just a different wolf

Imagine if season 6 was sterek, not stydia.

Imagine Stiles, scared and desperate, using his last breath and final seconds to tell Derek that he loves him before being taken.

Imagine Derek knowing straight off that someone was missing and goes wandering around town until he finds Stiles’ Jeep and instantly remembers Stiles and all the times the scrawny kid had dragged Derek’s near-dead bod into that Jeep.

Imagine Derek breaking into the Stilinski home to prove Stiles’ room is there and to show his dad that his son was real.

Imagine Derek not believing Claudia is real for a second because he knows how many nights he spent talking to Stiles about how it felt to lose a mother.

Imagine Derek telling Scott to dig through his memories and reminding him who Stiles was.

Imagine Scott and Derek hovering over the police scanner in Stiles’ jeep to talk to Stiles.

Imagine Derek doing everything he can to make Sheriff Stilinski remember his son.

Imagine Derek crying into Stiles’ lacrosse uniform, scared that he’ll never see him again.

Imagine Derek and Scott opening the rift to bring back Stiles (because you know, Scott was his best friend, inseparable, and it was bullshit that he couldn’t open the rift).

Imagine Sheriff Stilinski shooting not-Claudia and then Derek charging at her and tearing the bitch in two to save his man.

Imagine, when everything is over, Derek moves away from Beacon Hills with Stiles and stands as his emotional support, best friend and number one boyfriend while Stiles goes through the pre-FBI program (and aces it).

Okay listen. I hate having to make EVERYTHING about hobrien(not really) but Im pretty sure this would be a very different picture if Dylan was around..

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Werewolf and Lycan breeds

- Luna Oculos (Mooneyes): Shifts around/on crescent moons only. Looks naked, only some fur protects around the face. Can’t control their shifts. Bipedal. (Werewolf breed)

- Coureurs Forestiers (Forestrunners): Furry. Can control their shifts but it’s difficult. Shifts around/on Full and crescent moons only. Bipedal. (Werewolf breed)

- Jãger (Earthwalker): Huge or normal wolf shifts. Painful or non painful shifts, depends on how much control they have. Can shift freely. Quadrupedal. (Lycan breed)

- Dorn Drumeintis (Sunsleeper): Looks like a teddy bear in the face. Quick and less painful/non painful shifts. Have control but anger makes them “Wolf out” or lose their self minds. Shifts around/on full moons. Have markings/symbols. Bipedal. (Werewolf breed)

- Ddannedd Qwyn (Whitefangs): Skinwalker from another area. Shifts around/on full moons. (Lycan breed)

- Sanguinem Lupus (Skinwalker): Skinwalker. Shifts around/on full moons. (Lycan breed)

- Cer Deţinătorii (Skykeepers): In variety just as wolf species they appear as different species, except their fur is the color to the metal they are allergic to. They each are bipedal and have a pair of wings. Royals and elders have more than one pair of wings, and they are also able to change at will. (Lycan breed)

- Kynigoús Aímatos (Bloodchasers): A ravenous species genetically created by hunters for hunting purposes. They are bonded with vampire DNA, track through blood, and once blood is caught they go on a ravenous hunt for it. They are often joked around being called “Blood hounds”, they can only change after a sufficient amount of blood has been consumed. Usually for a few good hours it takes six quarts. Fur is their natural hair color. Short hair. Long snout. Floppy ears. Quadrupedal. (Werewolf breed)

- Tuman Dykhatel Nykh (Fogbreather): *Unknown information*

- Siúlóirí Scáth (Shadowwalkers): Can shift at will. Bipedal. (Lycan breed) *More information to come*

- Ammo Ourlázon *Irrinja* (Sandhowlers): In the Australian outback there is a legend of a demon dog that is called the Irrinja. This odd werewolf tale isn’t based around the moon, but rather the sand. The legend has it that the Irrinja has the shape of a man. This is left open to the imagination due to the fact it sounds like it’s a devil dog that takes the shape of a man and a wolf. The legend also states that the man lies down at the coming of a sandstorm. This tells us that this particular werewolf is independent of lunar intervention but instead is in need of a sandstorm which makes this werewolf very peculiar. The legend also says that there is a sound which is that of the call of the butcher bird. When this sound is made by the bird, the dune housing the man that lied down opens to reveal a snarling devilish looking werewolf that is ready to hunt for human flesh. This werewolf legend, in contrast to the majority of other werewolf legends, is very interesting because not only is the transformation peculiar, but the fact that the legend leaves open ends as to what exactly causes the man to lie down in the sand and take the shape of a wolf as well. The tale of the Irrinja is one that plagues the Australian outback and will for generations to come. (Werewolf? breed)

