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Kiss and Dash | Part 2 | PETER PARKER X READER

Description: It all starts when the reader kisses Peter Parker for a dare then runs off but it really spirals out of control when Spiderman takes revenge with his own kiss and dash. Is it possible that a simple dare could lead to the unveiling of New York City’s youngest superhero’s true identity? Because not all people kiss the exact same… right?

Author’s Note: I know this isn’t an update to Double Take but I promise that’ll be the next fic I post. I’m currently out of town (this post is scheduled) so I’ll be answering all the asks and messages I receive when I get back. Once again I’d like to say that inspiration for this fic came from this one and as always feel free to send me requests or let me know if you want to be tagged in my future fics

Important Notice: I want to hold a contest to celebrate my recent gain in followers and one of my wonderful followers suggested I do a writing contest. Here’s a link to the ask she sent me with more info. If enough people message/like/reblog/reply to it I’m going to do it. Please let me know if you’re interested so I know if I should do it!

Word Count: 1969

Fanfiction Masterlist | Part 1

(Y/N) had kissed him.

She actually pressed him against the lockers, and kissed him.

(Y/N) (Y/L/N), his best friend who was relatively timid and shy, stormed into the boy’s locker room, pinned him down, and kissed him.

It was literally, all Peter could think about. He couldn’t tell you what happened in school that day because he was too busy playing the kiss over and over again in his mind. The warmth that seeped through his collar where she grabbed him. The feel of her soft lips against his. The sweet taste she had left behind and the sparks that fizzled all over his body at the fact that she had just kissed him!

And Peter couldn’t understand why. Well, he had an idea of what it meant but he wasn’t really in the mood to dwell over the fact that he might have a crush on one of his best friends.

(Y/N) had never been the type of girl who, well, walked into boy’s locker room and kissed someone. Not only that, but kiss someone fiercely. Peter never thought that (Y/N) had an aggressive bone in her body before this, but that kiss certainly raised some questions to the matter.

“C’mon Peter, bro,” Ned said, snapping a finger in front of his face. “Snap out of it! You’ve been acting like a zombie all day!”

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anonymous asked:

Prinxiety; one of them getting a pet (or any object) and getting attached to it paying iy a bit more attention than the other

For those who are still awake, you guys are in for a treat! ;) Late night sweet short fanfic~

Prince got a hamster. A cute, white hamster. White hamsters were normal, but this one was especially white.

“Look at her! She’s so cute and adorable and fluffy…” Prince held hamster in his hand and squealed.

Anxiety sighed, “Prince, we’re not going to buy a hamster. We’re here for Morality’s dog’s treats.” He looked at Prince, wait him to put down the hamster.

Prince pouted. “But listen, Snow White needs a home! We should take care of him!” He protested.

“……So you named her Snow White, huh?” Anxiety snorted, “Our house is literally turning into a zoo. We already have a dog and a fish. There’s no room for a hamster.”

“Please! I’ll put him in my room!” Prince begged. He looked at Anxiety with dog eyes.

Anxiety sighed. Prince knew he couldn’t resist that look from Prince. He nodded and articulated himself, “If you let her out of your room, we’re giving her away. Hamsters can be a hazard for some of our furniture.”

Prince smiled bright and promised, “Of course! I’ll put him in my room!”

And after that, Prince was stuck in his room. He only came out for food or Snow White’s food. When he went out from his room, he would always talk about Snow White on how cute and adorable she is. Anxiety was absolutely unhappy about this.

“He even missed the cuddle Sunday!” Anxiety complained to Logic.

“Cuddle Sunday?” Logic raised his eyebrow and asked.

Anxiety blushed a little and answered, “We always have a movie night every Sunday and just stay in a blanket until we fall in sleep.”

Logic nodded. He always knew Anxiety was a secret cuddle lover. “So what are you planning to do?” He questioned, “You can’t just throw away Snow White.”

Anxiety smirked, “And that’s why I need you.”

Logic blinked. He threw his hands up in the air and said, “I’m not going to do it.”

“You don’t even know what my idea is.”

“Whatever that is, it isn’t good.”

Anxiety bargained, “You don’t have to do it, just don’t flinch when I do it, okay?”

Logic thought deliberately for a second and nodded slowly.

Anxiety grinned evilly. Someone was going to get revenge.

That night, Prince came out for dinner and saw this. Anxiety was clinging on Logic’s arm and smiling at him. He occasionally whispered into Logic’s ear. Logic, being his usual self, aka a gentleman, cut the steak into smaller pieces for Anxiety. Prince felt a burning fire was setting in his heart.

He pulled Anxiety out of the chair and crashed his lips on Anxiety’s. “What do you think you’re doing?” He hissed into the kiss and bit Anxiety’s lip.

Anxiety smirked, “I just did what you have been doing for days.”

Prince was angry and dumbfounded. “What do you mean? I didn’t flirt with anyone. I was with Snow White all the time!” He argued.

Anxiety grunted impatiently, “And ignored me.”

Prince blinked. He burst into laughter, “Are you jealous about Snow White?”

Anxiety blushed furiously and retorted, “I’m only accusing you of being an irresponsible boyfriend!” He walked toward the door.

