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Do You the sketches with pen or with pencil? If you do them with pencil what pencils do you use?

i use pencil! just a mechanical pencil with .5 lead, but i have a Very Specific Type Of Pencil I Like and rly dislike drawing with any other pencils since i started using them like 7 years ago lmao, heres which one i like (plus eraser)

the other big thing i use when i post sketches is the CamScanner app! it can help with fixing weird photo perspectives and do a variety of filters to make it clearer. here’s a before and after:

and then i usually fiddle with it more on the computer in sai or gimp LOL 

@noeypiiepiie:  Can you please do 2 for Kurt Wagner (x Female reader)

2. “Did.. Did you just touch my butt?”

(idk if this should be tagged as nsfw??? but things r just a lil steamy in the beginning)


Kurt’s tongue glided against your lower lip, as if asking for permission. You complied without hesitation. Tangling your hand in his hair, he let out a small moan.

It was very rare that you and Kurt shared moments like this. He preferred to take things slow, and you, of course, respected his wishes. However, it was he who initiated things this time. You didn’t question it though. You were too distracted by the feeling of his hands gripping your waist, keeping you steady. You threw your head back, while he started to kiss down your neck. He began to nip on the skin gently.

And then he paused, as if contemplating his next move. You could sense his hesitation. You were about to ask what was wrong, but then you felt it.

“Kurt..” You started. “Did.. Did you just touch my butt?

He blushed profusely.

“Uh, I, vell, I,” he stammered. “P-Peter and Scott said z-zhat girls like zhat stuff, s-so I-”

You kissed the tip of his nose, silencing him.

“You actually listed to Peter and Scott?” You laughed.

“V-vell, yes. I-I just zhought zhat y-you vere bored, so I-”

“Kurt.” You say, cupping his cheek. “We do things how we want to. Not how anybody else says. Alright?”

He nodded, giving you a small smile.

“But just in case you were wondering, you are always welcome to touch my butt.” You winked.

You had never seen a blueberry turn so red.


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For 1 & 13!!!! HEADCANON PROMPT MEME: Send in a character and a number from this list and I will write a headcanon based on the word Love Hair

1. Love and 13. Hair from this list

“What’s this?” I heard as the apartment door open and shut behind me. I was curled up on Frank’s couch eating a slice of apple pie and ice cream from a plate, Max balled up beside me keeping my feet warm. We were watching Hoarders.

“Couldn’t sleep so I came over. I thought maybe you’d be here but wasn’t all that shocked when you weren’t.”

He locked the door and walked over to me, pulling off his jacket. “You’re… eating ice cream off a plate.”

“Yeah. Silly me for expecting you to own a single bowl.”

“I have a bowl.”

“Must be the tiniest bowl in Hell’s Kitchen ‘cuz I couldn’t find it.” He tossed his jacket across the back of the couch before sitting on the other side of Max, giving him a rub down as the pit sniffed at him excitedly. I rested the plate in my lap and looked at him. “Hi.”

“Hey,” he greeted with half a smile. “Glad you finally used that key I gave ya…”

I shrugged. “Tried getting a hold of you, tell you to come by my place, but you weren’t picking up.”

“I may or may not have left my cell around here somewhere.”

“Yeah, same place you left the bowl, huh?” He smirked, giving Max the final two pats of his little massage and sending him on his way. I watched as he kicked off his boots and stretched his legs in front of him as he turned to recline. I lifted the plate so he could rest his head on my lap. “Long night?”

“Long and unsuccessful.”

“Unsuccessful is good.”

He looked at me, brow furrowed. “Since when?”

“Well, means I don’t have to watch you shower off someone else’s blood tonight. Don’t have to whip out my kindergarten level sewing skills closin’ up bullet holes on you, either.”

“Hmm, I thought that was always the highlight of our lil’ visits-”

“-And you thought very wrong.” I shook my head at him and bent down, kissing his forehead before placing my plate on his stomach. “Here, eat.” He groaned and I rolled my eyes. I knew sweets weren’t his favorite but it was better than nothing, and way better than the slop he normally ate. “C’mon, I thought we could have somethin’ other than pitch black coffee tonight.”

