear he looked like he was about to sleep again u literally had to shake his shoulders
  • but ,,, as you’ve come to know him,,,,,hyungwon explains that he likes this place and comes here for inspiration,,,,it’s just the warmth and quietness makes him always fall asleep
  • and ur like ,,,,, well ill try to cover for u if anything,,,,but seriously u could get in trouble!!!
  • but somehow this weird relationship turns into friendship because sometimes u sit on the bench with hyungwon and he asks u about the flowers or about the job
  • and it’s,,,,nice,,,,you know to have this chat with someone
  • but also ur curious to know what hyungwon needs inspiration for 
  • and it turns out he’s a singer,,,,which was ur second guess after model,,,,and he said he just likes to come here and doodle and be away from training all the time
  • and ur like,,,,well maybe go see the other exhibits we have??? and he’s like “but,,,,this place is the warmest,,,,,and no one ever bothers me,,,,,because they can’t see me behind the cactus”
  • and ur like hyungwon. i can see u. anyone can see u because tbh ur taller than the damn cactus
  • but u get it,,,he comes here to relax and tbh u can’t blame him,,,,this place is the most calming one throughout the gardens
  • but one day as ur walking through to see if hyungwon is there,,,,you see him,,,,,,,but u also see ur co-worker
  • who kind of has a mean streak so u rush over and they’re like “do you know him???” and you’re like panicking so you’re like um,,,,yES,,,,he’s my,,,,,,,my,,,,,my,,,,,,boyfriend!”
  • and ur co-worker is like huh u have a boyfriend and ur like HAHA yep i know hard to believe HAHA anyway he said he wanted to tell me something so he was waiting here
  • and ur co-worker is like “he was sleeping here”
  • but hyungwon corrects them and is like “i was simply resting my eyes” and ur like YEP he was just RESTING his eyes,,,,,,pleaseletthisslide
  • and with a glare the co-worker leaves and u let out  sigh and sit beside hyungwon and ur like “letting ur eyes rest??? really???” and hyungwon is like “it’s technically not lie right?”
  • and u just laugh a little but hyungwon suddenly scoots closer to you and puts an arm around ur shoulder 
  • and ur like ?? and he’s like “i think this is a good place for a first date”
  • u blush because????? whats he talking about
  • and hyungwon looks over and instead of the usual dreamy look on his face,,,,there’s something more
  • and he’s like “as your boyfriend i guess i should ask you out on a date right?” and ur like yOu dONt,,,HAVE ,,to i just said it as an excu-
  • but hyungwon leans a little closer and is like “i know,,,,but one ur co-worker is actually spying on us rn from across the room and two,,,,i do want to take u on a date. here or somewhere else. do you like korean food or something else?”
  • and ur both amazed that hyungwon,,,noticed ur co-worker which u were sure had left but also,,,,,,ur like “i dont have a prefrence??? but are you seri-”
  • and hyungwon is like “yep,,,,when do you get off work ill stay here “resting my eyes” till then”
  • and ur like hyungwon PLEASE but also ur like 8pm
  • and at 8 there hyungwon is,,,,waiting outside of the gates slightly hunched over looking cute and tall and ur co-worker snorts because hyungwon pulls you over and is like “should i kiss you for show - or is that too much on our first date?”
  • and ur like,,,,,,,oh my GOD

New ref for horse mom~ 

Been desperately wanting a new cutie mark and I’m beside myself over this one made by @sirenibe ?? It’s seriously so perfect for me I actually wanna cry every time I see it pffbt, I tweaked my ponysona’s design to match it a little more and to reflect my shift towards liking purple a lot while still making her look like me so she doesn’t become her own oc pffbt

Culture Shock part 1 (Jungkook angst)

Be honest. Deep down, could you see yourself marrying someone like me?

Originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies

Part two Part three Part four

Word count: 1.5k

Genre: Angst

It was your favorite position in the world, lying in bed, resting your head on Jungkook’s chest, his arm wrapped around you. He was holding his phone just above you, showing you a series of Youtube videos from a sketch show that you didn’t particularly like. Every time something dumb happened on the small screen, his chest shook so much under the weight of his laughter that it felt like an earthquake beneath your head, and you loved it. Every chuckle was a welcome reminder of how much you adored this man. In this perfect moment, you felt truly happy. Happy, settled, and in love. 

Your bliss was suddenly interrupted by Jungkook’s shrill ringtone. The video on the screen was replaced by an incoming call from his mom. 