“Where’re you going?” Morality worried.

“I’m getting a pet cat.” Anxiety smirked.

Prince stopped laughing. He remembered how obsessed Anxiety was with cats. He rushed to the door but being knocked on the ground by the closing door.

“See y'all later~ Possibly tomorrow!” He heard Anxiety’s vague sound passed through the door.

Why do I choose cat? Cat and hamster? Get it? And I think Anxiety’s like a cat. He’s just ruthless. 😂 rip Princey


pairing: youngjae x reader

genre: mostly angst x fluff 

word count: 3.050

anon requested

authors note: I’m a sucker for angst. hope I did justice to your request and I hope you enjoy this! big thanks to for requesting!

There’s nothing more embarrassing—you concluded—than being stood up for the third time in a month. It had been four hours since your date was supposed to have started. Of course, you knew that conflicting schedules came with the territory of dating an idol and you had done your best to be understanding of the restrictions. But it wasn’t his absence that really put you on edge, it was the fact that there was never a warning.  

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the secret santa au

suggested by @iggydabirdkid! at literally 11:59 PM but it’s still december 1st nonetheless. will you ever know what sombra’s gift is? probably not.

  • one of the truly beautiful traditions (started by tracer) of overwatch is the yearly secret santa
  • everyone from overwatch’s invited, and their significant others, which means that talon’s invited too.
  • it’s easier to get gifts for some than it is for others.
  • take winston
  • last year, lena bought him a monthly delivery of a ten-kg jar of peanut butter (lasting for a year) and no one had ever seen him look so happy
  • and then you have sombra and no one knows anything about her so congrats to that lovely person who has to get her a gift
  • they all sit around in a circle on december 1st and lena claps her hands like a little kid and widow pretends not to be endeared
  • s76 holds a santa hat in his lap, filled with slips of paper
  • one by one, each person (or robot) comes up and takes a paper
  • (and because i’m symbra TRASH this is mostly gonna follow their quest for gifts)
  • symmetra opens her slip and sees, in neatly printed, bright purple words, ‘SOMBRA’.
  • she kinda freaks out a little bc she expected to get bastion or something but then she just sits and thinks.
  • while satya’s thinking, sombra retrieves her slip, and sees symmetra’s name written on it in pastel blue
  • internally she’s like ‘YASSSSS BISHHH’ because she has a massive crush on satya but she keeps a poker face
  • she looks up to see satya studying her intently, and blinks.
  • ‘hey, princesita!’ she calls, and satya looks up, flushing, and she’s really cute and- wait. up. her eyes went up.
  • up. which means they were down before. which means they were looking at sombra’s lips. sombra files that away and makes a mental note to obsess over it later.
  • ‘what ya lookin’ at?’
  • satya blinks at her, then turns and walks away. sombra looks after her, confused.
  • ‘don’t mind her!’ lena calls, and then abruptly there is an orange mass flying at her. tracer comes to a stop just in front of her, but her momentum sends them both tumbling.
  • lena leans in close. ‘she’s a bit shy around people she likes.’
  • and then she blinks away, and sombra’s eyes go wide.
  • likes. satya likes her.
  • oh.
  • she spends the next twenty-four days at literally every store in the world (courtesy of hacking)
  • jewelry? would satya like jewelry? no. she can make her own out of hard light. sombra blows out a sigh and speeds past to the next store.
  • ‘sombra,’ gabe says over the com. ‘we’re on a mission.’
  • ‘and tokyo has some of the best gift stores in the world.’ sombra snaps. she got two hours of sleep last night and she’s really stressed. ‘your point?’
  • ‘that we’re still part of a team dedicated to killing people and you can’t just leave. sombra, just get her something and come back.’
  • sombra yanks her fingers through her hair frustratedly. ‘i can’t just get her something, gabriel, amélie, you don’t understand! i have to make a good impression and she’s beautiful and kind and i want her to trust me because when she smiles i feel like my insides have reoriented themselves and i just want her to like me, and so many people don’t that it’s not hard to think she won’t either, but i just really want her to smile at me and think i’m a good person and i need- joder, i just need a gift!’
  • ‘well, here we are,’ gabe says, and sombra turns to see amélie and gabriel, dressed in street clothes, widow with aviators perched stylishly atop her nose.
  • ‘first,’ widow says, rubbing her hands together, ‘you need an element.’
  • ‘a.. wha?’
  • ‘element. let’s see. what does satya like?’
  • ‘i don’t know- wait, actually, i do. neat things. pretty things. useful things?’
  • ‘so aesthetic, maybe a bit of practicality. let me guess. blue. good. gabriel?’
  • ‘you’ll need some sort of blue cloth, perhaps. and something to counter it- perhaps purple would work, considering your colour scheme. it has to be something from the heart.’
  • ‘why- i thought the mission-’
  • ‘the mission can fuck itself. we’re here for my little sister.’ 
  • ‘and my daughter,’ gabe adds, and sombra’s legitimately tearing up a little.
  • widow whips a cell phone out of her leather trench coat and dials a number, speaking in rapid-fire french. she looks up after a moment.
  • ‘paris fashion boutique. they can have premium blue silk in ten minutes.’
  • ‘make it two,’ gabe says grimly, and moves through the rack of japanese silk, picking out a light purple number and reaching for one of the daggers in widow’s boot. he slices through the cloth, cuts it into the shape of symmetra’s design spray.
  • widow hangs up. ‘got it.’ she tosses a really expensive package of blue silk at him, and he takes it, cutting it into a cool design and gluing the two together. a clerk runs toward them, staring at the scraps of cloth that are probably worth more than a few million dollars, and amélie tosses a cheque down before they disappear.
  • ‘think about it,’ gabe says as they hold onto the grappling hook (which is attached to a nearby plane). ‘what do you think symmetra would appreciate?’
  • ‘i don’t know.’
  • ‘well, what do you like?’
  • ‘hacking. and horchata caliente. and girls.’
  • ‘hey, amélie!’ gabe shouts. ‘is symmetra into girls?’
  • amélie blinks, shrugs. gabe sighs.
  • ‘we’ll think of something.’
  • they do.
  • the day rolls around, and sombra approaches symmetra nervously.
  • ‘hi,’ she says, hands behind her back, and satya looks at her and grins. sombra tingles.
  • ‘hello,’ she says. ‘did we get each other?’
  • ‘it seems so.’
  • ‘excellent! i’ll go first.’
  • symmetra reaches out, and sombra blanks, because satya’s touching her hand oh my god she may not live to see tomorrow oh my god oh my god fuCK HOLY FRICK WHAT DOES SHE DO DOES SHE- ARE HER HANDS SWEATY THIS IS BAD OH HECK HECKITY HECK
  • symmetra smiles. ‘and… done!’
  • sombra blinks, looks down, and flexes her fingers to see if they’re still in shock. to her surprise, her nails do something weird and suddenly she has fuckin claws like wolverine what the hell
  • they’re purple. sombra appreciates that.
  • ‘there.’ satya smiles adorably.
  • silence.
  • ‘um. i didn’t mean to-’
  • satya kisses her breathless.
  • she pulls back after a moment, fingers skating over sombra’s jaw, and for the first time in her full however many years of life, sombra’s rendered speechless.
  • ‘the gift-’ sombra stutters, and satya smiles at her, and her heart melts.
  • ‘we have time for the gift, later.’
  • she pulls her close.
  • ‘right now, i have you. and you’re the best present i could wish for.’
“Well, it certainly could have been worse.”

