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I really feel like having Yuuri and Viktor switch the lead and follow roles in their skate together is the directors way of subtly answering the argument of who is top/bottom in their relationship- the answer obviously being they would switch roles with each other.
The show is full of subtext and I truly think the switching of roles is meant to represent just how equal these 2 men are to each other.
Having them switch the roles is 100% confirmation to me of their versatility.

The lead role is seen as the ‘mans’ role and the follow is the ‘females’ role, both Viktor and Yuuri are shown as truly comfortable with each other and they switch the lead and follow in their ice dance.
To me this is breaking down all kinds of typical gender role stereotypes associated with male/male pairings.
They are complete equals- both inside and outside the bedroom.

As a gay man this is wonderful for me.
The idea in yaoi that only one man can be a top or bottom in a gay relationship is truly bizarre to me- aside from switching being far more common for gay men, especially those in relationships, the idea that one HAS to take on one role only pretty much heteronormatizes a relationship between 2 men to having a male and female bedroom role.
(obviously a woman can use a strap-on on a man but it is less common than a man being the top).

So to have an anime featuring homosexuality between 2 men without any of those typical gender roles associated is just magical.
Myself and my boyfriend can actually fully identify with their relationship because it is so normalised and equal in partnership.

Frankly put- switching is popular for real gay men. Sometimes you want to do the holding and other times you want to be held. It is normal to want to feel loved by your partner in all ways.
Wanting to be both a top and bottom for you partner is natural and normal.

I want to thank the directors of the show for portraying Viktor and Yuuri so equally!

Poppy getting overly excited and exclaiming something in Japanese 

Branch being romantic in Spanish

The moment they enter highscool, Poppy signs both her and Branch up for theater. Branch abhors the idea at first, but then learns that he can avoid the spotlight and still be close to Poppy by joining the tech crew. He becomes the best damned techie in the crew, though, in senior year, at Poppy’s request, he does audition. He gets the male lead, and Poppy gets the female lead (and there’s definitely a kiss scene nwn)

Little Branch and Poppy! Just a few months before the accident 

And of course, Branch giving Creek a beating with his own leg. This follows my abusive boyfriend Creek hc, and takes place towards the end of his and Poppy’s relationship, where things are really tense and he isn’t so calm, cool, and collected anymore. (Poppy’s in black because they’re on their way to a rehearsal)

There were a couple of scenarios I cycled through when blocking this out, though I eventually settled on Branch being aggravated out of protectiveness for Poppy. He probably wouldn’t get too violent with Creek for his own sake because he feels obligated to “keep the peace”. But the moment Creek does anything wrong to Poppy he’s in for a world of pain.

Alternatives all consisted of Creek talking to Branch instead, followed by Branch giving him a good smack.

“You probably lost that thing *gesturing to Branch’s left leg* doing something stupid, didn’t you? I hope it was worth it.”

“Have you ever considered that perhaps the reason you’re handicapped is because you’re being punished for doing something atrocious in a past life?”

“You know that Poppy’s dating me, and not you, because of how exhausting it is to care for someone with your… condition… It’s so sad, seeing you like this, pathetic, even… really tarnishes her aura, you’re not healthy for her.”

Yeah what a douche. Anyways, I’ve got a lot of requests, au and non, on the backburner right now, so that should be coming up soon!

22K Follower Mini-Celebration

Okay, guys, I want to have some smutty fun to celebrate 22K wonderful followers and to start 2017 on a hot note. So…


Submit a porn gif to me (not a gif of the show or its characters, literally just some good old fashioned porn). Tell me what characters you want the gif to represent, and I will write a very short (just a couple of paragraphs) drabble based on it. Please don’t send a full request with plot, as these are not fics, just little fun drabbles. A gif of shower sex and “Dean x female reader” or two guys grinding and “Destiel” is all I need :)

You can send any consensual porn, a man and woman, two men, two women, and you can ask for any pairing (character x reader, or any ship). I’m down for anything, y’all.

The week after Christmas, I will post these along with my normal fics. Not sure how many I will do or what will strike my fancy, so this is a very low key celebration. Just thought we’d have a little sexy fun!

Send me the porn!

Ever wonder how they get those group shots for the family portrait in CAS?  Well, they are all in-game animations.  I happened upon the codes when I was poking around in they system files.  All you have to do is use PosePlayer–>Pose By Name option and type in one of the following codes.  Then you just MOO them into place.

