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Without a doubt ♡ Ethan

Request: ‘’can you do one where ethan is dating a girl who’s not a size two she’s a little bigger and when they are out fans stop them and one girl calls her fat and saying she probably can’t even wear his clothes like a normal gf cause they don’t fit so she goes back to the apt and cries and he is panicked cause he can’t find her and he rushes home and asked what happened and cuddles her tells her that’s she’s perfect he doesn’t want a size 2 girl her loves her and falls asleep in his shirt happy‘’

Response: Thanks for requesting :) I am finally done with school so I’m going to start posting more regularly now! I hope you like it xx (I suck at titles but oh well haha)

Warning: I don’t speak English so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

Tonight had just been perfect. The stars were out and shining, the city was bustling and your stomach was full of delicious food you just ate at your favourite restaurant. You brush your head against Ethans large arm why he strokes his thumb over your entwined fingers. With closed eyes you inhale the cold but fresh air while Ethan and you walk down the street, on the way back to his apartment. It felt like the world was at peace and there were no problems. Of course there were, but you liked the illusion.

‘Are you tired?’ Ethan asks softly. The sound of his voice vibrates through his arm to your ear that was pressed to his arm. ‘A little,’ you respond, letting out a deep yawn. Ethan chuckles and tightens his grip around your waist. ‘Just hold on, baby. We’ll be home in a few minutes.’

Unfortunately that’s not going to happen, you think as you see a group of girls walking down the other side of the street. Most of them were busy on their phone, but a few weren’t and recognise Ethan. Their eyes grow big and they stand still so abruptly that the girls behind them bump into them. ‘Ethan? Ethan Dolan?!’ They don’t even look if a car could ride them over when they run towards you and your boyfriend. A few seconds later you are surrounded by a whole group of giggling excited girls.

‘Ethan, Ethan! Can you make a selfie with me?’ several girls ask him, but before Ethan answers he focuses his eyes on you. ‘Is it okay?’ ‘Sure, E! Don’t worry ‘bout me,’ you say. He smiles at you lovingly before he pays attention to his fans. You let go of his warm hand and take a few steps back so could give him and the fans some space.

You absolutely loved seeing E interacting with his fans. He took the time for every single one of them and tried to answer all of their questions, always staying kind and polite. You didn’t even felt uncomfortable when he kissed a fan on the cheek, because you knew it was only because they asked and there was no meaning behind it. And you could know, because damn, he kissed you in a whole different way. Your cheeks heat up at the thought of his soft kisses and the touch of his hands. The entire time Ethan was taking pictures with the girls his eyes would flicker from them back to you, making sure everything was okay.

Suddenly you notice a few girls who already got a picture standing a meter away from the whole group. They were whispering while looking at you from head to toe, which gave you an unpleasant feeling. Were they judging you? One of them, a beautiful tall, blond girl, walks up to you. She doesn’t even say hi. ‘You are Ethans girlfriend, aren’t you?’ The way she said it made you feel even smaller than you already were next to her. You frown your eyebrows, surprised that she talked like she was so much better than you.

‘Yes, I am.’ The girl clicks her tongue disapprovingly. ‘Oh,’ was all she said. You knew you shouldn’t care, but you did anyway. ‘Why?’ The girl let out a small, humorous laugh. ‘Have you even looked at yourself? It surprises me that Ethan still wants to walk next you. I bet you don’t even fit into his clothes.’ It felt like someone just smacked you in the face. ‘What do you mean by that?’ The girl rolls her eyes. ‘Are you dumb or something? You look like a pig. Ethan deserves a girl who is just as pretty as him, and you definitely aren’t.’

Wow, that hurt. Really bad. You don’t know what to say, so just stare at her. How in the world could someone say that? Doesn’t she have feelings? Just until now you realise you were crying; your sight was getting blurry. You look at Ethan who was laughing at something a fan said to him. You angrily wipe the tears from your cheeks and start walking back to the apartment. You just couldn’t stay here anymore.

You were running up the stairs, going to Ethans bedroom. You crawl onto the bed and burry yourself under the covers, trying to hide yourself from the negative thoughts that were now filling your head. Most of the time you were pretty confident, but when someone said something like that to you your self-esteem was hard to find. You knew you weren’t the skinniest girl, but you had never considered yourself as fat.

Yes, you weren’t a size two and you were little curvy, but Ethan always pointed out he liked that about you, just as everything else about your appearance. Now you start thinking that he only said that because he wanted to make you feel good. And perhaps the girl was right; maybe you should tried to lose weight.

When Ethan realised you were gone, he apologized to the fans and quickly went home. He didn’t even want to think about what could have happened to you or what he would do if you weren’t at his apartment. When he reaches his apartment he’s totally out of breath, but still runs up the stairs with to steps at a time.

