just a cute little team moment

Craig’s route but it’s not just the friends to lovers trope but also the fake dating to real dating trope too?

Craig keeps getting hit on by all the softball moms and he’s visibly uncomfortable with it. So, Dad steps up and pretend to be his boyfriend until the moms back away and they share a laugh over it. Just like college, huh? But it seems a little too real for Dad and he starts panicking because he realizes the feelings are real and doesn’t want to over do it but instead the two just share a tender moment together and confess the mutual pining. Amanda totally teases her dad in light fun

One of my favorite things about that shouldn’t-have-been-deleted Memori scene is how giggly they are in bed. The scene both starts and ends with Emori laughing, first at him making a joke and then at the end when he pounces on her. A lot of sex scenes are treated with this unrealistic level of Seriousness, and what you don’t see is couples being playful with each other and having fun.

Despite the iffyness of her being chipped later on, we see a bit of this in “Demons” too, like she is basically going “boy where is the nearest place you can give me an orgasm” and LOOK HOW CUTE:

or when he turns her around, actually being kind of dominant and sexy, and she just has this giant grin on her face:

So going back to the deleted bit - between the intimacy with her hand and his little ‘we make a good team please tell me you like me?’ we see them both have a moment where they’re vulnerable and reassuring and safe together. But what’s really beautiful to me is how *happy* they are. Just delighted with each other in a very Murphy/Emori way. I just think it’s really sweet to see them like that and it’s such a healthy portrayal of sex between them.

OMGCP LoveFest: Favorite Canon Moment

For @omgcplovefest , Day 1.  There are so may moments I adore from Check, Please! (the graduation kiss, the relationship talk in the kitchen, meeting the team), but this little bit of intimacy from episode 3.5 is my favorite moment.  They are both just so happy and comfortable with each other.  When have you ever seen Jack so at ease?  

They’re smooching, snuggling – just so smitten.  You have Jack basically pouncing on Bitty and not being able to take his hands off him.  You have Bitty being sassy and too cute for words with his iconic “You charmer!” line.  :)

And oh yeah, did I mention the heart eyes on Zimmermann?  That boy is so far gone.  I love it!  I live for Zimbits happiness, and this is great.

What does this mean?

Hi! So I’ve never really shared a lot of my writing but I wrote this for Des-Zimbits who wanted a Patater fic :) Hopefully you like it! Sorry if there are any mistakes in here, and this is my first fic soo yeah. Its also on Ao3 under the same title :)

Bitty had brought them pies after practice. It definitely was not in their meal plan, but nobody could deny Bitty’s pies and cute puppy face of happiness. Jack had an arm around his shoulder, and a little half smile directed at him. Alexei saw Jack and Bitty whispering quietly to each other while everyone had begun tucking into their slices of pie. Alexei could see that Jack was a little tense, but had relaxed when Bitty began rubbing circles on his arm. Jack took a deep breath, before turning to everyone and beginning to speak.

“I wanted to tell you guys, that Bitty and I are dating, and we hope that you can be as happy for us as we are with each other” Jack gave a timid smile at his team, who had all stopped eating and stared at the couple. A brief moment passed of silence, and then Alexei’s booming voice spoke up.

“Zimmboni! I always making mistake! Saying you date girl.” He gave Jack a playful glare, and Jack grinned back at him, grateful for Tater’s never failing cheer. Everyone had already began chirping them, telling them how cute they looked together, spitting pie everywhere with how excited they were.

“We are always gonna support you Jack, because we’re a team, and a team always has each other’s backs” Marty gave them a smile after he finished speaking, and a chorus of agreement came from the players. Alexei grinned happily, thinking of his own blond boyfriend who he loved with his whole heart. He suddenly coudn’t wait to get home and skype Kent later that day, to tell him about Jack and Bitty and how in love with each other they looked. After multiple more pieces of pie, and many more thanks and congratulations, everyone eventually left the rink and returned home.

