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I love reading your stuff you are one of my favorite, if not the best, out of all the Headcanons I like to read~ I also wanted to ask how would any skellies of your choice would react to coming home to see their SO in the living room taking a nap in a rather ridicules position and their pet cat was actually near by in almost the same position? They are in one of those positions that would cause people to ask 'How are you so flexible?' or 'How are you even comfortable?' so how would they react?

Underswap Papyrus

When Stretch walks into the living room after a long day, spotting you on the couch in possibly the most ridiculous position he’d ever seen anyone in, he couldn’t help the few snickers that escaped. The fact that your cat was mimicking you in a similar way was the icing on the cake. For a moment he just watched in amusement before whipping out his phone and taking a few snaps, making sure to get close up photos of your face and how weird the position looked in odd angles, as pictures including the cat. Once he’s had his fun, he wonders for a second if he should move you, or wake you up. He then just decided against it, just chucking a blanket over your sleeping form, taking one last photo before leaving you to your weird sleeping position. He’ll forever wonder how you managed to get in a position like that, and will always use those stupid photos to tease you.

Underfell Papyrus

Seeing you in such a strange position on his couch had Edge more confused than anything. What were you doing? Were you asleep like that? He noticed your cat copying you, sprawled out in a similarly uncomfortable looking position, which was somewhat amusing, but that was a cat. Were humans even meant to be that flexible? Slightly concerned, he woke you, interrogating you on why you were asleep in such a strange position. When you, bleary eyed and trying to shake sleepiness from your head, explained that you’d just fallen asleep like that, he just shook his head in disbelief and sent you up to bed to get a ‘proper and comfortable sleep!’

Fellswap Sans

What was his human doing?? He’d come home after a rather stressful day at work, only to see you sprawled across the couch in a position he’d never imagined possible for any living creature, let alone a human! And was the cat copying you too?

He shook you awake quickly, demanding to know how on earth you got yourself into such a weird position, if you’d hurt yourself, what were you thinking? You quickly told him it just happened sometimes, you were fine, you were just trying to get some sleep?

He demanded you take a more appropriate position, and, at that, in an actual bed rather than the ratty old couch.

Undertale Sans

Sans finds the whole thing hilarious, walking in after being out at Grillby’s for the night to see you in the strangest position he’d ever thought imaginable. The cat was in the same position too, adding to the hilarity. He decided to poke some fun at you, running to grab a marker and drawing silly things on your face, carefully putting your arms in funny positions like you picking your nose, or at an odd angle, before finally deciding to wake you up by poking at your sides. You’d awoken with a start, seeing the skeleton grinning there before winking at you, telling you to have a look at yourself in the mirror before blipping out of existence.

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suck it hal

Well it’s no sexy Marie Curie but...

(sterekweek day 3, meet cute with a side of halloween and scenestealer I guess, since it’s inspired by a buffy episode. 2.7k, brief language. also imagine stiles’ outfit like hoechin’s from everybody wants some, basically)

Derek is pissed.

“Somebody has to go check on the Nemeton, Derek. Don’t worry Beacon Hills has been quiet lately anyways, Derek,” Derek snarks as he stomps to his car. “No self respecting supernatural creature would start shit on Halloween anyways, Derek. What bullshit.”

The thing is, Derek loves Halloween. Usually. He has a not so secret sweet tooth and an excuse to eat all the candy he likes. He can let his fangs drop and flash his eyes all night and all anyone does is ask where he got his special contact lenses. He can be truly himself and not get treated like a freak, and he loves it. The problem is that even though the Hales moved out of Beacon Hills years ago after Kate Argent had burned their house down, they’re still responsible for the territory. Which means checking in on the dreaded Nemeton every so often, to make sure it hasn’t awoken, and also see if any unauthorized supernatural nasties have moved in while they weren’t looking. This year, Derek drew the short straw, and this year his mom had insisted he do the Beacon Hills check-in on Halloween.

