just a doodle because pen pressure


6 min Maki doodle~ (It’s just her face tho)
I got a lot of messages asking if it was possible to see me draw something so here it is~ Sorry it’s not much, as I said before, programs that record the screen make my pen pressure dissappear– The thing I used to record this kind of did it too but it was ok I guess— Ah, because of that, I had to be more careful and choose a smaller size for the brush, something I don’t usually do. Normally, it would look more like –> this one

Here’s the final picture:

(( You can tell he put a lot less time and effort into Hater and Peepers than the other two. He sure did work hard to make Wander and Sylvia pretty adorable. That’s adorable! Awesome’s a lot better at drawing than I expected!))

……….Dude, remember that time someone asked if I was awesome at somethin’ and I wasn’t?!


((Though, he did have me help a bit with touching up the lines and stuff once he was done. He definetely wanted them to turn out as good as possible. Once again, that’s kinda adorable. Uh oh looks like I’m on my way too [locked in a locker town. Later!))




COMBINED CURRENT RETAIL VALUE OF $810 (originally purchased for over $1.2k)

(128GB Surface Pro: $625
Type Cover: $145
Incipio Nylon Sleeve: $40 )


Very lightly used, just like new! No visible physical wear. I’ve kept a screen protector on it since it left the microsoft store last year. Runs perfectly!

Intel i5 processor
1080p touch screen with pressure-sensitive pen (Great for doodling and writing!)
USB 3.0
MiniDisplayPort adapter
microSDHC Card Reader
Windows 8

It’s a pretty great computer and can run any windows desktop application. Great for traveling! I used it for drawing with sketchbook pro and photoshop, it can run fairly intensive programs without a hitch!

Feel free to message me if you have any questions about it! I desperately need a new car because, well, my occupation is a delivery driver.

So if you’re in the market for a laptop or tablet and you have a heart please consider this deal <3

anonymous asked:

first i gotta say that i adore your doggy doodles! they are so cute, carefree and happy, w/ the messy/scribbly on purpose style that I LOVE. do you have any advice for loosening up? i want to draw more cartoony but having drawn strict realism for so long, i find it really really hard to stop. i can stylize a little bit but i can't bring myself just to be goofy and ignore "correct" anatomy or leave color/lines sketchy and messy. i want to be less generic. your art has so much personality!!!

thank you so much what a kind ask!! i actually think it’s very funny that i’m getting an ask about how to loosen up because only this year i’ve learned how to REALLY let go! i used to be VERY tight in my work and super perfectionist so i know where you’re coming from

this past year was my first year at art school and it really helped me get loose! it was a combination of my classes, my own will to stop caring so much about every single line being perfect, and also my amazing lovely roommate and bud for life NINA (pepoh/pineconewitch) who i LOVE SO DEARLY that encouraged me to start loosening up! she helped make drawing way more carefree and fun in general for me!

here are some tips:

1. do gesture drawings! time yourself and give yourself very limited amounts of time to do a drawing, whether it be of a figure, an animal, an object, or scenery. giving yourself a limited amount of time to draw something forces you to forgo detail and perfectionism. i think it’s best to do figure drawing if you’re able, but if not then you can google some pics of people or animals or whatever and use those! focus on movement and weight and the general ‘ness’ of your subject. the essence! what i mean by that is if you’re drawing a dog focus on the DOGNESS–what makes it look like a DOG! if you’re drawing my sister emily or my roommate nina then focus on the emilyness or the ninaness of them, which lies in their demeanor/how they place their weight/their pose in general/(or their expression if you’re able to sketch in a quick face or if you’re doing a gesture of just a face!) what stands out about someone that makes them obviously different from someone else?