- Rien: Come from a long tradition of blue bloods, meaning royal or high power. There’s always been a small section of them at once. Their fur tends to be silky, soft, but also very thick. They also have definitive colors as well, mostly either jet black with hints of brown, or ice white with hints of golden orange. They are taller and bigger than average wolves, their eyes are also very bright turning colors of ice blue, gold, and green. They have a very fascinating history as well. Both bipedal and quadrupedal, and tend to stay bipedal unless hunting. (Lycan breed)

- Loup Garou: Le Loup Garou is from French Canadian folklore that is said to be able to shift into five different forms. Though, due to many different stories Loup Garou could not be a werewolf but more of a shifter with five different forms, or at least a wolf like creature. It originated from French Canadian folklore but is widely known throughout Europe. This breed is said to be able to shift randomly, and can either be bipedal or quadrupedal depending on the form it’s in. (Werewolf? breed)

reasons why the tiamat mission differs from the hephaestus

(alternatively titled, “shut up, commander zhang, isabel lovelace is getting left behind over my dead body”)

  • they have contact with goddard this time: the tiamat crew was in a complete communications blackout with canaveral from when the first clones appeared. assuming lovelace is the first clone, she appeared mid-season two, and calls have been made back to canaveral (see: kepler and cutter’s post-credits conversation) since then. being in contact with goddard (especially since they have a person who is relatively in-the-know in the station with them) might change what they know about the situation, as well as what they can do about it
  • heph crew have met and spoken to the aliens: zhang, presumably, had no contact with the actual aliens before the tiamat was destroyed, only various clones. the heph crew, however, seem to not only have spoken to the dear listeners before, they’ve also been seen favourably (the dl clearly like eiffel, and they clearly dislike kepler, which the heph guys could use to their advantage when it comes to the “blease don’t kill us all” conversations)
  • the clones aren’t acting the same: zhang said that clones, and multiple clones, kept just randomly appearing in the station with no way of getting in there and no actual explanation. so far, the only heph clone appearances have been lovelace, who arrived in her shuttle, and jacobi, who either tried to get in through the airlock and died outside when he couldn’t, or got in through the airlock successfully. therefore the clones aren’t able to just throw themselves into the station whenever (and they haven’t produced multiple copies, yet, despite having been given a lot of time in which to do so)
  • it’s a different star: the wolf 359 aliens could just be different / less malicious / less dangerous to the procyon aliens, presuming they aren’t the same ones and Migrated there or anything. alternatively, they could have learned from the mistakes of the procyon aliens, and don’t actually wish to hurt the heph crew (since they haven’t hurt them since they first spoke to them in season 1, only hurting kepler, who shot their clone in the face. which. you know. pretty good reason to hold a grudge)

anyway tl;dr shut up kepler and shut up zhang and let lovelace go home

And it was all yellow.

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Part 7!! Holy cow i didnt think id get this far(even though, compared to a lot of comics this amount of parts is very smol… ^-^’) I always wondered what it would be like if Boris and Bendy “switched roles”.. ive never saw an angry/melty/floofy Boris yet.. so i believe im the first? Im pretty sure im wrong on that but its still neat to think about. (((Dark thought i guess.. what if in game it wasn’t that Joey killed Boris, but was creating him? And making him alive? I mean, there is two coffins at the end of the chapter so…..)))




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Drabble meme - Petrichor? ♥

Rating: Teen
Pairing: Ten x Rose
Summary: Rose lands on a mysterious planet while dimension hopping and encounters some unexpected help.
Tags: Reunion, Bad Wolf, Wolf, Dark & mysterious forests
Words: 1744
Find it: AO3TS
Notes: Petrichor - The smell of dry rain on the ground.

I’ve been picking at this fic for aaaages. It just wasn’t working in the original version, so this morning I rewrote the beginning and the rest of it just flowed. I hope you like it!!

Unbeta’d, so please excuse any mistakes.

Following the Wolf

The cannon ejects Rose onto the ground, the energy so powerful it buckles her knees, and she falls forward onto her face with a grunt, the breath forced from her lungs.

It takes her a moment to get her bearings. This journey through the void was worse than any other thus far, the force of it almost making her feel as though her body was about to explode in a thousand tiny fragments. She needs to find the Doctor – and soon – because she fears the consequence of her jumps might one day destroy her.

Rose shuts down those dark thoughts and returns to the present, carefully checking her body for injuries and studying her surroundings.

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Hi Rachel what are the differences and similarities between Scott and Stiles?

I think the main difference between Scott and Stiles is that Scott embodies selflessness and Stiles embodies selfishness.

Now lemme explain.

Scott is always willing to put himself on the line, push himself to the edge, and go above and beyond for other people. He’s trusting and he’s willing to give people second chances. His heart is open. 

