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Ok so I've seen sources showing issues that ace people face (corrective rape, being fired from jobs, fear of coming out, that facebook post will a ton of shutty comments) ect but do you have any for aro people for when people start asking about issues aros face?

I’m going to start you with this incredibly shitty youtube video, because it hates on agender people, aces, and aros, all at once. (Link)

The Usual Youtube Bullshit:

(I will note that these comments are less prevalent. That’s likely because the most popular aro video has 20k views, while the most popular ace video has 4.5m. The difference is…noticeable.)

So….um…very clearly, you can see that we get similar reactions to aces, at least on social media. 

I’m also going to put this little footnote here, because I just stumbled on something: you also get suggestions of Schizoid Personality Disorder because of describing aromanticism.

On to personal accounts, then: 

On not being attracted to anyone

On coming out to friends

We are not the same - on Raphael, Jughead, and Aro/Ace Representation

On arophobia and what people can do

On the intersection of arophobia and misogyny

To People Who Say That Arophobia Does Not Exist

I believe that “aromantic” is not a real orientation and aromantic people need therapy

On Mental Health and Being Single


5 Ways Amatonormativity Harms Us All

Amatonormativity: The One True Love Complex

There’s a Word for the Assumption that Everyone Should be in a Relationship


Men Without Women: A Guide to the Unmarried Man (TW!!! Homophobia as well, likely ableism I haven’t read it in a while)

Attacks on Spinster Teachers

Rounding Up Spinsters in Colonial Asante

Are Single LDS Men Really  a “Menace” to Society?

(Slightly Happier)

Queerplatonic Relationship in History

The Golden Orchid (aka the best example of aro inclusion in queer spaces ever)


Alrighty-o now you get to listen to me, aka your favorite person, run my mouth about what all of these links are if you don’t have time to read them or need an intro summary. This is going to be the longest summary ever, for those of you who are not aware.

So: what we have is the societal structure, amatonormativity, and the historical structure: the precedent and influence for how people who go for non-traditional relationship models or no relationship at all. When you put these things together and compare them to the modern views on (I’m calling them NTRMs. Non Traditional Relationship Models.) NTRMs and people who do not desire a relationship, you start to see a structure of oppression beginning to take shape - it’s always been there, but this evidence makes it provable. Arophobia is impossible to ignore. Historically, single people and people using NTRMs have been derided and the subject of witch hunts. This occurs today with some less extreme visible forms as well, in the common idea of “romance is more important than friends”, “everyone has a crush”, etc. etc. Therefore, arophobia does exist and is a structure of oppression.

Short answer: yes.

More of my personal thoughts and rants under the cut.

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HAHAHAHAHA! Fun day today; I totally just told off this jackass on YouTube! I’ll copy & paste my comment down here but I’ll also link you guys to the video so you can read it from the source (he deleted his comment btw LMFAOOO) 

~I’m not going to waste my time arguing with some doofus on YouTube so I’m just gonna lay these facts here and see my way out. I wanna say that you’re contradicting yourself all over the place, dude. Firstly, you say that you love BTS’ rappers and then turn around and say RM isn’t shit? By doing that, you’re not only making it hard for people to see your point, you’re also making yourself look like a dork. Secondly, you claim to have heard all of his “shit”, but you also claim that all of his songs are about love? Let me just type some of his lyrics down to prove you wrong:

 "너희들이 맨날 느낀다는 rap pain난 순식간에 비트를 제패 널 보면 비트들이 말을 하네 쟤 패 배알이 좀 꼴리실 거에요 제 pay 스웨덴, 독일 브라질 to 재팬 니 더러운 혀보다 강해여 제 펜 이제야 까보네여 오광보다 더한 제 패 Got six bullets in my tongue Six snakes in my lung Six shots got me feelin’ 2pac 그래 이건 에이셉의 가사" In English, he’s saying *I’ll open this place’s doors and close them like a campaignthe rap pain that you guys feel every day in an instant I conquer the beat when they see you the beats speak, that guy’s a loss you’ll feel a little offended, my pay Sweden, Germany, Brazil to Japan my pen is stronger than your dirty tongue it’s now, try to tease me my loss that’s greater than Okwang^ got six bullets in my tongue, ho six snakes in my lung, ho six shots got me feeling 2pac, okay, these are A$AP’s lyrics, ho* 

 ^ = Okwang, a fortune-telling card game 

 Now I don’t know about you, but that sure as hell doesn’t sound like a love song to me (btw, these are lyrics of his song “Joke” from his very recent mix tape that clearly you haven’t listened to). 