“Sorry baby,” he said, then kissed you on your nose, making you giggle. He slid out from underneath you and sat up at the edge of the bed. You sat too, staying close to him so you could cling to his arm as he answered the phone. 

“Hello, Mom,” he said into the receiver.

Helloooo,” you called out in the most ridiculous voice you could muster. You laughed at your own stupid joke. 

Jungkook shot you a look. It wasn’t the amused, playful look that you were expecting. It was an embarrassed, angry look that made you shrivel. His eyes were suddenly cold and his mouth tightened into a straight line, making you feel tiny. You met his look with a questioning shrug, silently asking him what was wrong.

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if anything happens to killian i will face griffin mcelroy and walk backwards into the astral plane

If Sicheng (WinWin) was your boyfriend

part 2

When he first saw you and introduced himself to you

But then immediately gets shy and baby like 

Kun knows about his crush on you and tries to get him to talk to you via facetime

When Sicheng realizes that they’re facetiming you 
“H-Hi” (shy baby mode on)

How he gets before asking you out on date

But feels like it’s now or never and just asks you, but his words come out very mechanical (bc he’s crazy nervous)

You blink at a him a few times before asking “Did you just ask me out on a date?”

When you say yes to going on a date with him

How he is before your date even starts

How he is during the date

But then he warms up and tries doing something daring

“Did you just try holding my hand?”

But then you just hold his hand instead

And that’s how your relationship started, basically. 

The members like to tease him 
“How does this selca look?”

Jaehyun snatches Sicheng’s phone, “Great. Let’s just send this to (Y/N).”

Jaehyun hits send, despite Sicheng’s protest

But then you text him back almost instantaneously, “Sicheng, you look so cute!”

“Do I not get a ‘thank you’?” Jaehyun would ask.
“Thanks.” He is still bitter but help can’t but feel giddy

Teaching him Korean and giving him homework.
“Did you do your homework?”

“Gotta blast!”

Adopting Renjun as your son (bc Sicheng and Renjun together is just so precious)

Him trying to teach you Chinese
“Open your mouth like this.”

The next day, you try saying what he taught you but butcher it

Doing morning stretches together, well try to, “Come on, wake up jagi!”

Taking naps together

Sometimes being the only one that understands his broken Korean gibberish 
“My jagi understands me.”

Gets jealous when the other members get too close to you

Especially Yuta

Trying to get your attention
“Jagi look at me only!”

Warning, you will get jealous of Yuta and will need to fight him sometimes for Sicheng. 

(can you tell I’m a YuWin shipper??)

When Donghyuck learns that Sicheng hasn’t kissed you. 
“Here, hyung, I’ll teach you how it’s down.”

So the next time he sees you, he asks if he can kiss you

But then he gets shy and you kiss his cheek instead 
(he’s just a smol baby)

Once you two get more comfortable with each other, he gives you this look
(what am I doing?? he is just a smol precious baby)

Randomly dancing together

When you ask him to teach you traditional Chinese dancing

“Sicheng! do you really expect me to be able to do that?”
“Okay, this might be easier.”

His laugh when you actually follow along

When he tries to help you cook dinner

But instead of helping, he just start dancing around. (at least it kept you entertained)

But you’re okay with it because you just love seeing him eat and be happy

One day he bring you a cake and claimed to have made it himself
“Jagi, I made you a cake.”

“Don’t you mean Jaehyun made me a cake?” You joke but it ended up hurting his feelings

You hate seeing him upset so you tell him a little lie, just to bring up his mood
“I was just joking, Sicheng. Jaehyun can’t make a cake that is this pretty.”
Gets smug af

When he misses you while on tour
“Jagi, I miss you!”

Loves to show you off to his members
“Yeah, I’M, Sicheng, is dating (Y/N).”

When you praise another member and not him
“Taeyong, you’re dance was so cool.”
“Yes, hyung…. cool” (salty mode activated)

Always beating him in head tennis

Playing around before bed time

Ending the night with pillow talk

Be ready to fight everyone, because everyone finds him cute and you need to show everyone that he is yours only

Little random adventures 


Saying ‘I love you’ for the first time and sincerely meaning it

Dong Sicheng would be such a great boyfriend and he will love you always. Although he can be kind of childish sometimes, he’s still young and still has time to learn and grow. Be patient with him and make sure to give him a lot of love as well. Please keep him warm, fed, happy, and loved. 

(Credits to gif makers/owners)