“How, how could that have possibly gone any worse than it did, Robin-ya?”

The older woman smiles, a gentle upturn of her lips and it makes Law what to rip them right off her face.

When they arrived here five hours ago at this little island, everything had been looking fine.

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theweddingofthefoxes  asked:

One of my favorite fox Hux tropes is Hux being super curious/suspicious of/in love with a really mundane object, like a hairbrush or a nightlight or something! If you're inspired, it'd be really fun to see your take on it. <3

Kylo isn’t sure how long he’s been asleep.

He’d come home from overworking himself at the office, made some dinner for both Hux and himself, completed some much-needed chores and seemingly fallen asleep on the couch. It’s surprising, he thinks, that his fox isn’t nestled on top of him or next to him, not even sat in his favourite armchair and watching his mate sleeping.

With a tired groan, Kylo stretches and yawns, wondering whether Hux has toddled off to bed, seeing as the only sound that can be heard in their apartment is the washing machine.

Deciding against calling out to Hux incase he is indeed sleeping, Kylo decides to check how long his laundry has left. He’s been running out clothes for days, choosing the oddest combinations of items just to avoid doing load after load of laundry. Even Hux’s clothes had needed washing; the fox could be a very messy eater if he’s hungry.

Kylo rubs the back of his neck and goes into the kitchen, startled when he sees the light on and Hux sitting on the floor, his favourite red blanket draped around his shoulders, his tail wagging excitedly.

“What the hell are you doing?” Kylo asks, going to the refrigerator to get a drink.

Hux hums in response, his gaze locked on the washing machine in front of him, watching the clothes spin in bright coloured formations on the other side of the glass.

“How do you trap rain in a box?” Hux asks, ears pointed. “And why use it to wash your clothes? You can’t get them clean yourself?”

Kylo chuckles, genuinely enamoured by his fox’s naïveté. He sits down next to Hux, and kisses his cheek.

“It’s not rainwater. It comes from pipes, remember? Like the shower and the bath,” Kylo says, remembering the astonished sound Hux had made the first time he’d seen the spray of water cascade down from a shining device in the bathroom. “And this is how we clean our clothes. We don’t lick ourselves clean like animals do. Our…fur…isn’t like that.”

“Mm,” Hux responds, eyes glued to the colour show that’s in front of him. “I know your clothes aren’t fur, Ren. It’s bizarre that you’d choose to put all of your clothes into a magic box where water and bubbles make your clothes clean. Even your black pants and your white shirt, dark and light, mix together, unlike the night and the day which are forbidden to never meet.”

