just a fool by christina aguilera

claryvoyantfray  asked:

For the skam question thing, everything that ends in 3 :)

3. What are 3 songs you think fit skam perfectly?

okay so for s1: bonfire heart by james blunt

s2: just a fool by christina aguilera

s3: in my veins by andrew belle 

13. What do you think about the music used in skam?

i adore it. whoever picks the music is doing an amazing job and i want to give them lots of hugs. theyre doing gods work.

23. What scene means the most to you and why?

as someone whos mentally ill probably the oh helga natt scene. it was just really really really important for me to see isak accepting and supporting even and making him understand that he wouldnt back away just because things are hard. idk it meant a lot to me.

33. Who do you like most?

i love noora with my whole entire heart shes strong and independent and kind and i love her

43. What is your most favorite kissing scene?

im a hoe for the kiss in the last scene of s3 because it was so domestic and happy and makes my heart happy

53. What do you think is most important about the friendship of the squad?

the boys squad: i love that they all supported isak 100% when he came out like….that is so important. 

the girls squad: the fact that theyre so so so there for each other. like taking noora to the doctor when she thought she may have been raped….it was so important. everyone deserves a squad like the girl squad.

63. Would you want to live at Kollektivet? Why?

maybe. i love eskild and linn but i wouldnt do well with them eating all of my food. thats a no no.

73. What is your favorite fanfic or headcanon & why?

im a huge fan of any headcanon involving the girl squad + supporting each other.

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Just A Fool - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

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Author’s Note: So, I had this idea for a new Imagine when I listened to the song ‘Just a fool’ by Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton. I liked that the song told a break-up from two different perspectives and tried to involve that into my story. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. Let me know if I should write a second part, because I’m considering to write it. Thanks for reading! :)

(Y/N) sat at the bar of her favourite pub and looked at the people surrounding her. On her left was a young, half-drunk student, who was probably drinking his fifth beer while watching the football game on the tiny TV above the bar. On the booths behind her sat quite a lot of people, most of them young and drunk, eating burgers and drinking beer while talking to each other or watching the football game.

It was quite full for a thursday night and a lot of young and old men came here after work just to watch the American Football Games. (Y/N) usually came here every thursday after her shift at a fast food restaurant, because she enjoyed having a few drinks and talking to Pete, the bartender, who she already became friends with.

Being here gave her time to forget about her problems, about her past, about the reason why she had moved to New York City and why she had decided to leave her old hometown Beacon Hills in California. (Y/N) knew that alcohol wouldn’t solve her problems, but at least it made her feel better for a while.

“Hey, Pete. I’d like another shot of whisky, please.” (Y/N) looked at the bartender and smiled as she ordered another drink. Pete nodded and turned around to grab the whisky and refilled her shot. “So.. how much do you plan to drink today?” Pete asked while he sweeped up the mess on the bar. (Y/N) drank the shot before she put it back on the counter to respond to Pete’s question. “I guess you have to keep it coming 'til I don’t remember how miserable my life is.” Pete sighed at her response, he did feel sorry for her. “Want to talk about it?” He asked, but (Y/N) shook her head. “I’d rather not today, but thank you anyway, Pete.” The bartender smiled at her before he walked on the other side of the bar to serve another guest.

(Y/N) looked at her empty glass and sighed. Why am I even doing this to myself? I used to hate drinking so much, but now I’m sitting here, drinking one shot after another… She thought to herself. But (Y/N) knew exactly why she did this to herself. She knew exactly why she came here every week. She wanted to drink away the pain. The pain she was feeling inside of her because of her last relatonship, because of the boy she still had feelings for, because of the boy she couldn’t let go. Stiles Stilinski.

Their break up had been too painful for her. So painful that she moved out of their appartment, out of the city, out to a whole different state. She still loved him and it hurt so much, because she knew that he didn’t feel the same way about her. He didn’t even bother to call her when she left, he didn’t even beg her to stay when she told him she’d go, he didn’t even love her at all.

(Y/N) tried to push her thoughts about her ex-boyfriend away and focused on something else. She suddenly heard a song quietly playing in the background, coming from the radio hidden behind the bottle shelves. It was one of her favourite songs.

“Can you turn up the music a little louder, please?” (Y/N) asked Pete who stood by the bottle shelves to grab a bottle of wodka for a new guest. “Sure,” Pete responded, before he pulled out the radio and fumbled with it. He turned the volume up and then went back to work.

(Y/N) listened to the song and closed her eyes. It was probably far past midnight by now, but (Y/N) didn’t care. She wanted to get past the midnight hour anyway, since the drinks were cheaper and people were starting to leave the pub. She let out a breath she was holding in this whole time and couldn’t help but think about Stiles again. It was always getting worse on thursdays since that was the day she and Stiles had met and it was also the day they both had fallen in love with each other during sophomore year back in high school. She hoped that she would feel better by tomorrow, that it wouldn’t be as hard for her to move on as it was today, but she knew that it wouldn’t be this way.

