just a boy in a dress



“Are you eating well? Don’t overwork yourself. Did you sleep? Do you feel threatened by anything? You can talk to me. Guys is it just us or does Jimin look 0.1 kg thinner?”




“JHOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOPE”. they are also the ones who sometimes dress strangely at concerts and events!


In the name of more lines and Jin’s beautiful lips, we will fight the world and BIGS#IT for KIM SEOKJIN! 


“OPPA? U MAD?” “CAN WE ARM WRESTLE?” “YOU ARE A KID! DO KID THINGS YOU *insert curses* but we still love you” “OMG he is so cute. I want to kick him in the face"  


NO! He is not real. He can’t be real! Is he real? Oh, look at his feet *save in gallery* Oh look at his tummy *zooms in and giggles* Oh look -insert a weird body part- *takes a screenshot*. 


Namjoon just needs to say something for them to cry. Most of the time they don’t even know what he is saying but they are always like “That was SO deep just like YOUR DIMPLES WHERE I WANT TO JUMP IN, TAKE IT OFF AND NEVER GET OUT *sobs* Namjoon is such a genius”

By @mimibtsghost

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reddie and stenbrough as parents hcs!!!!!

- bill and stan would be the cutest dads in the world oh my god

- they adopt twin girls and they’re the smallest most precious things in the world

- bill would teach the girls piano from a young age and they play every day for him

- stan explains the jewish faith to them but tells them they can follow whatever path they want, he just wants them to know more about their dad

- they call bill ‘dad’ and stan ‘papa’ 

- their uncle george is literally their favourite person ever, minus their dads obviously

- bill and stan got married after they adopted and their girls got to be the flower girls and they wore matching dresses and little flower crowns and stan cried so much when he saw them

- the girls would be SUPER close with the other losers, especially their godfather’s eddie and richie

- speaking of…

- guess who adopted a little boy and a little girl? its reddie

- the girl ends up exactly like richie, cocky and rude and hilarious and eddie loves her just as much as he loves richie

- the boy was a little shyer, like eddie, and would stick by his side constantly

- the kids keep giving eddie nicknames because they grew up hearing richie call their dad every nickname he could possibly think of

- their personal favourite is ‘popsicle’

- richie is just plan old dad, but he loves it because he feels totally more masculine

- he’s also constantly making dad jokes that make everyone cringe

- their little girl grew up way too fast and started dating early and eddie was so happy for her but richie was ready to beat this boys ass

- “no boy is going to break my little girls heart, eds”

- all four of the guys had play dates with their kids every weekend and the four kids bonded so well and were basically the new losers club

- bev and ben were the ‘cool aunt and uncle’ that always had chewing gum and movies to watch

- but uncle mike’s farm was a fucking blast and that’s how one of the twins got into horse riding and realised she wanted to become a vet

- eddie and richie’s little boy likes bird watching with his uncle stan

- babygirl tozier loves video games just like her dad and beat his high score when she was 9; eddie never let richie live that down

- the kids would always have sleepovers together and always fall asleep in bill and stan’s living room, and their dads would just watch them fondly and wonder how they got so damn lucky


Summary: You are a well known female hunter who has always butted heads with the Winchesters in the past, especially Dean. Will this case go a different way when you see him in a more holy attire?

Pairing: Dean x Reader


language, sassy!reader, mentions of sex, smidgen of angst, is kissing a warning?

Song Insp; Steady as She Goes- The Raconteurs

*gifs are not mine*

Find yourself a girl and settle down

Live a simple life in a quiet town

Steady as she goes

Steady as she goes,’

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me,” Dean groaned as he set eyes on you sat at the bar, glass of whiskey in hand as you laughed at some poor unsuspecting guys chat up line. Of course you were wearing those damn tight jeans along with that black leather jacket you had on last time him and Sam had bumped into you in another town a few years back. Now, that was definitely a memorable weekend.

“Earth to Dean?” Sam cleared his throat, pulling him out of his brother’s thoughts.

Dean rubbed a hand across the back of neck, turning his body away from the direction of the bar, silently praying that you hadn’t seen them. “Let’s just go somewhere else, there’s another bar just out of town.”

“Oh come on, she’s not that bad,” Sam countered and Dean threw him a blunt look.

