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Newtvember returns for year two (albeit a bit abruptly)!

Please make note of the italicized addendum to tagging and nsfw submissions! These are the only changes from last year.


Newtvember is just a fun way to compile a bunch of creative work devoted to rockstar Newt Geiszler from Pacific Rim. If you post it, tag it properly (see below), we’ll reblog it here for all to see!


November 1st through the 30th.


  • Newt must be the central character.
  • Make sure “newtvember” is one of the FIRST FIVE TAGS of your post! If not, we can’t see it to reblog it! (We realize that tracked tags are currently broken. Tagging should still ensure a post shows up in a search. If you don’t see your post reblogged to this tumblr within one week, drop a line in the ask box and we’ll get that fixed right up!)
  • Any medium is welcome! Art, writing, crafts!
  • Add any needed warning tags, and post NSFW pieces using a preview thumbnail and a read more. (Newtvember did not require placing work behind a cut last year. We are doing so this year to make sure this Tumblr is kept safe for everyone!)
  • Any theme, so long as Newt is the key character.

Just like last year, there will be a giveaway! A minimum of three prizes will be announced sometime before November 15th. (Giveaway prizes are delayed as pesky “real life” got in the way of more careful planning.)

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