just a kiss lyrics

CYaRon! is actually the most precious and innocent subunit

Just look at how pure their songs are compared to the other subunits.


  • Strawberry Trapper: You can’t run away, my target~
  • Torikoriko PLEASE!!: I’ll use magic words to make you my captive ♡


  • Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss!: Hey there, wanna dance with me? I know I’m irresistible. ;)
  • Tokimeki Bunruigaku: I’m trying to figure out these emotions. Want to…help me with my research? ;)
  • Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no?: i’m a horrible person because i hurt my best friend, oh gosh i feel so guilty about it and now i just wanna stay up all night and cry while looking at the stars…why can’t i just be honest with myself im sorry im sorry im s o rr y

I still remember the look on your face / Lit through the darkness at 1:58

That July 9th / The beat of your heart / It jumps through your shirt / I can still feel your arms…

[ taylorswift ~ Last Kiss ]

How much longer will you stay in my memories? Even when I try to forget the youth that we had. How much longer will you be inside of my head? Even when I try to love other people, sweetheart, you’re still around. How much longer will you linger on the skin around my heart? Even when I smoke cigarettes and I try to quit I hear your voice saying that you worry about me, more often than I worry about myself. So I often question as to why you cared so much about me. Is it love? Was it love? Something genuine? Something real? There is a number of questions that I’ll never be able to ever ask you without getting cold and it’s not right to love you anymore and I realize that I’m chasing ghosts between us and you’re happy with where you’re at and recently a lady told me that I’ll never truly be happy until I move on and let you go and the truth is I don’t think that I can. How do I forget a part of who I am? An extension of thing unplanned? It was just a kiss, it was just a kiss or so the lyrics go. She’s falling in love now, she’s losing control now or so the lyrics go. I cannot forget you and I cannot forgive myself, it’s quite a fucked up combination as to how I should hate myself and I’ve got thick skin from the love of wonderful friends. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It was a younger version of you. Mistakes will be made and if you don’t make mistakes, then you’re not living. But I’ve been dying to make amends and I won’t ever get the chance. But I’ve been trying to get better, I always start back in square one. How many pills until it’s my last one? How many times will death kiss life back into my lungs? I don’t drink, but I’ve been considering it. When painkillers don’t really kill the pain anymore, when cigarettes don’t give off that buzz and I’m just smoking to get some malicious cancer. When I don’t know how to open up to people because I’m still trying to figure out how to not love you and to love them instead, so relationships really don’t work and kissing them just leads them on and figuring it out only leads me back to you and how I could’ve treated you better– they say that art is painfully beautiful and love is just a heartbeat that forgot to skip, how many nights will I live to die until I’m finally feeling right? If only for a second, if only for a day, if only for a night– if the sun could love the moon back into days where summer wasn’t cold and winter didn’t burn. If drugs could cure my ailments and my mind didn’t feel broken after a good night’s sleep. If my heart wasn’t jacked up and I knew how to love you right, do you think we could’ve worked? And I’m glad that you answered back, and I’m glad that you moved on a long time ago, and I’m glad that you found someone better and I love him because he can give you the world and he can be your universe and I love that you’re probably smiling and only thinking about me when a song comes on or when you pick up a good book and know that I’d love to read it or see a show with potential of having serious fanfic or when you see art and my eyes somehow cross your mind or when you smell my favorite cologne from a distant stranger as you cross the street to get ice scream and you’re holding his hand just to wonder about how I’m doing and you know the truth is, I think that last bit is by far the happiest thought I’ve had in awhile and sadly, it’s always about you.
—  Dear lover
The bidders' basic personalities😜
  • A nightmare dressed like a nightmare : Hikaru, Mamoru
  • A nightmare dressed like a daydream : Ota
  • A daydream dressed like a nightmare : Eisuke, Soryu
  • A daydream dressed like a daydream : Baba