Kylo smiles at Hux as he talks, always impassioned by the way the fox manages to add something about nature into his observations of the human world. But when Kylo blinks, and sees his once-white shirt and black trousers swirling around, he groans.


sticks and stones

Written for Laura Hale Appreciation Week Day 1: Laura didn’t die

On AO3

(If you saw this on Friday, I accidentally hit post instead of save. I’m trying to queue these because I won’t have internet for a few days lol)

The Camaro stands out amongst the minivans and SUVs lined up in front of Beacon Hills High. Laura lets the motor idle, the smells of burning fuel and overheated asphalt permeating the air. She knows that today was a bad day, can feel it through her only pack bond. Derek is miserable and it is her fault he’s here.

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Am I the only one obsessed with how the ML Staff took time to animate Chat Noir’s breathing? I mean, they could’ve thought, “Oyeah, everyone’s focusing on Marinette in this scene, even Chat Noir himself, so let’s just have HER move, and maybe throw in a few blinks for Chat Noir and call it a day.“


Okay, so they actually do make people breathe all the time, but I think I especially noticed it in this scene because you can see his whole torso for more than one second, and the breathing looks so natural and UGH I just love the attention to detail.

The skin fic

Hello, Love bugs!

Phil X Reader.

I have a fluffy or smutty prompt (doesn’t matter, I know it’ll be 11/10👌🏼) ! Maybe do one where one of them has a skin fixation (?) like, they just feel safe when they feel the readers skin (laying down they rub the readers side under their shirt or something?) it’s hard to explain ahh I hope you get what I mean aha -Anon

It was late at night before you felt the bed dip under his weight. He always tried his hardest to make sure he doesn't wake you when he crawls into bed. Usually, he doesn’t succeed in this making you stir from your light sleep.

“Go back to sleep love.” Phil flipped over facing you in the bed. Even though you were only a foot away from each other he gave you a little moan as he pulled you by the hips closer to him. The two of you were facing each other as you felt Phil’s lips brush against your forehead. The warmth from his lips shifted to the skin underneath. His touch always left you burning. Not just from his body heat. It was the burning of need. The need to feel his fingertips brush over the skin on your arms. Always leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake. The feeling of his slightly rough finger pads always made you feel safe.

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feeling maggie so close, and just knowing that maggie was there for her no matter what, alex felt safer than ever in her life, she felt like she finally came home and in that moments she knew she loved maggie.

or: four times alex wanted to tell maggie she loved her and one time she did.



Her father betrayed her, betrayed everyone she loved and Alex can feel herself slowly falling apart. Her first instinct is to grab the bottle scotch she had saved for her and Maggie.

And that’s what she did.

But then Maggie sat down next to her, took the bottle of scotch away from her hand, lifted her chin with her fingers and wrapped her arms around Alex when she knew and felt that Alex was breaking apart.

She held her until Alex sobs evened out, until Maggie could feel Alex breathing in and out again, until the grip behind her back felt lighter and lighter.

And then Maggie put Alex to bed, spooned her from behind, played with her hair and whispered in her ear, “I’m here and I’m not going anyway,” and stayed awake until she was sure that Alex was asleep.

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ID #11170

Name: Courtney
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hey there! My name is Courtney and I’m 16 years old. I’m looking for someone to share experiences and dreams with. I love adventuring and discovering new things. I’m obsessed with music, even though I can’t sing or play an instrument. I enjoy all types of music except screamo and rap, they just aren’t my style. Some of my favorite artists/bands are: The Rolling Stones, Guns n Roses, AC/DC, Green Day, Nirvana, Queen, Bon Jovi, Matchbox Twenty, The Killers, and Blink 182. I love to read; I don’t have a specific genre as long as it’s a good book. Some of my favorite books are: The Great Gatsby, A Farewell to Arms, and Siddhartha. I always enjoy a good movie/ TV show, no matter the category. I love meeting new people and getting to know them. I’m a very deep person and I would like to write to someone who is as well. Someday I would love to travel the world and see things that few people get to see.

Preferences: 16 and older perferably, and I’m open to anyone no matter gender, race, sexuality, or religion

The Mysterious Disappearance of Maura Murray (Part 2/2)

There are many theories surrounding the Maura Murray case, however, I’m only going to talk about the one I believe to be the most interesting. 

Many believe Maura’s abductor was Alden Olson, the owner of the YouTube channel “Mr112Dirtbag.” I’d like to mention that people suspect the “112″ in his username refers to where Maura crashed, Route 112. And the “Dirtbag” part could refer to an interview investigators had with Maura’s father in which he said, “Dirtbags kidnapped her!”

There are 3 videos in particular that may suggest he was in fact Maura’s abductor. The first video, posted on February 7th, 2012, was a 16 second clip of a ticket to a mountain resort named Bretton Woods located in New Hampshire. The ticket was dated “7/11/04,” just 2 days after Maura’s disappearance. People speculate this is where her body was dumped. A few hours after posting the video, he deleted it. A true crime writer following Maura’s case was kind enough to reupload it. You can watch it here.

The second video was posted on February 9th, 2012, the day Maura went missing. The video was titled, “Happy Anniversary” and just shows him creepily laughing for a minute before showing the words, “happy anniversary!” at the end. You can watch it here.

Lastly, the third video titled, “No Hope for Mental Wannabe” may contain more information on where Maura’s body is located. The last few seconds of the video flashes a poorly drawn face with a random object next to it, then the right eye of the drawing blinks. James Renner, a true crime writer obsessed with this case, may have figured out what the picture means. It vaguely resembles a map of the Bretton Woods Mountain Resort, the same place the ticket in the first video was bought.

