just a doodle to distract me :i

idk why i just remembered this but all throughout kindergarten and first grade i used to draw a lil snail in the corner of every paper i had to turn in because it was a happy snail so i thought it would make my teachers happy when they were grading papers because i was a pure and simple child but in 2nd grade my teacher would take off 2 points if i drew it on my homework and 5 points if i drew it on a quiz or test so i stopped but like
it was so harmless it was just a lil shitty doodle of a smiling snail it wasn’t distracting me or anything from the task at hand
so i’d like to say to mrs whoeverthefuck that snail was supposed to be a happy thing u bitch


Allura’s Moving Castle AU

1. why? 2. why not! 3. asadahsdklsasdf

Written Apology

I’ve come out of fic writing retirement to write a fic for @bazinjeanstm! Happy Birthday​! I hope this year is as amazing as you are! And I hope you enjoy this. 

Word count: 3.8k

Warnings: Cursing, uh… mild angst? idk

Summary: (AU wear anything your soulmate writes on themselves appears on your skin.) Baz’s soulmate keeps distracting him by drawing on his hand. 


It’s happening again. Lines are forming all over the back of my hand, starting at my fingers and working their way down. The blue lines bend and curl into abstract patterns. Then suddenly, they stop, only to have other smaller details added to them moments later.

It’s very distracting.

I sigh. Thank Merlin, Snow and Bunce are studying in the library today. I don’t want him to see me like this: distracted and daydreaming about the handsome artist who is going sweep me off my feet one day. Eventually. Hopefully.

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An idea of last moment …>//u//> I love the scene of how it squeezes its cheeks… OMG! X////D
Now if I continue with the comic… (I just distract myself a moment) **I come up with new ideas**

Me: Mmmm ..?

Are you willing to die… for him?

Holy hell this took a solid 2 hours(mostly because i get super distracted) and started off as a very simple doodle, but as i said, i can’t ever just doodle, anyway have you seen my sons? Listen i have so many good ideas but i dont wanna spoil anything, so here!

Virus, Ruben and Donovan belong to me, while Khalid belongs to @roqerwilco

Trust Me.

pairing: park jimin x reader
genre: smut, college!AU
word count: 900+
drabble prompt: “Are you doodling?” + “Forget it. You fucking suck.” + “Trust me.” + “I just need ten minutes.” 
a/n: this ones for you @heythereitsmo and you can thank Syd for that.

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a doodle of MOB•U to tell you that apparently the thing that compress trash is the toobox he brings with him and also that I will be dying again next to my laptop trying to write this second essay

BTS Reaction to: their S/O trying to teach them English

***I do not own any of the gifs***


Jin would be so distracting as you tried to teach him, he’d just make cute faces at you and doodle all over your paper and play with your hair instead of listening. He’d also try to get you to teach him a bunch of cheesy pick-up lines in English so he could use them on you.

“Hey Y/N, you know what’s on the menu for dinner tonight? Me-n-u.” 


At first, Yoongi would make somewhat of an effort to look interested. However, he’d get bored really easily and immediately start suggesting that you guys just go do something more fun. You could make a few attempts to get him to pay attention, but he’d eventually be dragging you out the door to go get some ice cream. 


You guys wouldn’t get anything done as Hoseok would just try to crack a bunch of jokes and be goofy. You’d teach him a word and he’d repeat it over and over in weird voices or he’d try to search up random phrases on Google Translate and giggle at the way the robot pronounced things.


Namjoon would have already brushed up on his skills before you sat down to teach him and he’d spend the whole time trying to impress you with his English speaking ability and would use a lot of big words. Honestly, he’d probably end up correcting your English.


When you tried to teach him, Jimin would pretend that he was already really good at English. He’d just start saying a bunch random words or phrases even if they made no sense or had no context. 

“Jagi, I promise that I know English, listen! Ducks, milk, noodles…”


Taehyung would be such an attentive angel and look at you so lovingly while you tried to teach him. He would try really hard to pay attention and pronounce things correctly because he’d want to impress you.


Like Hoseok, you and Jungkook wouldn’t get any work done. You’d be trying to teach him and he’d just be sticking things to his face, throwing pencils, and making weird faces at you. 

jd week day x - Whatever you like!

wew jonadio week has ended ! it was a wild ride from start to finish haha its probably really obvious i had to rush most of my drawings besides the first one but aaaa still fun as heck!!

anyway just wanna thank everyone who’s liked my art over the last week !!! fun fact: I originally just made a tumblr just to participate in jonadio week but everyone’s been really really nice and cool and wow i’m just heart eyes x10000 thank you all for indulging me in my weird AU ideas hahah a i’ll try to stick around longer and not let uni work crUSH me ,, 

yall made my first week of semester greato daze <3 and ironically made me more productive in my studies aND art. bless you all forever bless 

also blank version under the cut if you wanna make some dumb meme

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Smirk Pt. 3 - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke and Y/N

Word Count: 5.1k+

Requested: Yes!!

Warnings: PG-13 (Swearing?)

I REALLY don’t know how I feel about this so any feedback would be so appreciated. I also wouldn’t mind taking this and turning it into an actual fanfiction so let me know your thoughts on that. :)

Part One HERE // Part Two HERE

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anonymous asked:

Get one of those ahhhh What're they called spin fidgets?

ive got 2 fidget cubes but they dont … replace dopamine, they just let me distract myself kinetically while im trying to read or watch smth so i dont start looking for something else to do


Oliver Wood x Reader (second person)

850 words

Oliver Wood needs a little extra help with potions. Or is it just an excuse to get close to a classmate?

