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i have to read the idiot gender edition of national geographic for class…here’s a good quote lol: “ E hated to wear dresses, liked basketball, skateboarding, and video games. She’s questioning her gender identity, rather than just accepting her hobbies and wardrobe choices as those of a tomboy”.  I really just. Cannot even begin to comprehend how anyone that identifies as a feminist at any level can read this and not be horrified, never mind actually find anything progressive about this mindset. Little girls that like sports and comfortable clothing: actually boys. Not liking dolls and uncomfortable clothing now makes you less of a girl. It’s so transparent how violent and male this rhetoric is, and how harmful it is to girls, especially gender nonconforming little girls, and ESPECIALLY lesbians. You’re all fucking evil tbh

we just watched an episode of Boy Meets World where Shawn dresses as a woman for a day to try and understand what ‘goes on in women’s minds’ but the concepts of gender transition and misogyny were actually handled so well like a++ this shit was made in 1997??? when Shawn showed up at school with his new look, Mr. Feeny was really supportive and every joke in the episode was a subversion of gender norms. Topanga made it clear she would accept Shawn and Cory regardless of their gender. the ‘lesson’ of the episode was to stand up against unsafe sexual advances and hold men accountable for their actions. this was really progressive for the time like wow. they even mentioned that Shawn had thought of being a woman before??? like wtf this show was a gem.

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I'm sorry I'm still new to NCT but who's hansol and what unit is he in


He’s in the NCT-B unit, NCT basement, Johnny used to be in it 

Just kidding, he’s actually not debuted, he’s a trainee at SM Ent, but it’s basically confirmed he will be in an NCT unit eventually because he has been on NCT Life [Thailand] and in a few of the stages with the rest of the boys, and the Switch MV~

Here’s a legendary stage I recommend [he’s wearing a white dress shirt]

His full name is Hansol Ji, and there are actually a lot of tumblrs already dedicated to him.

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Hansol [left] with other SM trainee Kun

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To be honest, he comes off as a bit shy and awkward [probably just what happens around cameras n stuff], but he’s actually a dork and pretty extra [like when u see him dance u’ll see]

so yeah, nct ghost member

credence x chubby reader headcanons :)

- credence would probably be very fond of you. he would always want to cuddle you and squish you because he can and he’s just so fascinated at how one human being can be so fluffy and beautiful and soft and he is in love with everything about you

- when you guys are just together he’ll always kiss your chubby cheeks and giggle at you and tap your nose and stuff

- overall, you being chubby does not affect the relationship whatsoever

- credence loves it when you wear dresses (or suits) and always will because it shows your body off so wel and he loves it when youre confident and he loves complimenting you for anything

- like you could put on a sock and he’d be like “oh that is such a lovely look for you! i really like it!”

- he will always kiss your stretch marks if you have any and tell you they remind him of tiger stripes and that you’re beautiful and he loves you to death

- like honestly

- he loves you so fucking much and he can’t stand it

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That’s what studios did. They tried to control everything, even the environment.

“I remember once going to a party at his house. He wasn’t giving it—I don’t think he was even there—he had just lent this perfect little jewel of a house to a studio for a press party for some out-of-town distributors. The studio—it was Fox—had dressed the pool area and put up a tent. At the end of the evening I went to get my car, and as I was waiting for the parking boy, I picked a lemon off a potted tree by the entrance to the house. It occurred to me that it was out of season for lemons, and when I looked at it, I saw that it had been stamped with the word Sunkist. What the studio had done was wire lemons to the trees. That’s what studios did. They tried to control everything, even the environment.”

-John Dunne

like honestly my mom SHOULD know im trans by now?
Like…. ever since i was ?? 7 ?? i was considered a “tomboy” but rlly im jus a boy ….
and now im being even less subtle about it. like on halloween i literally said i wanted to ‘dress as a boy’ and i did. and i ‘dressed as a boy’ for an entire week ??? also i keep saying that i like the name josh and that “if i were a boy” i’d like to have that name. i even said i was her son once, but then said i was her daughter and friend… etc. but REALLY GADJADSJK I JUST WANNT TO TELL MY MOM THAT IM GAY AND TRANS BUT THEN SHE’LL HATE ME AND DISOWN ME AND I DONT WANNA LOSE MY HOUSE YET HFADJJKJJ

examples of transphobic statements

“They’re just men dressed as women/women dressed as men”

“These damn trannies thinking they can chose to be the wrong gender and rebel against god”

“No, what’s your REAL name?”

