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First Kiss- RFA + V and Unknown

Thanks for the request and awh thank you <3 in the morning im going to read a load of V headcanons so i know what im doing lolol

  - bless this child
  - he was super happy
  - lowkey his first kiss too
  - asks repeatedly if you enjoyed it
  - cuddles forever
  - very smiley

  - cute little mom just blushes
  - a lot of cute stuttering
  - glad she was worthy enough of sharing this moment with you
  - all the thinks about for the rest of the night

  - yeaa boiiiiiii
  - “well, you know, im here if you need your first make out sesh”
  - incredibly honored
  - tells yoosung
  - *both fanboy hard*

  - huge turn on
  - acts cool though
  - “really? thats cool”
  -*insides screaming*
  - you see through his act though
  - you laugh it off and just kiss him more

  -  repeatedly asks if it was good enough
  - “if i knew it was gonna be your first i woulda put more effort into it!”
  - “lets do it again, ill make it better”
  - you saw through the ruse
  - you just want to kiss me again, dont you?
  - “who wouldnt?”

  - not really a fan of tradition 
  - didnt really see it as a big deal
  - you were okay with that though, you didnt want a fuss
  - you mostly just talked about it tbh

  - lowkey flustered
  - didn’t believe it
  - “why would you want me to be your first kiss?”
  - insecure baby
  - lots of cuddles 


Priya is kind of the coolest dog I know. 

(And she flushed a pair of pheasants today, then recalled away from them in flight!)


Daddy!Dean x Reader


“I think he likes the toy cars you got him.” You whispered to your husband.

Dean flashed a smirk, glancing back at you. “He is my son after all.” He winked. “By the way, Sammy and My mom are going to come over in an hour, so we should probably get dressed soon.”

Taking a sip of your coffee, you snuggled closer to Dean. “Not yet.” You exhaled.

He pressed a soft kiss to your head, a smile forming on your lips.

Being in his arms made you feel whole. With him being gone for hunts most of the time, you cherish every moment you have with him. Even if it’s just for a little while.

“This is perfect.” Dean hummed.

“What is?”

“This. Cuddling with you, while watching our little guy play with his toys.” He couldn’t help but smile. “It’s the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for.”

Playfully you nudged his side. “You’re such a sap, Dean Winchester.”

He glanced down at you, and furrowed his brows. “Shut up!” He tried to keep from smiling. “So Mrs. Winchester, where’s my gift?”

As you were about to respond, Dean was immediately interrupted when bobby jumped in his lap. “Daddy car!” He yelled.

Dean let out a chuckle, and nodded. “Yeah that’s like daddy’s car.” He put his cup of coffee down on to the coffee table and gave his son his full attention. “Come on, let’s go play with your cars.”

“Wait.” You exhaled. Pulling out a small box from under the tree, you felt your heart beat begin to race. You were nervous but also excited.


Dean took the small gift into his hand, and looked at Bobby. “Want to help daddy open this present?”

You watched the boys tear the wrapping paper off, growing more and more anxious as the seconds passed by.

He opened the top and as soon as his eyes glanced at the surprise inside, his mouth dropped. “Are you freakin serious?” He asked, shooting his gaze up to you.

You could only nod, holding your stomach.

Dean jumped up swinging his son around in the air,along Bobby giggle uncontrollably.

“You’re going to be a big brother!” He exclaimed. “We’re having another baby!”

He put bobby down and quickly stepped over to you, his hand gently pressed to your belly as he flashed a cheeky grin. “How’s daddy’s little girl?”

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Hinata, Tanaka and Kei's reactions to their sibilings walking in on them and their s/o during an intense makeout session. Or a short scenario if thats okay;;

Hinata Shoyou

  • He’s so embarrassed and startled???
  • He was not supposed to be corrupting his little sister like this at such a young age.
  • Hinata literally deflates and hides himself behind you, he can’t face his sister after this. 

Tanaka Ryuunosuke

  • Oh god, his sister was not supposed to be home right now so why did she end up walking in at this exact moment???
  • She knew exactly what the two of you were up to and just had to investigate. It was on every siblings bucket list to catch their sibling in a make out session. 
  • He sits there for a little bit with a sheepish expression on his face. He won’t be able to continue in this state so you just have to cuddle.

