just a boy in a dress

Imagine taking Tom to a karaoke bar for his birthday. You rented the whole place out for a private party with just your and Tom’s closest friends, and even planned a special surprise for the birthday boy. They roll out a giant cake, and when everyone starts singing “Happy Birthday,” he looks around for you to share in the moment - that’s when you pop out of the cake wearing his favorite sexy red dress. After you make sure Tom has a front-row seat, you kick off a night of uninhibited celebration by performing Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” for the man you love.

Steven Universe is such a trans show that I don’t understand how people get confused as to whether other shows are about trans shit?


Evak dressing so much alike is not gonna help us Skam fans to take down haters who call them “gay white boys who look like twins” but you know what? Screw them.

This was Julie’s thank you to immense love and great talent shown by @elli-skam

Also; evak + sana = Evasana. SPREAD THE WORD!!

Ps: Since Isak said “you are a good person” i doubt sana will leak that pic. She is just too good. Also, I’m ignoring Noora too.

Pps: Yellow curtain!! 😭

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Son hitting puberty



“Carter, wow, what are you doing awake?”

Her son scuffs his toe against the floor in something so stereotypically sheepish that Kate has to struggle against laughter. Instead, she finishes pouring her coffee and adds a little vanilla syrup, waiting on Carter to speak.

No one else is awake this early, and she’s honestly surprised Carter is - up and dressed this early too. Her kids usually sleep in during their summers off, and Carter seems to be the biggest culprit.

He’s as tall as her shoulder at twelve years old, and he just keeps growing every time she turns around - which is Rick’s excuse for letting the boy sleep in so late. “Car?”

“Um, where’s dad?”

Kate lifts her head, the mug halfway to her mouth. “Carter.”

He rubs the back of his neck in a gesture so like Rick that it makes her smile.

And seeing her smile, Carter blushes hard, won’t meet her eyes. 

“Hey,” she says gently. “You want to talk to dad, you can do that. Guy stuff?”

His ears are red now, not just his cheeks.

Oh. It’s five in the morning and her twelve year old has come downstairs. “Hey, kiddo, grab your sheets, pajamas too?, and dump them in the washing machine. Okay? And then you can wake up your dad and have him show you what to do, or I can after I get a shower.”

Cheeks, ears, the nape of his neck, all beet red. He mumbles an answer but she pretends she’s heard it and strides towards him. She loops an arm around his shoulders and hugs him against her side. He sort of buries his face against her shoulder but then shrugs her off. “Um. Thanks. Mom.”

She goes; she doesn’t mind that at all. She takes her coffee mug into the bedroom and creeps towards the bed, tugs on Rick’s foot to wake him.

It takes a moment, it takes a little more viciousness in her tugging, but he grunts and glares up at her. “What the…”

“Your son,” she says, trying not to laugh at the mussed hair, the drooping eyes, the crease on his cheek from the pillow. “Your son needs you, Rick. So be awake. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a conversation about what’s normal and what isn’t, and then you’re gonna have to show him how to use the washing machine.”

Castle gives her a blank look.

Kate shakes her and leans in to brush the flop of hair off his forehead. He still looks confused so she offers her mug of coffee.

He takes it gratefully and downs nearly half of her cup. Winces. Moves his tongue around in his mouth like he’s burned it. 

And then it seems to click for him. “Oh. Oh.” His face brightens. “Hey. This is my first man-to-man talk!”

She laughs and takes her mug back. “Alright, well, I need to take a shower. Some of us have to work. You console your son.”

“My son,” he grins, looking so pleased. Like he’s already accomplished something great.

Well, he has. Puberty has its pitfalls, but Rick is a good dad, and he’ll know exactly what to say to make everything just fine in Carter’s world.


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Yeah like I've been indifferent just cause I didn't love the song and I've been too wrapped up in Harry but first solo performances are tough and Liam's been out the game for close to two years at this point. I think his look and vibe has made him a bit of a joke which really blows. I see a lot of digs at his changing accent and his wannabe urban thing but I think he's just going through a weird phase and is a bit lost and I wish people would cut him some more slack. It's a tough time.

I would be happy to see Liam drop a lot of the extra stuff and just be the Liam we knew him as before. Like maybe that wasn’t ever really him, but to me it seemed a bit more genuine? Like was silly and rambly sometimes and not super great at dancing but liked to have a good time, Super dorky and white brit boy, and always smiling. He was dressing like this two years ago??

like the whole “payne chain”, timbs-wearing, Kanye get-up just seems a bit much? (yes - I get the irony here since I stan The Most Extra lmao) But yeah idk I miss 1D Liam, but ultimately I hope he just does whatever makes him happy and whatever makes him feel like himself. If that’s the payne chain look then so be it, but I think maybe it’s gonna take him a little while to figure it out. 