“But what’s in your pants?”

“You can’t be a man if you have a vagina/can’t be a woman if you have a penis”

any uninvited touching to see if they’re “actually” their gender

examples of NOT transphobic statements

“You need dysphoria to be trans.”

“My biological sex is female/male”

“There are two genders.”

“I am a transexual man/woman”

“I suffer from gender identity disorder”

Anything involving penis or vagina as binary sex terms (yeah it sucks being called she or he because of your genitalia but face it, cis people are about 99% of the pop. there comes a point where you just have to deal with the fact that information about periods is going to use ‘she’ and anything pertaining to penises is going to use ‘he’)

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i don't identify 100% as a "female" but i'm definitely not a boy, if that makes sense. i know there's a sense of androgyny in my identity that peeks out sometimes but it's not so strong that it causes *constant* dysphoria. i'm afab, enjoy dressing femininely, and frankly, i just don't feel the need to label my identity or have a big coming out; it's just part of who i am. is that okay? also, since i usually identify as at least a little female-aligned as an afab person, does that make me cis?

Yes, that’s totally okay! I’m obviously not qualified, as someone who’s not you, to tell you whether or not you’re cis. That’s something you have to figure out. There are cis women who are androgynous and experience dysphoria, and there are also androgynous nonbinary trans people who do not experience constant dysphoria. 

I encourage you to explore your identity and your expression to really figure out who you are and how you want to be viewed by others. Try thinking about how you want to look in the more distant future, as this can help you identify ways in which you are made uncomfortable with how you are viewed by yourself and others in the present. 

You definitely don’t have to label your identity. It’s perfectly okay just to be yourself!


Your Enemies are Mine

John x Male Reader


Word Count: 2746

Request: Hello. Can I request something like, Reader is a boy who wears dresses and skirts and everyone judges them but John thinks they look adorable. Sorry if it sounds weird I love your blog!

Warning: Mentions of abuse

A/N: Heyo! Sorry it takes so long for me to write these you guys. This request has been sitting on my list for awhile now, and the plot for it finally just hit me. I hope you like it, and whoever requested it, I really really hope I did the idea justice. I couldn’t resist from making it a 100% supportive family because those families are the real MVPs. And I didn’t really focus on the bullying and judging because I wanted this imagine to be a break from that and focus on family life and fluff instead, idk. Also, I shamelessly threw a wlw relationship in here because WHY NOT. Anyways, enjoy!

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heyyyyyy so, remember the thing I said I wasn’t going to do? yeah, I’m doing it

The stairwell door squeaked and rattled open and incredibly, the dream boy Chris had flung at him from the afterlife appeared in the angle of orange light, out of breath, casting around frantically, and apparently real, after all.  Maybe.  He was dressed, now, in a crop top and pegged jeans with suspenders, jacket tied around his waist, like he’d just walked off the set of a John Hughes film and onto Victor’s roof.

“There you are,” Yuuri said, and this might actually have been a scripted scene with the level of unwarranted worry in his voice.  He let the door fall closed and promptly shivered, untying the jacket from his waist and quickly huddling inside it.  “Jeez, it’s freezing.  I thought I told you not to go too far, Victor.”

Victor opted for the truth, looking Yuuri up and down once he was closer; his hair was even messier than before, and there was still glitter clinging to what skin was still showing.  “I thought I dreamed you.”

Yuuri laughed and it was beautiful–his eyes curved at the corners and sparkled.  “Under any other circumstances that would be a terrible pick up line.”

“You did kind of fall out of the sky onto my lap, nearly naked,” Victor said, perfectly reasonable, shrugging.  “And now you burst onto my roof dressed like Cameron Frye.  I’m still not convinced you aren’t a dream.”

Yuuri hummed, hugged the jacket against his chest and crouched down to Victor’s level, rocking on his heels, teeth worrying his lower lip for a moment before he continued, shyly, “What should I do to convince you?”

Victor stuttered and laughed–a real laugh, one that reached all the way to his belly and the tips of his fingers.  Yuuri kept rocking, wan smile on his face while Victor laughed, until he reached over for Yuuri’s elbow and tugged him down onto his knees.  “I would never have thought I’d be so adorably flirted with by a stripper.”