2. get rid of your eraser!! (just for now) throw that thing across the room it’s only enabling your perfectionist ways

3. do NOT focus on ‘style’!! STYLE IS BASICALLY A FAKE THING! my drawing teacher banned us from saying that word in class. i’ve been asked about my style in how i achieved it, how can other people achieve their own, and the answer will always be the same from me! my own personal style =  the WAY that i draw! it is how i see the world, how my hand likes to move, and how i have taken in information from other artists or stuff i’ve learned and translated it into my own work. it just happens! i didn’t start drawing one day working towards making my work look like this–this is just how it’s turned out after years of drawing. focusing solely on honing your own ‘style’ stifles your growth as an artist because you’re focusing on getting a certain LOOK to your work, rather than focusing on making good art. your own way of drawing (style) will naturally develop as you take in what you learn.

if want to change things up, or you’re not happy with how you draw hands for example, it’s totally okay to find an artist who draws hands in a way you like and try that out! when i started drawing people for the first time i tried imitating some of bryan lee o’malley’s work because i had no idea where to start! i didn’t want to draw super realistic people but i had no idea how to simplify in a believable way. i liked how he drew hands and clothes so i tried to incorporate that into my own work! but as time went on i started changing things up based on how i perceived things, what i thought looked good, and how i enjoyed drawing them. i think you should try this! don’t focus on developing a ‘style’ for yourself because that will be the natural result of whatever you do, just let it happen, (and your style will always change and develop too, if you allow it! there is no final form of style) but try and look at how artists you like draw things and try it out for yourself! it doesn’t have to look the same but it can be a good point of reference for figuring out how to start shorthanding and simplifying what you’d normally draw realistically

4. use materials that limit yourself! when i do those dog doodles i use a pen tool that uses 0 pressure so the line width is always the same and it’s okay if the colors go outside of the lines because i only have so much control. it forces me to pay less attention to certain details in my work and more attention to making the dogs look like the dogs they are! also i think it looks nice :)

5. it takes a lot of willpower! there is no trick that will magically make you looser in your lines/coloring. you have to learn to be okay with things not looking perfect, you gotta force yourself out of your habits!

my roommate was a big help in this because i was surrounded by her work which is very loose and beautiful and good feeling and has a lot of life!! very different from my work which was very tight (some of my stuff is still rather tight, i’ve just been doing lots of sketchy doggies lately!) so it was a good combo of being surrounded by different work than mine that i admired and her verbally encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone and assuring me that stuff looked good when i was obsessing over some dumb little detail

so surround yourself with good vibes and good people and get yourself in that mindset of ‘i’m gonna STOP caring so much!!’ woohoo!!

i hope this helped!!

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i wILL TRY HARD. MAY I AK THO what brushes/settings you use for lineart and colouring ? :v I was meant to be doing a 30 day challange for drawing but uvu'

AHHH OKAY LMAO tbh my brush settings are?? kinda boring really but since you asked lmao

i mainly work in sai but sometimes ill also use photoshop for the custom brushes i have there/more effect options! but im just gonna talk abt the sai brushes i use the most often :“)

i like using this one for like a really toothy feel  to the line if i use it for lineart?? the dmmd cisswaps i did recently were exclusively drawn with this! (its also great for cute cartoony doodles haha)

i use a 20pt of this standard brush to draw the ask-mcc panels, actually! i can go really fine or really thick depending on pressure with this brush so it’s super fun to use on a bigger size to play around with line width hehe (i also use it for writing the dialogue; i just go to like a 5pt and turn off pressure size)

thiiiiiis one i dont use as often with bigger works tbh but i really like the softness of the brush edge so i use it to doodle instead! the shaved head!mink doodles were done with this!

As for colouring i dont really do anything super special because mostly i just lay down flats with the pen tool + bucket and then use multiply clipping layers to shade with a desaturated blue? then a quick overlay over everything with a brown tone usually, play around with the hue/sat sliders until it looks decent, then slap a grunge texture on everything and iM DONE

MY PROCESS IS LIKE…. REALLY DUMB AND SIMPLE TBH if im just using sai (the process with photoshop is a lot different tho and itd take me a while to explain lmao)

I HOPE THIS IS HELPFUL SOMEWHAT???? like i said im not super interesting with my tools lmao i just make do with what i have tbh