Tsukishima Kei

  • This little shit knew that his brother was in the next room and did everything in his power to make sure you were loud.
  • Even when the blonde came busting in the door did he not stop, even going so far as to directly look Akiteru in the eye as he slid his tongue in your mouth.
  • You may have been embarrassed, but even then Kei kept going, muttering something about how obnoxious his brother was. Nothing was going to keep him from a good make out session.
Sagittarius & Libra
  • Libra, cuddling with Sagittarius @ his place: This is nice
  • Sagittarius, enjoying being the the little spoon: Yeah, but you know what would be even better?
  • Libra, already knows what he is going to say: N-
  • Sagittarius, smiles evilly: Tell me one thing that is wrong with dressing up as reindeer with ski masks and breaking into Cancer's place to surprise them with gifts?
  • Libra, pulls a face: It's illegal...?

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What would cuddles with the RFA members be like? 👀💕 - Mod Gabby

((Hey, sorry that this took so long))


  • Yoosung is down to cuddle when and wherever 
  • Like if mc said she wants to cuddle and he’s playing LOLOL, he will finish up the round, tell his friends he has to go, and will cuddle with MC
  • He loves those little cuddles where you just kind of hug each other for a long time while sitting in bed or on the couch
  • He likes to be the big spoon because it feels “manly” but secretly enjoys being the little spoon.
  • Whenever he’s upset, he’ll just silently pull MC into his lap and will cuddle with her. MC finds this adorable
  • He likes playing with MC’s hair, and the scent of her hair just makes him melt.
  • He’s rather a cold person, so he sucks the heat right out of MC


  • Zen loves to cuddle, especially right before bed
  • He’s the type where he will take off an entire day so that he can watch cheesy disney movies or your favorite musical together under a fluffy blanket
  • He loves it when MC just runs her fingers through his long hair
  • He loves to cuddle so that he’s facing her
  • But he doesn’t mind if he’s the big spoon so he can whisper sweet things into MC’s ear
  • He finds it so adorable when mc falls asleep in his arms. He then will try his hardest not to move
  • He always has cold feet. Sometimes he’ll tease MC by putting his cold feet on her and watching her squeal in surprise. He always gives her an extra warm hug afterwards though


  • Jaehee is the type of person who when you try to get out of bed, they’ll cuddle with you to make you feel bad about getting up
  • She likes being the little spoon (then she doesn’t accidentally eat MC’s hair)
  • Also likes to snuggle in close and loves being held tightly
  • She loves pulling MC into her lap and just letting MC melt into her warm embrace
  • She’s not into cuddling in public, but at home she’s quite the cuddle bug
  • MC tends to run cold, and so does Jaehee unfortunately. Jaehee ends up getting a blanket or something to warm to wrap around them both


  • Jumin is almost never the one to initiate a cuddle session
  • Doesn’t mean he isn’t super happy when MC cuddles up to him
  • He will literally stop everything he is doing to snuggle with MC
  • Sometimes it’s a MC sandwich with Jumin, MC, and Elizabeth all cuddling together
  • Although he doesn’t seem like the type, he’s super warm, but not too warm, and he loves holding MC close to him and watching her breathe. MC loves it because she’s cuddled right up to his chest and she can hear his heartbeat


  • MC wants to cuddle? He’s gonna drop everything to give her cuddles, which sometimes gets him in trouble
  • He likes it when they’re both snuggling in bed together.
  • He loves holding MC close to him, in a rather tight hold while they sit and drink their preferred beverages while watching a good movie, like the Lego movie.
  • Getting him to cuddle is not the problem. Getting him to let go is
  • He’s like a furnace, so he radiates off way too much heat.

I imagine in season 7, Arya walking into Winterfell, becoming a real badass scene, with wolves, blood an all…. But when she sees her siblings, she is FINALLY allowed to be just the little girl she was before the war. The little girl who loves her big brother and her big sister, the little girl who is to tired to stand.

A little girl who saw way too much…

I think it would be adorable to see this tough and hard warrior to be just the little wolf, back in the pack. Just little Arya, happy to be home and happy to cuddle with Jon and Sansa.