“Yeah, she’s a ray of sunshine,” he let out a short unimpressed scoff, rolling his eyes at his brother. “Up until she takes over our hunts and then steals the damn credit for ganking whatever it is,” he grumbled, the distaste clear on his face.

Sam tried to hold in his laugh as you appeared behind Dean, a smug grin across your face having heard a good amount of what he’d just said.

“Damn, Dean-o. Way to break a girl’s heart,” you held a hand over your chest in mock hurt as Dean turned to face you, his jaw clenched in frustration. 

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What will probably happen in the BTS Halloween dance practice

Taehyung: *is dressed as batman*

Taehyung: With this, I can finally be my true self!

Jungkook: calm down hyung, this is just a costume

Taehyung: no kookie, this is my TRUE FORM!

Jungkook: no it’s not

Taehyung: how would you know? Ever seen me and batman in the same room together?


Bad Boy(M)

Originally posted by jikookfantasy

Pairing: Jungkook (BTS) x Reader

Genre: Smut;)

Warnings: Sub!Jungkook, handcuffs, and some other fun stuff;)


BTS had just won another award and were out for a celebration dinner, of course you attended since you helped all the guys and your boyfriend was Jeon Jungkook.

You sat across the table from Jungkook with Jin on your right and Yonngi on your left. You were wearing a tight black dress that showed all your curves and Jungkook was wearing a tight fitting shirt that showed some of his toned chest.

Jungkook knew the effect he had on you, knew how far he could go until you would break. So, wearing the things he was wearing, he knew he could tease you all night.

The waiter came and asked for everyone’s order and Jungkook’s eyes had met yours, he bit his lips and held his head back, showing you his neck. Your eyes flickered to his neck, letting your mind wander to what you could do to it.

His head came back down and quickly looked away, looking like a baby.

“You bitch…” You muttered under your breath knowing what he was doing.

“What was that?” Jin asked.

“Oh I was just thinking about what to get.”

He looked away and continued talking to Namjoon about whatever. You looked back at Jungkook, his eyes fixed on you.

He took out his phone and texted you.

Jungkook: Imagine what you could do to me.

You looked up from your phone and he was laid back in his chair, his whole body on show. You wanted to climb over the table and snatch off all the clothes on his body. But you couldn’t.

You: Go fucc yourself

Jungkook: But I want u to fuck me

You looked at him and he looked at you innocently like he hadn’t just texted you those things.

You squeezed your thighs together getting uncomfortable with everyone around you. His foot slid up and down your leg while he talked to Jimin and Taehyung.

The food came and you’d think a normal person would stop teasing and focus on eating but not Jungkook. He continued texting you seductive things, winking, and many other things.

When the waiter had asked if anyone wanted dessert, Jungkook replied with “I’ll have some later, thank you.”

Yoongi caught on to what was going on and scoffed, along with throwing his head back with laughter. He looked over and whispered “Get a room.”

On your way home he didn’t stop. He ran his hand up your thigh and got dangerously close to a certain area. You swatted his hand away and crossed your arms.


He pouted and paid more attention to his driving. That shortly changed. His hands went back to rubbing your thighs and he started humming along to the song on the radio.

As you entered your shared home, he pushed you against the wall and started attacking your lips. You each started battling for dominance. His tongue would try to enter your mouth but yours would block his, and same with you.

He picked you up and carried you to your room. He laid you on your back but you quickly flipped him over and straddled his hips.

“You’ve been a bad, bad boy.” You started taking off his shirt and pulling out a pair of handcuffs from the bedside table. “and what happens to bad boys?” You ask, cuffing him to the bed.

“Punished.” He mumbled.

“What was that? I could hear you loud enough.” You seductively whispered in his ear.

“Bad boys get punished.”

“That’s right.” You slid down his body and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants uncomfortably slow.

He moved his hips up so that he could get some friction, but you quickly held him down. You crawled back up to his face and started softly kissing him. He started kissing you more roughly and squirming under you.

“Why’d you have to cuff me to the bed.” He whined, “I want to touch you.” He cried out.

You shushed him by grabbing his dick, causing him to gasp so you could dominate his mouth. You started pumping your hand slowly around his shaft, soft moans escaping his lips.

You stopped kissing his lips and kissed down his body. You reached his dick and lightly kissed the tip. Beads of sweat started forming at his forehead making his hair stick to it. Jungkook struggled with the handcuffs and tightly closed his eyes.

