just a glorious moment

Proof of Work (if going very slow)

At the “picking carefully through the ruins of the outline to get where I know we need to go” stage.  And even knowing we hit this every. Damn. Book in the series, it’s still frustrating as fuck.

But some moments are just glorious.

(the following is slightly spoilery, but odds are you won’t remember, two books down the road…)

While they were all focused on Gabriel, Isobel slid from Uvnee’s back, moving slow enough to not seem a threat, but not so slow as to seem as though she were trying to hide.  Seven men, all around Gabriel’s age, as best she could tell.  Boots and trou, shirts open-necked but rough, sleeves unrolled, some turned up at the wrist; none wearing jackets, although two sported waistcoats of an oddly muddy yellow fabric.  Some were clean-shaven, others facial hair, and none of them shared similar enough features or coloring to be siblings, at hurried glance.

And none of them showed the sigil of a posse, authorized to take in criminals, or the tree-and-circle of a Territory marshal.

“He used magic.”

Isobel stopped cold at that accusation.  

“He’s a magician?”  Gabriel managed to convene utter incredulity in three words.  “And you cornered him with rocks?”

“We bound him,” one of the men said.  “Used his name to set him still.”

“No magician is fool enough to give you his true name, assuming he even remembers it.  And even if he did, there’s no binding that could hold him through high noon, not unless he wanted to be held.”  Gabriel glanced over his shoulder.  “You a magician, sir?”

“If I were, they would already be dead.”  The man spat, the sputum bloody and thick.

anonymous asked:

am I the only one who had a slightly "nervous, bad memories flashback" kinda thing when read I heart radio. I know it's a Q&A and not a concert but still. it wasn't really their most glorious moment they had back there... just saying.

Yes, I feel the same! I have kind of a mix feeling. We can only think they are not ‘angry’ at each other anymore 😜