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I only just realized that the phrase ‘Little Lotte thought: Am I fonder of dolls or of goblins or of shoes?’ was a hard and blunt reference to Christine wondering whether she liked the dollish Raoul or Erik with his goblin like face better or if she should just concentrate on her dancing career! She wondered about it in that bloody moment, Raoul what are you, some sort of psychic??-!

Sexism (Music Industry)

Boy bands: *talent’s fine; with at least one good looking member; songs are okay; dresses anything the way they want*

Girl groups: *sweet and pretty girls; extremely talented, down-to-earth, and family oriented; multi-platinum recording artists; works their asses off; spends most of their time on tour buses; performs live in front of thousands of people with period cramps, difficult dance routines, and 5-inch heels*

Nessian Smut Week Day 3

So… I wrote a thing.  I hope you guys enjoy it.  @accidental-rambler, tagging you because you didn’t request this one, but you usually enable my Nessian ways.

They don’t tell them anything.

              There was nothing in the way they interact with her or Elain that made Nesta think it was a trust issue.  No, it’s just that the Fae looked at them and saw pretty little dolls – attractive, but otherwise useless.  So they plot and plan a way to bring her sister home, and Nesta is left with a burning anger inside and no way to release it.

              “Oh.  It’s you.”

              Nesta looked away from the window, she hadn’t truly been seeing anything anyway, and looked at the doorway to the library.  


              She tried not to let it show, but somehow his treatment of her hurt the most. Not that she would ever tell him so.

              But… she had thought he thought… not better of her, but more.  He might think her a bitch and harridan, but she had also thought he had seen her strength.

              More the fool her, for thinking that any man would give her validation.

              Not that she needed his validation.

              “What do you want?” Nesta asked him coldly, turning her gaze back to the window.  If she didn’t look at him, then he would never know that he had…

              She refused to finish that thought.  The bastard didn’t have the power to hurt her.

              “I’m looking for Mor.  Where is she?”

              “As if I would know.” The words were sneered, followed by an incredulous scoff before Nesta could think the words through.  Had it been Azriel, or even her sister’s High Lord, she would have considered each word before she spoke it.

              It’s only Cassian that can somehow gain access to the thoughts she keeps hidden away.

              “What’s that supposed to mean?”

              Nesta said nothing, just tilted her head away. She’d done the same to many boys back in her village, and each had been cowed by the cold dismissal.  She heard Cassian move behind her, his leathers creaking, and she felt a derisive smirk curl her lips, at the sign that he was just another weak boy, so easily pushed aside.

              The door closed with a snick, and Nesta had to get to her feet, had to do something, with the rage within.  Alone, he could surely find an outlet –

              She hit a hard chest and froze, her gaze shooting up. Her eyes met cool hazel, and one of Cassian’s arms came up and wrapped around her waist, tugged her close when she would have taken a step back.

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“The tragedy was narrowly averted thanks to a young stranger passing by Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria at the time. Eyewitnesses say that the child, whose family was in the restaurant, managed to navigate the parking lot safely and attempted to cross the neighbouring road. The young man reportedly ran with surprising speed and was able to save the child.”

Little Green Monster (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: I can’t handle it, I love the way you write both Steve and Bucky. Can I get a oneshot where reader starts off dating Steve and Bucky brings Sharon to dinner or something and they realize they are with the wrong people?? Just so I can pretend with a little bit of both haha!! Thanks doll!

YOU *points* keep Bucky in character and Seb in “personality” so WELL! AAAHHHHHH bless you for existing. I would die of happiness if you could do another Bucky is jealous ficcie, your oneshot about the restaurant was on fire and I needed to drink two bottles of water to cool down. Thank you !

A/N: So I decided to combine two prompts into one- more jealous!Bucky for you all. (Also people keep calling me ‘Doll’ and I keep dying of cuteness because I love that name so much, I’m basically a puddle). Thanks to the two lovely anons who requested this :) 

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Happy bfsn! 1st pic is me looking at a b.cho space baby post and the 2nd pic is me remembering Clarke’s cheek is going to make sweet love to Bellamy’s hand tonight. NO BIG DEAL !!1!

Anyway I actually have a few The 100 shirts from redbubble that I WANTED to promo on bfsn but bruh I’m so tired I just hopped in my sweats. I’ll try to doll up a little next week with my bellarke shirt that has percabeth fanart hidden in it.

Love you guys! Tag me in your pics 😘

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