just a bummer dude

Okay, pretty much got my to-do list done.  Waiting on my coworkers to pick us up lunch and then we drive off for the conference.  I’m super excited for a lot of the stuff there… The poster I’m on deals with anxiety in adolescents in autism.  Previous prevalent thought has been like anxiety is just a symptom of autism, bummer dude, but our research is working on showing both the ways that anxiety may present in non-traditional ways in autism (so finding better ways of detecting it, particularly in non-verbal kids) and also ideally that it is an independent factor that has higher rates in ASD but hey you can actually treat the anxiety and autistic kids don’t just have to live with crazy levels of anxiety.  (This sounds very common sense and basic but it’s actually relatively novel and our study is one of the largest sample sizes to be able to actually have enough kids to separate out different TYPES of non-traditional anxiety too.)

I’m also super excited for several posters I want to go see and a panel on ASD and sexuality because obviously.

Also all expense paid trip to San Francisco for 4 days so that too.

have you ever

pulled your cards out in a public place (like a bar) and done a bunch of readings for people and it’s all fun and games until one dude just gets the most BUMMER reading ever and you feel really bad because you’re really cool with him and kinda like him a bunch and he’s really freaking cute so you don’t wanna be the bearer of bad news but like….the damn cards don’t lie!

And then he tries to laugh it off and make jokes about it but you can tell the reading affected him because his eyes got a little more serious afterward and you’re trying to give it a more positive spin but its just THAT BAD and you don’t wanna mislead him and everything is terrible.