“Erotic dancer,” Yuuri corrected automatically.

“Sorry.  Erotic dancer, Yuuri—”


“Erotic dancer Yuuri Kastuki, asking for a kiss as though he’s never done such a thing before.”  Victor plucked at Yuuri’s sleeve, teasing, until his smile reached his eyes again.  “You are actually a dream, right?  If you kiss me, will I wake up?”  Or would he dream deeper?  Victor traced the curves of Yuuri’s face with his eyes, pulled on his arm again, but Yuuri didn’t budge.

“Come back downstairs.”

Victor shook his head, rolling side to side against the surface of the brick vent and Yuuri shuffled on his knees, eyebrows drawing together.  “Don’t want to.”

“I was worried about you, you know?  Mila was worried.  Look,” Yuuri drew his hands out from where they were tucked under his arms and pressed them against Victor’s cheeks.  His fingers were incredibly warm in contrast to the cold, and Victor closed his eyes.  “You’re gonna freeze out here.  Come on inside and get to bed.  I’ll even stay with you, if you want.”

“I want to watch the sunrise,” Victor said, covering Yuuri’s fingers with his own and pressing them closer, turning his face into the touch.

Yuuri was silent for a while, and when Victor opened his eyes his head was turned, scanning the horizon where dawn was just starting to brighten the sky to gray.  He heaved a sigh that made his shoulders sag, momentarily, and when he turned back he paused just long enough that Victor got a perfect view of his profile, glasses perched on his nose, lips slightly parted, gaze briefly distant and sad before he turned fully back to Victor and whatever thought or feeling had been there dissolved into a soft, indulgent smile.  “Alright.  Lets warm up a bit, though.  Get up.”

Single Father Ford (Chap. 2) - Gravity Falls Fan-Fic

Author’s note: This chapter was a joy to write, but at the time of me editing over it and finally posting, it’s fairly late at night! I apologize for any typos that my half-asleep brain may have left behind, they’re sure to be fixed tomorrow, if they haven’t been already.

If you have any questions about this AU or Fan-Fic in general, just send me an Ask! 

Happy reading!


[CHAP 1]

The first day of school was a whirlwind of terror–along with other emotions. Mabel was awake at the crack of dawn, while Dipper had to be slowly shaken awake by Ford. The small boy had fallen asleep curled into his uncle’s ribs, and whined sleepily when prodded awake.

Carrying him downstairs, Ford prepared breakfast as quick as possible–setting cornflakes in front of them, before rushing upstairs to get dressed. That was, until he remembered that he was already dressed, due to falling asleep fully clothed the night before. Congratulating himself on how much time this saved, he rushed downstairs again, so that he could bustle the twins back upstairs to the bathroom.

Mabel dressed herself, plastering sparkly-pink stickers all over her skin, and somehow managing to pick mismatching socks despite Ford telling her to change three times. Dipper, on the other hand, refused to wear anything new–sticking with his usual dinosaur t-shirt that was a size too small, and gray shorts (that were a size too large), which he had fondly titled his, “Jurassic Park gear”.

Ford didn’t argue with either of them.

Forcing them to brush their teeth and hair (but forgetting to take care of himself), he rushed them out the door and into the car. After a few minutes, he managed to wrestle Mabel into her carseat, while explaining to Dipper that he couldn’t sit in his father’s lap–before finally driving off.

In no time at all (and yet not soon enough), they were parked outside the school. Stanford was wondering how on planet Earth he was going to make this trip everyday so early in the morning–until he stepped inside the school.

It was insanity. Staff were rushing around, children were crying, mothers were trying to reassure them, fathers were fewer in number and looked like they wanted to leave as soon as possible. Then, out came a woman–someone who was taller than Ford, though much plumper–wearing a nametag that stated in large, red letters, Ms. Brown.

She beamed a painfully white-toothed smile at Ford. “Are you dropping them off for their parents?”

Ford blinked, before shaking his head hurriedly, stuttering–for he hadn’t been in a crowd of this many people in years, and was finding himself almost as overwhelmed as the many crying children. “No, no, I am the parent.”

