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Please, Stay

Lyric Prompt: (requested by anonymous) “With tears in my eyes I begged you to stay. You said hey man, I love you, but no fucking way.” (The Front Bottoms – Twin Size Mattress)

Imagine: Newt prioritises his creatures over your relationship, time and time again. It gets to the point where, if you are troubled, you feel like you can’t talk to him because he will simply wave you off.

Author’s Note: My heart broke a little bit while writing this, it’s a short one but I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for all the follows, likes & reblogs. I have so much love for you all in my heart :~) P.S. this is apart of my new lil thing that I’m doing with lyrics, so if you have a song and a theme, send them on in! X

Word Count: 1041

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hello pals! i’ve literally never asked this but my dash has slowed down a bit lately and i’m in the mood to make some new mutuals! (also my birthday is in 3 days and it’d be cool to gain a lil bit too) sooooo if you’re a nice drama-free louie/harrie/larrie/ot4 enthusiast who loves to yell about fics and positive things and talk about how iconic the song c’mon, c’mon is — could you maybe like/reblog this or just follow me so i can find ya and follow back :) thank you 🌹💕

It’s been a one hell of year guys, but I can say it’s been a hella productive one!

In a weird twist of fate, I must’ve gained a little over 3k new followers this year, so I guess things are getting a little more serious now! I just wanted to thank all of you cuties for all the crazy nice replies and notes! I might not respond to some of them, but I can gurantee you every lil nice thing I get in my inbox just puts the dumbest smile on my face. 

You’re all wonderful and I hope you have a good holiday break!

Cat Boy!Hoseok

Its finally time for cat boy!hobi and also before I start, I just want to say a huge thank you for 1 thousand followers I’m so ?!?!?! but I can’t thank you all enough

  • Okay but does everyone remember this bangtan bomb
  • It literally features cat boy!hobi this is basically canon
  • Fluffy haired hobi will be a thing and he’ll have his lil ears and his lil fluffy tail and it’s just all the fluff
  • We all know how graceful Hobi is but can we imagine him dancing with his lil tail I need this to be a thing
  • Like you know those “Hope on the street” videos lets just combine that with a tail and you have my new favorite concept 10/10
  • Similar to yoon, he does love his sweatpants but he’s a l o t easier to get to dress up
  • He actually enjoys wearing suits but he’s often in shorts or a pair of sweats
  • You two met when you were just 10 and he kinda just instantly bonded with you tbh
  • You two met on the playground
  • He was so lil and he had a cold bc he’d been out in the rain the night before but he was still so so energetic when the kids arrived
  • He just ran around with all of them and let them play with his ears bc he loved the attention
  • You were having fun watching the kids run around with him and you were kinda curious about why he had a tail bc you’d heard of hybrids but had never seen one before
  • One of the kids runs by and ends up knocking your ice cream out of your hands
  • You’re kinda upset bc hey man you just lost your ice cream but Hobi is s o quick to run straight over to you
  • He just grabs your hand and starts running and you have no idea where you’re going but you keep following him and tbh you find yourself giggling bc his smile is so wide and you can tell he just enjoys running and his happiness spreads to others so you’re automatically happy
  • You don’t realize bc you’re so busy giggling that he’s actually leading you over to the ice cream stand
  • He buys you a replacement ice cream and apologizes for the other kid who made you drop your first one and you’re kinda shocked bc how did he even notice that
  • You just smile at him and ask him where his family is bc he doesn’t have the mark that most owned hybrids do
  • His smile kinda just drops and he sits next to you
  • “I was too energetic, they wanted a calm pet and I broke one of their vases so they left me here”
  • Your heart kinda breaks a bit bc who could just leave precious lil hobi in a park all by himself
  • You immediately hug him and you two kinda just chill there and hug until your parents come over to tell you its time to go
  • They see a lone hybrid and the mark forming on his cheek and they just know there’s a new member of the family
  • You two spend every second you can together
  • He teaches you all of the dance moves he’d learned from his previous family and he’s always patient when he’s teaching you
  • If you’re ever having a bad day, he’s just right by your side and he does anything and everything to make you happy again
  • Want him to dress up in some ridiculous costume? done. Want him to make funny faces and talk in weird voices? he’s got that in the bag. Want him to just cuddle with you and let you vent about why you’re upset? he’s there
  • He l o v e s cuddles
  • Any time, any place
  • He’ll totally let you pet his ears whenever you want bc they’re honestly so soft
  • They tend to twitch in his sleep too which just adds to his overall cuteness
  • He’s s o social
  • He loves meeting new people and making friends and honestly anyone that meets hobi just loves him instantly
  • Honestly cat boy!hobi is just a necessary thing and it needs to officially be a thing

wowie zowie! i’ve reached 100 followers (actually a lil more because i’m late haha) that’s like, more people than i even know! i decided to hold a lil art raffle to show my appreciation! thank you guys so much!! ya’ll are the coolest cats ty for supporting me, it means to world to me.