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Request: Can I get a winner reaction to their s/o dancing really nicely?❤️ @saumya–anand

A/N: I’m so sorry this is so late, I really thought I had already posted this but when I checked it was still in my folder!! I hope you enjoy!

Jinwoo would be surprised and would just enjoy watching you dance without interfering. He’d watch with a big smile on his face and might even sneak out his phone to snap a few pictures just for himself to keep when he needs to cheer up. 

Seunghoon would totally join in with you after watching your routine. He would love having the chance to be so close to you and probably wouldn’t want to stop dancing. One of his favorite things is to take a glance at you and see you so concentrated on doing something you loved.

Mino would record an entire video of you then proceed to dance with you afterwards like he had just walked by and noticed you dancing. He would be the type to want to do a sexy dance and would eventually take the lead by holding your waist (not that you minded). Imagine dancing to this….

Seungyoon would watch you do a routine and like the leader he is want to give you feedback right afterwards. He would be sort of like your partner and dance with you letting you have more fun. Sometimes if he thought something could be done better he would gently shift your body and continue the routine.  

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One direction imagine

Title: A night I will never forget

I stared at the screen of my lit up phone. My boys, one direction, had finally landed in my town.

I sighed to myself as I looked over at my mirror, remembering that I still had to apply my make up.

Yes, I was excited to see them, as I had been a fan of them since I was 12, they had grown up with me, always there when I needed them. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that this night would be disappointing.

Whenever I daydreamed of going to one of their concerts I always made it so that I would somehow impress them, making them want to get to know me more. Deep down, behind the hope, I know that scenario will never happen.


I shut the door behind me, assuring my mother that I can walk by myself to the arena, since we had gotten a hotel down the street from it for the night.

When I got inside and found my seat, after much confusion, I looked around, taking it all in. It wasn’t dark yet, and I had gotten there quite early, so the arena was pretty empty, allowing me to see just about everything.

I took out my phone and snapped a few pictures for the “before it was crazy packed” scene.

Then I waited.


Hours later and the lights finally went out, it was dark now, and the screams got louder.

My 4 boys walked out onto the stage, and even though I couldn’t see them perfectly, I smiled the biggest smile I had ever made.

They were here, right there, in front of me. The boys that I have dreamed of seeing for 4 years, they were finally right in front of me.

All the times that I had been told that I would never meet or see Niall, Liam, Harry or
Louis outside of a screen, none of it mattered, because they were all wrong.

The song “clouds” sounded and I immediately started singing along, looking from them to one of the screens on either side of the arena constantly.


The last song of the encore ended and I felt a wave of dread wash over me.

It’s over.

Tomorrow they will be in a different state, maybe even in a different country. They will go back to just being a picture on a screen, a memory that I will never forget but one that they will.

My heart felt empty, I didn’t want them to go. I reluctantly followed everyone else out of the arena and into the open.

I decided not to go back to the hotel quite yet, I was feeling dizzy and dehydrated from all the screaming and singing, so I started on my way to quickly go get something to eat.

It didn’t take too long for me to get lost.

I stood there on the sidewalk, looking in all directions, unsure of what to do, when I heard a voice.

“Hey, you ok?” it asked.

I turned around, finding myself face-to-face with Harry styles.

“I-I’m lost” I said, wondering if I was dreaming.

Niall, Liam and Louis suddenly appeared next to him.

“Harry, what are you doing I thought we were going to-” Liam’s eyes landed on me.

“Hello!” he smiled at me.

I wanted to say something, but nothing would come out. Was this actually happening?

When I didn’t respond Harry chipped in again.

“She said she’s lost”.

“Well where are you headed? We could probably get you there” Liam said.

“I um, I don’t know. I didn’t think I would need to know” I nervously laughed.

“You don’t remember the direction you took?” Louis asked.

“No..well yes, I think I know how to get back from the arena, but I’m feeling lightheaded from the concert, and I’m trying to find a place to get food or at least a water” I replied.

“Oh! You were at our concert, how was it? Did you like it?” Niall asked happily.

“Yeah, it was great” I laughed once more.

