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It is so cold in the D and frosty as this Gorilla Glue 313

Detroits’ long cabin bound winters have led to some extraordinary hybrids. Gorilla Glue has been the top of the top strains for a while; so this was bound to happen. The guys in the cut broke back and cropped up on that colorado seed, working with some mad science from the D and came up with a hybrid; that only colorados’ original stock could provide strong genetics for.

Fat Dense Buds, flavorful and dank. Sweet musky perfume like smoke fills the air as soon as you put it near fire. it burns like perfumed incense. 

The taste is easy to settle in to, because again it’s sweet pungent notes lend itself to a slow relaxing smoke.

There is nothing we can say bad about this strain except its extremely limited in availability. We trap hard and we shop harder so we have just a lil bit for those seeking the ultimate experience, from the Gorilla Glue genes. 

This hybrid is for connoisours - holla @thefourtwentytimes ya mama on the dashboard for only the finest; Shipped Daily - Fresh From The D

20 things to get to know me.

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Nickname: Kappa, Kana, Kat, and Megan heisenberg → ( @penguinacons i hate you)

Star Sign: Taurus

Height: 5′1″

Time right now: 10:43 pm

Last thing I googled: Love rain (theres a hot actor.. lmao)

Favorite Music Artists: tbh I came to the conclusion that I dont have a fav music artist just cuz my music taste changes a lot. But atm I’m really into Dean  

Favorite color: gray

Favorite animal: lil pupppers

Song stuck in head: Paris by The Chainsmokers

Last movie watched: Beauty Inside

Last TV show watched: How I met your mother (im watching it for the 9th time..)

What are you wearing right now: T shirt and shorts

When did you create your blog: April 2014

What kind of content do you post: whatever i like, lil cute dogs, flowers, anime, drawings, things that I find funny. Ya know just things

Do you have any other blogs:  nope

Do you get asks regularly: nope

Why did you choose your URL?: Kappa - coffee - human

Gender: female

Hogwarts House: what is a harry potter?

Pokemon Team: Mystic (I was in Instinct, but dick face made me change my team)  

Average hours of sleep: 6 woop woop

Lucky number(s): 3, 30, 31

Favorite characters: I honestly don’t have one

Cat or Dog person: dogs!!

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1

Dream Trip: Cali for food… Korea, Japan, Australia, and UK for adventure, Hawaii for fun times

Dream Job: Computer science tech field, or somethin

Following: 99

Followers: 148

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