It was four in the afternoon when Alexei finished his small list of errands, and he mentally did a check of Kenny’s schedule to see if he would be out of practice yet. He decided he would just text him, and determine whether or not he was out of practice based on his response. He shoved his apartment door open and placed the groceries on the kitchen counter, letting his hockey bag slump off his shoulder and onto his marble floors. He quickly put the food away and sat on the couch, promising himself he would put his hockey gear and sweaty jersey away after he skyped Kent. He texted his boyfriend, inquiring about his practice time, and kicked off his shoes, leaning back against the couch’s armrest, reaching for the tv remote and turning on animal planet. Half an hour later, Alexei is receiving a FaceTime from Kenny. He’s quickly accepting the call, trying to turn the tv off, sit up and turn his phone volume up all at the same time.  Kent’s beautiful face is filling his phone screen, and Alexei’s smile is splitting his face in half as his boyfriend greets him.

“Hey Baby! I just got back to the house. How was your practice today?” Kent’s caring nature towards Alexei just makes his smile grow in size. “You will never guessing what is happen today!” Alexei doesn’t wait for Kenny to respond before he’s talking again. “Zimmboni is dating cute baker Bittle! They are most adorable together. Love each other full of pails!” Kent has a confused expression on his face before he gets it and starts chuckling.

“Tater do you mean bucket loads?” Kent is still walking around his house while talking, his giggles echoing inside the large space. “Yes, yes!” Tater says back enthusiastically. “So I’m thinking.. Maybe is time for us too.” Alexei grows serious when he addresses Kent again. Kent has also lost his playful expression, and Tater watches as he sits down on his red colored couch. Him and Kent had gone shopping together for new furniture last year, Kent complaining that his cream colored couch had too many beer stains on it. “Alexei, are you sure? This is pretty big. I mean, I’m happy with the way things are now, but if you want to come out to the team, I’m there Xi.” Alexei sat there in thought for a few moments, thinking about it. Kenny and him had been together for a long time now (two years, 4 months, and 3 weeks, but it’s not like Alexei was counting) and he wanted to come out to the team. Maybe not publicly just yet, they still had time, but it would be nice if he could talk about Kent like he wanted to, to gush about how much Kent loved Kit that he dressed her up in little clothing around the holidays, or how Kent looked like a god when the morning light hit his cute sleepy face. Tell them that the only reason Kent went outside in the snow was so that Alexei could make him spicy hot cocoa, and how Kent had the cutest nose scrunch, secretly loved soap operas, and was very picky about his blankets. Kent says it’s how they feel against his skin. Alexei thinks about all that, and decides that yes, he to can tell the team how in love he is with his boyfriend.

“Kenny,” He says, smiling, “I’m wanting to tell team how much I love you.” Kent returns his grin and nods. “Okay Xi. We’ll tell them when I come out there next month, okay?” Alexei groans good naturedly, throwing his head back and making overly dramatic noises of distress. “But Kenny next month is too far! Team need to know about cute nose scrunch now!” Kent rolls his eyes but his face cracks into a smile.

“You silly, sappy, ridiculous russian! You better not tell them embarrassing things about me,” Kent gives him a playful glare and stern finger shake, “You can wait until next month!” Alexei lets out a laugh, and Kent joins him with his cute little giggles. They talk for another hour before saying goodbye with promises of more calls the next day, and blowing kisses to each other for another ten minutes before they actually end the video call.

A month later, Alexei and Kent show up to Morning skate together.

Hold On - Ray Palmer

- Y/n = Your Name

- Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Prompt- Ray Palmer imagine where he and the reader are madly in love in the future, and he has to come back in time but don’t want to leave her, even knowing you will meet again in two years -anon  //  "Ray Palmer imagine. I don’t have a prompt exactly, but fluff. A lot of fluff because Ray is a little ball of cuteness. Please. Sorry if there is anything wrong with the request, i’m not a native speaker.-anon

Word count - 1,245


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Team V + Lotor

Like, let’s be honest, to me, a dorky and fun Lotor would be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen XD, especially if it was with the Voltron team. Or even just being a part of their crew in general and the cute things they do together as a team

I know Lotor probably isn’t going to be foolish at all but let’s just take a moment to imagine that. Examples?