‘Y/N?!’ Ethan yells. ‘Shit, Y/N!’ he says when he sees you on the bed, wrapped in his sheets. ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving? I was scared that something had happened to you!,’ he says loudly, sounding a little angry. When you don’t answer because of your uncontrollable crying, he lowers his voice. ‘Babe, what’s wrong? What happened?’

‘Nothing, please leave me alone,’ you say with a muffled voice. Ethan walks up to the bed, sitting down at the side. ‘I’m not leaving until you say what happened. Please,’ he adds when you don’t move or answer. He sounds miserable, like it was his fault you were crying in his bed. With a sigh you pull the sheets back and look at him. His face is worried and his mouth is a thin line, but of course he still looked amazing.

‘Do you think I’m fat?’ you quietly ask. Ethan blinks his eyes a few times as if he didn’t heard what you said. ‘What?’ ‘You heard me.’ Ethan shoots closer to you. ‘Of course I don’t think you’re fat! Who even made you think that?’ Your lips tremble, trying to hold back the tears. ‘T-This girl said… That I’m…’ You start crying again, hiding your face behind your hands.

‘Hey, hey… Come here,’ Ethan says softly while he puts his arms around you, pressing you gently against his chest. He smelled heavenly. He smelled like home. ‘Sshh… It’s okay,’ he calms you down. When you slowly stop crying, he pulls back and rests his large hands on your thighs. ‘Y/N, you should never let people get to you… I know it’s hard, but they are just jealous. Believe me. You are stunning and I love your curves! No one can tell me otherwise.’

You look at him. ‘Even my thighs? And my belly?’ you ask, looking up to him. ‘Yes,’ Ethan answers immediately. ‘Even when my hair is a mess and I look like a panda?’ you ask. ‘Without a doubt,’ he chuckles and leans in to put a sweet kiss on your nose. You put your hands on his cheeks and kiss his warm lips.

Ethan could taste the salt of your tears. He kisses them away while stroking your thighs. He knew you weren’t in the mood now, so after a minute he slowly pulls back, looking at you like you were the most beautiful thing his eyes had ever seen. ‘Do you want to stay tonight?’ he whispers, stroking your cheek. ‘I would love to, but I don’t have any clean clothes with me…’ you answer.

Ethan stands up, walks to his drawers and comes back with a clean t-shirt. You raise your arms and pull your sweater over your head. You notice Ethan staring at your chest when you unclasp your bra.

Ethans fingertips stroking your arms while he helps you putting on his shirt made you get goosebumps on your whole body. You both take off your pants and get comfortable in bed, laying down in a spooning position. ‘I love you, E,’ you whisper. ‘I love you so much more. Good night, Y/N,’ Ethan says and places a sweet kiss on your cheek.

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do you think Nova would be the type to dye they're hair? like, they're going to grow up with Alya and Piper and (bad influence) Plagg. will they go through an emo phase?

I think Nova will definitely be the “galaxy print everything” type. That, or all kinds of alien paraphernalia. Like “I want to believe” shirts or backpacks with stereotypical green aliens on it.

They make an entire Instagram account called “UFO sightings” and it’s just blurry candid pics of Plagg.

Pick Me Up || pt 2

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part 1

REQUESTED:  university JB comes by and picks you up by the library late at night… and one thing leads to another…

Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1304

Warnings: SMUT (very sinful rip)

note: the part 2 requested by most people! hope you guys like this one. now to bathe myself in holy water and start actually doing my english project that i haven’t started on yay… happy reading and take care -admin

The soft illuminated street lights shone on Jaebum’s face, giving you a good view of his body. The lust in his eyes as he skillfully unbuttoned your jeans, pulling it down and throwing it somewhere in the car. With the slow beat in the background, you sat up slightly to take off your shirt, moving with the rhythm of the song to tease Jaebum. You could hear Jaebum growl in return of your actions as he lifted you up with his arms and reattached his lips on the bruise he made earlier. His fingers crawled their way up your back to unhook your bra, exposing your upper half of your body. Sending light kisses down your collarbone, Jaebum filled with the hem of your panties as you laid down, giving Jaebum a good view of your beautiful body.  

“You are already so wet for me, baby girl.” Jaebum murmured as his two fingers began sliding up and down your clothed, wet slit, making you moan out of pleasure. His raspy voice along with the movements of his fingers made you even wetter and more turned on than you were before. Jaebum moved your panties to the side to feel your wetness against his fingers. The pad of his middle finger found your pearl as he began circling it in a slow, hard manner that made you gasp.

“Fuck, Jaebum.” You moaned as he continued circling the bud while dipping the tip of fingers inside your entrance, teasing you.