“You know I don’t like change,” he spoke as he reluctantly scooped a fork of pie into his mouth.

“Really? I couldn’t tell,” I responded, suggestively running a hand through the grown out curls on his head.

He chuckled to himself. “It’s cold out. ‘Scuse me if a ball cap doesn’t keep me warm an’ cozy.”

“Growin’ out your fur for the winter?”

“S’at alright with you?”

“Why not just wear a thicker hat? I can give you one of my beanies?” I joked.

“Not my style.” He ate another bite of apple pie with a tiny bit of ice cream before returning the plate to me.

“Yes, because Frank Castle is nothing if not a man of style.”

“What,” he asked, looking up at me and fingering his hair as I did before I returned to my dessert, “you tellin’ me you don’t like it?”

“I only pointed it out.”

“That ain’t really answerin’ the question, now is it?”

“Oh… oh what is this now?” I put the plate on the old wooden table in front of us. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you be so self-conscious before; I don’t even recognize you.”

He rolled his eyes. “That doesn’t answer it either.”

“Are you looking for my approval, Frank?”


I laughed at his annoyance before bending down and kissing his forehead again, hands on the sides of his face. “I love it.”

“You love it, hm?

“Mhm. It makes you look… youthful.”

“Oh, not like such an old man?”

“Shut up, that’s not what I mean. Just refreshed. Like you haven’t been through so much…”

“I see.”

“Plus, I love having a little somethin’ to pull on,” I purred, wrapping his curls around my fingers and gently tugging.

“Hmm, just a lil’ lower,” he groaned as he lifted his head upwards. I laughed and closed the distance between our lips, giving him a kiss in this upside down angle we were in. “That’s sweet.”

“What, that I love your hair?”

“No, your mouth.” He pulled me down to the point where I had to reposition myself, getting off the couch and kneeling beside him, accidentally bumping Max in the head with my knee.

“Imagine if I didn’t leave my real, human food here.”

“What’s inhuman about what I eat?” he mumbled against my lips.

“Absolutely everything. My kisses wouldn’t taste this sweet if I was eating pork and beans, I’ll tell you that-”

“-Hmmm, you got a point there.” He kissed me once more before pulling away, looking at my lips as he smoothed my hair. “So when are we gonna try this whole, uhh, hair pullin’ thing out, hm?”

I grinned and slowly rose to my feet, reaching for his bruised hands and pulling him up with me. “You know, I heard somewhere that was the perfect remedy for a sleepless night…”

Ranking: Open to dating a foreigner

“Hi!~Who’s most to least likely to fall in love with a intoverted,blond foreigner(german)? Yes that’s me…😂 Now really:Who do you think would be open minded?^^”

1. Hongseok
2. Hui
3. Kino
4. Hyojong
5. Changgu
6. Shinwon
7. Yuto
8. Yan An
9. Wooseok
10. Jinho

(You’re adorable oh my gosh 💛 And just a lil reminder to everyone, the lower ranks here doesn’t mean they wouldn’t date foreigners, they’d just be less inclined to~)


Changed my price board because I’m fickle like that~

  • I’ll draw pretty much anything! OCs, NSFW, and fanart alike. (You can look at the fandoms I’m in right here, but even if I’m not familiar, I can always do a little research!)
  • You can contact me via email, “naydcas@gmail.com” I will send you a hi-res file of your commission through email, and if I’m taking an unbearably long time to finish up your commission, I’ll send you WIPs of the picture to make sure it’s to your liking!
  • I take the money upfront, and won’t start your commission until I get the confirmation from paypal.
  • Some commissions I might ask permission to post on my own tumblr, but if I don’t feel free to post it anywhere you’d like (I mean you bought it!) just please remember to properly credit me!
  • Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the subject(s), but that will all be discussed pre-payment.
  • My paypal is the same as the email above, again: naydcas@gmail.com
  • That’s pretty much it, I think! you can check out more of my art tag here.

Even if you can’t/don’t want to commission me, a reblog of this post would be hella rad!! I’m really struggling with money right now, so every bit of cash I can scrap together through commissions really helps.