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Because I am truly curious... #3

3. You have to erase one of your fics from existence forever. Which one and why?

I’m tempted to say Message Sent just cause the stress of it now makes my hair fall out. It started as a tumblr prompt and spiraled into something I never imagined or wanted in the reception sort of way? But I think its fine in technique. I don’t hate the actual writing of it. 

I guess I’d say my old Danny Phantom fics on fanfic.net. Or that Avatar Junko fic. Just because I’ve grown up and my writing is so different and not so top-shelf and all around amateur. 

I just wanna do this every time i see Hau! (that’s @dc9spot‘s grown up kahuna Hau)

I imagine Hala’s entire family gives out tight hugs <3

btw first frame by frame animation – what whaat


Shout out to all of the Zutara fans who also watched American Dragon - ever pick up on the fact that both Jake and Zuko are voiced by Dante Basco and that both Rose and Katara are voiced by Mae Whitman? I’ve often wondered if the fact that Rose and Jake ended up being a canon couple subconsciously caused me to ship Zuko and Katara because their voices fit together as a couple in Dragon.

But then I watch Zuko and Katara scenes in Avatar and remember that I ship them because they were fiery and interesting and full of friction and tbh I just never liked the idea of Katara with Aang so w/e. Guess I can just stick to pretending that Zuko and Katara had a fling at some point as grown ups and that they’re a silly old, arguing couple together in Korra because they’re the only original members of the Gaang left alive (I was super sad that old Zuko and Katara didn’t seem to have ANY scenes together in Korra). 


felt like Bat-Villain doodles so I did. not meant to be any version in particular just kind of a mash up tho you can probably guess which versions I like best from this heh

scarecrow’s grown on me, not that I ever really disliked him I just wasn’t as familiar and I still haven’t seen batman begins tbh until recently

I’ve always liked Eddie tho, I mean how can u not


I’m so excited, I just found the pictures of Nina’s first litter after 4 years in a random SD card lying around in a cardboard box full of old electronics. The last pictures are the puppies grown up, their names are Ginger and Sandy, you may guess who is who by the color of their fur.

Soooo, a quick non-HP question. I love to read, but usually I stick to nonfiction (a Ravenclaw thing?) and I tend to dislike stories. Especially children’s lit. But. I fell in love with Harry Potter at the ripe old age of 32 and I enjoy it a lot (or I wouldn’t be here I guess!)

Okay. So, keeping that in mind, as I look to my son’s bookshelf and see The Series of Unfortunate Events… is it worth the read? Will I enjoy it as much? Is the series as complex, does it ‘grow up’ as well as HP? Will I be embarrassing myself, a grown-ass 37 year old woman, raving to other adults about how dark and even adult like the series gets and you’ll love it just give it a chance?

Uh, not that quick. But some of you kids help me out. I’ve never seen the movies or anything either. And spoil away- I want some good reasons to read these! ~Taiga 💜

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Sentence Starters, pt 1/?
  • “You sicken me.”
  • “Get a real job! And some pants!”
  • “Yes, yes, I’m fine. Actually, no, I just broke up with my boyfriend.”
  • “Why aren’t you good at this?”
  • “Oh, things are looking up. I got a brochure from that convent.”
  • “I didn’t know blind dates could be this much fun.”
  • “We’re being awfully grown up about this, huh?”
  • “Excuse me. I have to go listen to one of my mom’s Janis Ian albums.”
  • “So… whaddaya say we go out and cruise for chicks?”
  • “Yeah, I can handle this.”
  • “On your mark, get set, drool.”
  • “To this day, whenever I burp, it smells like pepperoni.”
  • “And I guess the best thing about me is that I’m a big dweeb.”
  • “On weekends, I like to cut loose with haiku.”
  • “I have a dark side. I’ve gotten my fair share of parking tickets.”
  • “Oh no, time for plan B- oh, no, there is no plan B.”
  • “You look tired. Maybe you should go home.”
  • “So, for the tux, powder blue or maroon?”
  • “I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.”
  • “Can we go to a restaurant? It’s been three days and no one’s fed me.”
  • “So how’s your love life been going?”

here’s a quick collection of assorted outfits I associate with the boys. I have been kind of obsessively curating male clothing for like the past year, because I just do that.

