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So I havnt played the Tellius games yet but apparently Ike is gay? Could you explain that, like is it more of a he shows no intrust in any woman but possibly does show more so in men though the writers probably actually just intended to write bromance or is it like BASICALLY CANNON YEAH LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE AND TELL ME THE WRITERS DIDNT INTEND THAT. Id be very happy if that where the case (manly gay men who arnt a joke what is this??) I cant help but doubt these things but id love if it were tru

Hoo boy… Ike’s sexuality is a bit of a can of worms. I’ll just… Leave you with this and hope that explains it.

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What did you think about this episode?

It was an amazing episode. You know why, anon? Because:

1. It drove home one very clear point - 

There is no Arrow without Felicity Smoak.

2. It also drove home how very important our OTA is.

3. It gave us one real, visceral Olicity moment, making one thing VERY clear : Felicity Smoak is necessary to Oliver Queen’s relief, his life, his light. 

The moment she appears, he, who’d been walking an edge we haven’t seen him walk for a long time, relaxes, just enough to take a step back.

4. Though the bromance was on the rocks, it told us why we love John Diggle so much and why he’s the kind of man brothers and best friends are made of. 

5. It gave us dark, badass Oliver walking backwards and using two guns and holy hell that’s an attack on ovaries right there I sorely missed! 

A reminder of the pure physicality of Oliver Queen and guns can never be enough. Case in point. 

6. It also gave us amazing Thea Queen stunts and scenes. That girl is feisty!

7.  It gave us one very, very important scene, with the one woman who has been a constant in Oliver’s life since forever reminding him of where he belongs, thus, reiterating, once and for all, that they had been done for a long time, and Oliver and Felicity were together. Meant to be. 

8. Laurel died. Her character was done some justice. Finally.  

(I feel really bad for Quentin though).

9. It told us what’s coming next season. THINK: 

(HELL YES! Gimme! It’s been 84 years! We are beyond ready)

10. This was some of the best acting from everyone on the show. Everyone!

This episode tied loose ends and strengthened the strong ones. So, this was an amazing episode in my books. 

Only way to make it better? Get rid of Malcolm.

Why everyone involved in episode VIII wants Stormpilot to be canon:

- Rewrites. They wouldn’t do rewrites unless it was something JJ Abrahms wasn’t planning on- one of the major plot changes to the movie was Poe Dameron coming back after his “death” on Jakku. And the fact that Rian Johnson even said it was based on fan reactions… Canon.

- Shortly after announcing the rewrites, Rian Johnson posted fan art of Poe and Finn kissing on his Twitter. Need I say more? C-A-N-O-N.

- Even though John Boyega said it was just a “bromance” in one interview, he also noted that it was “all in Oscar’s head”. He also posted a video of him working out while Oscar “cheers him on”- and by that, he means that Oscar says “YEAH baby!!!”. As in, Oscar Isaac. As in, one of the more experienced actors out of the new ones. Yeah, he may be just a side character to most, but he still has an influence…. To make it canon.

- Finally, John Boyega has actually accepted it. At the BAFTAs, he said “you just never know” about Finn and Poe being canon. Um?!?! Didn’t you just say, like, three weeks ago that it was “nothing more than a bromance”? But then again, production hadn’t started yet on episode VIII. He hadn’t read the rewrites yet… And then, as the icing on the top of the cake, he posted Stormpilot fan art on his Twitter.

I believe there is only one thing to say about this: it’s. Going. To. Be. Canon.

Anon #1: Mako really seems to love people who he can protect. Which is why Wuko is so perfect.