  • you must be following this blog new followers are welcome just don’t unfollow right after the raffle ends bc that would just be rude :(
  • reblog to enter you will only receive one chance no matter how many times you rb
  • make sure you have your askbox/dms open so i can contact you!

i won’t draw:

  • nsfw or gore
  • complicated things
  • animals
  • anything that makes me uncomfortable

the deadline is december 10 2017, 11:59 EST! good luck, and i love you guys!

Helloo! I made a thing for you all! My own lil spn family, yay! So thank you all very much and i love you all and i couldnt be more grateful to have as lovely followers as you are♥


*if you want to be someone and its not on the list, just send me a message and ill add it for you:)

**PLEASE send only asks, its easier for me to keep track of you guys


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  • new friends!! and followers!!
  • you can track the tag #snugglefam and post pretty much everything you want!
  • My love bc without yall i wouldnt be here and my life would be pretty pointless

and thats it! if you got any questions, dont hesitate to ask

I’ve reached a Tumblr milestone

…..and block all porn blogs/bots 😏

I wanna thank y'all for following me honestly. 5 years on this damn site! Thank you for being unapologeticly Black with me. If you were following me back in the day, I was just a Lil’ Kim blog (for 2 years).

I love my mutuals! 😭 Y'all are really my friends and you know who you are. Thank you for all the compliments and I love it when you tag me in things. Sorry if I don’t respond to all of them, my life is on a New York minute!

Ready for 2018

okay so i just unfollowed a lot of old no-longer-mutuals and inactive blogs, meaning my dash is gonna be a lil emptier. so, if you blog about:

  • fall out boy
  • twenty one pilots
  • panic at the disco
  • bandom in general
  • dogs / any cute animals
  • gender things (trans issues, etc)

please reblog and i’ll check you out! also feel free to follow me because i’d love some new mutuals, thanks!


✘✘10pc Silk Floss Giveaway✘✘
Open until: Friday, January 1st, 2016

I just thought it was time for another lil giveaway! Thank you all for sticking around during my absence. I very much love and enjoy this blog, even though it seems like I am neglecting it. I appreciate your support and understanding that I simply have things that hinder me from being as active as I once was. I hope that turns around in the new year!

❥Must be following me.
❥ Both reblogs and likes count. Please only reblog once per day.
❥No giveaway blogs.
❥Keep your ask open!
❥Of course, all entrants must be willing to provide their name and address.
❥US and international entrants both welcome.
❥One winner will be chosen at random using a generator.
❥The winner will have 48 hours to respond privately (they will be contacted via my primary blog, recreating-yours-truly).
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Good luck!
xxMaggie As always, I made that banner in ms paint; be impressed.


fuck photoshop and fuck gifsets i hate my dumbass fucking computer anyways today i celebrate one whole year of making art for this stupid band and mostly spending time procrastinating and making new friends and just causing chaos in general! this is slightly insane, although i know there are some people who have probably spent like 20 years on here which surprisingly is what one whole year felt like to me so props to me for not getting sick of this band yet. probs will in like two months and all of this will be for nothing so

yeah! so i thought i’d just make this lil thing as a thank you to everyone who’s followed me and reblogged my art and supported me i love you all very much :) urls are under the cut!! xoxo. gossip girl

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hey read, this is important lil shit... I mean lil follower C:

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mun: ok… something happened and I don’t know how… but just take a look:

10k+ followers… how?!, oh you thank you much,  I consider my blog followers the heart and soul of my online success :3, and I don’t care if I’m a popular ask blog or no, I’m happy with you all…btw
this is me when my followers don’t talk with me… 
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this is me when I have a new follower…

me when I lose a follower…

me when I forgot say thanks to all my new followers…
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me when this weird thing happens…

and of course, I have new followers…
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old followers…

and unfollowers…
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but as long as you stay with me, I’ll love you… and if you decide to go away it’s okay, I won’t forget you C:, this post is for y'all, thank you so much…

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anonymous asked:

I literally just finished watching the entirety of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries yesterday (it was... sort of the only thing I had to keep me going after a really rough patch; I think it saved my life) and I wasn't sure how popular it would be if I searched it on Tumblr. You have no idea how ridiculously happy it makes me to see I have several new blogs to follow and information and gifs to pour over. >w< So just have a lil anon joining you all in wishing for a series four! -shuffles off-

Thank you for the message and a warm welcome!

Enjoy the series, the madness on tumblr and join the prayer circle for S4!

As for the rough patch, I hope it’s now behind you and here’s to better times.