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happy birthday johnny seo  // #HappyJohnnyDay


…I’M super inTO THEM, I can see myself losing myself in this franchise for years to come. 

Lupin III has really encouraged me to experiment with line art and movement with a different way, I have had a lot of fun drawing and I’m enjoying it!

Thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes! <3

My day was just filled with really sweet well wishes and adorable little drawings and I just felt like, really super happy all day. So thank you all so very much for making my day just the bomb-diggity :D I figured I’d make this one big message so that I wouldn’t flood everyone’s dashes with all the individual messages I got, but I AM going to reply to everyone who took the time to message me, because that was just the sweetest for ya’ll to think of me ;_;

And! Since you all made this day so nice for me, I’d like to do something to make your day nicer too! How would you like to see the next update a few days early? :D I’m just about done with it, and I’ll have it up by the time I go to bed :)

Thank you all again, you’re all super and I hope you all know you made a potato very happy today <3

I’m pretty sure it’s a waste of my shipper heart’s time, especially when the show is just okay and nothing too spectacular, but I’m going to stick with Riverdale until I hate it like OUAT. If that’s what it comes to. Maybe this show will be different, but I won’t hold my breath and I’ll be entering a Beronica bubble like I did when I started shipping Supercat. I’ll be much happier that way. No hopes, no dreams. Just a beautiful bubble to enjoy no matter what direction the show goes.

Victor Zsasz x Reader- Untrained Puppy (Rated M)

So this is a little thing I wrote for @taintedmarker ‘s Birthday (sorry its a few days early I just finished it sooner than expected) I hope you like it my darling!!!! <3

Warning- Sexual content, restraints, Sub Victor, Dom Reader, Oral, teasing

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"When you’re not at home do you still wakeup at your usual time? Because I do and for Sam 5.30 is his gym time as we know from Caitriona" So you think he was just up early? His twitter activity over the last few days got me a little "worried". He disappeared after his latest pic from gym in Glasgow. I know he takes brakes sometimes, but still, I find the time of this morning RTs a little strange.

Why would I be worried nonnie ? I suggest you look at these pics and stop looking at Sam’s twitter activity ;)

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I had the best dream. T.o.p had just got back from his military enlistment a few days early (apparently we were dating) and as soon as he came through the door he slammed it. I ran to see what happened and saw that it was him. I ran to him, but before I could say anything he grabbed my throat and slammed me against the wall and pinned me. He gazed into my eyes and said " Im in love with you. I missed you. I'm about to show you what not being able to be inside of you for two years has done to me.

Woah… that is a nice dream… Why can’t I have dreams like that? *cries* 

The other night, I dreamed I was a WW2 fighter pilot in an all female bomber squad. There were all these protests going on because people didn’t want women bombers. Anyway, I saw this group of people bullying this person & I put myself between them. They were yelling at him & calling him (insert horrible slang term here) because they thought he was Japanese. So, I turned around to ask him if he was Japanese & it was Seungri. I started shouting at the crowd, “You morons! He’s Korean not Japanese!”
And then I woke up.

Your dream sounds much better. lol :p

Christmas Miracle

For my 4k Celebration @jpadjackles requested: Congrats!!! You deserve 4K! Can I request first Christmas as a family with Jared? 

Hope you like this sweetie!

He had come a few days early and just in time for Christmas. You were still exhausted from the birth when you brought him home the day before Christmas. You and your newborn son had spent most of the day in bed, while Jared had ran around like a headless chicken making sure you had everything you needed and that everything was ready for tomorrow. You had tried getting him to relax several times until you finally threw in the towel and called Jensen. You listen to him chuckle as you sulked - telling him you wished your husband would just relax with you. That all you really needed was him. Jensen had promised your wish would come true before he hang up, and seconds later you heard Jared answer his phone. Minutes later, Jared was in bed with you, holding you close as you both stared down at the little Christmas miracle in your arms. 

Jared stayed by your side till you fell asleep, and he took care of the baby all through the night. Christmas morning he took your hand as your son rested over his arm and walked you down into the Christmas lit living room. He smiled as he saw your tears and vowed to make you and your son this happy every day for the rest of his life.