The red abstract shape represents the building, when tilted a certain way the points on the shape correlate to the numbers on the map. The face resembles the golf course and people believe the right eye blinking corresponds to the specific area in which she was buried.

112Dirtbag was questioned by police but nothing has come of it. His YouTube channel has since been deleted, however, James Renner reuploaded all 5 of his videos and assembled a playlist that you can watch here.

corn fields (pt.5) // k.j.w

✩ Scenario: Bobby x You (+ Donghyuk)

✩ Genre: Angst 

✩ Word Count : 10 126 

✩ Warning: Alcohol Consumption, Uncensored Swearing, Abuse

Dedicated to @gummyhero6 (I promised i would notify you!) , @silversqueak (cause you cute <3), and @baebaejooheon (please do not die I AM HERE). ALSO TO ALL MY WONDERFUL ANONS BECAUSE THERE WERE A TON OF Y’ALL LAST CHAPTER. I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH.  CREDS TO THE ANON THAT TOLD ME ABOUT VIDEO!!! I’M OBSESSED <3

Creds to @koojunbaee for playing the part of the sister. You don’t have to read this if you don’t want to.


Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four

Originally posted by yn-g

Surprisingly, life continued on.

Maybe you shouldn’t have been surprised because that was what time did; it flowed and it moved and it passed by so quickly that all you had to do was blink for all of the minutes of your day to suddenly disappear. Your eyes were blinded with sunshine and with just one quick flash, darkness flooded your vision.

Because time was passing quickly, never stopping for anyone.

June turned into July and July turned into August. The end of August was fast approaching which meant two things; the beginning of your third year of university and the beginning of a completely Jiwon-free life.

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Ladybug of Steel: Green

Chapter 1 of my Superman AU. All Miraculous Ladybug Core Four pairs. 

Read on AO3

Marinette pushed her glasses higher on her nose as the red-orange digital numbers on the elevator’s readout steadily climbed. The lenses weren’t corrective, nor did she have any astigmatisms that needed amending, but they offered her a sense of camouflage, however meager. There wasn’t much she could change about her appearance in her day to day life, since the hustle and bustle of her work demanded pulled-back hair and her sensitive skin did not allow for a multitude of cosmetics to conceal her visage, so she made do with the thick-rimmed eyewear. Beggars couldn’t be choosers and it was glasses or nothing.

And it appeared as if they worked. Her secret identity continued to remain in tact.

Of course she didn’t give the glasses all the credit. Human nature had hidden her well. Naturally, her friends and coworkers had commented on her likeness to a certain superhero, but jokes and laughs and “Me? Ladybug? Oh my god, can you imagine?” dissuaded any real suspicion. No one was really ready to believe that normal, plain-Jane Marinette was the infamous Ladybug, protector of Paris. Denial was the true cloak of invisibility.

The elevator dinged at her floor and the doors slid away to reveal the typical chaotic hubbub of the LEnquirer office. Voices hummed together into a drone, punctuated by the rhythmic clacking of fingers on keyboards and the pitched ringing of phones.

Marinette sauntered out of the elevator and weaved through the cubicles, waving to a few coworkers who paused their work to smile and greet her before dipping their heads back down to expositions and interviews. Her own desk was along the back wall by the windows. It was a spacious workspace lit by the sunshine streaming in through the slits in the blinds and had been given to her as a favor by her childhood friend and boss.

The moment she unloaded her satchel from her shoulder and set it on the hard surface of his desk was the moment Adrien Agreste scuttled by, arms full of fluttering papers that marked a trail behind him.

“Hey Marinette,” he said as he zoomed passed her. “’Morning.”  

“Hold it, Adrien!” she said and reached down to collect the pages he had lost. “You’re missing some things.”

He peeked over his paper stack and noticed his lost documents. “Of course,” he mumbled. Sighing, he knelt to the floor and set down his less-than-stable pile.

Marinette handed him his pages. “Busy morning?”

He beamed at her. “Ladybug stopped a robbery last night. I’m hurrying to get something ready for print. I worked through the night, but it’s still not quite done.” He took the papers and offered her that white-toothed smile that always managed to melt her insides. “Thanks Marinette.”

“Yeah,” she said a little dreamily. “No problem.”

“I’ve got to get back to work,” he said, picking his stack back up and getting to his feet. “I’ll send you a copy of the article when it’s done! See you!”

Marinette stared a bit too long at his retreating form before remembering to pick herself up from the floor. She meandered back to her cubicle and set up her station in a wistful daze, opening documents on her computer and flipping through her notebook distractedly. The blank, blinking curser on her screen flashed patiently, waiting for her to write something, anything, but her eyes once again flitted back to Adrien’s desk a few cubicles down.

Her crush on Adrien wasn’t exactly what one would call healthy. She had an almost unnatural obsession with him. Since that very first day when Alya brought her to the LEnquirer, both a courtesy to a friend and a way to spice up the fashion section of the paper, she’d been smitten. Of course it hadn’t just been the gorgeous model exterior (and he had been a model before turning to journalism), the man was also blessed with the kindest heart she knew. He was polite and gentle and always managed to greet her every day without fail. And he was talented. His articles and editorials were one of the most popular in the paper. There was only so much dignity a woman could keep in such close proximity to such a golden boy.

