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I don’t know if ya’ll noticed, but during the interview at the Apple concert thingy, some guy in the back yelled “Oppa” to them and a few people laughed. Funny right?
Nah, because the boys were visibly uncomfortable. Especially Mark, Johnny, and Doyoung. Jaehyun and Yuta just smiled nervously kinda like ?? I know some of you people love to say random Korean words for whatever reason here on the internet.. Just PLEASE don’t do that in person, directly to idols! It’s annoying and cringy af like, I can only tolerate Koreaboos so much… Just Stop.

At the event this dude was saying “Oppa Mark!” too and Mark kept looking straight ahead. He was obviously freaked out  cause the dude sounded like a grown ass man and Mark is literally 17 (In Western Countries). At least, that time some people in the crowd told him to shut up.. Doyoung turned around to look at the guy, all wide eyed and probably wanted to say something (ya’ll know how protective he is over the younger members).

You weirdos need to really stop, it’s sad because these idols can’t even say anything back. They are kind of forced to be nice and to keep their mouth shut or else they’ll be labeled as rude. So, taking advantage of that is even more low.


‘95 line fanboying over NCT U vocal line

Imagine the Boss filling their pads across the city with stray animals. Animals that have been abused, animals that have been neglected. The gang is confused at first but quite quickly come to accept that they’re going to share their cribs with animals. They soon have favoured cribs where their favourite animals are. Some even adopt an animal they’re particularly close to. Johnny has total control and say over the Cat Crib. Shaundi has gotten surprisingly fond of the Reptile Pad. Everyone finds themselves unsurprised when Pierce starts naming every single dog at the Dog Kennel. Kinzie has trained the goats at the Farm House to bleat whenever someone interrupts her.
And the Boss will come at you with a righteous fury if you try and hurt any one of them.


I’m not usually the type to the whole fan art thing, but I guess I just like these characters enough. I’ve been watching a lot of @drawfee content in the past few months, and I got really into their drawga series. Not to be sappy or anything, but as silly as the content can be, it keeps me thoroughly entertained, as well as inspiring me to draw more. So I guess in a way this is kind of a thanks. I know it’s not much, but I felt I had to do at least something.
(Also was planning to do all of the side characters from drawga as well, but unfortunately I got busy doing other stuff and couldn’t. So have a Porfo and Chris I sketched a while back.)

Just You || Johnny One Shot

→ Summary: You looked at yourself in the mirror and found someone entirely different. The person in the mirror was no longer skinny, beautiful or pretty. Johnny your boyfriend was there to change that thought. 

→ Genre: Romance, Inspirational

→ Member: Johnny Seo

→ Words: 1.2k

A/N: This one shot is a very special writing for the girls who look at themselves as someone else instead of themselves. Please take this one shot into consideration as it affects many girls who are insecure about their body type and have low self-esteem. Thank you!

You blankly stared at the mirror in front of you. The room was dimly lit, light shining onto your figure from the moonlight passing through the open window, your curtains flailing around in the wind while you stood there in silence, looking at the person in the reflection.

Who was the person staring back at you? It was a mirror image of someone you don’t even know of, someone you’ve never seen before, someone you’ve never recognized in your entire life. However, they were staring right back at you.

A soft breeze entered your apartment room, dark and cold with only the night sky to light up the area. It was silent, quiet for a long time. Everything was untouched, left where it was a few hours ago with only you left inside, standing in front of a plain old mirror.

You let a desperate sigh escaped past your lips, letting your vision look down at your figure and graze your hand against your stomach. You just came out of the shower, unclothed with only your undergarments on and a shower robe. You were bare, gaining goosebumps on your skin from the cold wind that passed through. Looking up at the reflection in the mirror, you found out that the person looking back at you had the same stomach.

“Why am I like this…” You muttered softly under your own breath, placing your hand on the fat that hung off your stomach and over your underwear. “Who am I….”

It was annoying you down to the bottom of your heart, the fat that was hanging over your clothes, the noticeable image that could easily be seen through photographs, the large bump and excess muscle on your arms, legs and stomach. You began to notice as soon as you recognized it. It was killing you from the inside. The small piece of skin that hung over your underwear, that was annoying you.

You looked into the mirror once more, looking back at the person who has the same stomach as you.

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For the people who are hating on johnny saying he’s “talentless”, “worthless”, “can’t sing”, “can’t rap”, “cant dance”, “ugly”, “hideous”. You say that you don’t even know why he debuted and sm should have dropped him. Many of you are telling him to drop dead. Well let me tell you this. YOU DON’T DESERVE HIM OR NCT!!! He is one of the most selfless guys I’ve ever seen. Hes super caring for the fans and for his friends and family. HE DIDN’T TRAIN 9 YEARS FOR THIS SHIT! AND YOU KNOW WHAT!? HE CAN SING! HE CAN RAP! AND HE CAN DANCE! you will see one day, what he is capable of. He will show you haters what he can do. Oh and one more thing. If you can’t love all the members then don’t even bother calling yourself a nctzen.

For new Hollywood Undead fans

I have yet to see one of these so I think this is important to put out there also because of the new album possibly bringing new people in.