“Y/N…Oh my god”

You took the precum that leaked from the tip and started spreading it around. You did tiny kitten licks all around him.

“Just suck me!” He yelled out, frustrated from being teased, “Please, babygirl?”


His eyes widened, not expecting you to want him to beg. But he did as he was told.

“Baby…” He whined out, “Please suck me..I love the way your mouth feels around me, and your face looks so good while doing it, please Y/N.”

You hummed an approval and started to suck him slowly. You held down his hips so he wouldn’t thrust into your mouth. Each time, his dick went deeper and deeper down your throat.

His moans were getting louder and louder so you finally let him thrust into your mouth.

“Ah fuck, Y/N. You-Ah-you feel so g-good-oh my god!” He was close to coming and you knew that.

As he twitched inside your mouth you quickly took your mouth off of him with a loud pop.

“Baby! I was so close!” You thought he looked so adorable when he whined.

“I know.” You replied, taking off your dress.

You were completely naked in front of him and he admired how beautiful you were. He had always hated you touching yourself, that’s what he was for. So why not?

You sat across from him and spread your legs open so he could see everything. He licked his lips and you noticed his breathing getting heavier.

You slid your hand down your body while keeping eye contact with him.

“Oh baby, don’t.” He tried to get out of the handcuffs to touch you so you didn’t have to, but it was no use.

You started to slowly rub yourself and moan out his name. He watched closely and often let out a soft moan.

You put your finger inside of you and yelled out his name, immediately hitting your G-spot.

“Goddammit, Y/N! Just fucking ride me, I want to feel you release around me. I just want to feel you around me!!” He yelled.

That was all you needed. You got up and straddled his hips, you pushed him inside you and you both moaned loudly.

You started bouncing up and down fastly. You bent down and started sucking and kissing his neck while your hands roamed around his body.

“Oh god, Jungkook, I’m gonna come!”

“Come on, baby. I wanna feel you around me just like- oh my god!” His head went back as you released.

You quickly jumped off of him as soon as you were satisfied and started sucking him. His moans filled the room as he came down your throat. You swallowed the bitter liquid and came up to kiss him softly on the lips and take off the handcuffs.

You kissed his wrists softly and laid next him. He wrapped his body around you and whispered, “That’s the best sex I’ve ever had.”

You slightly pushed him on the chest and laughed, “Oh my god!”

“Goodnight, I love you.” He laughed and cuddled you even closer.

Jungkooks such a dom but I needed him to be a sub for once lol

Sweaters and Hot Chocolate (Richie x Eddie)

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It was the first truly cold day in Derry, and Eddie was ecstatic. He had pulled out his favorite autumnal sweaters from the attic weeks ago, but was only then able to truly wear one (orange and soft, with a pattern of embroidered bats and skulls). It was a little too big on him, but he didn’t mind, that just meant he could cover up his hands and rub the sweater sleeves against his cheek.

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Gonna be honest, matching clothes style doesn't prove anything to me, even with jikook. BUT /!\ when they are wearing matching accessories for more than 1 day to me it's on purpose, I'm talking about the long earring they're both wearing lately. Maybe they both just like it, but usually you wear it once and that's it (I'm not talking ab MV's clothes since to me it's irrelevant) but clothes/accessories when they're NOT filming lk airport, tv shows, fansign etc. But maybe it doesn't mean anything.

yeah, matching clothes don’t mean much to me, because stylists do dress the boys. but when it’s things that are seen during airports or they wear multiple times or they’re lways wearing or we know they bought together. that’s something. like, the bracelets they bought while in hawaii (or was it the philippines?) that they bought with their own money, and wore multiple times, and had a legit meaning of “infinite love”. or the rings that they are commonly sharing or wearing together and stuff. that means more to me and seems more realistic than like matching red shirts, bc stylists could easily do that. 

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It's Halloween, how would Prompto react to seeing kids dressed up as him for Halloween? What if they asked him, "trick or treat?"