The drawback was his own obsession. Just as she pined for Adrien, Adrien pined for Ladybug. At first she thought he only admired her, marveled in her superhuman powers and vigilante deeds. It was normal to idolize heroes. It was expected to want to know more about them. But then she noticed the glimmer in his eye, that soft smile and the pink blush on his cheeks every time Ladybug was brought up in conversation, and she knew that his affections for her went beyond that of a reporter with hero-worship.

And therein lay the cruel irony.  

The man she had feelings for returned those feelings… but to a version of her that had been glorified and idolized to the point of unrecognition. Of course she had powers and held that certain kind of strength needed to fight villains, but she’d become generalized, stripped down to her barest form. No one really knew her. No one knew her temperament, how she could be goaded into a fight or how easily irritated she got with biases and rude behavior. No one had insight into her feelings of inadequacy when she failed or the hollow, bittersweet feeling that came with each victorious battle. No one even knew her favourite colour. She was so much more than just justice and foiling bad guys. No one could accept that a hero like Ladybug could also be a human like Marinette.

And so she let Adrien yearn in ignorance and hoped that one day he would know her. Both sides of her. Her daydreams had him falling for Marinette and realizing the similarities between her and Paris’ savoir, stitching the two identities together with awe and joy at the revelation. It was technically in the realm of the possible. So she waited, optimistic and patient, resolved to let things fall where they may because she knew it was better to sigh in infatuation than in anguish over an empty relationship.

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Words // Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic, Kirishima Arata/Kirishima Hikari

i don’t even know what to say anymore i’m just obsessed with kirishima parents. this is part of this continuity.

hope you’re having a great day~

~1700 words. contains: fluff, references to nsfw content, angst. excerpt:

“Has Nee-chan ever even said that she loves you?” Renji-kun asks, crossing his arms, and Arata smiles and scratches his head.

“No,” he says. “And, yes.”

I really like you too.

Or, You’re so wonderful.

Or, Are you happy?

Those are all the ways she’s said it.

“She never says ‘I love you’ to anyone,” Arata says, and Renji-kun snorts and looks away. His trick question was caught.

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After tour surprise (Chen)

Before reading this please read part 1 and thank you to @kpopismylife365 for helping me with this <3

Thank you again for the request and don’t worry about bothering me it’s a pleasure to write these and I hope you like it <3

You were sitting at home on your own like you usually did when Chen was away. He was on tour again…like always and you hadn’t seen him in about a month, of course you’d spoken to him on the phone and face timed him but it wasn’t the same as seeing him in person.  You missed the nights were you were cradled in his arms and he’d sing or tease you about little things like always and falling asleep locked in his grip as he wouldn’t let you go anywhere. You sat there in the living room with heaps of blankets covering you while watching a drama you were obsessed with recently and got you through a few days entertained and your eyes were dragged away from the TV screen to set on the blinking light coming from your phone and Chen’s face came up as he called you. “Hey baby girl, how are you feeling?” He asked sweetly as you heard Chanyeol and Baekhyun giggling in the background. “I’m good Chen Chen, just missing you loads. What about you?” A smile made it’s way on your lips as he spoke again and his angelic voice soothed you a lot, “I’m just missing you more but great.” He laughed. 

 You had to give it to him, he always made you smile even if it’s just one word that comes out of his mouth. “Well I’m going to go to bed babe, I love you.” “Sleep well princess, I love you too.”. After saying your goodbye, you managed to get yourself off the couch and into the bedroom, chucked all the blankets in the corner of the room before jumping into the bed and falling into a deep slumber. Morning came about and the sun shone through the gap of your curtains and the sound of birds chirping woke you up. You sat up and reached for your phone from your bedside cabinet. ‘Mum, come over for a bit? We can go shopping later then to have a catch up?’ you text your mum then went to go make yourself some breakfast but as you got through the door of your bedroom, you ran the opposite way to the bathroom and emptied yourself into the toilet, holding your hair back so it doesn’t get in your face. You couldn’t understand how you were like this, you didn’t eat anything bad last night, so how could this just come on all of a sudden? After being stuck in the bathroom for a while you heard the door to your apartment open. “Y/n, where are you?” you heard your mum call. You managed to get to your feet and waddle over to her. “I think I need to see a doctor.” you said a little weakly. Worry started to grow in her eyes as she took you into her car and drove you to the nearest doctors. 

You started to feel a little better once you got to the doctors, so you knew it wasn’t a bug, but it was still weird how you suddenly started throwing up so you decided to still see the doctor. Your mum patted your shoulder just as you got out the car and you headed into the building and to the reception where you requested to see someone. “So what’s wrong?” The woman behind the counter asked as you looked at your mum quickly before answering the woman and explained that you’ve been sick but it wasn’t a bug, not that you knew of anyway. “Okay, take a seat and the doctor will call you in once she’s ready.” The woman smiled as she directed to the seating area and you and your mum sat down, your mum reassuring you that everything will be okay.

