just a little bit hipster

Feeling Lucky

The cafe Charlotte mentioned to Sun houses many of the hipster population in Thompson University, although they are quite evenly spread out with the amount of hipster cafes cropping up on campus. They even have this deconstructed chocolate lava cake which is just chocolate cake and some hot chocolate dip that made Charlotte scoff when she saw. But hey, at least they have some actual chairs and the coffee made up for it.

The cafe was half-full of students doing their coursework or even just hanging out when she came in. She noted that most of them used the beanbags, typical hipsters, and felt just a little bit more at home because when she was at these kinds of establishments, New York and Genovia aren’t much different.

She ordered her coffee and took a seat at a corner table where she has view of the whole cafe. Ah, people watching, the source of most of her sins.