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who was the gayest person in the Civil War??

A lot of people. 

Thomas P. Lowry wrote a book called The Story the Soldiers Wouldn’t Tell: Sex in the Civil War, and is the first scholarly study of the sex lives of soldiers in the Civil War.

Lowry’s addressed the problem of prostitution- straight and gay- and why both the Union and Confederate Armies had to work to stop sexually transmitted infections from crippling their soldiers, because STIs were costing more in soldier’s health and lives than action on the battlefield.

Lowry reveals that during the Civil War with men outnumbering women, especially at social events like balls, drummer boys dressed in drag. And in some occasions, the intimacy between soldiers and drummer boys reached beyond just a public waltz.

The term “homosexuality” was not coined until thirty years after the war ended. However, no army soldiers were disciplined for such activity, although three pairs of Union Navy sailors were punished, all in 1865.

Scholars have tried to ascertain if some Civil War figures were homosexual. The most notable of these was Confederate major general Patrick Cleburne, although it is still disputed. As well as another confederate general James Jay Arnold. 

Let us also not forget about Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was most likely bisexual. C.A. Tripp in his book The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln claims that Lincoln spent his entire life with erotic attractions to other men. He goes on to note the living arrangements between Lincoln and his close friend Joshua Speed. While this doesn’t mean they were in a relationship, it’s just as possible. Especially since Abraham Lincoln once got his thighs complimented while sleeping in bed with another man. 


I decided on a whim to fire up the first episode of Utena again tonight, and something about this sequence struck me for the first time.

There’s no shortage of people pointing out just how obviously not a boy’s uniform that is.  We all see it.  The jacket is not the right color, what is with that skirt thing, no one else is wearing hot pants, etc. etc.  The jokes are too easy, and there’s also a good deal of very insightful meta about how Utena’s sartorial distinctiveness is part of what marks her out as one of the “special” “chosen” people whose position the show interrogates, or how her dress is less a “boy’s unifrom” and more of a “prince’s uniform” and the assimilation of “prince” into “male” in the narrative system, and that’s all good as far as that goes.

But I’m struck by a much more basic thought.  Utena asserts herself to be wearing a boy’s uniform, and the rando teacher agrees with her assessment.  At the same time this dialogue is happening, in some of the very same shots, the camera shows us actual Ohtori Academy boys, wearing actual Ohtori Academy boys’ uniforms.  And just so we know exactly what we’re looking at, this episode has also made sure to show us actual Ohtori Academy boys wearing actual Ohtori Academy boys’ uniforms since the credits, and in multiple shots leading up to this point that have multiple Ohtori Academy boys in them.

This was done on purpose, and there is no plausible way a viewer could miss this.  If you can see the screen, you can see that Utena is not in fact wearing the boys uniform of Ohtori Academy.  You can see that these two characters are saying things - appearing to believe things - that are just not true.  At four minutes and thirty seconds into the first episode of the show, you, the viewer, are presented with a contradiction, and a choice.  Whom do you believe?  The characters living in the world?

Or your lying eyes?

The joke is that, for all the wisecracks, nearly 100% of viewers will write off the obvious contradiction as a stylistic choice.  Yeah, that doesn’t look like the other boys’ uniforms, we’ll say, but I’m sure they just did that to make the character distinctive.  Because we’re familiar with that kind of maneuver, the artistic decision to make the main characters visually obvious by depicting them with implausible features or implausible clothing, we figure, eh, it’s a trope.  And we decide to ourselves that, artistic tropes notwithstanding, the character dialogue is basically trustworthy.  We note Utena from that point forward as a character who wears a boy’s uniform.  We describe the show’s protagonist as being a girl who wears a boy’s uniform.  Shoujo Kakumei Utena becomes famous as an anime about a girl who wears a boy’s uniform.

She isn’t.

It’s like the show is Police Chief Wiggum: “Listen carefully, and watch me wink as I speak, OK?  Here are the students of this academy, the girls wearing puffy-shoulder sailor suits, and the boys wearing puke-green jackets and white slacks.  And here’s our protagonist, a girl wearing a purple jacket and red hot pants.  And here is some dialogue where these two characters talk about the “boy’s uniform” she’s “wearing,” wink.  Yep, definitely a lot of character conflict all centered around this girl who “is” wearing a “boy’s uniform,WINK, WINK.”

The characters of this show cannot be trusted to describe to you what is happening in this show, on even the most basic level.  They are all eating so deeply from the trash can of ideology that narrative overrides even basic physical facts for them.  And so are we.  And that’s why the show can tell you the plain truth right from the start… and just count on you to ignore it.

