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PLL 7x18: Thoughts and theories

This is the less disappointing episode of season 7B to be honest. After seeing the episode a couple of times i got some things that are either just weird and probably aren’t gonna have an explanation (as usually happens) or are some how connected to what we hope is gonna happen. I really don’t know at this point because this show has let me hanging so many times that i would be fine with just knowing who is AD and that is it. Because i really don’t think i am gonna be completely happy with the story at the end. 

The screenshots are in spanish because i’m from Colombia 🇨🇴

1. Mona and the broken windshield.

When i say this is the less disappointing episode i mean from the beginning to the end i was so into it. The first thing that caught my attention the second time seeing the episode was the recap. When Mona shows up and the girls are discussing the game Mona reminds then that she was the one who replace the windshield so she is part of the situation. Later in the episode Detective Tanner finds pieces of it at Spencer’s house. Coincidence? Because the first time i saw the episode i was like “How was that still there? Spencer just showered big pieces of glass of her hair?” And i found it not even a good evidence for a police case because before they even run a test to see if it was the same as Lucas’ car or if it matched the fragments under Archer’s fingernails Tanner was already sure about it. Like that was just glass and how did they saw it but Spencer didn’t clean it before. AND HOW DID TANNER KNOW LUCAS CAR WINDSHIELD WAS REPLACED? Do they have records of every car fixed in Rosewood? Wasn’t Mona to do it under the radar? Since now, Mona was all over this episode.

2. “Old habits die hard”

This is what detective Tanner tells to Spencer at the police station. Then she shared her impression for how well Spencer play Furey, but also how she remembers that her friends are just as good. This made me think of Alison and how much she has change. But did she? Because when the girls swear not to blame each other she didn’t and was way to quiet there. And how did Tanner get her phone number her when the girls found Aria? she had that phone for less that a day and wasn’t getting new phones a way to stay away from the investigation? Why would she give Tanner the number and why did she called Alison? Alison was the only one with a reasonable alibi. Before AD saved Aria’s ass with a look alike (i don’t even wanna think about another twin and i am just ignoring the two blonde little girls in her family album photos) she was supposed to be locked up in a mental institution, no one knew she run away with Archer. I really don’t know who AD can be at this point so i am just letting it all out. Mona, Alison, Caleb, anyone, i am so far from a logic explanation.

3. “We literally got you black hooded” 

When AD calls Aria and tells her to wear the uniform it fits so good with Mona exposing her. Literally if it wasn’t for the all black everything she could have lie easily. And right after this scene who appears taking of her headphones in front of the computer? Mona. Maybe some people saw it coming and realize it but i didn’t. It really sounded like AD and it just gets to suspicious. Will Mona will the full circle? When she meets the girls at the hotel how did she know they were there? And for real how did she know about Spencer’s family fiasco? Also Later Aria talks to AD again and he/she confirms he/she was actually going to meet her. So the AD that talked to Aria earlier is the real AD? Was Mona pretending to be AD to expose Aria? or is Mona AD? I hate this show.

4. Everyone is “different” in this episode

Hanna tells her mom how different she was acting, Toby telling Spencer how she “Doesn’t sounds like the Spencer he knows”. Also when mona tells them about Aria’s wereabouts when the trashing of the nursery happened why doesn’t Spencer say anything about the earring? She obviously catched that one. And Hanna confirming how “different” Mona was.

5. Caleb i don’t trust you

So if we are gonna catch how Mona may be AD and full circle then we can’t ignore how Caleb took part in that famous scene where he and Mona knew exactly how the other liked their coffee, how he suspiciously closed his computer when Ashley showed up, how he found AD’s address exactly after the girls destroyed the cellphone and he calls Ezra??!? possibly the only more suspicious person in the entire series. And how he proposes and marries Hanna so fast. Like why the rush? Nervous she can testify against you? Because he says “we can’t testify against EACH OTHER” Remember hanna always “Knew too much” A and Alison told her that earlier in the series.

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Imagine Tay and Joe cuddling on the couch like young parents whilst their pets just play around together

What a cute little family omg i really want a photo of them with all their pets



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Just a little EddMatt family photo of Edd, Matt, Madd (Little EddMatt kid/fusion/clone I made I’ll draw him as both) and Fred the Rock (They’re first real son. 7u7)

And Tom, Tord and Torm (Will draw as kid and fusion/clone.)