Stiles is always suspicious and wary of others. There are a couple times where he would rather someone he doesn’t care about get hurt than extend a helping hand. It’s played as a joke but he’s also said “nah just kill ‘em” a few times.

But something that Scott and Stiles have in common is their fierce protectiveness of each other and the other people they care about. Scott was mostly ambivalent towards Lydia initially (maybe somewhat cool because she wasn’t giving Stiles a chance and tbh Lydia was a bitch in s1 sometimes) but when Lydia was missing Scott wholeheartedly promised Stiles that he’d find her. He promised to protect her from Derek’s pack when they thought she was the kanima.  Scott defended an entire library’s worth of students from La Bete and basically exposed the supernatural in order to protect them. He wanted to keep the chimeras all alive so that they could help them.  Scott cares about everyone, but he cares about his friends and his pack and his family so much.

And Stiles is the same way (ok minus the everyone part obviously). There are a few times where Stiles would rather remain in danger (when Gerard has him, when he’s lost in the woods in s3) than risk his father coming out and getting hurt or involved. He steps into a pile of gasoline while his best friend is holding a light flare because he won’t let Scott kill himself, even though stepping closer to Scott is putting himself in grave danger. Lydia warns him multiple times to get out of Eichen House in s5 because she can feel herself building up to her death scream and if Stiles stays, he’ll be in the blast zone. But Stiles fights his way back to her side multiple times and stays close despite her scream almost killing him a few times (while they were running out, in the jeep, he dove on top of her to protect her from the falling glass at Deaton’s…)

Their motivations are completely different in this (Scott sees everyone as deserving of protection and Stiles makes rare exceptions for people outside of his close circle). But they’ll walk through fire (literally) when it comes to protecting others.

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So I'm very very very new to rp on tumblr but I did rp elsewhere so can you give me the basics of what to do and how people usually rp? It will really help me out thanks.

Right, well it depends what type of roleplayer you are as everyone has a preference. While people do roleplay on Tumblr, there are many different styles. I know roleplaying in say the Glee fandom is different to roleplaying in Teen Wolf fandom or just roleplaying as an OC in a group or as an indie player. I can’t say for sure on everything as i’ve not roleplayed elsewhere. Just know some of those facts.

Below are the ones I think you should know. If anyone thinks there should be other styles of roleplaying added, please get in touch.


Indie or 1x1 roleplaying

Styles of roleplaying


EXO Demon!AU Reaction when they are brothers & one of them kisses another’s destined girl

Mememmemeh, threatening/evil exo xD For the lovely anon. Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Destroys the whole place in a rage* “I’m here to talk about you and my girl… and also to destroy some things… like you destroyed me… brother”


“There’s no time to lose. War is coming, brother. I’m not going to stop until I get my girl back, even if I have to destroy the whole world”


“I didn’t want to go back to my old safe.. to awaken the demon inside. But this betrayal… brother, what have you done to me” *It’s the pain the whole cause for him to switch off his feelings and bring the Oh demon back*


“I could just go back in time and change everything… but I would still remember… even if you don’t. Mark my words brother, even we demons have some loyalty with family. And we don’t forget” *One day, he’ll get his revenge*


*Hell Rises* “I feel betrayed… my own brother… but worry not. I’m just taking her back, that’s all…”


*Fights until he has no strength left* “But don’t think this is over… there’s no cage that can contain me. You’ll never be safe again”


*Makes it worse than hell* “Did you think you would get away from it without paying? We are a family of demons brother… we do this for a living… the difference is that this just became personal”


*Beware of the wolf, beware of the demon, beware of the demon that just lost the remaining of his long lost human heart*


*The whole family divides* “I’m going to find him… I’m going to make him live the curse our family has… he took the only one that could have saved me…” *Broken ChenChen Demon*


“So this is how it truly feels… having nothing else left. No more feelings. Being a true demon” *Probably the deadliest of them all*


*Goes completely insane that others need to step in* “What have you done! My girl, you knew! Brother, why!!”


“This is between you and me… no one else. But remember brother, I’m the major demon boss for one reason. And no one will stop me… not even you, my brother” *Demons with a heartbreak are so dangerous*

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Question! (again)

But this time a bit different because I’m just curious:

What would you like to see me draw (in the near future)? Any special ideas or wishes?


Oh man, this is such a beautiful perfect Rei moment. There’s something really affecting them now, and it seems like whatever’s going on, they don’t think they’ll be able to keep from succumbing to it for much longer. Everyone was blasted down, and it’s Rei – suffering from whatever’s been done to her – who still makes it to her feet first. 

“I’m going,” she says, and I love that it’s not a question, it’s not a command, it’s just a declaration. She’ll use every ounce of will left in her to fight back for as long as she can, and whether anyone comes with her is irrelevant. This is what SHE is going to do, the end, full stop.