“Y/N!” You heard from beside you as the doctor called you and greeted you into the room and sat you down, your mum holding your hand. After the doctor asking questions and you explaining what happened, the doctor answered back with her conclusion, “I’ve got amazing news for you Miss Y/N, you’re pregnant!” You were shocked and you could feel your mum’s eyes burning on you but in a good way as she let out a little cheer but all you could think of was how… “Dr, I don’t get how this is possible. You see, my boyfriend and I used protection.”. The doctor gave a little chuckle as she explained what could have happened and after that shocking news, you made your way home but stopped for coffee on the way and your mum didn’t shut up about the little one growing inside of you. “Mum, what if Jongdae doesn’t want to keep it? I don’t know how he’ll react.” Worry started to flow over you but your mum wouldn’t let it take over completely. “Jongdae’s an amazing person, I’m sure he’d be thrilled dear." 

 - Time skip - 

Days past after finding out that you and Jongdae are going to be parents and you couldn’t stop thinking of ways on how to announce to him about it, still having the worry of him not taking it as well as you will hope at the back of your mind but you tried to keep positive about it as your mum, sister and best friend have been there with you, talking to you about the baby and telling you that you’re going to be amazing parents. After a few hours, they all left and you were by yourself, in the house with just your little baby bump and with comfort food, your drama and blankets. Jongdae not long ago messaged you that he may be another two days until he arrives home which annoyed you but you couldn’t blame him, but what you didn’t know that he was home in a few hours to surprise you.

Two hours had pasted and you just sat there on the couch, talking to your little bump, letting a few tears fall with happiness. As you were too focused on talking to the foetus, you couldn’t hear your boyfriend coming through the door until you heard belongings being dumped by the door. You shot up from your seat and as you got to the door, your eyes met with, and before you said anything, he wrapped his arms around you and picked you up, letting you wrap your legs around his waist. "I’ve missed you so much, I thought you weren’t home for another couple of days?!” You giggled as you snuggled your head on his shoulders and tightly wrapped your arms around his neck as he let out a little laugh and hugged you tighter as he took you into the kitchen and placed you on the counter, his lips attached to yours for a moment then pulled away. “I wanted to surprise you silly!” He teased as he poked your arm. A smile was plastered his face as he quickly ran to get his bag then came back to place himself infront of you again, reached into his bad and picked out a stunning black dress out for you. “Go try it on gorgeous.” He grinned as he passed you the dress and you ran into the bedroom to change. “I think i’ll have to wait a while to wear this dress but it’s stunning babe!” You said as you came down the stairs, giving a little twirl as you walked through the door. He titled his head and his smile decreased a little from your comment, “You need to cut down on the fast food then jagi.” He teased and whistled when you gave another little twirl. You playfully slap his arm before getting serious. “Jongdae, I-I-It’s not because of the fast food,” You started and he placed his hands on your waist and pulled you closer just a little, giving you a concerned look. “I’m… I’m pregnant, I went to the doctors about it and I even told them about using protection but it’s happened.” You said, flashing him a little smile. 

The room filled with silence which you really didn’t like, you had your eyes focused on the floor as you heard your boyfriend chuckling and letting one of his hands sit on your lower stomach as he quickly spoke then kissed your forehead, “This is amazing jagiya!” You couldn’t believe it, you didn’t expect him to be like this but you were so relieved, this little baby was your little pride and joy and your boyfriend was your life, everything was perfect. A tear slipped out of your eye and he wiped it away, picked you up bridal style and took you to the bedroom, carefully placed you under the duvet covers and jumped in with you after changing into something more comfortable, wrapped his arms around you and rested his hand on your stomach, gently rubbing it as he pulled you closer and smiled. “You seriously are amazing baby. This is everything I wanted, you and a little troll,” you giggled into his chest as he let out a little happy sigh. “Our baby will be transformed into a member of the beagle line, trust me…” He teased and you rolled your eyes thinking about it. It wasn’t long until you both finally fell to sleep, and both so happy for the amazing news. 


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In the End

Angel: Castiel
Reader: Female
Words: 5923
Author: Scruff
Warning(s): swearing, canon violence, Cas is a bit forceful but he stops once consent is denied, mentions of canon drug use, 2014!Dean is a dick
Note(s): This request was sent to my personal blog, but I’m going to post it here as well :)  I hope that the distinction between 2009!Dean and 2014!Dean is clear and not confusing (I apologize if it is)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I hope you're having a good day! If you have the time, and it's no trouble, could you write something where the GOM + Nijimura have a crush on a cute new foreign exchange student that became their friend/clung to them almost immediately once they met?

Hi darling, I hope you are having a good day too! Of course it’s no trouble <3 (Btw, I’m writing that the cute new foreign exchange student is you hahaha)

P.s. I am having terrible writer’s block and I know that this ask wasn’t answered beautifully. Please do resend a request of sorts and I rpomise I would write your next request better. Please forgive me guys ):

You have been following him since your teacher introduced you to the class.

“I wouldn’t consider it bad though,” Akashi mused in his thoughts as you fell into step next to him, curiously looking at everything that was around you.

“Akashi-chan, do you want to eat lunch together?” you ask.