Just a little longer

Description: Damon wants you to stay in bed all day but you’ve got important things to do at school, although your temptations get the best of you and you end up staying for a little more than just cuddling.. xx

Character: Damon Salvatore x Reader

Warnings: Smut (M), Swearing

Word Count: 1340

I woke up to Damon breathing on my neck. He was spread across half of my body with his head resting in the crook of my neck and his arm across my chest. I could only turn my head so much without waking him up, although I managed to tilt my head just enough to look down at him, and god he was adorable. I laid there admiring him for a few minutes before taking my first shot at escaping his unconscious grasp.

I slid one leg out from under the sheets and off the side of the bed, the other soon following. Now, my upper body remained lying flat on the bed while my lower body was contorted off the side. “Damon”, I lightly whispered, trying to gracefully wake him, but still nothing. I shook a little, trying to wriggle my way out. He groaned and gripped me tighter so I immediately flung my legs back up onto the bed, stretching myself out once again.

At this point, I was seconds away from peeing everywhere; I needed to go desperately. I felt him moving around slightly although he maintained his grip on my chest. “Daaaamon”, I whispered a little louder, tensing my thighs together to stop the urgent flow of pee from evading but still nothing. It was time for plan B. I unhinged his fingers from my body, one by one, before finally holding his hand in mine. I picked it up and placed it next to him softly before wriggling out from underneath his head. Surprisingly, he was still dead asleep with no sign of waking anytime soon.

My feet lightly tapped the ground as I tried to make a break for the bathroom, looking back every few seconds to check that Damon was still asleep. He was. My teeth were gritted and my face was scrunched up as I flushed the toilet, not wanting the flow of water to be as loud as it was. Washing my hands was only a tad easier, only because I could control the pressure of water spilling out.

I tiptoed back out into Damon’s room to find him still asleep, I let out a sigh of relief and wiped my wet hands on his shirt that I was wearing. Crawling back onto the bed was a more difficult task than I had imagined. It required me not to make sudden movements and do everything at an awfully slow pace. I succeeded and crawled my way over to Damon before tucking myself back under his arm and cuddling into him.

“Nice try, babe”, he shot his eyes open and playfully glared at me. I was shocked to say the least, I seriously believed he was asleep. “Damn, I really thought my stealth skills were improving”, I laughed and Damon moved his head slightly to peck me on the lips. “Good morning gorgeous”, he smirked before rolling himself onto his back and staring at the ceiling. “Morning, yes. Good? Not so much”, I sighed. Damon turned his head to face me, “What’s wrong?”, he pouted. I looked over at the clock on the bedside table and turned back to Damon, “It’s 8am, I have school in half an hour”.

“Aw, no fun”, he sighed as he pulled my body on top of his chest. I looked down at him and glared, “No! Not today Damon. I really need to go to school, Mr Saltzman said if I miss any more history classes I won’t pass!”, I whined. “Well surely I can have a word to Mr Saltzman for you. He and I happen to be good friends”, Damon said with a smirk on his face. I paused for a moment and considered staying in bed with Damon all day, but I seriously did need to go to school; history wasn’t the only subject I was going to fail.

I propped myself onto my arms and looked down at his beautifully structured face, pouting a little bit as I realised how much I would miss kissing it while I was at school. I bobbed my head down and locked our lips into a long, slow kiss. I hummed with displeasure as I detached myself from his lips, “I’ve gotta go to school baby, I’m sorry”, I said as I scrunched my face together.

I made my way to the edge of the bed and didn’t look back, knowing that I would change my mind if I took one more look at him. Just as I reached the edge, his hand gripped my wrist tightly. It was silent for a few seconds before I turned my head around and saw his pouting lips and puppy dog eyes trying to pull me back in. “I’ll sort out all of your school stuff if you’d pleeease just stay here with me”, he begged. For a split second, I forgot about all my school work and just admired Damon’s determination to keep me in bed with him. “Fuck it”, I said as I crawled back on the bed and straddled his waist, leaning down to kiss him passionately. 

He pulled away and looked up at me with a smirk, “I knew you couldn’t resist me”, he whispered before grabbing a hold of my neck and pulling me back down to his lips. His hands trailed up my sides before he swiftly removed my shirt and gasped with pleasure when he discovered I wasn’t wearing a bra. My hands traveled to his chest and I ran them along his toned body, feeling every inch of his delicate skin. I lifted myself up and threw my panties to the corner of the room only to look back down and notice Damon licking his lips.

