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Anon: What do you think about the last VLive and all the ji/kook moments??? 😍😍😍

Anon: omfgg jungkook does his tongue thing at 36:24 in the ynwa preview vlive when jimin is hanging off of taehyung im living       

There were so many cute little moments scattered across that vlive. But since I’m late (as always lol) and everybody else probably has already covered most of the more important things, I’ll just point out what stood out the most for me.

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This is one of my favorite little KakaSasu moments. Sasuke is about to fall over after his fight and Kakashi jumps down and catches him with his knee. It’s just really super cute. 

Kakashi struggles to straddle the line between treating his team like soldiers and caring for them as a mentor. I just really love the moments when is more tender with them.  

Loosen Up!

A/N: Omg so I finally got to the next anime: Bungou Stray Dogs and I’m only a few episodes in and I LOVE it and all characters are so preciousss and the plot is so excitiiiing and everyone’s so shippableee~

Ok so I couldn’t help myself but look away from the remaining prompts for a short moment, and write this because I just haaad to, poor baby Atsushi is in need of tickles I think so here’s a cute little fluff-filled fic!<3

Summary: Takes place right after Atsushi joined the team by doing the ‘test’. Seeing how tense and stiff Atsushi is after being welcomed to the group, Dazai thinks it’s a good idea to tickle the poor boy to loosen up. Kunikida surprisingly assists, much to Atsushi’s horror.

Word Count: 1206

“Come on, Atsushi-kun. You can let go of that now.” Dazai walked up towards the stiff new member, chuckling at how he kept holding onto the bomb as if it could still go off any second.

“Hmh…” Atsushi sighed, but he even tightened his grip on it and continued sulking. Everyone else had already left, leaving him with the two men he had made himself a fool in front of the other day, by stuffing himself with his favorite meal. To think they’d be colleagues…

“A-tsu-shi-kun!” Dazai stood behind him and playfully used two fingers to poke both of the boy’s sides to pull him out of his trance.

“EEyaaa!” Atsushi arched his back and immediately dropped the bomb, right onto his own toe. He gasped in pain and jumped, grabbing his foot and hopping like an idiot until he fell back against Dazai, who caught him under his arms.

“Geez Dazai, leave the poor guy alone,” Kunikida sighed, grabbing the bomb and putting it away.

“I didn’t do anything! I just…” With wonder, Dazai wiggled his fingers a little under Atsushi’s arms, and the teen kicked violently and struggled, gasping and squeaking in his grip.

“Oohh?” Dazai smirked, let go of the hysterical guy and he clapped his hands together.

“Kunikida-kun? I think we forgot to give our new member his official welcome ceremony,” he said in a low, mischievous voice.

“Welcome ceremony?” Kunikida asked.

“Yeah… Help me out with this and I promise I won’t try to commit suicide tomorrow.”

“Help out with what?” Meanwhile, Atsushi was already catching his breath with a blush on his face and backing away from Dazai who suddenly looked like he had something evil planned.

He squeaked when his back bumped against Kunikida who stood behind him, and he tensed up completely.

“Grab him, Kunikida-kun,” Dazai said, but before Kunikida did or even asked why the hell he would do that, Dazai himself already jumped at Atsushi with spread arms.

“Aaahh!” Atsushi literally screamed and tried to dodge, but Dazai tackled both him and Kunikida and the trio fell down onto the floor.

“Oooff! Dazai, what the hell are y-” Lying on his back, Kunikida froze when bright laughter suddenly filled his ears. He gazed at the teen who was sprawled on top of him, squirming and kicking while his colleague Dazai bent over him, fingers digging into the hysterical guy’s sides and ribs.

“Aaahahaha no stahahap!” Atsushi laughed loudly, rolling and squirming on top of the older man. The tickling continued even when Kunikida grabbed both his shoulders and pushed him off him so he could sit up straight.

“What are you doing?” Kunikida asked Dazai who was now busy pinning Atsushi down and tickling him into the sweetest laughing fit.

“Giving him his welcome ceremony!” Dazai said cheerfully, and he then put his hand near his mouth and whispered loudly:

“Thought the boy could use a laugh. Wasn’t he too tense? And besides, his 'worthless human being’ act was so realistic it was saddening,” Dazai whispered loudly so that even Atsushi could hear him despite his own laughter.

“H-how’s thahahat s-saddenihihing?!” he laughed, fighting his attacker by kicking his legs violently and flailing his arms in an attempt to hit him. Dazai grabbed both hands with one hand and held them together, attacking his tummy with tickles using his free hand, and Atsushi giggled like a little girl.

“GEeheehe doohohon’t!” Kunikida watched the struggle in amazement, and he then smiled a little. He hated to admit Dazai was right. The kid needed to loosen up, and looking at what Dazai was doing, it seemed to work.

“No suicide for a day, you said?” he said, and he cracked his fingers in preparation.

“Is all I can offer,” Dazai sang, now scribbling all ten fingers over the teen’s stomach despite the pair of arms that kept trying to give him a blow or two.

“Fair enough.” Kunikida leapt at the two, grabbed both Atsushi’s arms and hoisted them up over his head.

“W-wha- please no! Don’t ti-tickle meheheee!” Atsushi squealed, but Kunikida used his knees to pin his arms above his head and he flexed his fingers above his exposed torso.

“Laugh, Atsushi. You’ll need it,” he said, and he ran his fingers from his sides up over his ribs towards his underarms.

“NOoohoho s-stahahap!” Atsushi threw his legs up and lifed his hips off the floor, but Dazai swung his leg over his body and straddled his waist.

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FT Chapter 485

My reaction to Fairy Tail’s newest chapter…

The little team going to negotiate(they’re cute):

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Brandish having no idea how to convince August:

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Brandish turning Happy enormous:

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Brandish being girly:

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Mavis and Cana’s conversation:

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The Six defeating people right and left:

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Sabertooth and Pegasus getting back in the game:

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Overall I’m just like:

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