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How would Italy react if he starts flirting with a girl in the october fest, she is blushing madly and chuckles, till her brother comes and tells him that she already has a strong man on her side and doesn't need a whimp of a boy like Italy. And the girl is like, "You? A strong man? Don't flutter yourself, Saxony, why don't you dress up like a girl again and let me be for once!" (The girl is a german state too by the way)

At first he’d be sorta confused.. after all, the different states don’t have intimate relationships with each other. If she’s fine with it (and Saxony backs off) he’d continue! It’s just fun, after all and she seemed to enjoy it

Billboard Music Award Recap
  • BTS walked on the magenta carpet & shocked America
  • BBMAS kept using ‘Fire’ as the background music
  • ARMYs were chanting & singing BTS songs from the sidelines
  • the abundance of individuals there for Bangtan was overwhelming
  • the boys killed us by serving A+ looks
  • ARMYs nearly broke twitter because of all the retweeting & voting
  • Namjoon did so well translating & answering all the interviews in English
  • they held a Vlive for fans which was just so thoughtful and wonderful
  • Hobi somehow spilled cola on Jin XD
  • BTS were so cute standing up and clapping every time an artist won an award >#<
  • Jin transformed from ‘car door guy’ to ‘third guy from the left’
  • Vogue called Taehyung the most ‘fashion forward’ dressed
  • Yoongi cackled when Vanessa Hudgens started rapping
  • Kookie didn’t shy away from taking pictures with girls
  • Tae kept popping up in other celebrities’s feeds & flirting to the cameras
  • Hobi was so energetic & taught Laura Marano how to dance ‘Fire’
  • Jimin kept switching between soft and smol to smoldering and dangerous, like hOt dAmN
  • Namjoon mentioned ARMYs even before the thank you speech started
  • Yoongi got his hands on the award so fast right after
  • BTS made history today by being the first k-pop group to be nominated & winning an award on BBMAS 

pidge who lowkey really wants to go to prom but she doesn’t want to go alone so she decides just to get over it, except then lance, hunk, and keith find out and decide to all be her dates

they split the cost of her ticket and then help her shop for a dress and do her hair and makeup

pidge ends up having three different colored corsages, and not to mention the best prom pictures ever

the boys take turns dancing with her, spinning her around the room and tossing her in the air, and it’s the best night of her life

silly chloe headcanons
  • “whatever happened to that old medieval brand chivalry? you know where knights laid themselves facedown in the mud and let you walk across their backs so your dress wouldn’t get dirty.” 
    • “that’s….not how that goes, chloe.” 
    • “oh thank god, patent the idea for me, and do you think kim would be interested?”
  • she holds the record for most online purchases made while procrastinating during a single class period (five Lancôme palettes, four Louis Vuitton handbags, three Chanel dresses, and seventeen Louboutin heels). thank you unlimited platinum credit cards. 
  • “wait…you only have one bathroom in your whole house!?”
  • chloe forgot about a history exam one day and straight up slipped mme. bustier an envelope of €500 so that she could “overlook this whole test thing.”
    • she got sent to the principal’s office, all the while complaining that “daddy bribes his staff to overlook things all the time!”
  • whenever chloe insults someone, adrien blackmails her by saying he’ll reveal her crunchyroll premium account and all of her fandom blogs if she doesn’t apologize that same day. it’s his most effective method of keeping her in check, and she highly resents it
  • she’s super instagram famous and likes to post a lot of makeup videos, fashion hauls, and nail tutorials when she’s bored
    • no one will admit to it, but everyone in the class watches her instagram videos all the time because holy shit her highlight is immaculate and how on earth does she get her nail gradients to look so neat?
  • she’s scarily good at the knife game??? one day she was bored in class and was fiddling around with her metal nail file and pretty soon she was an expert. it’s great for scaring away stupid boys who try to bother her during study hall. 
  • one time marinette was complaining in the hallway that she forgot her eyeliner at home and didn’t have anything to touch up her makeup with, and on instinct chloe pulls out her emergency makeup kit and asks “pencil, gel, or liquid?”
    • she may hate the girl but forgetting your touch up bag at home is about the most tragic thing chloe’s ever heard in her life
  • “im a very charitable person! just this morning i told a woman leaving her hotel room that her dress looked like a burlap sack that a drunk, colorblind, has-been artist just finished throwing up all over. a lesser person would’ve let her walk outside in that monstrosity.” 