I moved my body further down and slowly removed Damon’s black boxers, my lips slightly parted as his hardness sprung up and throbbed. I gripped it and began rubbing my hand up and down, feeling the slippery friction between him and my hand. Damon flung his head back into the pillows and moaned, grabbing hold of my hair for support. “Get up here now”, he demanded and I obliged with pleasure.

Damon held me by my waist and hovered me over him before he slowly slid my body onto his hard-on. I let out a gasp as I felt his whole length in me. Damon gave me a moment to adjust to his size before thrusting up into me at an inhuman pace. He gripped my thighs as he closed his eyes and parted his lips while his head sunk further into the pillow. He let out low groans as he continued to fuck me at top speed, going deeper inside with every thrust. I screamed his name as I felt my walls begin to clench, grabbing a handful of the sheets in each hand.

“Come for me, baby”, he yelled as his thrusts started becoming disoriented by his nearby release. Damon held my thighs tighter as he sent one last thrust into me before I felt him twitch and spill inside of me. I let go and came around him, my body trembling with aftershocks.

I rested my arms on his shoulders; hunching over him as I tried to catch my breath. I lifted myself off of him and collapsed on his side, resting my head on his bicep and wrapping my arm around his chest. We both laid there for a few minutes, listening to each others heavy rise and fall of breaths.

I glanced over at the clock that read 8:20 and then turned my attention back to Damon, “So, what exactly are you going to tell Mr Saltzman?”, I questioned. “Hmm, maybe I’ll just tell him you had more important things to be doing”, Damon suggested, “Or, you had more a important person to be doing I should say” he continued, smirking. I playfully slapped his chest and leaned in to plant a soft kiss on his neck. He smiled and hugged me tight. 

I could stay here forever.

{Reaction} Cuddling with BTS

Hi! Can I request how each member of BTS cuddles? I’m so in the mood for fluffy stuff 😂 Thank you!!

Note: This request just came in and I couldn’t not do it right now because it’s so sweet. I’ve had such a shit day, and honestly, cuddling with BTS just makes it all feel a little bit better. Also, finding gifs for this was SO HARD (especially for Jungkook and Jimin) so please excuse that, but I hope you enjoy anyway! 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

Min Yoongi/ Suga

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Yoongi, being the sweetly shy member he is, is going to prefer spooning when it comes to cuddling. Mostly when he is the big spoon, but sometimes he’ll give up that position if you’re really instant. He will love holding you close, squeezing your stomach as he holds you close and letting his fingers move in circular rotations on your stomach. He will love the smell of your hair as he buries his face in tu and leaves trails of kisses on the back of your head, neck and shoulders. The reason that he loves this position the most is because he loves the way he can speak soft words and sing to you and blush without you seeing (even though you love seeing his blush.) This man is going to be the softest cuddler in the world, and is going to love it almost as much as you.

Jeon Jungkook

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We all know how much this maknae loves playing games, but what is the one thing he loves more than playing video games you may ask? You. So when he has the opportunity to have video games and you, his life is pretty much next to complete, which is what brings us to his favorite cuddling method. Back hugs playing video games. You’ll be sat in between his legs with his arms wrapped around you from behind. He’ll be holding the controller against your legs and his chin resting on your shoulder as the two of you compete in a game full of giggles and shouting. Be prepared to have his fingers attacking your sides if you’re beating him because he gets the unfair advantage of tickling you when the game doesn’t go his way. But he loves this position the most, not just because of the video games, but because he loves the feeling of having you wrapped up safely in his arms, you’re all his, and that is important to him.

Kim Taehyung/ V

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Taehyung likes to cuddle with you the most at night time in bed. He will love to hold your waist, hugging onto you like his life depends on it. He will hold you close, cuddling you tightly, this might be when you’re both on your sides, lips inches from each other, or when you’re both lying on your backs and your head is resting on his chest. It is those times when he’ll have one arm behind his head and the other wrapped around your waist, holding you closest to him and letting his fingers glide over your stomach sweetly. This is his favorite form of cuddling because he loves how it can be so intimate or so casual all at the same time. He sees it as a bonus if he can cuddle you while you’re both naked as well. 