A/N: Y/F= Your Friend, Y/N= Your Name

“He’s staring again,” Y/F whispered, smirking.

You rolled your eyes and glanced over your shoulder. A pair of brown eyes locked with yours before darting down to a textbook. Yup. Oliver Wood was looking at you.

“Doesn’t matter,” you said with a shrug as you turned back around. “I probably have a food stain on my robes or something.”

“Excuses, excuses,” Y/F said in a sing-song voice, tapping your book for emphasis. “He likes you, you like him. Go out with him already. Put on a cute top, that lilac perfume you like, take your hair out of that damn ponytail, and go on a date with him!”

“Like he’d ever ask,” you muttered as you tried to refocus on your charms essay.

Y/F opened her mouth to retort, but Oliver Wood was walking over to your table.

“Drop it,” you hissed, just before Oliver approached.

“Hi you guys,” Oliver said, smiling at you.

“Hey Oliver,” you answered. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Y/F’s eyes light up. Crap. You knew that mischievous, plotting look…

She scooted her chair back. “Would you look at the time? I’ve got a hot date with a cup of hot chocolate.” She stood to leave. “Have fun,” she whispered, giving your shoulder a squeeze as she sauntered off.

Oliver gestured to the chair next to yours. “May I?”

“Um, sure,” you said, trying to play it cool. You scooted your chair over as Oliver sat down next to you.

Oliver leaned on his face on his hand, facing you. “Y/N, you’re good at potions, right?” he asked, brows furrowed.

“I’m alright,” you answered.

“Would you, uh, maybe consider tutoring me sometime?” He traced a circle on the desk with his index finger. “I’d really appreciate it.” He smiled at you, that confident smile he always wore after a Quidditch win.

You couldn’t help but smile back. “Sure, Oliver. I-I could do that. Just let me know when.”

He leaned forward earnestly. “Does now work?”

“Alright so if you just add the rose thorns, and stir counter-clockwise, you should have-”

“A very effective love potion,” Oliver finished for you, smiling.

You nodded. “Exactly. You’re actually much better at this than you think.” Oliver didn’t answer- he was busy doodling on your notebook. “I think your problem is you don’t pay attention,” you said with a laugh, nudging him.

Oliver’s face turned red. “Sorry. I just get kind of… distracted sometimes,” he admitted, chuckling. “Say, don’t they say that Amortentia smells different to different people?”

You nodded. “Yeah.”

“And what does it smell like to you?” he pressed, curiosity in his eyes.

“I’ve actually never smelled it,” you admitted. “Have you?”

He shook his head. “But they sell a cheap one at J. Pippin’s Potions. Maybe on our next Hogsmeade trip we could go take a whiff. See what we smell, so to speak.”

You bit your lip. “You… you wanna hang out on the Hogsmeade trip?”

Oliver rubbed the back of his neck. “Oh. Er, I was thinking I could treat you to a drink at the Three Broomsticks. As like a thank you for your help?” He didn’t quite meet your eyes as he asked.

“I’d like that,” you assured him, smiling.

“Hurry up, Y/N!” Oliver called as he raced you through the snow. You couldn’t help laughing as you jogged behind him, careful not to bump into people on the busy Hogsmeade street.

“Excuse me, pardon me,” you panted as you finally caught up with Oliver.

He smiled down at you. “Finally,” he teased, nudging you. The two of you reached J. Pippin’s. He held the door open for you. “After you.”

You attempted to brush the snow out of your hair as you walked into the shop. Suddenly a hand was brushing your shoulders.

“There ya go,” Oliver said, grinning as he helped you brush off. He nodded towards the back of the shop. “Shall we?”

The two of you bobbed and weaved around people until you finally stood in front of the love potions. Oliver picked one up, opened it, and handed it to you.

“Ladies first.”

You took it and lifted it to your nose.

“That new book smell… my gran’s chocolate chip cookies… and…” You frowned. “I actually don’t know what the last one is,” you admitted, handing the potion to Oliver. When your fingers brushed against his, you nearly dropped the bottle.

He smirked and brought the bottle to his nose. “The smell of a Quidditch pitch, of course… pumpkin pie… and…” The color rose in his cheeks. “Lilac.”

You looked away, suppressing a grin. Lilac. Just like your favorite perfume.

Oliver cleared his throat and capped the bottle, quickly placing it on the shelf. “Well then. You kept up your end of the bargain. I believe I owe you a butterbeer.” He held out his arm to you. “Ready?”

You took his arm, and the two of you hurried through the shop, through the snow, and into the Three Broomsticks. On the way, you figured out your third scent.

It was Oliver Wood’s cologne.

Ive been told to stop doodling so many times throughout my life that I only just realized it probably helps my ADHD ass absorb info today, on my second day of college

First off, I’m sorry for the horrible quality and sketchiness.

Second, Protag asked Ann to distract Makoto because he noticed that she’s following him. And Ann decided to do it, but got distracted by Makotos good looks.

Third, ok I’m gonna be honest, I just wanted an excuse to draw some fluff. You caught me