-Putting his hair above his lips and acting as Coran

-Doing Allura’s hair and maybe doing a matching hairstyle since they have the same hair colour

-Playing with the palace mice

-(Definitely) doing a face mask with Lance

-Listening to Pidge rant about technology and trying to help provide some of his knowledge on the subject. Or maybe even teaching her how to speak Galra or Altean

-Trying to help cook with Hunk or getting cute little lessons from him

-Cute comforting moments between Lotor and Shiro or like him apologizing for what the Galra have done to him, or maybe just the two of them talking about how childish the team members are

-Lotor and Keith sword training or Lotor helping Keith find a new suitable sword, or cute talks about how they’re both halflings regarding their half Galra sides

You can’t tell me this wouldn’t be adorable. Especially if he was involved in food fights

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137 + 47 with Shakarian please 💕💕💕

137: “ You’re an asshole. ” and 47: “ You’re cute when you’re angry. ”

[More Shakarian!! But I can’t say I am surprised I love my babies ;.;

Okay, this turned out much different than I thought it would lol. Some fun Normandy crew vibes with Shakarian of course like you requested <3 Kinda short, but as with these other prompts I am keeping them short to assure I can get through them all! <3 ]

It was Thursday… Thursday meant it was ‘family’ night as Shepard called it. Usually that meant a movie, dinner and if it wasn’t too late she demanded at least one game of Blasto’s. Everyone on the Normandy knew just how competitive Shepard could be when it came to that damn game… She never got mean, or rude, of course she didn’t; she was Queen of the Girl Scouts, remember? 

But damn if that woman loved to win. 

Shepard prided herself in her table top capabilities, claiming to be the Grand Master or something similar that Garrus could never remember… James and the boys had their cards, but she had Blasto’s: The Board Game. Bet your ass that she could own you with eyes closed, too. 

That was until Garrus joined them this time… 

Garrus had never played any games such as theses– he usually just sat back and watched. He loved watching how Jane smiled on those nights, and just watching was usually good enough. Of course he had played other versions of the game– that part he didn’t mention…

He spent the better part of the evening pretending he didn’t understand a thing around him. Very convincingly appearing to self sabotage only to turn around with a game winning play: One he had perfectly calculated several moves before. 

When Garrus rolled his dice and made that final push across the finish line, bagging the villain AND the girl with no casualties- the table fell silent. Dramatic as it seems, Shepard was literally speechless and so was everyone else. 

“Well… I think that’s what you humans call ‘beginners luck’?” Garrus asked slyly with mandibles flickering excitedly, feigning innocence. It was clear he knew what he was doing at this point and by the face Shepard sent him, she was had definitely started to catch on.

She leaned forward in her chair looking to Liara with jaw lowered and widened eyes as she point very studiously towards Garrus. “Did he seriously just play me?”

“Yes, Shepard… I believe that he did.” Liara replied holding her smile from escaping as she begin clearing the board carefully. 

A low set of laughter left the rest of the crews mouth as they join in with Liara, casually sipping their drinks and getting ready for whatever came next.  

“I wouldna done that if I were you, Scars… Lola don’t like losing.” James warned behind a closed mouth smile as he lean back taking a long swig from his beer while running a hand over his head a few times. 

“Yeah, seriously Garrus… Don’t you know your girlfriend at all?” Joker asked just as skeptically. “She’s gonna kill you.”

“Guys… please. I’m fine. You think I can’t handle losing a game every once in awhile? One I have been undefeated at for at least 12 years? You think I can’t handle that?” Shepard paused with her face light and voice airy. After a moment she turned very sharply towards Garrus with lowered brows and fake forced anger as she point very accusingly at him again. “Cause you are absolutely right… You will be punished, Vakarian!” 