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

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Namjoon works a lot and really appreciates when he gets down time with you. Which is why he is a huge fan of sofa cuddles. It can be a sofa cuddle in pretty much any position, with your head on his knee as he runs his hands through your hair, or visa versa, or with you curled in his lap, or even straddling his hips (though this position isn’t always with such innocent purpose), but his favorite, without a doubt is when you’re curled as his side, his arms wrapped around you in the corner of the sofa. So close and passionate, it can be watching a movie or sleepily talking about everything or nothing at all after a long day of working. Cuddling with Namjoon is going to be like heaven on Earth.

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

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Hoseok likes to cuddle you with closeness and intimacy. Whenever you cuddle, he has a unbreakable grin on his face, even on his darkest days, your arms can do magical things to him and he hopes you know just how much it means for you to stay with him in such an emotional state. Even though Hoseok will cuddle with every position imaginable, in every surface accessible for him, his favorite of all is the forehead lock: the cuddle where you’re lying on the bed side by side and his your head in the crook of his arm. He finds it the most enjoyable and simply loves just having you close to him.

Park Jimin

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Jimin is the easiest to please when it comes to cuddling because his preference is so simple. He loves to have his head on your lap, especially when your hands are running through his hair, or when your fingers are trailing his face, inching every line and dimple in his soft skin. He loves it when you lean down and kiss his face too, your lips pressing against his face and him giggling like a child because damn - how did he manage to get so lucky? While this can be rather intimate and personal, he will just plop down and put his head on your knee when the others are around, and he gives zero fucks about the teasing because well, you’re his and what more could be possibly need?

Kim Seokjin/ Jin

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Since Jin is the “Mother figure” of BTS and has a very busy schedule, he doesn’t get a lot of time with you. So when he does get time with you, he’s usually rather tired, which is why his favorite position to cuddle in is when you’re both lying on sides with your face in his neck. He will hold you close, and smile with a blush crossing his cheeks as you leave sweet, innocent kisses on his neck and jawline. Sometimes, you’ll lean your head on his chest, and he’ll have the same flustered reaction as you tell him that you can feel his heart rate speeding in his chest. He’ll laugh and tell you that only you can make his heart race so fast.

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#picture post#fanart#tsumtsum cutie#steve rogers#au where there's a tsumtsum for every person#and that tsum tsum is their soulmates tsum tsum#steve gets tony's tsum tsum#while tony gets steve's tsum tsum#and jealous peeps out there be trying to take their tsum tsums because they want to be the other's soulmate#tsum tsum all around! - OMG OMG YOUR TAG!!! IS SO CUTE! and if i can add, every tsum know his human and if stolen can go back to his human or the other half of his human ♥

Yes! Little Iron Man tsum tsum is just grouchy and twitchy when he’s taken from Steve and when he gets the chance he escapes his captures clutches (a bystander that saw iron man tsum tsum flying next to Steve and couldn’t resist grabbing him for a moment) and goes straight back to Steve, cuddling and claiming his arms when Steve can’t resist hugging him close. 

When Tony and Steve are together you just see their little tsum tsums cuddling close and refusing to separate. When Tony has to leave for business and Steve for training you just hear their tsum tsums make whiny noises as they split apart to follow their humans. It breaks Tony’s and Steve’s hearts every time but there ain’t nothing they can do about it. That’s just life. 

They make it up to them by letting them sit on their heads or shoulders and stick really close. 

The fluff that can happen. <3 

Imagine baby Tony hugging his Cap tsum tsum. and Howard getting mad because he doesn’t deserve the cap tsum tsum but Cap tsum tsum doesn’t care and will always find a way back to Tony no matter what 

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headcanon: graves worrying about leaving credence alone during the day while he’s at work, despite the many wards around the apartment. a solution to this is that he buys credence a puppy, with the full intention of it becoming a guard dog. and just a minute guys cause this is going to be like a BIG dog, like a mastiff or something???? graves thinks he’ll be fierce and protective (just like someone else we know COUGH COUGH)

things don’t go quite to plan when credence spoils the dog rotten with treats and allowing it to sleep on his bed with him. carrying him around the house all day and placing him on the fancy cushions of graves’ couch when he has to do something.

graves trying to be strict with the dog but credence being just so happy with the little creature his heart melts 💗 watching his boy cuddle and love the little puppy is just too much to resist