“We were actually gonna go and get some food ourselves, would you care to join?” Liam asked with a genuine smile.

This has to be a punk, am I getting punk’d?

“Really? You don’t mind?”

“No not at all” Harry said.

“It’s a good thing I didn’t buy any merchandise, because I still have the money that my mom gave me” I joked.

They all laughed, honestly probably out of kindness though, and then walked me to the diner that they were headed to.

We all sat down, and talked.

We talked about the concert, their songs, myself, and even those 2am questions.

I felt so safe and content around them.

I ended up needing to take a box of leftovers back to the hotel, if I ate anymore I swear I would have exploded.


After dinner we all scrambled into their car.

When we were parked outside of my hotel I said goodbye to my boys, and finally, it all hit me.

How I had actually met them, my dream of 4 years finally came true. Those mornings when I would wake up after dreaming of meeting them and feeling my spirit practically die out of despair, they didn’t mean anything at this moment.

I hugged them all one by one and cried, I tried so hard not to, but I wasn’t strong enough.

“I love you” I whispered before I left.


I took out the key card from my purse and slid it into the door, heard the click, and swiftly opened it.

I looked over to the beds and found my mom already asleep.

I walked over to the bathroom and cleaned myself up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and showered, allowing the hot water to sooth my aching head and body.

As I combed my wet hair, my eyes flickered over to the box of leftovers.

I popped open the box and smiled at the writing on the inside cover.

“Hello! It’s us, one direction, thank you for accompanying us to dinner. We hope you had a great time at the concert and we’re glad we met you, you are truly one of a kind.

P.S: Niall thinks you’re cute


Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall”

I placed my hand over my mouth and felt tears prick at my eyes.

This night will truly be one I never forget.

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Nico comes out to meet him when he pulls up. She gives him a big dimpled smile and her green eyes glint behind her hair. 

Nico: Hey, Joël! Woah, that’s a serious-looking camera. I thought you were just going to take a few snaps with your phone.  

Joël: I used to be a professional photographer. I’ve got  a few half-decent cameras.

Nico: Really? I’m impressed.

He follows her inside, his hangover reignited by the deafening orchestra of squawks and barks and yowls. He does his best to ignore it.

Joël: Taking pictures of things behind glass is tricky. It takes a bit of work to get the lighting just right. And the front surface of glass can act as a mirror to reflect light from behind the camera back into the lens…am I boring you yet? 

Nico: No, not at all. So why don’t you work as a photographer anymore?

Joël: Everyone’s a photographer these days. There’s no money in it. 

Nico: You should do things for love, not money. I certainly don’t work here for the money. 

Joël: It’s not just that. It’s a bit hard to find inspiration sometimes. And also, there’s practical considerations. Like paying bills? And I dunno…not starving?. 

Nico: You have a point  So, you work at a bar too? Abby said that’s where she met you- 

Joël: I’m a bar manager at The Sands. I’m working this afternoon from 4 till midnight. Otherwise I’d ask you out.

Nico: Really? Where would you have taken me? If you weren’t working?

Joël: I’d take you to a nice restaurant for dinner, then we could take a stroll along the beach, and then maybe if we’d had enough wine with dinner and it was warm enough and late enough and deserted enough we could go for a moonlight skinny-dip-

Nico: Forget it. I don’t like the sound of that at all.

Joël would have thought she was joking if red spots hadn’t appeared on her cheeks.  

Joël: Of what? Skinny-dipping? I’m joking. It was just a joke. Don’t be offended. I’m sorry. What about the restaurant part and the walk along the beach part? How did that sound? 

Nico: Those parts sounded good.

Joël: Okay, so if we go on a date we’ll just do that. Can we kiss like we kissed at the Festival?

Nico: We can kiss. But no skinny-dipping. 

Raj: Maybe she’s got body issues.

He’s dropped into the bar ostensibly to have a drink after working all day, but really to hear about Joël’s night with Mia. But Joël only wants to talk about Nico. 