Ms. Brown blinked. “Oh! You, I’m sorry–we just don’t usually get such–er–elderly fathers in here. What are you, forty?” she smiled with those scarily white teeth again. It seemed to be her default facial expression.

There was an awkward moment of silence in which Ford was sure everyone had turned to stare at him. There were very few people in Gravity Falls, and they all knew that he was the odd hermit from out of town who lived in the woods. None of them had seen him so directly mingled with the townsfolk before, and it stood out.

“I’m… Um… I’m in my sixties, actually, but thank you?”

The color seemed to drain from Ms. Brown’s face. “How old is your wife?” suddenly both she and the rest of the women in the room looked slightly repulsed.

Ford almost choked on nothing, squeezing the twins hands as they stood on either side of him, looking confused. “That’s personal.”

Murmurs went around the room, people whispering behind hands a little too noisily.

“Does he have a wife hidden away up there?”

“There’s no way he’s that old!”

“How old is his wife? Ugh, that’s disgusting…”

“How can a guy that old still have better hair than my husband?”

“I feel so bad for his kids…”

Ford swallowed, hard. “Where do my children go?” he couldn’t let these gossiping townsfolk get to him, though his face was already burning red.

After a couple awkward moments of silence, Ms. Brown cleared her throat, speaking. “Me. They go to me.” she hurriedly bent down to be at eye level with the twins, still smiling. “Hello, cuties! Are you Dipper and Mabel?” Mabel nodded excitedly in answer, bouncing on her tippytoes, while Dipper remained still and silent like a startled fawn.

“If you’ll just give us a moment.” murmured Ford, scooping Dipper up into his arms while Mabel pranced away to her new classroom with Ms. Brown. Turning his back towards the staring eyes, he cradled Dipper like a baby. The boy’s heart was thumping a mile a minute, breath coming in thin gasps. He kept glancing around, eyes huge at the sight of all the other children.

“D-dad?” Dipper shivered into him, tears budding into his eyes. “I-I think I’ll just stay with you.”

Ford sighed softly, wrinkling his nose against Dipper’s. He spoke in the calmest whisper he could muster. “You have to go, Dip Dip. It’s a rite of passage, to have a first day of school.” he applied the nickname gently.

Dipper sniffed, lip trembling, hugging Ford as tightly as possible. “Please don’t make me go.”

Lingering in the hug for a moment longer, Stanford finally pried Dipper away, walking him by the hand to his classroom. “The day will be over before you know it. Just remember–no matter how scary school gets, you’ll always come home to me.”

This seemed to reassure Dipper, just a little.
Stanford watched as Mabel scurried up to her brother, chattering about how fun their classroom was, before the two were led away in a mob of tiny, squalling children, leaving Ford alone.


The rest of the day passed oddly slowly, considering how much extra time he now had to work. Work usually meant busying his brain until he collapsed from exhaustion, and now was the first time since he’d taken on responsibility of the twins that he could work for hours interrupted. But despite having spent the past few years mourning the loss of his precious peace and quiet, he now found himself longing for some background noise. Where was the sound of tiny feet stomping around upstairs when you needed it?

Every few minutes he checked his watch, antsiness growing as he tried to set his mind to work down in the lab.

Remember how they used to have screaming competitions, when they were two years old, and Mabel would always win–

This wasn’t cutting it. He would have to go outside to do some fun research. With a flutter of giddy excitement, he realized that for the first time in years, he would be able to go trekking into the woods without having to find a babysitter.


The end of the school day drew nigh, and Ford was feeling particularly successful. Having found a colony of gnomes, he had busied himself with watching them, jotting down little notes and sketches although he’d already interacted with the gnomes long ago. It felt wonderful to be a free man again.

But, alas, nothing this good could last for long. Trudging back to the house, he took a long-overdue shower, before driving to the school with an almost glum feeling.

The schoolchildren were all gathered outside behind the school, screaming and running around, waiting for their parents to pick them up. By the time Stanford was able to make his way through the line, he could see Mabel bouncing up and down, waving at him frantically. He called out to her, unlocking the car–but she wouldn’t come forward. It occurred to him that someone was missing…

A familiar, white-toothed smile stepped into view. “Mr. Pines! Didn’t you get our call?” Ms. Brown’s grin glowed painfully in the sunlight. He wondered for a moment if she bleached her teeth.