Mayday (teaser) || Jinyoung

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Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Warnings: will contain violence, swearing, and smut (later on). read at your own risk

note: hey everyone! new series! i asked you guys yesterday on which member I should write next and the majority was of requests was jinyoung! since rich is about to end fairly soon, i thought why not post a teaser. but just a little warning… bad boy jinyoung is coming up… and boy am I ready. -admin

“I want you…”

“To find me…”

“And save me…”

“What? Save you from who?” I asked him, as we stood underneath the illuminated light street light. The dark night surrounded us in this ungodly hour. My black dress, that went just above my knees, were soaking wet from the drink that was poured down my body. I was shivering from the cold, and he didn’t even lend me his jacket. I looked at him, staring at his very prominent jawline and handsome features.

“Not speaking? Okay.” I sneered at him, rubbing my arms for warmth. “I didn’t ask you to come here and give me a few words that don’t make any sense.”

“But I came to save you. So, what about me? Aren’t you going to save me?” He finally spoke up, turning his head to look at me. His huge ego was plastered on his face, his body rocking back and forth from his heels and toes as he gave me a sly smile. I stared at him, analyzing his features. His hair swept to the side and he wore a black leather jacket which had the bad boy vibe. I’d have to admit, he was handsome. No wonder all the girls talked about him so much. But the looks are just for a show and I’ve always wondered about his personality.

“Save you from what?” I questioned again, tearing my eyes away from his face, “You can’t just ask me a question I don’t have an answer to.”

“But you’re smart.” He said, as I heard him move from his spot, his footsteps echoing throughout the area, moving closer to me. “You can see something most people can’t see.”

And with those words, I felt a hand grab my arm and force me to turn and look at him. His smirk, was deadly, and definitely something that would make me melt to my knees. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to his warm body. I grabbed onto his shirt to balance myself from his sudden movements. Looking up at him, I saw that his eyes sparkled in the light as I felt his hands go down towards my hips.

“I’m shouting Mayday.” He softly whispered, as he leaned in close enough that our lips were inches away from each other. These words he spoke to me were something he wouldn’t usually say to me, and it was weird. But the way his hands moved up and down my waist, touching every inch of my body, made me want him more.

“Why?” I asked, starting to get trapped in his trance. One of his hands finally rested on my face as the other gently grabbed my neck, his thumb nudging my chin up so he could have a better angle of my lips. My cheeks started to rise in color as I felt my heart start to race. I can’t have feelings for this boy. He’s a player. A bad boy. Something I shouldn’t put myself into. And definitely someone I can’t love.

“Because I need someone to save me.” He stated before he briefly brushed his lips on mine for a second before pulling away, leaving my mouth hanging for his contact. He took that opportunity to grab the back of my neck and place a hot kiss in my mouth. His lips were too soft and it perfectly molded against mine. His lips fought for dominance over mine as I moaned against his lips. I could feel him smirk against my lips, already satisfied with my moaning mess. He broke away the kiss as he pressed his lips against the soft skin of my cheek, his hand pushing my hair to the side, leaving my exposed neck to his lips.

“Jinyoung.” I softly moaned, as I was fully sucked into his trace. He kissed the side of my neck before letting go of my waist and stepping back. Jinyoung, once again, had a sly look on his face as he pointed his finger at me.

“Save me from falling in love with you…”

the last update happened and i couldn’t resist a drabble: 

In which Satan tries to finesse a date (except it’s totally not a date.). It goes about as well as expected.

At first, it was out of convenience - at least that’s what he told himself. The girl - emphasis on girl, not woman - looked like a teenager. She was a teenager, and she wasn’t the kind of teenager to have a fake. So aging her up to get into the casino made sense. Nothing major, just mid-twenties. The dress solidified the look. 

“This doesn’t feel like something I need to get dressed up for, dude.” 

Crucified Christ, she always had to be difficult. 

