just a last doodle before going to bed

Day #6: Alternate Outfits!

Well a promise is a promise is a promise,…….. is a promise. A little doodle of Alternate Outfits! Well, the theme was actually NSFW or Alternate Outfits but like I said in my last post, I’m kinda worried about posting NSFW on here so I hope you like alternate outfits.

*YAWN* I’m going to bed. I haven’t fallen asleep before 1am in two whole weeks so I’ll give myself this time.

P.S. just looking back at it and noticing all the things i forgot to do and knowing that it’s so late to fix it now.

P.S.S. i never said that i wouldn’t draw and keep to myself some nsfw though. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“Thanks for bringing him back.”


I got to watch Wonder Woman with @literarymerritt and OMG I LOVED IT.  The action, the characters, the chemistry, the SIMPLE story, it felt like a classic. WW didn’t spend time brooding around and GUH. I could go on but here have a doodle before bed instead. Did this one since everyone else is doing the cool-looking Wonder Woman with her trademark outfit but I’m just like “why not civilian-simple-Diana?” :3 Last scene gave me feels.



Scribble-Doodle: Heavy Heart

A parabatai missing scene from 205.

Jace covers for Alec; nobody at the Institute must know that Alec’s gone, that he has been gone for almost a day now and that he isn’t responding to phone calls or text messages… Raziel knows what Aldertree would make of it.

Jace just wants Alec back safe, he wants, needs him to be alright. The demon possession and Jocelyn’s death, these things seem to have broken something fundamental inside Alec. And Jace doesn’t know to fix it for him!

It’s around midnight when he checks Alec’s room one last time before going to bed - maybe tonight he won’t be plagued with nightmares! - that he finds Alec there, lying on the bed fully dressed, with only his shoes kicked off, and deeply asleep.

Something loosen inside Jace. He steps into the room and walks up to the bed without waking Alec up, which is saying something; Alec’s always been a light sleeper. Jace stares down at his parabatai who lies curled up on his side; even in his sleep Alec’s frowning slightly and his hands are twitching. His hands…

Jace checks Alec’s right hand. He noticed how bloody it was, up there on the roof. Now, it’s all healed up. He wonders if Alec used an iratze or if he stopped at Magnus’. Jace doesn’t care, as long as Alec’s not hurting anymore, at least physically.

Jace watches Alec a moment longer, then he picks up the blanket lying folded at the foot of the bed and throws it over his parabatai, covering him; he knows that Alec gets cold easily at night. Alec still doesn’t wake up.

Then, with a heavy heart, Jace turns and leaves, closing the door softly behind him. Alec’s home. Everything else will wait till morning.

Quick doodle sketches of these three before I go to bed, I had already drawn Seung-gil lee before in the last bust post but I wanted to draw him again because I just love him so much.

Also Otabek and Chris are cool (and they’re all pretty man), all three of these guys need more screentime.

starscrumbling  asked:

I love your art so much! you should do chat noir in 6

My thought process: “Ok fourth time drawing Chat, I’ve made him sexy, I’ve made him sad, I’ve made him evil. Now let’s go for cute :3″

AND I’M DONE. That’s the last of the requests I got and man…it was tiring I admit. I dunno if I’ll do another marathon like that again but hey! At least I got some drawing done right ;) You guys have been awesome and thank you for your patience!

I’ll probably hang around a bit before going to bed but anyways, moving on xD just a reminder that requests are closed.