“What call?” he gawked at her, wishing very much that he could shield his eyes without coming off as rude. “I was hiking, my phone probably didn’t have any reception.” he didn’t feel like explaining that he’d left his phone at home, as he often did so that it wouldn’t scare off any wild creatures, or give him thigh cancer, or something.

Ms. Brown kept that tight smile in place, though it now looked more fake than ever. “Well, we called to say that your son wasn’t doing well, but I suppose you were too busy doing whatever you do up there in the woods.” she didn’t seem to hear Ford when he muttered “this whole town is in the woods” in reply.

“I’m sure my son is fine,” Ford said firmly, stepping out of the car. “May I please take my children home?” It wasn’t really a question.

Almost proudly, as if she were excited to lead the town stranger through the crowd of parents, staff and children, Ms. Brown clicked her heels all the way to the front office–Ford trailing slightly behind. The stares and giggling that followed him were irksome, but Mabel–who had just run up to attach herself to his leg–was doing good to distract him.

“Daddy!” she squealed, hugging his leg as they stepped into the office. “Today was sooooo much fun, I can’t wait to do it again! Everyday! But Dipper freaked out–are we getting Dipper? Is that what we’re doing, ‘cause we have to get him too before we leave, silly! Dad? Dad?” she managed to monkey her way up him, only for Ford to pry her off–setting her on the floor. She looked at him with a disappointed, pouty gaze–but his eyes were all for Dipper.

The boy was sitting in a chair, knees to his chest, a book squeezed in his arms, eyes red and watery like he’d been crying very hard for a long time. He looked up upon them entering, and for a moment, both Ford and he seemed to share a moment of understanding.

“Hey, little buddy.” Ford spoke softly, picking him up to cradle him to his chest. “What happened?”

Dipper immediately burst into tears, though he looked as if he’d cried himself out already. “I’m s-s-sorry, dad!” he wailed. “I f-f-f-failed at school!” his sobbing became riddled with hiccups as Ford brushed the hair out of his face. To Stanford’s surprise, the boy trembled violently at this–brushing his hair back over his forehead.

Ms. Brown stepped forward, looking prim. “He panicked in class. We had to take him to the nurse’s office, because he wouldn’t stop crying, and he stopped breathing for awhile.” she sighed, seeming tired. “We get at least one kid like this every year, of course–they can’t take any constructive criticism, and end up pitching a fit. Usually this is a product of being coddled at home…” she cleared her throat, still smiling falsely.

Something reared its ugly head inside of Stanford. “Dipper doesn’t pitch fits.” he found himself speaking coldly. “And whatever criticism you offered, clearly wasn’t constructive.” his arms wrapped tightly around Dipper’s sobbing form–curling him to his chest.

“We do not appreciate such behavior here at Gravity Falls Elementary, Mr. Pines.” the teacher pursed her lips. “One of his classmates made a remark about his birthmark, and he simply lost it! No child should be reacting the way that Mason did today!”

Suddenly feeling that this women’s side of the story wasn’t the one he needed to hear, Ford pushed his way past her, and out of the office. As he walked–or rather, marched, Mabel scurrying along beside him, Dipper curled to his chest–out of the school, he shouted over his shoulder. “His name is Dipper, and you’re right–no 1st Grader should be having a panic attack!”

Ignoring the snickers and excited murmurs that the onlookers–or rather, the audience–gave him, he stomped towards the car–getting a petty feeling of glee that he had held up the line this whole time. Buckling Mabel into her carseat with precision, he stomped around to the driver’s side–getting in with Dipper still clinging to his chest.

Stanford Pines drove back to the shack with a feeling of annoyance–almost anger–thrumming through him, taking quite awhile to die down as his son quivered against him. For once, Mabel stayed quiet.

It wasn’t until they got home and had settled down for a couple minutes, that he managed to ease the full story out of Dipper.

“Ms. Brown told me that I couldn’t draw green horses, because horses aren’t green, s-so I said that my dad told me that sometimes there are these really rare horses that are green–but she didn’t believe me. S-so she told me to try again, so I drew an even better picture–of me and a three-headed cow, but she told me that cows can’t have three heads! S-so then this kid called me stupid, and I got even more sad, so I asked him to stop–but h-he called my birthmark, w-w-weird.” Dipper sniffed, looking dully at the graham cracker in his hand. “But he didn’t say it the way you say it. You call stuff weird l-like it’s good–but he said it like i-it was b-bad.” he issued a squeak when Ford began rubbing his shoulders. He hadn’t detached from Ford since the school.

