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Bookshop Encounters (Jack Barakat - All Time Low)

Word Count: 1,750


It was another boring day in the bookshop you worked part time in, the owner was away on holiday and had left you in charge. Because it was such a small shop you were the only employee and it got lonely at times. Though it did leave you more time to indulge in your hobbies; reading *cliché* and writing.

You mainly wrote song lyrics and poems but no one ever saw your creations but you, because over the years you’d been told you weren’t good at anything so you kept your lyric book away from prying eyes.

As you sat behind the counter scribbling a new song you hear rather loud screaming coming from outside the shop. This is unusual so you get off your stool and walk cautiously towards the shop door, leaving your song book open on the counter.

You were about to open the door to investigate when it swung open and you collided with someone. You braced yourself for the impact on the floor but it never came, because the person flipped you so that they landed on the floor and you lay on top of them. You thanked god that you didn’t weigh a lot.

Straightening your glasses on your nose you glance down at the person below you and notice that it’s a guy, a very attractive guy who you were lying on top off.

‘Normally I like to know a girl a bit better before I let them get on top of me, but for you I’ll make an exception.’

You scurry off of him and stand up offering a hand, all the while your mind works on overdrive because you swear you’ve seen his face before. He had messy brown hair with a blonde streak through it. He took your hand and pulled himself up.

‘I’m Jack and you are?’

Your mind clicked its fingers, when he said his name was Jack you knew where you’d seen him before. He was Jack Barakat and he was in one of your favourite bands All Time Low. What the hell was he doing in your bookshop?

‘y/n my names y/n.’

Jack reached out a hand and you shook it. You liked the band but weren’t one of those insane fangirls who would have fainted if they were in your current spot. You point behind you as you hear the screaming draw near.

‘Do you always have screaming girls chasing you Mr Barakat? They are really loud for such small people.’

He chuckled at your comment, he looked you up and down and then you realised why he suddenly was smirking. He took a step towards you closing the gap between you and patted the top of your head.

‘You’re also a very small person y/n.’

I playfully slapped his hand away and went about closing the window shutters and locked the door and flipped over the *closed* sign so the fans wouldn’t end up looking in here and trashing the shop. When you turn back to face Jack he looks slightly panicked at your actions and you can’t help but laugh at how cute he looks.

‘The owner would kill me if I let fangirls trash this place looking for you Jack. Yes I know who you are but I’m not some crazy teenage girl who worships the ground you walk on. I like your bands music and you all seem pretty fun to be around.’

Jack visibly relaxes.

‘Thank god, for a second I thought you were going to trap me and go all fangirl on me y/n. It’s nice to meet a girl who doesn’t scream in my presence. How old are you?’

Because of your height people assumed you were younger than you actually were. In your eyes 5′3 wasn’t that small but then again it meant you got asked for ID everywhere you went and even then sometimes they questioned if it was fake or not. You sigh and run a hand through your hair.

‘Didn’t your mother ever tell you its rude to ask a girl her age Jack? If you must know I’m 24 but I’ll be 25 next month.’

‘But you’re such a tiny person, I think I would break you if I hugged you.’

Jack smirks at you and you shake your head.

‘Sorry, we can’t all be giants.’

His smirk turns into a pout and he folds his arms over his chest.

‘At least I’m not a munchkin escaped from OZ.’

‘Nice Barakat, I just saved your life from fangirls and you call me a munchkin. Why were you out anyway? Don’t you have security or something? I should throw you back out there.’

That was the one name you hated being called, every time you watched the film with someone they would joke that you’re really people were on screen. You didn’t care if you sounded upset, you wanted Jack to know he’d touched a nerve.

‘Crap y/n I’m sorry. I guess I don’t know you well enough to know what not to call you. Come here and let me give you a Jack hug, they always make people feel better. Come on don’t be shy.’

He opened his arms and started walking towards you, his apology sounded sincere. He motioned for you to walk into the hug but you didn’t want to. He pulled out the puppy eyes and you heart instantly melted, and your cursed out loud.

‘Bloody hell those eyes get me all the time.’

‘Ah your accent is adorable.’