- It takes time to tell whos who

- Especially when they don’t have masks on

- Charlie Scene doesnt doesnt like being called Jordon just Charlie by fans

- Everywhere I go is Charlie’s theme song

- Call Johnny 3 tears Johnny or George he doesnt care that much and ppl will know who youre talking about

- Matt (Da Kurlzz) is called gay by Charlie all the time

- You’ll know because Matt (Da Kurlzz) has curly hair too

- Danny’s referred to as golden boy at times so that may help you figure out which he is

- Dylan (funnyman) is the youngest

Just think about how funny that is

Now what a shitty pun that was

- Johnny has butterfly tattoos and hes got a 3 on his neck like his mask if that helps

- Theres one guy Shady Jeff who was part of Hollywood Undead but we don’t talk about him too much because theres not much to talk about when it comes him

- Aron’s (Deuce) friend Jimmy Yuma [the yellow and black masked guy] designed the swan songs masks

- Very few people in the fandom know this but its cool you now know this

- Lorene Drive was Danny’s band before HU they’re pretty lit and he used to scream and it’s divine

- Jorel (Jdog) has the hella good eyebrows if that helps u

- Dont be scared off by assholes. We all used to mix them up and mix up songs and albums

- Jorel (Jdog) could also fit a baseball through his gauges

- He has two cats which are adorable

- He could probably fit them in his gauges too

- Don’t let people be an ass to you if your favorite song is Bullet or Everywhere I Go or something else

- Theyre the most popular songs so of course it shouldn’t be surprising at that you like them

- There’s nothing wrong with Danny being your favorite band member

- Don’t let people tell you there’s something wrong with who your favorite band member is

- The same goes for songs

- Theres a running joke their song Turn Off The Lights doesnt exist and feel free to join in on it

- I mean what

- Aron (Deuce) is referred to as a horse

- He’s also called a weasel

- Dylan (Funnyman) is tol Danny is smol

- Deuce writes yeeee all the time

- Its ok if you mix up Aron (Deuce) and Dannys voice its ok

- Its takes a bit to differentiate

- If it helps Aron’s (Deuce) got a rougher voice and sings more inappropriate stuff

- You can also tell bc Danny’s voice is higher and Aron’s (Deuce) voice is more nasally

- Aron’s (Deuce) sounds closer to squidward

- You can like Deuce

- You dont have to pick sides

- Its ok to mix people up

- Seriously fuck anyone who says otherwise

- We’ve all mixed them up before

- Sometimes we still do.

- Don’t let people scare you off, I promise not everyone in the fandom is like that where theyll be that way, just don’t let them make you think that. most of us our nice

Personal thoughts

I love the other Johnny’s groups and I really want to get to know them better (more than just matching names to faces), but the thought of diving into another fandom and repeating the long process of getting to know them, listening to their music, watching their PVs, variety shows, dramas, concerts etc. like what I had to do for JUMP frankly scares me a little LOL especially if it’s one of the older groups.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it would be fun and at the end of it, it wouldn’t be something regrettable - I mean they’re all charming boys and deserve to be appreciated, just look at Kanjani8 and Johnny’s WEST here.  

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But I just don’t have the heart to start on it…

anonymous asked:

Hey I see you posting a lot of positive things about Johnny Depp and I was wondering if you could tell me why you support him? (I hope you don't take offense to this, I am genuinely asking not accusing/attacking)

its totally okay, thank you for this question :)

well,Johnny has been in my life a long time. he works really hard to prepare for a role, especially for Jack Sparrow, he loves Jack more that anyone. (Johnny talked about giving up Jack role: “Sometimes you fall in love with who you’re playing. As filming winds down, you hear the clock ticking because you know you’re going to leave your character behind and a kind of odd separation anxiety kicks in. You get irritable and just sort of melancholy.”) 

Johnny is always kind to fans and this is very important. 

secondly, Johnny supports dozens charities such as Children’s Hospice & Palliative Care Coalition, Dogs Deserve Better (he even received the Courage To Care Award acknowledging his contribution efforts for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles)

thirdly, his passion for music. and his voice, when he sings i feel so good, his singing is music to my ears. also he never considered acting but became one of the greatest actors of all time, a Legend. moreover, once he made 75$ mill in one year.

Johnny’s love for children. his family has changed his life and has made him a better person. Johnny has the biggest heart in the world, i’d like to include this photo that says a lot

to conclude, Johnny always brings happiness and light to my life. he makes me feel better. Johnny has taught me a lot about life and about appreciating myself.

I really get annoyed by AH supporters and JD haters. If you don’t like him and really really want to think that he’s an abuser (which clearly shows that you don’t really follow the case, or have any knowledge about DV laws, and you’re ignorant and stupid af), then fine. It’s your choice to be so ignorant. But Why do you need to come to JD fans’ posts and attack them? Why? You call him an abuser, yet continue to emotionally abuse his fans like it will bring you whatever you call justice. I tell you what, if you really want that justice for that pathetic serial liar Amber Heard, you should tell her to not drop her own case, to show her so-called evidences to the court of law and not the court of public opinion, to not be a bitch and ask her ‘abuser’ for money and his houses, to be a real independent woman (like she always claims she is) and not dating the other one who is known for being emotionally abusive, but has billions on his bank account like Elon Musk, to not abuse her ex-wife and being arrested for DV and then lies about the police being homophobic when the polices is a lesbian. 

I support a man who was falsely accused of DV, who has never been arrested for it, who the polices found no evidence or any sign of his alledged abusive behavior towards his ex-wife, who was cleared by law, who should be regarded as innocent while you can support a woman who is known for being a liar for many times, who was arrested for being abusive towards her ex all you want. But just don’t come to Johnny Depp fans’ posts and tell them what to think when you’re the ones who are ignorant af.