I’m doing this bc I ❤️ you and I ❤️ Prompto and for Halloween spirit… and because I’ve gotten over myself slightly since that escapade. *coughs*

Okay, Prompto loves passing out candy to all the good little sinning boys and girls so he’s prepared; but he isn’t prepared for THIS. He’s seen so many trick-or-treaters he almost doesn’t bat an eyelash. He’s just mentally like ‘oh right, candy for child(ren) #274- wait a minute.’ Prompto blinks once then scans across a group of 3 kids who are sporting different iterations of that impossible hairstyle, all different tones of blonde and each wig a horrible attempt at his own hairdo. What’s even weirder is that they’re all wearing something different that he’s worn on some occasion. They’ve got him right down to each freckle at least.

How did they know? Who put them up to this?? It had to be one of the guys. They’re making fun of him–in that case, it MUST be Gladio. Or is it flattering? No, just kinda creepy, kinda uncanny. One of these kids might not even be a kid… Is there a video camera somewhere, hello???

He stutters a few times because he wants to ask, but maybe it’s better that he doesn’t.

“H..appy… H-Halloween?” Prompto hesitatingly extends his hand and drops a few pieces of candy into their buckets. No more, no less than any other visitors. He doesn’t wanna chance get tricked and surely Gladio’s paying them a truckload of candy.

Except nobody believes him when he tells the story. “Must’ve been a dream,” Ignis dismisses. He didn’t take a picture because it was too bizarre. Now he’s staring down into a plate of cold fries holding his head in his hands like it’s serious business (it’s not).

“I’m not saying it was aliens, but-”


“ Walk, walk fashion baby, work it move that bitch crazy. “ 

Was in a call with a friend of mine and ended up making shitposts in MS Paint. And what better than dressing my favourite boys up like my awkward, loser characters. HhHhh. This was honestly WAY more fun than I thought it’d be. =v=


YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - Clothing Set

#01 - Yasha Katsuki-Nikiforov

I think sometimes you can learn a lot about a person from their clothing choices, and I’ve always sorta wanted to make some fashion sets ^ ^ So I’m making one for the OC kids, starting with the eldest as usual, Yasha! (He’s probably pre-teen-ish around here, maybe, idk)

Yasha still more or less thinks of himself as a boy (when he can be bothered to think about it at all) but loves flowers, pastels, and anything soft and gentle (in harsh contrast to his blunt as a bludgeon personality). And most importantly, he kinda just really hates wearing pants and underwear, when he can get away with full nudity… He takes the young!Victor flower fairy aesthetic to the next level. He can be very picky about what he wears, and usually prefers expensive but relatively unknown specialty brands. His parents, especially Victor, are more than happy to indulge his tastes.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

This post features the Victor x Yuuri kid, Yasha.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


Please keep ship bashing out of the comments/tags. Don’t like, just skip <3 Thank you.


PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, TRANSLATE, OR OTHERWISE USE MY ART. More detailed rules available on my Rules & FAQ Post.

Okay, but just think about this for a second:

You have the supers (none of whom bother hiding their faces): 

  • Clark “My mom made me this suit” Kent
  • Kara “Crop top and skit” Kent
  • Conner “I used to wear a leather jacket now I wear a t-shirt” Kent
  • Jon “Hoodie with the S-shield” Kent

And then you have the bats:

  • Bruce “Cowl + industrial-grade suit” Wayne
  • Dick “Once upon a Discowing now a skintight bodysuit” Grayson
  • Jason “Red helmet with its own facial expressions” Todd
  • Tim “I have wings” Drake
  • Damian “Hooded cape and gauntlets” Wayne

And I thought it might be a meta vs non-meta thing, but Green Arrow wears a sleeveless vest and Wonder Woman wears a fly leotard.

So, I’ve concluded that farm influences results in low maintenance hero clothes and being/knowing Bruce Wayne results in high drama costumes uniforms.

That is all.

Let boys wear makeup
Let boys wear nail polish
Let boys wear dresses
Let boys wear pink
Let boys be feminine

But don’t question boys masculinity
Don’t question boys gender identity
Don’t question boys sexual interests

Just let boys wear what they want
Let boys like whoever they want
Let boys be whoever they want

Here’s Macaron Pêche, the third member of the Macaron Fighters! Who needs a quiver when you can SUMMON ARROWS WITH YOUR MIND?

Macaron Lavande - Macaron Pistache - Macaron Myrtille - Macaron Citron - Macaron Vanille


“Don’t think about it too much.”

My first take on Laurent of Vere in the blue dress (yes there will be more, omfg. Why is this not a bigger thing in fandom??)