You have been attaching the suffix chan to everyone’s name, claiming that it was the only suffix you knew and that you didn’t want to change between san and chan. Of course, the exceptions were the teachers and seniors who were called sensei and senpai.

Your innocent eyes paired with an adorable expression tugged at his heartstrings and he was hard pressed to say no.

“Okay,” Akashi nodded.

You grinned in effect to his words, dancing forward to say hello to people who you were familiar with. As he watched you dance away while looking back to see that he was following you, a foreign feeling warmed his heart and a smile tugged at his lips.


It was unlike Aomine. He doesn’t normally pace about at the front gate waiting for girls. He doesn’t glance at his watch and arrive early for school to wait for girls. Worse yet, he never ever gives up his precious rooftop time for girls. Before he could utter a curse, you bounded up to him and all negative thoughts disappeared from his mind.

“I am sorry I am late, Aomine-san!” you panted, hands on your knees.

“Aho, can you be more punctual next time,” Aomine simply replied, knocking you on the head.

You gave a sheepish grin before following him into school, tagging along and asking him questions about his schedule for the day. He was about to skip class and go to the rooftop when you grabbed his shirt sleeve.

“Where are you going? Our class is over there,” you tugged at him, pointing into the direction your first classes were at.

“I am skipping it. It’s boring,” he yawned, trying to pull away.

However, you held on to him tightly, changing to hold his arm.

“Please come with me to class! I only have you to talk to!” you pleaded, looking up at him.

“Talk to our other classmates,” he grumbled, already on the verge of caving in.

“But I only want to talk to you,” you pouted.

He shut his eyes for a moment to collect his nerves.

“Fine. Let’s go. You owe me one,” he huffed before walking with you to class.

Damn it, what was happening to him?


Midorima was flustered to see you following him but over time, he accepted your presence and even missed it when you were not by his side. 
“Mido-chan, what are you doing?” You asked, peeking over his shoulder.
He stiffened for a second at the shock.
“Mathematics,” he murmured.
“I brought you your lucky item for the day!” You chirped.
“I already…” He turned around to you and slid a hand into his pocket for the pomegranate that was his lucky item.
“Wait. Where is it?” He panicked, patting his pockets for the purple fruit that was clearly missing.
“I saw Takao-chan taking off with it just now so I bought another one for you,” you grinned, holding up the pomegranate in your hands.
Midorima was stunned, blinking as you waved the item in his face. No one has ever bought him a lucky item before. They all thought his obsession was erratic.
You placed the fruit in his hands and turned your attention back to his math homework. A piece of hair fell into your face as you frowned down at it. Without even thinking, Midorima reached out to tuck it behind your ear. When he realized what he was doing, he immediately flushed and took back his hand.
“Thanks, Mido-chan,” you turned to look at him.
“Wait, why is your face so red? Are you having a fever?” You asked, pressing your face closer to him.
He backed away, shy and speechless. Without warning, he tumbled out of his chair and onto the floor. You peered down at him and started laughing before offering a hand as assistance. Midorima groaned before taking it.
He was in deep trouble. Deep, deep trouble.


Kuroko was more surprised than alarmed when you were able to follow him around. Most people did not even notice him.
“Kuroko-chan, do you want to get a vanilla shake after school together?” You looked expectantly up at him.
He blinked for a moment before nodding, a smile tugging at his lips.
Noone has ever connected with him on such a personal level and despite only knowing you for a week, he could feel himself missing you when you were not around. 
“Come on, we are almost late for class!” You chirped as you grabbed hold of his hand and ran for it. 
A warm feeling bloomed in his heart before he tightened his hold on your hand.


Kise found it endearing that you would stick yourself to him and made use of every opportunity to spend his time with you. Slowly, he found that he was becoming more and more observant of all your habits and quirks. He would know the exact moment that you would be hungry and would drag you along to the canteen with him or have food on hand. When he finally figured out that he was fixated with you (Kuroko told him.), he realized with a start that he had a crush on you.


Murasakibara did not notice you sticking around him at all. He only took note of the fact that you seemed to always be with him when he was having a meal of sorts.

“Mukkun, do you want some pocky?” you asked, offering a packet of chocolate pocky to him.

He immediately took it, a bright grin lighting up his face. A fond feeling of sorts always lit up in him whenever you were around but Murasakibara never took much notice of it. He realized that it was there but it never seemed of much importance to him. It was the first time that he would willingly share his sweets and be so protective over an individual.


Nijimura-chan, do you have anything on today?” You popped out, grabbing a seat besides the rainbow captain.

He nodded absentmindedly and only raised his head to look at you when you were silent.

“Oh, I thought that maybe you would like to go out for some food,” you said sheepishly.

Nijimura laughed softly and ruffled your hair. Ever since you entered the school, you had been following him all around. Despite that, he did not find you irritating at all and even missed you when you were not around.

“Uh, would you want to come for basketball practice with me then?”

He flushed when you brought your eyes up to meet his excitedly, a smile brightening up your features.

“Really? I can?”

He nodded. A strange warm feeling twisted his insides and he sat still for a moment, admiring your ecstatic expression as you rambled on. His fist clenched when he realized what it was he was feeling. He had a crush on you. A very serious crush.