You gasped when he moved his fingers up and down your wetness at a brisk pace, making you close your eyes as curses escaped your lips. Jaebum stopped all his movements before pulling your panties down to your ankles and throwing it to the front. Jaebum grabbed both of your legs and placed it on top of his shoulders, bending his body down to meet your wet core. His hot breath against your sensitive core was making your mind swirl as you let out a sinful moan when Jaebum’s tongue licked your slit roughly in one, long strip. before diving into your pussy.  He didn’t spare any mercy as he licks, sucks, and nips on your clit at a crazy rhythm, making your head fall back in extreme pleasure. When he placed his mouth on your clit and giving it a hard suck, you screamed his name out loud and grabbed Jaebum’s hair, pulling it slightly.

“I-I’m close, Jae.” You gasped as Jaebum inserted his tongue in your core, finding your sweet spot as he rams that spot over and over. His fingers found your clit again and began circling it the fastest way possible, pushing his in out as you felt a familiar pit in your stomach starting to build up. You grabbed Jaebum’s hair and pulled him closer to your pussy as you came undone, letting out multiple sinful moans that filled up the car. You grind your hips against his mouth as he continued to lap on your pussy until you were a squirming mess. Your head fell back onto the side of the windowsill as Jaebum pulled a away from you, putting your legs down from his shoulders.

“We’re not done yet, baby girl.” Jaebum’s hoarse voice said as he fiddled with his pants,  taking it off along with his boxers, revealing his huge member. You bit your lips as your insides curled at the sight of his cock. He kissed your lips before rubbing the head of his cock against your wetness. When he pressed his throbbing head on your sensitive clit, you moaned and he immediately swallowed it with his lips.

“Tell me what you want, baby girl, and I’ll give it to you.”  He growled as he brought his lips to your ear. He grind his cock against your clit once more, making you cry out.

“Please Jaebum, fuck me.” You whined as Jaebum teased his cock at your entrance. With Jaebum being completely satisfied with your answer, you felt his huge cock inside your entrance as you bit your lip. He slammed into you in one go, filling your tight walls to the hilt.  Your arousal made it easy for him to slide in.  He took a few seconds to recuperate the feeling of your walls swallowing his cock and he presses his forehead against yours. You wrapped your legs around his hips as he began to move in and out of you at a brisk pace.

“You’re so fucking tight, baby girl.” Jaebum groaned against your skin. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he buried his face against the crook of your neck, his hands settling at the windowsill of the car. With each thrust, he pushes harder and faster, making you see stars.  You would tighten against him from time to time, making him grip the side of the car tighter. He began ramming his cock in and out of you, making your breasts jiggle against his hard chest and the car shake. You bucked your hips harder against his fast thrusts until you were in the verge of your release. Your fingers slowly making their way down to your clit as you circle it to heighten your climax.  

“I’m cumming.” You moaned as you arched your back on the seat and continue circling that bundle of nerves between your legs.  

“Come for me, baby.”  Jaebum groaned and that was your undoing. Your orgasm hit your hard, making your mind blank, and your sight blurry. And just when you thought this was the end, Jaebum took his cock out and sat back on the seat, admiring your mess state he had put you in.

“Turn around, babe.” Jaebum demanded, “Grip the side of the car with your ass in the air.”

Knowing Jaebum, you had to obey his demands otherwise he could get angry. Complying with his needs, you moved from your position and obeyed what Jaebum said. Gripping the side of the car, you raised your bum in the air, giving Jaebum great access to your oversensitive pussy. You felt Jaebum grip your waist as He aligned his throbbing and hard dick against your hole making you moaned out loud. Your whole body trembled when he slammed into you and resumed fucking you harder than before. He set an unfathomable pace, sending you over the edge as you mumbled incoherent words out loud when Jaebum continued to hit that one spot in you with the head of his hard dick, his thick girth filling and stretching your still contracting walls.

“Fuck!” The gasp that just left your mouth is inhumane; making Jaebum’s dick throb inside you. He lifted your ass higher than earlier before pushing you against his dick, delivering, deep, short thrusts and your mind went blank, your mouth agape as you hit another mind-numbing peak. You clenched around his cock when you hit your second orgasm, your loud screams filling up the car. Jaebum finally stopped thrusting and pulled out of you with a loud grunt as he came all of over your ass.

“Holy shit.” He softly cursed as he laid back on the seat, trying to catch his breath. You, on the other hand, laid there on the the back seat, breathing heavily and tried to comprehend what had just happened between you and Jaebum. Who knew that this day would come when the hottest guy on campus fucked you in the car.

“Shall we continue this at my place?” Jaebum smirked as he began picking up the clothes.