Garrus let out his own laugh finally, feeling only a little bad for breaking her winning streak, running a taloned hand down his fringe and neck. “You’re cute when you’re angry, Commander.” Garrus purred as he leaned closer to her.

The voices died down around them as each team member awkwardly make their way from the lounge as slowly and quickly as possible, knowing just where this was going…

“And you… are an asshole.” She smiled back leaning closer to him as she wrap her arm around his cowl pulling him into a tight kiss. “But you’re my asshole.”

Shepard may not have liked losing, but she’d do it to see that smile anytime. 

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In all these Trans Peter Parker headcanons we forgot to ask for something just as important: what are the trans Billy Kaplan headcanons?

YESSSS okay so, Trans Billy Kaplan:

-It’s one of the reasons he was so invested in proving that him and Tommy were the Scarlet Witch’s sons reincarnated, he thought if he could prove that he was a cis boy in another life it would somehow make him feel better when he has those “what if I’m just faking this whole thing?” moments.

-He made sure his original cape hung over his chest so that nobody would notice that it bulged out. 

-His original interest in being friends with Teddy was because he found his powers so fascinating and was a little jealous but then he was nice and cute and Billy had an “oh no i’m in love with him” moment.  

-”Billy couldn’t you just…. magical transition?” “I’m not going to tear the fabric of reality just because I want a dick, Kate.”  

-When Billy’s voice starts changing, everyone on the team thinks he’s Tommy when their on the phone, he does use that knowledge to prank people, and get Tommy in trouble. 

Have had people ask me if I think Chibi is canon and I think a skit in the most recent episode is the best way I can explain it. 

The idea of Blake freaking the hell out about meeting authors of her favorite books - 100% canon and something I will take with me throughout the series and all the fan stuff I create within it. 

Zwei being the author of that book, that’s not canon. That’s Chibi nonsense.

see also:

Ruby playing “the floor is lava” and her team just kind of going along with it, Yang even having a little fun with it because she’s used to it - love it, canon. 

Torchwick showing up and literally melting through the floor, no thanks. 

I take the setups of the jokes and leave behind the punchlines. 

Alone By The Bleachers (Crush x Reader)

“Woo! Go (C/N)!” You cheered, standing in the bleachers with the crowd as you clapped excitedly. Everyone was cheering just as loud as you were, but you were sure that when (C/N) glanced your way, searchingly before turning back to concentrate on the game. He didn’t know you had come to watch, but it was almost as if he could sense you around.

(C/N) attended a different school, but you two were close friends, so you often went to go watch his games. Courtesy of your friends as well, who often accompanied you to see him play.

“(C/N) is so talented,” your friend, (F/N), commented, as the referee was starting up the last quarter of the game. “He’s the quarterback and pretty good looking too, (Y/N). You have a good eye for picking out such an amazing guy.”

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hiii!! would you be able to write an imagine where c/n plays lacrosse and his team lost so he’s really frustrated but then you calm him down when you get home and it’s all fluffy and cuddly? thanks so much!! your account is fab and your writing is soooo good! xx

When you told (c/n) to sleep on it, you didn’t mean you. This past week was really stressful for him so when he finally got a break he went straight into your arms for comfort. He’s been training for weeks and weeks everyday for this important game against your rival school.

Something (c/n) always knew could calm him down was your sweet worlds. Boys will be boys so the best thing for him was to let him know he was the best out there no matter what.

Your 200 pound baby boy fell asleep on your chest in your small dorm room with his snores being the only sound in the room. With your arms just laying on your side, you placed them on his head, slowly massaging down his shoulders. His hair was messy and shaggy. It was probably the best sleep he’s had in weeks. You soon fell asleep despite the uncomfortable position you two had.