  • Alan’s always had a sort of casually preppy thing going on, in my head. I tend to write/cast him a little older mentally than he probably actually is, and I tend to dress him as though he’s angling towards looking at least a little like a grown-up. also I like to give him hats. little slouchy beanie things.
  • Gordon’s all nautical stripes and bright colours and floral prints, but also a lot of beachy white and and visible skin. I think he’s also 100% the sort of person who would own and wear a velvet jacket. Gordon + brightly coloured shoes is also one of my favourite things. This is in stark contrast to Nonsense!Gordon, who basically dresses entirely in black at all times.
  • Virgil is my secret fave. Virgil’s all canvas and denim and worn leather, with occasional woolen sweaters and soft cotton henleys, to serve as reminders that he is Large but also he is a Gentle Soft Boy. I always end up envisioning Virgil with tattoos and piercings and a sort of lumberjack emopunk vibe. No idea why. He snuck a few florals in there too, the sweetheart.
  • John is actually super difficult for me, because Heavenward!John’s sensibilities have bled all over the way I imagine him in canon. In short, though, his clothing tends to be very cleanly cut and he dresses very neatly. hwd’s influence bleeds through when I end up adding those sorts of vaguely cyberpunk elements, high collars and doubled up layers and that kinda thing. the nerd. i also dress him almost exclusively in grey. in heavenward it’s because of the questionable morality of his actions. otherwise, not sure why.
  • Scott in my head is always a blend of suits + bomber jackets + aviators + hot farmer’s market dad aesthetic. The latter is hard to pull through, but I feel like in casual settings, entirely accidentally, Scott ends up dressing like the sort of well-to-do suburban dad who owns a minivan and buys fresh heirloom kale and free range eggs every Saturday. Little bit of floral print for Scooter, too.

*instantly jumps onto the ship train* GREETINGS

So I guess I already ship Abyssal XD help me

Also grown-up Orchid for reasons (she ends up being much taller than everyone lol)

Feral belongs to @inashibe

Abyss belongs to @6agentgg9

Orchid belongs to me

(The baby isn’t, like, real it’s just a stand-in for the joke let’s wait a little before making an actual child)

Voltron as according to my 51-year-old father

Favorite Character? Coran, because I have red hair

Least Favorite Character? Haggar

Favorite Lion? Red

Best Part/Scene? The case of the Slipperys

Overall Favorite Aspect? Thace (Face to me) saving the day

Least Favorite Aspect? Would have liked a more wrapped up ending.

Pros Of The Series? Lots of action and good characters

Cons Of The Series? Sometimes predictable

Overall Rating? 8/10

Describe The Characters:

Takashi Shirogane: Grown up in the room 

Lance Mcclain: The cool one

Hunk Garrett: Played up more of a goofball than I think he really was

Pidge Gunderson: Smart but needs to just be who they are

Keith Kogane: Very interesting how they made him the ½ breed

Allura: Actually not too annoying

Coran: The real one in charge!

Zarkon: Needs to see a shrink. has issues

Haggar: Guessing no one asked her out in high school, so she went goofy

Thace: A real hero. toughest character

Shay: Goodhearted for a Rock.

Yep. I finished Gravity Falls. I can’t accept it. I’m- I’m in denial.
So I thought “hey, if they are not gonna give me more, I’ll stop whining and make my own!” and so, my AU happened. Well, it’s not even an AU, it’s more like… an Alternative Future of my own, (that isn’t cannon, obviously) made just for fun cause… I’m too attached to let go orz
So in this AU basically all the characters are grown up and have made their lives as better as they managed to. I’ll be telling the story with little illustrations now and then… so, I decided to start by introducing you to a 39 year old Dipper with… his little redhead kiddo?? I’ll let you guess who her mom is, heheh!
The little duckling’s name is Ava Pines! I’ve imagined that Dipper would turn a really really busy science man when he’d get older, so he wouldn’t have much time for himself - but those little days when work would give him a break, he’d use them to spend time with his family - and usually, on the afternoons, he’d take Ava to discover the secrets of Gravity Falls by his side! Even if these don’t happen as often as they’d like to, the days Ava gets to be with her father would always remain as her best memories c:

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Mod star was literally just telling people not to overthink Kubo's vacay??? There's nothing bad about that??? Kubo is a grown adult and can do what she wants????? Chill @anon????

It’s hard to pick up tone when you’re reading text so I guess I understand the anon. Then again, I’m 99.9% sure it’s the person I fact checked (I’m not dumb, I know how Tumblr drama works).

Honestly, there’s no way that was the worst thing they could have come across on this site. Lol

~Mod Star


So voltage have this new feature where they have the character profiles pop out of the screen when meeting the guys for the first time

Tachibana Shunichiro 橘 駿一朗
Kijima Toshiaki 鬼島俊明
Kiriya Touma 桐谷冬馬
Taku Hayama 葉山拓
Go Okubo 大久保剛


If I decided to give up being an actress I think that I would be completely satisfied just because I’ve learned so much, I’ve grown so much. I grew up in Ohio.  It’s so funny because I was always, I guess, embarrassed because I never had like a formal training in acting because I grew up basically in the back woods.

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hey do you think that every time one of the red robes dies when they come back they're level one? is barry here a genuine new boy, or is he just picking up from where he left off when he went up into flames?

i think he’s a genuine newboy! he’s grown a whole new body, so unless there’s some scifi-magic i wouldn’t see how he’d retain his old memories… but i really don’t know! i guess we’ll have to see in two weeks UGH