just a link to my page. thankyou!

raysofgay  asked:

I'm really sorry I don't understand😩 it's nothing to do with you but I'm just really dumb, Thankyou for the help💗💜

okayyy so ♥ 

You start by making a new post, right?

then you select the word you want and you click on the symbol of the link (please notice how pretty my arrow is)

okay, so when you click it, this lil window shows up

good. Now you go on your blog and you have to click on the top right corner of the post you want to link:

okay, you click on it and it opens a new page. you have to copy the url of it:

and you paste it on the lil window of the new post:

then you click on “done” or idk what is written there hahaah and then you post it! to add links in the future you do the same, you have just to edit the original post!


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Hey! I just wanted to say your art is absolutely fantastic! The SU tag is full of your Christmas/Holiday posts, and they are all phenomenal. I will be scrolling your doodles tag for more awesomeness :) I run a decently sized SU facebook page (crediting and linking to all of the artists we feature) and we'd love your permission to feature your art when I can. Thanks for considering! KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK

Im falling over myself at your lovely compliments!!! Thankyou so much~!

Im not big on people reposting my art but since you asked so nicely for permission perhaps we can figure something out.

Thank you!!

Today this blog reached 1000 Tumblr followers, and I can see from the number of page views and link clicks that I have a bunch more that aren’t on Tumblr. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone following along with this project. I’m having so much fun learning new CUL recipes. Some of you have actually cooked my recipes and sent me reviews, which honestly makes me so happy. (No bad reviews yet thankfully!) I still have many, many more recipes to go, so expect more posts! 

My character, smiling gratefully: 

(I’m Nicki Minaj on Midgardsormr if you wanna hang!)