She knew that the day didn’t really matter and that it was just an excuse for her to come to this pub and have a few drinks while in reality Stiles was always in the back of her mind, causing her heart to ache.

(Y/N) had set her heart on this boy and on their whole relationship, but in the end nothing and no one had ever caused her so much trouble, told her so many lies and hurt her the way that Stiles did.

Who knew that love could ever be this cruel? (Y/N) definitely didn’t, because otherwise she would have never started dating him in the first place.

(Y/N) remembered all of the nights she spent at home alone, waiting for her boyfriend to come home and talk to her, but he never did. She always woke up the next day, hoping that he’d returned from the meetings with his friends, but he never showed up, didn’t even call her to cancel a date or tell her that he was alright.

And the worst thing about it all was that she had always forgiven him. Everytime he came back to her, she had accepted the apologies he had told her, just because she had been too scared to lose him. She believed every word he had ever told her, all the 'I love you’s’ and 'I’m sorry’s’, all the lies and excuses, everything.

All this time she had thought that Stiles loved her, that they were meant to be together, that he was the right one for her… but she was wrong. She was a fool to believe that any of his words, any of their relationship and any of his love had been real. 

“(Y/N), here’s another shot of whisky for you, because right now you look like you need one.” Pete said as he refilled her glass once again. (Y/N) opened her eyes and looked up at her friend, offering him a small smile. “Thank you.” She grabbed the drink, closed her eyes and before Stiles could cross her mind again, she drank the shot and slowly felt the alcohol take over her body.


Stiles sat infront of his best friend Scott’s house, a bottle of beer in his hand, while waiting for him to come back home. He was frustrated because it was another one of those days where he missed (Y/N) the most. Stiles knew that it was his fault that she’d left, that she broke up with him, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He felt empty because she wasn’t there anymore, empty because he knew she’d probably moved on already.

“Stiles what are you doing here?” A very familiar voice asked him, pulling Stiles out of his thoughts about (Y/N). He looked up from the ground and locked his gaze with Scott, who was looking at him worriedly. “Hi, Scotty. Where have you been? Y'know you’re my best friend and I reeally wanted to see you.” Stiles said, chuckling over his own words.

He was a little drunk from all the beer he’d been drinking all day. Stiles usually wasn’t that much of a drinker, but when it came to (Y/N), alcohol was the only thing that helped him forget about the pain he was feeling inside of him. “Have you been drinking again?” Scott sighed and ran over to his best friend. He wrapped his arm around his waist to steady him as he helped him to get up. “C'mon buddy, let’s get you inside.” Scott said as he walked Stiles to his living room couch. “Why did you drink anyway, huh? You know exactly which affect alcohol has on you.” Scott reminded his best friend reproachfully. Stiles just ignored the worried remark of his best friend and took another sip out of the bottle in his hand, but Scott, who had managed to sit Stiles down onto his couch, rolled his eyes and grabbed the bottle out of Stiles hand. “Seriously Dude, don’t you think you’ve had enough already?!” Scott crossed his arms infront of his chest and looked down at his best friend, who was looking at Scott with big, innocent eyes. “No! I only had one beer, Scotty. Only one beer,” Stiles objected, pouting his lips.

Scott knew how his best friend was when he had too much to drink and that’s why he didn’t respond to Stiles’ pouting face and his big puppy eyes. “Stiles, why are you drinking again? We’ve just talked about it recently and you promised me and your father that you’d stop.” Stiles didn’t respond. Scott was right, but what was he supposed to say? That he was getting drunk to get over his broken heart? That he missed the only girl he ever really cared about so much that the only thing that helped him was alcohol? No, he couldn’t tell him that. So instead he lied to him. “I’m just stressed… you know after fighting the Dread Doctors and evil Theo I just need something to calm my nerves down.”

“Stop lying to me, Stiles. I’m your best friend… and I’m supposed to help you with whatever you’re going through.” Scott sat down next to Stiles and put his hand on his shoulder. “You never drink unless it’s about something-” and then it suddenly hit Scott like a brick. “It’s (Y/N), isn’t it?” Scott asked, looking at his best friend. Of course it was about her.

Stiles frowned at the sound of her name. He was constantely thinking about her, his mind was full with pictures of her, the sound of her laughter was stuck inside his ears ever since she had left him, but he hadn’t heard someone mentioning her name in so long. “(Y/N)? No, why would I care about her?” Stiles tried to play it cool, even though Scott probably knew how he really felt. But still, there was no way that Stiles would admit his feelings for (Y/N).