For the Gents:

  • a_solo_male_portraitPose_slot01
  • a_solo_male_portraitPose_slot02
  • a_solo_male_portraitPose_slot03
  • a_solo_male_portraitPose_slot04
  • a_solo_male_portraitPose_slot05
  • a_solo_male_portraitPose_slot06
  • a_solo_male_portraitPose_slot07
  • a_solo_male_portraitPose_slot08

For the Ladies:

  • a_solo_female_portraitPose_slot01
  • a_solo_female_portraitPose_slot02
  • a_solo_female_portraitPose_slot03
  • a_solo_female_portraitPose_slot04
  • a_solo_female_portraitPose_slot05
  • a_solo_female_portraitPose_slot06
  • a_solo_female_portraitPose_slot07
  • a_solo_female_portraitPose_slot08

Those are the codes for single adult poses.  There are others for children and couples, but I haven’t gotten around to digging them all out yet. 

EDIT: Added numbers to the picture to show which slot is which.

i made a post awhile ago about supporting female brass players and let me tell you. i am so. fucking. sick. of getting comments on the post adding on about how male woodwind players have it so tough too.

no. i’m talking about FEMALE BRASS PLAYERS. who have to prove their talent over and over again. who grew up being told we played the wrong instrument. who are just as passionate as male players. who are told not to cough during blind auditions because it lets people know you’re female.

please leave my post alone. let it support all the young girls who are being told to switch instruments. let it acknowledge all the girls who have been auditioning for years and are starting to give up hope. let us have our moment.

The 100 No Sense
  • Fandom: We fucking love Lexa. She's the best. She our commander. Even ppl who don't watch the show admire her. Best character of the entire TV series's history. Part of the Clexa ship which is actually the most shipped couple on the show. Proud lesbian. Proud female fighting for her ppl and trying to bring the peace all around. Lexa is the boom!
  • JRat: oh well...I see. This will be emotional but won't have a big impact *kills Lexa*
  • Fandom: *after two weeks after the no sense death* okay. You killed the best female character you had, you fucking ending her precious gonplei, you used the LGBTQ community to get more ratings because of her, you got a lot of followers thanks of your lies. You, liar, just killed the spirit of the show. You killed the Clexakru with Lexa's death. What's next? Kill your best male character? Kill the second best character of the show? The man that saved everyone? That brought the little spark between Skaikru and Trikru? A healer? Octavia's family? Octavia's truly love? The best hottie on the entire show? Are you going to end with his gonplei? Will you end the second most shipped couple of the show?
  • JRat: oh! Are u talking about Lincoln? Do you like him? Fine. *finds a silly way to make Lincoln sacrifices himself for couple of characters and makes Octavia watch it because he ADORES to see ppl suffering*
  • Fandom:
  • JRat:
  • Fandom: Let's call AMC again. There's a new character that they need to put in FTWD. Rocky Lincoln. Yeah. And let's put Maria Blak in the show as well. C'mon quickly. They will find Alicia and Elyza in the way and they four will be happy and will make babies. Beautiful babies. THEY ARE STILL ALIVE. NO MATTERS WHAT. THEY JUST MOVED TO ANOTHER SHOW. WE ARE NOT GIVING A SHIT ANYMORE WITH THE 100.
Attention Ladies!

(And female-presenting individuals.)

If you’re out running errands by yourself, please be super, super aware of your surroundings, especially after dark.

Halfway through my trip to the market tonight, I noticed a couple of guys following me around the store. I cut my shopping short, paid for my things, and headed out, only to see the two of them exit the store just a few yards behind me.

I got to my car and loaded things in. One of the guys went to a silver sedan a few spaces over from my car and started the engine. His buddy loitered a few steps behind my car, pretending to check something on his phone. Just as I got into the driver’s seat, he took several fast steps toward me. I slammed the door and locked it, then grabbed my phone, flicked to dial, and stared him down.

He stood there for a few seconds, then high-tailed it to his buddy’s car and they peeled out of the parking lot. I waited until they were out of sight before I left, and I took a roundabout way going home. Unfortunately, I didn’t see their plates, but both guys were of Indian descent, probably in their mid 20s to early 30s. If I had more information than that, I’d probably be at a police station right now.

I don’t know what the hell they wanted with me, but I’m pretty sure it was nothing remotely good. This particular incident happened in Williamsburg, VA on Sept 25, 2015, but it can happen anywhere at any time.

So just…be really careful, girls. Watch your backs, travel in pairs if you can, and if you even THINK someone around you is following you or acting suspiciously, alert the store staff. You should also be able to request that someone walk you to your car.

Hey everyone! With all this crazy news and a Japanese release date finally in sight, I thought it would be fun to make an appreciation week to celebrate and get hyped to heist with our favorite thieves! This Persona 5 appreciation week will begin Sunday, June 5th and will continue until Saturday, June 11th, just a couple days before E3. Every day will have a separate category to pay homage to the band of high school students who have stolen our hearts, and they are as follows:

  1. Sunday, June 5th ~ Favorite Male Character
  2. Monday, June 6th ~ Favorite Female Character
  3. Tuesday, June 7th ~ Favorite Trailer
  4. Wednesday, June 8th ~ Favorite Persona
  5. Thursday, June 9th ~ Students or Thieves?
  6. Friday, June 10th ~ What I look forward to most in Persona 5 is…
  7. Saturday, June 11th ~ Free Day!