Joël: Maybe. All I know is she’s got my head spinning around. One minute she’s hot, the next minute she’s cold…

Raj: So she’s into playing games. She’s bad news whichever way you look at it. Forget about her. So what happened after you and Mia got back to your place-

Joël: I can’t forget about her. Did I tell you about her eyes? They’re this incredible green colour, like…like if you held one of those green beer bottles up to the light-

Raj: Her eyes could be rainbow coloured with solid gold lashes and I wouldn’t really care. What the hell happened with Mia?

Joël: She agreed to go on a date tomorrow night, anyway. So hopefully- 

Raj: Who did? Mia?

Joël: What? No, Nico did. Duh. Haven’t you been listening?

From: Castiel

To: Team Snapchat, Sam, Dean

Castiel wasn’t really familiar with apps. He knew what they were, Dean had given him a lesson when Claire mentioned them, but Cas had no use for them. He uses the phone only when he couldn’t pop in on the Winchesters and when he doesn’t, which is more often than not, the electronic just stays in his pocket, collecting dust.

That’s why he’s confused when he hears a muffled ding in the silence of the bunker. Another ding tipped off the angel that the sound was coming from his coat pocket. He dug out his phone and squinted at screen, reading the small print notifying him of new activity.

It was from snapchat. Castiel didn’t know who Snapchat was. Whoever it was was informing him that Dean had sent him a snap. Snapchat sent him another message telling him that Sam also sent him a snap. Castiel was confused. Why would Sam and Dean send him anything if they were just looking for books in the library bunker?

Castiel swiped across the screen and watched as a yellow box with a white ghost shape expanded to a list of two names. Castiel wondered if this app came with the phone since he doesn’t remember downloading it.

A pink square sat in front of both Sam and Dean’s name. He tapped on Sam’s square since he was the first on the list.

A picture of books filled his phone. They mentioned angels in the titles and a thin gray strip was layered under them. “Do you think these would be useful?” was etched into the strip. Those books would be useful but Castiel didn’t know how to respond to the picture.

As he rose the phone to look for a clue on how to reply, the picture disappeared. The list of names was on screen again, the pink box next to Sam’s name now empty. He tapped Sam’s box again to see the photo but the name just shook. Maybe he’d have better luck with Dean’s box.

He tapped Dean’s name and, as Cas expected, a photo popped up. It was of Dean’s face with a look Castiel has come to know as annoyance. Dean also had a gray text box. It read “no books here. Can we go 2 bar now?”

Castiel also had a response to his hunter friend but he doesn’t want the photo to vanish. His blue eyes surveyed the screen and the Angel caught the countdown circle on the top right corner of the screen.

Dean’s face disappeared and Castiel sat for a few minutes, inspecting the screen for a way to communicate with the brother. He swiped the screen to the left, mostly out of frustration, and was met with his own slightly stubbled face. The camera was on and Cas knew it was an important part of the app.

He pulled the phone closer to his face, searching for anything that’ll capture the photo. There was a big clear button on the bottom of the screen and he pressed it warily. The shutter sound emitted from the speaker and Castiel was now looking at a photo of himself. He tapped the screen and the gray strip appeared along with the keyboard.

The angel wasn’t sure on what he should write so he just typed out what he was thinking. “Am I doing this correctly?” Once he was done, he saw the glowing arrow on the bottom right corner. He pressed it and chose Sam,  Dean, and someone named ‘Team Snapchat’  when a list of contacts pulled up. A pink bar on top notified Castiel that his snap was sent.

He waited a few minutes, nervous at his attempt at this new technology. A loud bark of laughter erupted from the library and Cas was certain that Dean had received his message. Just a few seconds later, another snap arrived to his phone. It was from Sam. Instead of a still photo of books, a video of Sam started to play. Sam was smiling as he gave the camera a thumbs up. “You did good, Cas.”  

Castiel smiled at the praise. Maybe he can get used to this app and get a few new friends to communicate through videos and photos with. Sam’s video finished when the countdown reached one and Castiel swiped to find the video mode on his own.