“Because you started drinking ever since she left. Plus, I’m your best friend, Stiles.. you can’t hide something from me, because in the end I’m gonna find out, anyway.” Scott responded. “There is nothing I have to hide from you Scott, because I don’t care about (Y/N) anymore, alright? She walked away and honestly I would have done the same thing.” Stiles murmered, looking into Scott’s eyes. “Y'know.. we were bad together anyway. We were constantely fighting and arguing with each other and I feel like there was no love anymore. I guess we were just not meant to be together,” Stiles mumbled, rather talking to himself than to Scott, even though he knew that he had heard it anyway.

“You two were good together Stiles and you know that. Everyone knew that,” Scott argued back. “No, Scott. I’m better off without her and she’s better off without me. There is no such things as hope or fate.. things just happen and (Y/N) and I happened to not be together anymore. So please just stop talking about it,” Stiles said without actually meaning it.

He had tried to think this way about their relationship, but he knew that this was just a shield to protect himself. He missed her and their relationship more than he’d ever admit, but he somehow had to move on without her. He had set his heart on (Y/N) and thought that she was the only one he’d ever love, but in the end he had messed it up. Nothing had ever hurt him more than letting her go and because of that he knew that love was the cruelest thing in the world. After(Y/N) had left Beacon Hills, he had waited every day for her to come back home and tell him that she’d give their relationship another chance, but that never happened. She never came back and Stiles knew that he was a fool for not only breaking her heart, but for letting the love of his life go, without even telling her that he’d done everything to keep her safe from all the bad things happening in Beacon Hills. That he’d done everything because he loved her.

Stiles had never really lost the hope that eventually (Y/N) and him would end up together again. He still loved her as much as he did when they first met and that was his problem. He was too stubborn and in love with her too realize that whatever he and (Y/N) had would probably never ever come back. He had to accept that it was lost.


(Y/N) was already very tipsy from all the alcohol she have had, but that still wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to drink so much that she would feel nothing at all, but this plan seemed not to work tonight. Her mind constantely wandered back to Stiles and the way she still felt about him.

She knew that leaving him was the right thing to do, because the relationship they’ve had was not healthy at all, but she regretted it. New York was not the city of her dreams, she wasn’t happy. The only place she ever really felt happy was Beacon Hills together with Stiles and her friends.

Maybe she should have let all the problems she and Stiles had go and just appreciate what they had instead of crying over something they didn’t have. Maybe she should have held her tongue and listened to what Stiles had to tell her instead of running away from him. But now she couldn’t change it anymore…

She couldn’t fight the motion, because now everything was wrong. Even worse than it was before. New York was loud and busy and full of people who didn’t even bother to look up from their phone, a place (Y/N) completely felt lost in. It was so different from Beacon Hills where everything seemed so calm and quiet and where people actually had time to talk to each other.

(Y/N) was thrown apart and she hated herself for it. She still was a fool for Stiles and she knew that it would never change whether she would find someone new to love or not. He had her heart and even though he had hurt her more than anything else in the world, she’d always wait for him to come to New York and bring her back to Beacon Hills where she belonged, just like she had waited for him to come home all the nights back at their appartment, because that’s what love was about. Because that’s what her love for Stiles was about. She loved him and nothing would ever change that.


“There’s always hope, Stiles. I know that you tell yourself that you’re better off without her, but that’s not true. You love her and she loves you, it’s always been that way and it always will. Love means sacrifice and (Y/N) sacrificed herself by moving to New York, even though she still loved you, Stiles. She sacrificed her old life with the people she loved and cared about, because she loves you. She left this place because she thought that she was in the way off something and now you have to tell her that she wasn’t. Fight for her, Stiles. Fight for her with everything you have. Do what I was not able to do with Allison…fight for her, before she falls in love with someone else. Fight for her before it’s too late.” Scott told Stiles while patting him on the shoulder.

Stiles looked at his best friend for a second to let his words sink in before he nodded, “Yeah, you’re right, Scott. I need to fight for her. I will fight for her, because she is the love of my life and because I don’t want my stupid mistakes to ruin everything we once had. I love her and that’s why I will fly to New York and bring her back to Beacon Hills.” and this time he meant everything he said

He was going to fight for their relationship, because Stiles had set his heart on her. She had his heart from the moment he met her and she would always have his heart. Yes, she had hurt him by leaving but he had hurt her by letting her go, by lying to her and not telling her the truth. He needed to talk to her and tell her everything about the supernatural world, everything about his adventures with the pack, everything he had tried to protect her from because he had been to scared to lose her.

Love might be the cruelest thing in the world, but it could also be the best thing in the world if it was with the right person. (Y/N) was this person for Stiles. He had waited too long for her to come back, now it was time for him to make a move and fly to New York to bring her back, to bring her back where she belonged, to bring her home.

He had been a fool for too long and he had enough of it. He wanted her back and there was nothing in the world that could stop him now. Not even 2.441 miles that lay between Beacon Hills and New York. Nothing could hold him back, because (Y/N) was everything.