To celebrate Persona 5 Appreciation Week, you can create graphics, gifs, draw, write, or anything else your heart desires, that is up to you. Also, make sure to tag your posts with #P5Week. I will be tracking the tag #P5Week, and I would love to see everyone’s beautiful edits and artwork! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask me. Last but not least, reblog, tell your friends and spread the word about Persona 5 Week so we can all have a great time!

L E T   U S   S T A R T   T H E   G A M E    


I’m not so sure why I got so much positive traffic these past couple of weeks, but I’m happy to have it :)  So I spent a part of yesterday making this piece as a way to celebrate and welcome my new followers with a fresh doodle.  I just made up this character but she’s clearly an amalgamation of several 80s, anime, female protagonists. I grabbed the background image from something else I’m working on in my spare time. It was designed by the insanely talented, Brandon Cuellar

Gender and shit.

I might lose a couple followers for that, but hey, unpopular opinion time.

Everybody knows there’s a biological reality. Everybody knows that living in a male body is a different experience than living in a female body. We know, you know, trans activists know, everybody knows. This whole pronouns and gender and identity thing is a power trip. It’s about having people agree with you no matter how full of shit you are. It’s about intimidating and cornering people (mostly women) so much that they have to say water is dry and the sky is green just to avoid your rage, and getting off on this bullying behavior.

I believe there are people who are legitimately dysphoric, but most of this gender shit? It’s about power. It’s about knowing you can control other people’s speech and getting pleasure out of this feeling of control.

And for a certain special kind of liberal, it’s about using the shiniest new social justice thing to pat yourself on the back and feel good about how inclusive and open-minded you are. This is the kind of people who will respect all the pronouns and yell on the internet but never lift a finger to do any real action, and will migrate to the next shiny social justice thing when it gets trendy.

So yeah. Identity politics are about everything BUT identity.


Just a couple of random ‘I need to draw to make myself feel better’ portraits of ask-king-sombra and ask-the-clueless-pony~ Was feeling some doldrums for some reason. Probably thanks to being female. Wanted to draw, but not on my own projects. So I nabbed a couple of refs and just had some fun. 

That smug dork up top there could’ve just been any Sombra [blog] fanart, but I follow WigglesMod’s Sombra, specifically, and love how they’ve characterized their Sombra, so I ensured I gave him those goggles and the horn wrap. x3
And of course Tomi is too cute to not draw. xD I’d been meaning to draw the little goober for a bit, since shortly after her blog started, methinks. Friggin’ cutie. lol

Hope their mods like!

Art © ZenAquaria
“Kingsley” Sombra © Ask-King-Sombra
“Tomi” Tomfool © Ask-the-Clueless-Pony

Just going to repost this from my very clear instructions to CC that he APPARENTLY did not follow:

4. The relationship question: MOVE ON.

Look, Chris, I know. Moonlighting, right? They got together and then it was just all disastrous downhill from there. Since there is as everyone knows an exact 1:1 equivalence between all TV shows that contain male and female characters, that obviously meant that if Mulder and Scully ever became a couple the show would instantly become terrible and never recover. After all, what if Mulder and Scully were investigating some aliens, and suddenly Mulder was like, “I think I left the iron on!” I WOULD DIE OF SHEER DISGUST. And if they ever got together that would definitely, DEFINITELY happen.

It’s done, OK? They’re together. They had a baby. And we had to go through a goddamn lot of tricksy shenanigans to get there, too. So it wasn’t cute or titillating when you insisted on a fakeout that took up half the movie, during which Mulder and Scully’s interactions were stilted and inscrutable, before gracing us with the SURPRISE REVEAL that they were in bed together. And then it was equally non-cute when, after this laborious setup, you had them break up 20 minutes later. I know, a story needs conflict. But this conflict doesn’t HAVE to take the form of fucking up Mulder and Scully’s personal relationship over and over again. They can disagree, argue, take opposing positions without it needing to go to GAMECHANGER RED ALERT. For god’s sake, that was how things were for the first seven seasons – the show’s entire premise is their opposing points of view, but by three episodes into Season 1 we knew Scully was in it for the long haul. I know having them be a couple is weird for you, but they’re still the same people. YOU are the one who didn’t want it to be “soap opera” if there was a relationship. So, stop making it be that now that there is.

Instead: Please don’t try to fake like they’re not together. Please don’t threaten us with them breaking up. Please don’t make every disagreement into a melodramatic referendum on their future together. It’s Mulder and Scully. They’re together. It’s fine. I’m sure they’ve got problems, but their relationship is not one of the problems. They’re going to hunt aliens and root out conspiracies and intellectually butt heads just as they always have, except now they’ll go home and get it on afterwards. The sexual tension, she is resolved. Put that plot down and LET IT BE.