Requests are Closed

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Lauren took this photo of me a few days after I was released from the hospital. 

I had a half dozen emergency surgeries over the course of a week to keep me alive and seeing the start of 2016. I was released from the hospital just about a month early, and this photo was taken a few days after my first chemotherapy transfusion(its also where Lauren and I went on our first date one warm summers day). 

Its insane to me that in the course of just under three months, the tumor in my chest has gone from the size of a grapefruit to the size of my fingernail. Fingers crossed the rest of the treatment continues to go in the right direction. 

Thank you all for the kind words of support over the past few months.


“Sometimes I dream of saving the world. Saving everyone from the invisible hand, the one that brands us with an employee badge, the one that forces us to work for them, the one that controls us every day without us knowing it. But I can’t stop it. I’m not that special. I’m just anonymous. I’m just alone.”

Celebrated Halloween a few days early this year. Walked around the local amusement park with my sister and brother-in-law. I made up these fsociety business cards and wrote the official Mr. Robot website on the back and I placed the cards at random spots around the park. We are fsociety, you are fsociety and together we can build a world where we are finally free. @whoismrrobot@malekbrosinc

ghost in the machine au: coping

content warnings: canon character death is still a thing

  • harper and dani come knocking early a few days later
  • shaw just groans and rolls closer to the stack of processors
  • she’s always so damn cold
  • she hears the gentle click of Harper picking the lock and Dani’s uncomfortable protests
  • “maybe she needs space, harper.”
  • “babe, what she /needs/ is a stiff drink and to not be holed up with that machine all day. you know that can’t be healthy.”
  • “she locked the door for a reason. we should leave her alone.”
  • “if she didn’t want me to break in she would have used a better lock, k-9.”
  • shaw huffs. kids these days. no respect.
  • harper and dani edge around the broke remnants of the monitors cautiously
  • “jesus shaw, I know you’ve got deep pockets now, but running the ac all day can’t be good for the environment.”
  • dani clutches her leather jacket a little tighter around her torso as she scans the room
  • takes notice of the axe still lodged into the ac unit
  • “uh, harps? something tells me her electric bill is gonna be pretty low this month.”
  • harper’s eyes widen. maybe they should have left shaw to mourn in peace.
  • dani walks over and sits down next to shaw
  • waits
  • harper decides to start unsticking the axe from the sad scrap of an ac unit
  • “so you guys feel it too? the cold?”
  • dani and harper make eye contact from across the room. they nod.
  • “of course we do, boss. any special reason why we shouldn’t?”
  • shaw looks away, rubs the spot behind her ear again frantically
  • dani touches her elbow before she starts to draw blood
  • “let’s go outside for a bit. maybe take bear on a walk. get breakfast?”
  • shaw stands up on shaky legs, draws root’s old leather jacket around her like armor, and starts off for the door
  • harper stops her “maybe you want to hop in the shower first?”
  • shaw glares at her tiredly and stalks off to the bathroom
  • she takes the jacket with her
  • after the door slams dani and harper sigh in unison
  • the shower clicks on
  • “I didn’t think she’d be this upset.”
  • “what are you taking about, dani? she put an axe in a wall. seems like another tuesday to me. I didn’t even think that she "did” sad.“
  • dani frowns. "she’s different, harper. but she’s still a person. she still has feelings. and she’s just lost…”
  • harper touches her hand gently. “she’s just lost her person. you’re right. i’m sorry.”
  • “i don’t think she’s moved in days. she definitely hasn’t eaten. there’s books tossed around everywhere. something else had to have happened.”
  • “i know you’ll get to the bottom of it, detective. it’s what you do best.”
  • shaw stomps out of the bathroom redressed and eyes rolling
  • “stop being gross, you’ll make me lose my appetite.”
  • she clips bears leash and slams the door behind her
  • “I guess we’re getting breakfast after all, Dani.”

There. Done. I’d rather this be released to the world a few days early and in just inks than yet *another* year late with some crappy colouring attempts. I miss doing digital art. Also I’m tipsy and I spent the entire morning on this.

And why is Mrs. Degroot in a wheelchair? Why, because I somehow remembered she was that way in the comics before looking up reference! a shout-out to “Meet the Medic” video, why else?