(c/n) and you had set no alarms considering no classes were on Friday. You shuffled and felt that (c/n)’s body was no longer on yours but beside it, arms wrapped around you. His presence was always kept close, he was anxious at a time like this, and just your contact kept him sane.

Your eyes opened again a couple hours later, (c/n) was laying on his back but with a hand rubbing up and down your back. You turned around to face him, catching his attention from his phone.

“mhm what time is it?” You ask him snuggling up to his arm to look closer at his phone. “It’s nine-ish baby”. This has been one of the latest mornings you’ve slept since college. You felt happy that for once you got a morning like this, no hangovers, no tests, just a comfy bed and comfy boy.

You snuggled into his chest a little more, watching him play dumb games on his phone. Only about twenty minutes later you both decided to make some food.

On game days you both made sure he got a good meal for his energy. So you guys walked over to the cafe and grabbed some food.

Walking back, (c/n) held the to-go bags in one hand while the other had your hand beside it. Your stomach began to ache as you smelled the warm food nearly in arms reach.

You got back to your place and quickly settled to eat. He wasted no time digging in. “Slow down babe” you said still having not opened your box. He looked back up at you with a mouth full of food and smirked. He finished chewing and smiled at you. “(Y/n) maybe if I hadn’t been waiting for you to wake up, I wouldn’t be starving.”

“Touché” and you laughed and began eating your food.

(c/n) spent the rest of his day laying with you or working out. His game was at 3:00 and he had to head over to the stadium now but seemed a little hesitant to go. “C/n lets go you should have left already. If you don’t go, I won’t go.” you say getting out of bed and dragging him to the door. “Babe (y/n) I’m going I’m going please I really need you to be there.” He grabs his shoes and puts them on. He’s already dressed he just needs to change at the locker rooms.

“please promise me you’ll go babe”. He says as he keeps his hands on your hips, rubbing his thumbs back and forth on your bare skin.

I wouldn’t miss it for the world, now go please I’ll see you there while I sit front row okay?“ He nods and gives you one last kiss, before exiting out the door and to the field that’s only a short walk away.

You still had time before the game started so you decided to shower and get ready. You grabbed your favorite jersey of (c/n)’s and slipped it on along with some leggings. Of course you made sure to wear it and show all the people in the stands who was his. You soon made your way out of the dorm building and with your friends to watch boys lax.

The game was going to start soon but you walked over to the fence to talk to (c/n) like you usually did before a game. He had a smile on his face that could be seen through his helmet. He had his attacker stick in his hand all ready to go in.

“You seem ready for this game (c/n)” you say with a smirk. He takes off his helmet and sets it beside him so he can kiss you. “The guys were talking and I think we can win this.” He places his hand behind your back to bring you closer. You give him one more kiss for good luck and head over to the stands where your friends holler at your cute moment with (c/n).

They were halfway through the game and it was neck and neck. Their defense was amazing but your attack men never gave up. It became the last quarter and right after the first face off, (c/n) played a little too hard and got a penalty. He had to sit out for a few minutes which would not be good considering he was the best midfield. (C/n) kept yelling from the sidelines at his players as the other team scored two more goals.

“Come on it’s not that hard just stop them from scoring!” (C/n) only made them play worse as they had to run harder with lack of their player. Finally he was allowed back in and he sprinted straight towards the opponent with the ball, checking his stick and taking it instantly. He sprinted down the field, quickly scoring but not enough to win the game. Him sitting out now made them down by three points and now their was two minutes on the clock.

The buzzer went off, (c/n) looked at the score board. One point was all it took for them to be tied. He shook his head in defeat. He walked through the line to say “good game” and quickly walked back to the locker rooms.

You waited outside and watched as other players walked out. Some didn’t seem to care about the loss and laughed together while others were disappointed in how they played and had frowns on their faces. It seemed as everybody has left so you peeked your head inside and said, “(c/n)? Are you ready to go?”