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Utah high school forced female students to go on a date with a boy — and follow a list of sexist advice

  • Jen Oxborrow, the parent of an 11th grade honor student at Highland High School, said her daughter Lucy Mulligan received the mandatory homework assignment to “go on a date!” with a boy. 
  • On Monday, Oxborrow posted a screenshot of the handout the teacher distributed to female students, which lists some truly antiquated advice.
  • Some pointers on the pink worksheet include “don’t waste his money,” “be feminine and ladylike, don’t use vulgar language or swear” and “have a sense of humor.”
  • In an evergreen double standard, girls are also advised not to “worry about [their] appearance on the whole date” just before they’re reminded to “dress appropriately.”
  • The boys’ equivalent wasn’t much better, suggesting they bring their date flowers, open doors for her and “have her home on time." 
  • According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the assignment was part of the school’s state-mandated "Adult Roles and Financial Literacy” class. Read more
things i love about Pidge
  • *hacker voice* we’re in
  • literally dressed like a 6th grade boy 
  • like 82.67% salt 
  • hates the outdoors— pilots the nature lion 
  • loves technology more than life itself (relatable) 
  • wears glasses that serve no ophthalmological purpose. just for the disguise aesthetic™
  • cannot contain her sass
  • small and bitter, like an espresso (relatable)
  • loves her fellow paladins 
  • but would sell them for one cornchip 
  • names robots like they are pets
  • *bullies you gently to show affection* 
  • is smarter than you and not afraid to let you know 
  • this screenshot: 
Let me tell you a story that melted my cold child hating heart

Today at work a little boy came in dressed as Kylo Ren with his family to see Rogue One. The family is going about their business purchasing tickets and concessions, filling their drinks and buttering their popcorn, and I’m just standing in the corner watching this tiny dark side loving little boy. Two of my employees were like “but.. Kylo isn’t even in this movie” and I almost smacked them because who cares. I mean, I’m wearing my BB-8 earrings all weekend so back off. Then it’s finally time for the kid to approach and he whispers something to his dad before handing us the tickets. “Go ahead and tell them,” the dad says. Tiny Kylo: “I’m here to see Darth Vader, my grandpa.” And then I died because that was a level of child cuteness I had never encountered before. I almost cried in front of all my employees, but none of them seemed as moved by this encounter so I held my shit together.

I sincerely hope he enjoyed the movie.

BACK TOGETHER: One Direction reunite backstage at the X Factor to support Louis Tomlinson after mum’s death

The boys joined Louis in his dressing room to support him after the death of his mum Johannah at the age of 43 

Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne were backstage in Louis’s dressing room at the Wembley Arena as he performed just days after the tragic death of his beloved mother Johanna from leukaemia.

The chart-topping bandmates have not been in the same room together since last December after going on a long-term hiatus.

But an X Factor source revealed: “Harry, Niall and Liam all wanted to be there to support Louis tonight for what was undoubtedly one of the most difficult moments of his life.

“It was an incredible and special thing for them to get back together as a four and be like brothers again.

“Niall flew in overnight from New York so he could be there and Liam came from Los Angeles. It was that important they were together.

“They were all in Louis’s dressing room together and it was obviously an incredible emotional night.”

The world’s biggest band were discovered on X Factor in 2010 and signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco.

But the last year has seen them go their separate way, with all four members launching their own solo careers.

Former member Zayn Malik was not backstage at X Factor for the reunion, but tweeted his support to Louis after learning of Johanna’s death.

Louis, 24, performed his debut single Just Hold On with DJ Steve Aoki as a tribute to Johannah, who died on Wednesday after a long secret battle with leukaemia.

Speaking after the performance, Simon Cowell told a tearful Louis: “I have to say something to you. I’ve known you for six years, what you’ve just done - the bravery.

"I respect you as an artist and I respect you as a person. Your mum was so proud of you Louis and she was so looking forward to this performance. She’s watching over you now and you’ve done her so proud.”

The poignant lyrics to the song include: “What do you do when a chapter ends / Do you close the book and never read it again / Where do you go when your story’s done / You can be who you were or who you’ll become.”

Louis tweeted on Saturday afternoon: “All the support has been incredible! Let’s do this together tonight.”


Signs as I've known them:

Aries: driving fast late at night, running from the cops, listening to the neighborhood, swimming with just a big tee shirt on, jealousy and fighting, working out.

Taurus: listening to loud music, saving animals, walking through the forest barefoot, eating at Waffle House late at night, bonfires, candles and fairy lights.

Gemini: dorky laughs, a love of Las Vegas, winged eye makeup, dressing up for Halloween even when you’re a little too old, sarcasm, goodie bags.

Cancer: looking at the stars, sweaters, heavy eyes, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds, funny voice impressions, playing video games.

Leo: running together, a slight southern twang, talking about tv shows, fighting over a boy, yoga, sharing food, talking in a warm room, “you’re better than that”

Virgo: hula hooping, eating fruit, stick and poke tattoos, running through the night, dying our hair crazy colors, a deep voice, writing together, flying to California, ballet.