“Weird can be good,” Ford spoke gently. “Your kind of weird is definitely good. It’s interesting. Just like me–see?” he clasped Dipper’s tiny hand in his own. “I was called names all the time in school, but their words were never true.” a faint smile curved his lips at Dipper’s wide-eyed expression.

After several seconds, Dipper spoke, but slowly and carefully, as if worried about what reaction he might get. “Hey, dad… Are six fingers normal? I always thought… maybe all grown ups have six, or maybe half the people in the world have six, and the other half have five… but today, at school, there wasn’t anybody with six fingers.” he looked up at Ford with big, concerned eyes.

Ford smiled grimly. “No, Dipper… Very, very few people have six fingers like I do. Almost no one at all does. Weirdness just runs in our family.” he swept Dipper from his lap into his arms, resting his chin against the boy’s head. “It seems bad at first, but it’s just how our family is. We’re… We’re the Pines. We’re dubbed weird by society because we’re abnormal–but we aren’t weird in the bad way, we’re just different. And that’s okay.”

Dipper blinked, clearly struggling to comprehend this, but nodding anyways. “So… So it’s okay that that the people at school don’t like you?”

“I couldn’t care less what they think,” purred Ford, booping Dipper on the nose, though he knew deep down that he didn’t fully mean this. “Those guys are all weird, normal people anyways.”

This made Dipper giggle, tiny hands batting Ford’s stubbly face away. “Okay, okay! Can we play a board game, now?”

Ford smiled, feeling that alien sensation of fatherly love swell his heart. “Go pick one out, Dip Dip. It’s been a long day.”


Utah high school forced female students to go on a date with a boy — and follow a list of sexist advice

  • Jen Oxborrow, the parent of an 11th grade honor student at Highland High School, said her daughter Lucy Mulligan received the mandatory homework assignment to “go on a date!” with a boy. 
  • On Monday, Oxborrow posted a screenshot of the handout the teacher distributed to female students, which lists some truly antiquated advice.
  • Some pointers on the pink worksheet include “don’t waste his money,” “be feminine and ladylike, don’t use vulgar language or swear” and “have a sense of humor.”
  • In an evergreen double standard, girls are also advised not to “worry about [their] appearance on the whole date” just before they’re reminded to “dress appropriately.”
  • The boys’ equivalent wasn’t much better, suggesting they bring their date flowers, open doors for her and “have her home on time." 
  • According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the assignment was part of the school’s state-mandated "Adult Roles and Financial Literacy” class. Read more
things i love about Pidge
  • *hacker voice* we’re in
  • literally dressed like a 6th grade boy 
  • like 82.67% salt 
  • hates the outdoors— pilots the nature lion 
  • loves technology more than life itself (relatable) 
  • wears glasses that serve no ophthalmological purpose. just for the disguise aesthetic™
  • cannot contain her sass
  • small and bitter, like an espresso (relatable)
  • loves her fellow paladins 
  • but would sell them for one cornchip 
  • names robots like they are pets
  • *bullies you gently to show affection* 
  • is smarter than you and not afraid to let you know 
  • this screenshot: 
Let me tell you a story that melted my cold child hating heart

Today at work a little boy came in dressed as Kylo Ren with his family to see Rogue One. The family is going about their business purchasing tickets and concessions, filling their drinks and buttering their popcorn, and I’m just standing in the corner watching this tiny dark side loving little boy. Two of my employees were like “but.. Kylo isn’t even in this movie” and I almost smacked them because who cares. I mean, I’m wearing my BB-8 earrings all weekend so back off. Then it’s finally time for the kid to approach and he whispers something to his dad before handing us the tickets. “Go ahead and tell them,” the dad says. Tiny Kylo: “I’m here to see Darth Vader, my grandpa.” And then I died because that was a level of child cuteness I had never encountered before. I almost cried in front of all my employees, but none of them seemed as moved by this encounter so I held my shit together.

I sincerely hope he enjoyed the movie.