Anon #2: Great Makorra analysis. It always seemed important to Mako to be the hero and protector, which neither Korra or Asami (she’d get bored of it) need. Probably why Wuko has the popularity that it does. Big strong tough guy indeed…

Anon #3: So with your analysis on Mako with the castration anxiety, what does that mean for a ship like Wuko? Where Mako is literally in the role of protector

Anon #4: I love your Mako meta! In light of it, I’m wondering what you think of Wuko. On one hand, being in a relationship with a man would maybe force Mako to question the genderedness of his relationships. I can see him slotting Wu into the “woman’s” role, which is not ideal, but I also think that dynamic would work better between Wu and Mako, anyway. Wu seems like he likes being taken care of, you know? I know it’s a bit of a jokeship, but I was wondering what you thought of it, hypothetically.

Apparently this one is popular, lol.

I mean, I ship their bromance with a certainty. Their dynamic together is lovely and they both learn things from each other/push each other.

In terms of romance, I do think based on what has been shown to us Wuko is firmly a crackship, but it’s one rooted in character dynamics and what could potentially work. So it’s like Korrasami back in Books 1&2, which was definitely a crackship, but we saw how that ended up.

It takes a lot for me to climb aboard a ship, so for now, I’m just into Wuko as friends. We’re unlikely to see more material so it’s all up to head-canons about how that relationship may unfold. If a romantic Wuko strikes your fancy, go for it! I personally have an odd tendency to ship bromances as just that though, which is also where I land on BriennexJaime. 

I think what really gets me is that when the truth soon unfolds, I know I would have to deal with utter joy, butterflies in my stomach and I must admit, maybe even a little breakdown. The whole fight and support has been all tough, and I dont think people really understand what we can give just for a taste of assurance that our harryandlouis is still going strong. What actually occured two days ago (16th of September) tbfh, is what I never really thought Harry could do, just for us. He gave us a clear message, very wise to have done it on the 16th, the day he knows we’re gonna get down again what with the memory of two years ago, and the hate that the other side will send out. The extent of what he did got me shaky for hours. It’s something that you can’t question anymore, unless you never really wanted to believe.

With all honesty, I sometimes lost track of what we’re still waiting for, or what we’re actually still asking for, when truth of the matter is that we’ve already lost count of clear outings and clear verbal and non-verbal coupley interaction directly from harryandlouis. The fact that it’s been all ‘displayed’  for FOUR years.

  •  Don’t you feel any intensity?


  • Will you deny their domesticity?


  • J u s t look at them and listen


  • Is this your definition of platonic?



  • You think these lies don’t break their hearts?


  • L i s t e n


  • As if this is old news



Would’ya still go with the media perception or..


Would you rather believe Louis would ’bullshit’ his own fans or…


I mean..

And I mean..



Then I thought, perhaps, it’s just the same thing that both Harry and Louis is all waiting for, no lies, no  “what pictures can be posted and whatnot” no restrictions. Just answering each other’s name in interviews and having a stroll out without the fear of getting spotted. So I swear to God, when that finally happens, just think of the impact it can do to our lives. More importantly, think of how much our impact had been to Harry and Louis.

THIS WHOLE THING, I JUST CAN’T. It’s very true though, you can call it a bromance, but leave us all alone because we have realized there’s a couple in the band since a long time back, we have real eyes and we know the real lies. It’s very true, it all consuming, soul-destroying, never ending, one gay true love of all time.

  • Think about their first ever official come out interview
  • Think about their first ever untold-stories article on a magazine
  • Think about their first selfie together
  • Think about their first comeback flirtings via twitter
  • Think about their first concert being an outed couple in a band
  • Think about seeing them shopping together in public

I would be sad if you’ll go giggle and fangirl at that and go like: “Oh they’re really cute look, this two guys from One Direction, can’t believe I can accept two guys are so cute together. They’re inlove. ” but the backstory, you were actually one of those who called us out and judged us for who what we say in our blogs and tweets. You were the ones who glared at every larry shipper who loves “Larry” so much. There will be a lot of pretend-support.

I hope you will see the light without the need of a comeout FIRST because SO FAR we have an insane amount for you to even fear giving in . IT IS WHAT IT IS, IT’S BEEN SO LONG.. IT’S BEEN SO LONG, BUT HALF OF THE FANDOM STILL DONT UNDERSTAND.