 Thirdly, do you even speak Korean? As somebody who does, in fact, speak Korean, I can very much appreciate the wordplay and puns that you claim RM doesn’t use. Another example of you totally contradicting yourself. You can’t make all of these ridiculous claims and say such a blanket statement like “most fangirls don’t understand Korean” if you don’t understand it yourself. You say “Rapmonster has no punchlines, no play on words, no rifts and his lyrics are like words rapped from a generic love song” (yes this is a direct quote). So here, let me show you another example of some puns/wordplay/etc. that you may have missed out on because you clearly don’t understand Korean (otherwise you wouldn’t have made those outrageous and quite incorrect claims):

 "I’m not pop, I’m not rock, I’m not funk, I’m not R&B or hiphop 아직도 뭔지도 모르는 애들 전부 다 파라 귓밥 ‘치마에 스키니진? 힙합이 아냐!’ 그럼 A$AP은 힙합이 아냐? 니가 A$AP, Kanye보다 더 힙합이야? 꼰대 선비새끼들은 저 뒤로 가라 내가 말하길 fashion은 곧 passion 한국말로 쓰면 똑같아 패션(this part right here is wordplay) 홍대 가면 괜히 바지 내리는 것들 대신 니가 입고 싶은 대로 입어 that’s swag. that’s it (Whoa!) 유행 따라가도 good (Whoa!) 졸라 남달라도 good 걍 니 자체가 hood, 원래 모두 처음부터 맞고 틀린 건 없었어 각자가 좀 다를 뿐 Haters gon hate and players gon play Mufuckas keep mufuckin all day Follow my shit, my friend and I’ll pay 내가 너 대신 침 뱉어줄게 퉤" 

  In English: “I’m not pop, I’m not rock, I’m not funk, I’m not R&B or hiphopall the kids who don’t know what they are yet dig, earlobes “skirt and skinny jeans? that’s not hip hop!” so is A$AP not hip hop? are you more hip hop than A$AP and Kanye? those old classical geezers can get behind me like I said, fashion will soon be passion if you write it in Korean it’s the same, 패션* (this is where the wordplay is that I marked in the Hangul version) if you go to Hongdae instead of letting down your pants for no reason just wear what you want how you want to, that’s swag, that’s it (whoa!) if you follow the trends that’s good (whoa!) if you’re totally different that’s good just you yourself is hood, originally everything from the beginning there was nothing right or wrong, just that various things are different haters gon’ hate and players gon’ play mufuckas keep mufuckin all day follow my shit, my friend and I’ll pay I’ll spit instead of you tweh”(<– spit noise) 

 These are just a few examples that I put together rather quickly. And I’m going to make myself clear in that I feel the need to “defend” (and I put quotes around that b/c he doesn’t really need to be defended; he knows how good he is and anyone who understands & appreciates Korean rap does too) because he’s been an inspiration to me for a few years now. He’s a person who’s overcome a lot of shit and makes the best of it everyday. He’s one of few atheist celebrities I know of and look up to as a role model. I want to give back to him by making sure he’s getting the respect he deserves. Plus I couldn’t pass up the chance to point out how stupid you’ve made yourself look just now.

 And just to add this little footnote here - Mino was indeed an underground rapper at a period of time in his life. There is footage of his performances before he even became a trainee at YG. (So yeah, you look kinda stupid saying he “claims” to be an underground rapper). 

 Brush up on your Korean & your knowledge of rap in general and try again next time! :)~