BACK TOGETHER: One Direction reunite backstage at the X Factor to support Louis Tomlinson after mum’s death

The boys joined Louis in his dressing room to support him after the death of his mum Johannah at the age of 43 

Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne were backstage in Louis’s dressing room at the Wembley Arena as he performed just days after the tragic death of his beloved mother Johanna from leukaemia.

The chart-topping bandmates have not been in the same room together since last December after going on a long-term hiatus.

But an X Factor source revealed: “Harry, Niall and Liam all wanted to be there to support Louis tonight for what was undoubtedly one of the most difficult moments of his life.

“It was an incredible and special thing for them to get back together as a four and be like brothers again.

“Niall flew in overnight from New York so he could be there and Liam came from Los Angeles. It was that important they were together.

“They were all in Louis’s dressing room together and it was obviously an incredible emotional night.”

The world’s biggest band were discovered on X Factor in 2010 and signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco.

But the last year has seen them go their separate way, with all four members launching their own solo careers.

Former member Zayn Malik was not backstage at X Factor for the reunion, but tweeted his support to Louis after learning of Johanna’s death.

Louis, 24, performed his debut single Just Hold On with DJ Steve Aoki as a tribute to Johannah, who died on Wednesday after a long secret battle with leukaemia.

Speaking after the performance, Simon Cowell told a tearful Louis: “I have to say something to you. I’ve known you for six years, what you’ve just done - the bravery.

"I respect you as an artist and I respect you as a person. Your mum was so proud of you Louis and she was so looking forward to this performance. She’s watching over you now and you’ve done her so proud.”

The poignant lyrics to the song include: “What do you do when a chapter ends / Do you close the book and never read it again / Where do you go when your story’s done / You can be who you were or who you’ll become.”

Louis tweeted on Saturday afternoon: “All the support has been incredible! Let’s do this together tonight.”


Signs as I've known them:

Aries: driving fast late at night, running from the cops, listening to the neighborhood, swimming with just a big tee shirt on, jealousy and fighting, working out.

Taurus: listening to loud music, saving animals, walking through the forest barefoot, eating at Waffle House late at night, bonfires, candles and fairy lights.

Gemini: dorky laughs, a love of Las Vegas, winged eye makeup, dressing up for Halloween even when you’re a little too old, sarcasm, goodie bags.

Cancer: looking at the stars, sweaters, heavy eyes, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds, funny voice impressions, playing video games.

Leo: running together, a slight southern twang, talking about tv shows, fighting over a boy, yoga, sharing food, talking in a warm room, “you’re better than that”

Virgo: hula hooping, eating fruit, stick and poke tattoos, running through the night, dying our hair crazy colors, a deep voice, writing together, flying to California, ballet.

Libra: cuddling, drinking lots of caffeine, buying expensive gifts, rambling together and cracking each other up, smoking on the porch under the stars, freckles, warm showers.

Scorpio: Holding cats, watching people at the restaurant, dying your hair different colors, vintage cartoons, eating chocolate cake late at night, lace.

Sagittarius: playing guitar, strong opinions, a love of dogs, auburn hair, yelling at the cops, a dark sense of humor, laying in a hammock

Capricorn: simplistic art in black ink, mood swings, love of daisies, tea and honey, a relationship with a large age gap, Mac and cheese, flannels, driving around in an old truck.

Aquarius: helps me with my hair, sarcastic sense of humor, cat eyed glasses, bright lipstick, seeming permanently young, watching gameshows in the morning, drinking tea, dressing up in costumes.

Pisces: swimming late at night, scratching each other’s backs, watching scary movies, crying on the bed, coloring together, pushing around in grocery carts, dancing as we clean, shopping for lingerie.

Trans guys are allowed to and desire to be strictly masculine in their presentation.
Yes gender norms are total horse manure but I’m a guy who wants to present entirely masculine. Not just androgynous.
Stop telling trans people that ‘you of all people should understand that boys should wear dresses or makeup, too!’ I wanted to die when I wore dresses and I don’t think that’s changed. I don’t mind makeup but even still I don’t wear it in a way that society sees as typically feminine so leave me and other masculine trans guys alone!!!
If you’re a trans guy who doesn’t feel comfortable presenting typically feminine in any way this post is for you. I totally understand. You aren’t a bad person and you aren’t reinforcing negative gender stereotypes.