Libra: cuddling, drinking lots of caffeine, buying expensive gifts, rambling together and cracking each other up, smoking on the porch under the stars, freckles, warm showers.

Scorpio: Holding cats, watching people at the restaurant, dying your hair different colors, vintage cartoons, eating chocolate cake late at night, lace.

Sagittarius: playing guitar, strong opinions, a love of dogs, auburn hair, yelling at the cops, a dark sense of humor, laying in a hammock

Capricorn: simplistic art in black ink, mood swings, love of daisies, tea and honey, a relationship with a large age gap, Mac and cheese, flannels, driving around in an old truck.

Aquarius: helps me with my hair, sarcastic sense of humor, cat eyed glasses, bright lipstick, seeming permanently young, watching gameshows in the morning, drinking tea, dressing up in costumes.

Pisces: swimming late at night, scratching each other’s backs, watching scary movies, crying on the bed, coloring together, pushing around in grocery carts, dancing as we clean, shopping for lingerie.

okay but the reason I love when seventeen cover a girl group song is the respect. like all these other male idols always go out of their way to be “funny” and m o c k girl groups, wearing bad wigs, dresses, being overly dramatic and cute and singing really high pitched. some even half-ass the performance just to put up a “show”. but seventeen take their girl group covers seriously, they do it just as they would had it been a male group song they were singing, they do it with respect of the original singers, and I think that’s how it should be.

Hamilton characters as things my friends and roommates have said at college
  • Washington: Every time you don't keep your side of the room clean, god kills a puppy.
  • Angelica: Honey, if that boy talks to you again and you don't like what he's saying, send him to me and I'll kick him so hard in the ass, he'll need my foot surgically removed from his mouth.
  • Maria: I look like a hooker in this dress, but not a cheap one. Like, a really expensive one. For the guys who wear nice cologne and suits.
  • Laurens: I don't know if I'm gay. Or straight. Or bi. I don't know what I am. I just know I have to pee now cause I'm so stressed about this.
  • Hamilton: I want to have a party just about me. Like, no music, no dancing, nothing. Just an empty room and me with a mic, so that everyone will come and have to hear me talk.
  • Eliza: I feel so guilty, I ate sugar before lunch. My mum always says it's unhealthy to eat sugar before noon. What have I done? I'm a horrible rebel. I need to go call her and apologise.
  • Jefferson: Everyone here is so goddamn stupid.
  • Burr: Either I'll kill myself or my dorm-mate before summer break. I don't know which yet.

Seokjin: aren’t you little too old to be dressing up as a pikachu and playing video games?
Jungkook: aren’t you a little to old to be alive?
Taehyung: yes is this 911? I have just witnessed a murder

Okay but can you imagine Psychology Professor Nam coming into class and completely taking your breath away and he just walks over to his desk and takes off his blazer, his white dress shirt rolled up to his elbows and hugging his biceps perfectly. He smells like vanilla and lavender and a little bit of clean laundry and when he stands over you to look at what you’re working on it’s just so incredibly intoxicating you swear you’re going to pass out or moan or both. And he lingers longer than he’s supposed to because your shampoo and perfume has him just as entranced but he forces himself to move onto other students so as to not look suspicious IM CRYING SOMEONE PLEASE STOP ME

You know what i really love about Louise from Bob’s Burgers? Despite being the “evil mastermind” she’s still just a little girl. She still gets crushes on boy band members, and she still wears dresses, and she still loves her stuffed animals and has a favourite toy, which she’s named. She does voices for them too, she hates taking medicine, and above all she loves her family. She’s just a little kid and her mischievous abilities never undermine that, and I think it’s just really awesome. Kudos to the writers for making her so real

Actual good things in The Final Problem;

  • Baby Rosie
  • Sherlock scaring the bejeezles out of Mycroft
  • Sherlock calling John ‘family’
  • Moriarty’s dancing 
  • Sassy Mrs H
  • Lestrade saying he is a ‘good man’
  • The Violin off 
  • Sherlock calling John ‘family’
  • Andrew Scott
  • Sherlock saying he is a pirate
  • Mycroft dressed as a fisherman
  • Mrs Hudson listening to Iron Maiden
  • Mycroft actually just being a big softie
  • The boys working to save Mrs H from the bomb 
  • Sherlock calling John 'family’

So @godd707 made that request to draw Seven in Wrenchs outfit and I just could not resist. A hacker dressing up as another hacker how cool is that

Max: hey you boys dare me to wear a dress for a video?

Joji and Ian: No.

Max while applying lipstick on, already in the dress: You guys are so crazy! I can’t believe you are making me do this!