Jack envelops you in one of his famous hugs and as if by magic you start to feel better. What witchcraft had Jack cast on you?


y/n wrapped her arms around my waist and I had to hold back the chuckle at the height difference between us. I felt bad calling her a munchkin earlier because the hurt was clear in her eyes. I was happy I chose to run into this shop because I never would have met her.

y/n was only a couple years younger than me and I’d never felt such a quick connection with another person before. She was clearly a bit of a bookworm because on the counter I could see an open book next to a second open book, and her hipster glasses were just that little bit too big for her face but she pulled them off.

‘So tell me Jack, why were you out alone?’

She pulled back from me and I already missed her warmth. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.

‘I wanted to see the city and I assumed because of the light rain outside not many fans would be out. I left via the back door of the hotel and I was fine until I heard my name being yelled and I just ran. Then I ducked into this shop.’

‘Silly good looking famous boy thinking he can go outside without getting swamped by girls. What did you expect Jack?’

She spoke to me as if she was scolding a little child though her smile told me she was joking. Wait a second did she call me good looking?

‘Do you think I’m good looking y/n?’

Her face blushed red and she tried to cover her cheeks with her long hair as she walked around me back towards the counter, I was right she did find me attractive. Her blush only added to the list of things I was starting to like about her.

‘Err…I…was trying to put myself in the shoes of a fangirl Jack. Yes you are good looking…shit why did I just say that out loud…I do that a lot…now look I’m rambling…please stop me Jack.’

I closed the gap between us once more and pinned her against the counter with my arms either side of her to stop her escaping. Next thing I know my lips are on hers and I’m kissing her, shit I didn’t even know her that long. I was about to pull away and apologise when y/n kissed me back.


she did as I said and jumped up onto the counter, our lips somehow never leaving the others. God she was perfect in every shape and form. After a minute or two we both pulled away from each other and locked eyes. I found myself pushing her glasses back up her nose and she smiled in return.

‘Well that’s one way to stop me rambling Jack.’

‘Now that was better then seeing the city on a rainy day.’

y/n blushed again, sitting on the counter our height seemed more equal. I then noticed an open book on the counter next to us and my eyes glanced over at it, y/n’s eyes followed mine and she quickly scurried to close it but I was quicker and snatched it out of her hand.

‘Give that back Barakat. No one’s ever seen it.’

What was she hiding inside this book? She buried her head in her hands as I scanned through the pages. They were full of song lyrics and small poems, y/n had a skill for song writing.

‘These are good y/n, why are you ashamed of them? You could sell them.’

She lifted her head from her hands and brushed her hair out of her face.

‘I’ve never really been good at anything Jack, so I thought this would be another thing I’d hide away from the world. Are they really okay? Or are you just saying that to make me feel good?’

I put down the book and made a mental note to persuade her to show it to Alex, he was struggling with the last couple of songs on our new album and maybe y/n had something in her song book we could use.

‘You’re beautiful and talented y/n. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, if they do then I’ll beat them up.’

y/n giggled and playfully pushed against my chest.

‘I’m glad you ran into my shop Jack.’

I pulled her into another hug and she rested her head on my shoulder.

‘I’m glad I met you y/n. How about you let me take you out for coffee or something after the fangirls leave? I’d like to get to know you better.’

‘That sounds nice, I’d like to know more about you silly good looking famous boy.’

I kissed the top of her head while smirking. This girl was one in a million and I wasn’t letting her go any time soon.

Feeling Lucky

The cafe Charlotte mentioned to Sun houses many of the hipster population in Thompson University, although they are quite evenly spread out with the amount of hipster cafes cropping up on campus. They even have this deconstructed chocolate lava cake which is just chocolate cake and some hot chocolate dip that made Charlotte scoff when she saw. But hey, at least they have some actual chairs and the coffee made up for it.

The cafe was half-full of students doing their coursework or even just hanging out when she came in. She noted that most of them used the beanbags, typical hipsters, and felt just a little bit more at home because when she was at these kinds of establishments, New York and Genovia aren’t much different.

She ordered her coffee and took a seat at a corner table where she has view of the whole cafe. Ah, people watching, the source of most of her sins.