Otayuri cafe AU! This idea has been floating around inside my head. Yuri is a barista at the coffee shop Otabek goes to one day on a whim. After meeting Yuri, he makes a point of coming more and more often just to have conversations with the boy. Yuri endlessly gets in trouble for compromising dress code to fit his fashion sense and for spending too long chatting with a certain customer. 

This is another piece I’m hoping to make part of the key chain set I’m planning.

Let boys wear makeup
Let boys wear nail polish
Let boys wear dresses
Let boys wear pink
Let boys be feminine

But don’t question boys masculinity
Don’t question boys gender identity
Don’t question boys sexual interests

Just let boys wear what they want
Let boys like whoever they want
Let boys be whoever they want

  • Serbia: woman in a white dress, belting out a power pop ballad
  • Austria: Dreamworks logo tries for a career as a boy band singer
  • Macedonia: Classic pop song and/or political statement about fetuses not counting as people (at least in a ESC setting)
  • Malta: woman in a white dress, belting out a power pop ballad
  • Romania: Yodel, rap, giant cannons - peak Eurovision
  • Netherlands: Coming soon to your mom’s iPod/the end credits of a Diane Keaton movie
  • Hungary: Hungarian hipster rapping with traditional folk dancer backup
  • Denmark: woman in a RED!!!! dress, belting out a power pop ballad
  • Ireland: A Ballad From Ireland - this year a Disney number performed by a smol child
  • San Marino: Your dorky parents embarrassing you by grinding on the dance floor
  • Croatia: An opera singer and a Broadway singer fighting for control over the same body. Possibly homophobic, despite definitely pride-friendly scene decor. Might be a Brony.
  • Norway: Macklemore enslaving Zer0 from Borderlands to bang on a drum to his generic pop beat
  • Switzerland: The Beauty and the Beast live action remake looks great
  • Belarus: woman in a white dress, belting out a power pop ballad singing a happy cute folksong with her awkward brother on one of those Florida boats
  • Bulgaria: Another smol child because like most things Biebermania hasn’t reached Europe until now
  • Lithuania: Kill Bill - the Musical
  • Estonia: Generic Soap Opera - the Musical. Saw Love Love Peace Peace and mistook it for instructions.
  • Israel: Happy beefcake taking a dance break at the gym, who also watched Love Love Peace Peace
27 Dress Code Violations

@jilychallenge 04/2017 | @bantasticbeasts vs @anxiouspotter

Muggle AUs | “i get dress coded so you give me your jacket and we protest unfair regulations for girls together/you sass the teacher about how distracted you are by my shoulders”

Word Count: 2500

special shoutout to @jiilys. solidarity, sister



She walks into English fifteen minutes late, wearing both a deeply unflattering smock and a scowl. Neither are an especially new look on her.

“Vector,” she says under her breath, as an answer to Mary McDonald’s unspoken question. It’s the answer to every question in the room. Ms Vector is notorious among them all for her very strict adherence to the school’s dress code.

“Yes, Miss Evans’ entrance was very exciting, but I’ll have your attention back to the lesson now, please,” says Ms McGonagall. James snaps back to attention. It’s for the best.


“Here,” James says, shrugging off his jacket and thrusting it toward Lily. She gives him this look like, fuck off, and James has to bite his tongue to stop from aggravating her. “They’re doing uniform checks up the hall. Just put it on.”

Evans gives him a very strange look, and it takes him a second to realise that it’s neutral.

She looks good in his jacket.


Every third dress code violation results in a lunch time detention. It’s only October, and Lily’s already had six. She doesn’t look at James as she takes the seat three ahead and one to the left of him.


There’s a thump from somewhere in the back of the classroom, and McGonagall isn’t planning on looking up - it sounds like it came from the general vicinity of Potter and Black, and that’s certainly not a situation she wants to engage with - but the entire class is already turned around to see what the fuss is.

She strides down the aisle between the desks, and is about three years past surprised to find James Potter lying on the floor, gazing at the ceiling, glasses knocked aside.

“Am I boring you so much that you decided to take a nap?” she asks, and James gives this wicked smile, and here we go–

“Sorry, Miss, I can’t get up. It’s Evans’ shoulders - they’re overwhelming me. I simply can’t do anything until she covers them up. Sirius, tell me when it’s safe.”

He’s a funny boy, she’ll give him that. “Potter, get up. This is hardly the time for foolishness.”

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