You didn’t hear anything for a while but finally saw him walking with his shorts on and his shirt in one hand and phone in the other. His hair was dripping still and you could tell he just got out of the shower. He must have just stood under the water because his face was blushed from the steam.

He put on his shirt and shook the droplets out of his hair. You gave him a content smile and he gave a half toothed smile. The walk back to your dorm wasn’t that great. (C/n) kept a banter of everything that went wrong from his game.

“Babe did you see our defense today, they had no control of the opposing attackers.” You nodded and kicked the pebbles as he rambled some more. “I couldn’t believe how downhill that game went as soon as I went out of the game and-babe…(y/n),”. You looked up from the concrete with raised eyebrows. He stood 10 feet behind you with a questioning look. You saw (c/n) standing by the gate to the front of the building. You blushed as you walk back to the gate into the courtyard.

“My stories are just too interesting you get lost huh?” He says with a smirk but also some annoyance. You rolled your eyes, along with a quick bump on the shoulder.

You walked in to the room and (c/n) walked in, took off his shorts and shirt, leaving him in his boxers. You put your stuff on the table and walked over to your room where your comfy clothes await.

You climbed into bed, relaxing and waiting for (c/n) to finish whatever and come cuddle with you. He finally walked into your room, he seemed surprised to find you in bed.

“Babe, why are you in bed, without me?” You looked up from the television, he started removing the blankets from the top of your body and laid beside you, then rolling on top of you. You pulled the blankets back over your bodies and up to his neck.

His face hid in the blankets and yours faced the tv. “You know I’m proud of how you played today right (c/n)?” He looked up with his eyes glossy and dazed. He stifled a yawn and nodded quickly, “You know I love you, proud or not,” he says in small mumbles. “Yeah I do, couldn’t ask for a better boy.”

don’t hate me for not posting in a while. Please tell me what you think of it :)

My heart is in smithereens

Send help.

I have never felt so victimized and ripped open when I was watching the Winter Finale.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Not even the small cracks of humor helped alleviate the tension in the air. My heart was in my throat and beating so fast and I was shaking. I even screamed a bit too.

So let’s start from the beginning shall we? 

First of all, Lucifer driving like a maniac and clearly panicking whereas Chloe is not. It does reverse the trope where the female freaks and its the dude who has to calm her kudos to the writers, BUT STILL. That was the beginning of my heartbreak.

Lucifer and Chloe whispering so loudly even Ella had to comment and just tell them to make out already after all she was thinking it’s a lovers’ little argument. 

(I like Ella’s getup by the way)

And then Lucifer bringing out those Devil eyes of his. Good. BUT THEN, you got Chloe wearing his jacket and holding onto him and then FAINTING ON HIM and Lucifer is concerned then he’s panicking. 

And he’s so so upset. This boy is so upset. Especially when they found out that without the formula, Chloe is as good as dead and he cannot GO IN THERE because he cannot lie or just straight up tells her she going to die. 



AND IT WAS A TEAM EFFORT EVERYBODY (except for Charlotte until the last minute) 




Also I forgot to mention, Uncle Amenadiel and little Trixie, that is so cute it gave me a moment of peace. 




The song that started playing when Lucifer was dragging his Mom away was the very song I sang in the car when I’m driving. 

Unsteady. By X Ambassadors. How appropriate. 

Now I will not be able to stop shedding tears and think of Deckerstar and sad Lucifer and guilt-ridden Charlotte and poor Uriel and everything.

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Thanks Lucifer writers. Rude.


Lucifer leaves.

After Chloe wakes up and asks if they could talk and then when after she’s released sends a whole lot of voice mails and goes to see him, he’s gone. 

Just like that.

He is gone.

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And I am mad that we have to wait until May. 

And you bet your ass that I have a whole crazy lot of angsty ideas for the next stories I have in mind from this. 

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I saw your post about Liz and MJ and that was super cute could you maybe do the same but between the cute af crackship of Gwen Stacy and MJ?

listen,,,,,,, mj and gwen are canon and i dont entertain any other opinions 

(also i used smhc mj cause you know what!! i hate plot holes!!)

here’s a little bit of chemistry :)

when gwen stacy is assigned as michelle jones’ lab partner on the first day of third period chemistry, all she can really think is “you’ve gotta be kidding.

because here’s the thing: the past few months of michelle’s life have played out similarly to a badly written early 2000’s teen movie.

she transferred to midtown and had no friends, but joined a single club and became decathlon captain by the end of sophomore year. she attended a grand total of two social events, and somehow got herself two close friends, one of which moonlights as a superhero.

those things don’t just happen.

so when gwen sets her backpack down, light blue cardigan bunching up around her wrists and loose pieces of her ponytail curling up around her ears, mj braces herself for impact. braces for something awful, for gwen, popular put-together gwen, as soft and warm as she seems, to be a totally different brand of popular than liz.

but gwen barely does anything. she says hi, silently takes notes during the period, tells flash to shut up (and he actually does what), picks up michelle’s pencil for her when it drops to the ground, and smiles up at mj with attentive eyes when the bell rings and says she’ll see her tomorrow.

and mj can’t stop thinking about it.


later at lunch, mj asks ned and peter if they know gwen.

ned falters. peter snorts his chocolate milk.

mj doesn’t get any answers.

at some point, mj stops paying attention entirely in favour of observing gwen, who walked in with the entire science olympics team behind her. every single one of them is wearing matching decorated nametags, and gwen is smiling like she’s never felt happier. 

and mj can’t stop thinking about it.


at the first decathlon practice of the year, michelle trades her progress charts and cue cards for glitter glue and crayola markers.  the team is crowded around a piece of bristol board with “ACADECA” written on it in giant letters to hang over their part of the club bulletin board, and it’s the world’s most chaotic masterpiece; cindy is the shining star of the art department, and peter is very much not. as much as michelle cant let go of the setback on team progress, she’s almost completely sure that liz would justify the activity as a team morale booster, so she’ll let herself move on this one time.

besides, the look of pure glee on ned’s face when she let’s him put star shaped stickers on her cheeks is priceless. who cares about setbacks to team progress? she feels cute. 

little does she know that gwen passes by their room on her way to her locker, and for an incredibly brief moment, just watches her laugh. 

and gwen can’t stop thinking about it. 


gwen is sitting on mj’s floor in sweatpants and an oscorp tshirt, writing titles out in jumbo sharpie on their shared science project. 

it’s been a couple months since the semester started, and mj honestly hasn’t had to think about much other than her crush since. 

gwen leans on top of their graphs and feels mj’s gaze on her back. she tries her best to seem natural, but she can feel her face heating up. 

neither of them want to think about it. 

Sportsball Yay (Hamilton x Reader)

Summary: ¾ of the Hamilsquad go to a volleyball game. Awkwardness and (hopefully) cuteness ensues.
Warnings: Um I don’t think there is anything. Well besides really bad writing.

“Dude come on, your writing at a volleyball game. A girls volleyball game, I mean look at them.” John said shaking Alexander’s shoulder.
“Oui, Alexander we are here for John’s friend you should at least respect them and watch for a little while.”
“They’re just warming up.” Alex complained and rolled his eyes.
“I know but damn.” John shouted a name and Alex looked up for a moment. A girl that stood near the net waiting for the team turned to look at them and she smiled at them and waved. Alex stopped for a moment, she was beautiful. Strong arms, great body, amazing legs, her face was elegantly beautiful. Then her coach came over and started tossing a ball to her. She would set it to her teammates and they’d hit it over. Then she switched out and go to another line. She was soon up to hit. She screamed some number, he couldn’t quite make it out. Then she ran, jumped, and hit the ball. It was the loudest noise he’d ever heard as it hit her hand and then the floor. It hit the floor so fast that all he saw on the way down was a blur of white.
“Damn.” He whispered.
“I know.” John whispered.
Alex shook his head escaping the trance he’d been in for the last ten minutes.
“Whatever.” He said and went back to writing.
“Alex look out!” Was all warning he had before a ball came at him. It knocked into his head and onto his work. Making his papers go all over the seats in front of them.
“Oh my god, John, John’s friend, are you okay.” Her voice, it sounded really weird at a normal level, because all she had done was yell on court.
“We’re fine, don’t sweat it.” He said and threw the ball to her and she threw it back to the officials.
Needless to say they won.
“Come on,” John whined,“come celebrate the first game of the season with us.” John begged as she walked with them. Alex hadn’t said anything yet and was walking stiffly as he glanced at her.
“I’ve got practice in the morning, and I have to study. Maybe after the season?” She said.
“Your always at practice.” John groaned.
“You know if you wanted to hang tonight I could just come over and study while you guys get drunk.”
“I like that idea.”
“John you have to see this!” Laf yelled from down the street. Then he was gone leaving Alex and her alone together.
“Sorry about tonight.” She said.
“What?” He asked. She walking with him. Standing beside him, this goddess was standing here talking to him. She was so beautiful it made him insecure. Which was hard, because Alexander was never nervous or self conscious.
“You know, the ball messing up your writing.” She said and started to unbraid her hair and running a hand through it. She winced as some of the hair was tangled.
“Anna always braids tight.” She said as she shakes her hair out.
“Hey are you okay?” She asked, he’d been staring. How could he not she looked absolutely adorable with her hair poofed out like that.
“Um yeah, it’s okay nothing that couldn’t be fixed. So, um, how do you know John?” He asked.
“Oh we use to date in high school, we came here together and realized that we didn’t work as a couple and decided to stay friends.”
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah.” She said and nodded. Her phone started ringing.
“T.J., BFAM, what’s up?” She asked. “I’ll stop calling you that when you stop wearing that ridiculous shade of pink.”
She looked at Alexander and gave an apologetic smile.
“Listen I need this to be quick, I’m standing here, in the cold, sweat dripping from me, and the wind just picked up. Also there’s a very cute guy standing beside me that I’m about to ask out to coffee, and then go to his friends house and watch them get drunk, while I study for class, so.” She didn’t look at him when she said that. She could feel his eyes on her though.
“Yes yes yes, it’s in my apartment, I will give it to you tomorrow. No, you will not go over there, and you will not break in. Good bye Thomas.”

“Thomas Jefferson?” Alex asked unimpressed.
“I thought you’d be more interested in the coffee date, but yes. Thomas Jefferson, the most annoying adoptive big brother ever.”
“He’s your brother!” This was a woman who could keep him from working by just standing there. This was the one and her adoptive brother was Thomas Jefferson.
Dear Jesus.
“Yes.” She sounded annoyed. They walked in silence for a while.
“So that coffee date.” She smiled and looked up at him and his heart stuttered.
“Well, more like protein shake date. For me any ways. My favorite coffee shop makes me one, because I’m special, and they happen to have amazing coffee.”
“I look forward to it.” He said as they reached the car. John and Laf were already there laughing at some joke.
“Johnny where’s Herc?” She asked. Did she know all of his friends?
“Aw he was working on a dress for class when we left.”
“It better be for me, if he’s missing the first game of the season.”
“Do you always go to the volleyball games?” Alex asked John.
“We haven’t missed a game since freshmen year Lex.” They all piled into the car and Alex sat in the back with her.
“So you said you had to study for something.”
“I do, would you like to study with me.”
“It would be my pleasure.”

This is one of my favorite little KakaSasu moments. Sasuke is about to fall over after his fight and Kakashi jumps down and catches him with his knee. It’s just really super cute. 

Kakashi struggles to straddle the line between treating his team like soldiers and caring for them as a mentor. I just really love the moments when is more tender with them.