“No, I have class tomorrow.” You sighed, finally catching your breath.

“At least stay with me tonight, please.” Jaebum begged as he leaned forwards to wipe the bead of sweat that fell from your forehead. You flashed him a smile before giving Jaebum a quick peck on the lips.



The Personal Doctor

A/N: I got a request that reader goes through a mouth surgery and Spencer is there to take care of her. I chose to make it that the reader got her wisdom teeth removed… this may or may not be based off of personal experience ;) Enjoy!!!


“Spence… I don’t think I can go through with this”

You were sitting in the waiting room of an orthopedic surgeon’s office – after many years of avoiding the dentist and ignoring his orders, your boyfriend Spencer finally forced you to go through with getting your wisdom teeth out.

Spencer rested his hand on your bouncing leg – a nervous tick you had – trying to calm you down.

“Y/N, you’ll be fine… this is a common procedure and I did extensive research on this clinic. You are going to do great” he gave you a reassuring smile.

“But… what if I get dry sockets? Or what if my teeth are so embedded in my jaw that when they dig them out it fractures my jaw? What if they accidentally nick my sinuses? What if –”

“I thought I told you not to Google wisdom teeth removal horror stories”

You looked up from your hands and smiled weakly at Spencer. He knew your tendency to overreact to the small things, but never ridiculed you for it. Instead, he embraced your every flaw and continually helped you through them.

Spencer moved his hand from your thigh to gently hold your hand. “Look, I’ll be waiting out here the whole time for you. I’ll take you home and feed you soup, ice cream, change your ice packs, give you pain meds… I’ll be like your own personal doctor”

“Finally, you live up to your title”

Spencer laughed at your jab at him. Right as he was about to tease you back, a nurse walked through the door that connected the waiting room and the surgery rooms.

“Miss Y/F/N Y/L/N?” she called as she looked at the chart in front of her.

You looked at Spencer with fearful eyes. He helped you stand up, then gave you a soft peck on the lips and a tight hug. “Everything will be fine, my love. I’ll see you when you get done. I love you”

Despite his comforting words, you were still feeling weak in the knees. “I love you too” you whispered back quietly as you began to walk towards the nurse that called your name.

You glanced behind you one last time to see that Spencer had sat down and already unfolded a book on his lap. He saw your glance and gave you a small wave and an encouraging smile. With that, you were on your way.

You sat in a small, brightly lit room and leaned back into the reclined chair. A couple of nurses swarmed around you and asked you copious amounts of questions. Before you knew it, the doctor came in and placed a mask full of gas over your nose and mouth, and poked a needle into your arm.

“Now Y/N, I’m going to count back from ten, okay? 10… 9… 8… 7…”

Suddenly feeling tired, your eyes drooped quickly into a deep, dreamless sleep.


“… And after an hour, feel free to remove the gauze from her mouth. It varies from patient to patient, but she will probably be hungry soon. Soups, puddings, jello –”


Had that shout come from you?

You were slumped in a chair next to Spencer. How had you gotten to that chair? The last thing you remembered was falling asleep in a completely different chair. You looked over to Spencer and smiled.

“Well look who’s awake?” Spencer smiled and smoothed your rat’s nest hair back.

You looked over to your doctor. “Yanno, Spencer here loves Jello. Specifically the red ones” you slurred then burst out into giggles.

Spencer and the doctor laughed, wrapped up your instructions, then helped you stand. Feeling a little wobbly, Spencer wrapped his arm around your waist and helped you the rest of the way out to his car. He helped you buckle your seatbelt, then off you went to your apartment.

You were sitting in the passenger seat of Spencer’s car when overwhelming emotion waved over you and you started crying.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” Spencer asked soothingly as he rubbed your arm.

Your sight became blurry from the tears. “It’s just… those teeth were my best friends. I’m never going to see them again. Me and them… the five best friends that anyone could have” you continued to sob.

Spencer attempted to stifle the laughs erupting from his chest. “Honey, the doctor saved your teeth and put them in a bag for you. They’re right here” he handed you a little baggie with four large, bloody teeth in it.

Your tears ceased and happiness spread across your face. “MY FRIENDS! I’m so happy your back! Don’t you dare leave me like that again… I was so worried” you garbled as the cotton stuffed in your mouth made you hard to understand.

Before Spencer could stop you, you had ripped open the baggie that contained your teeth and you were attempting to stuff them back where they came from.

“Oh god, Y/N, NO!” Spencer yelled. He pulled his car off to the side and whipped it into park. His hands flew inside your mouth before you could choke on your teeth or the gauze in your mouth.

He placed them back into the baggie and threw it into the back seat so you couldn’t reach it.

“Spenceeee… why would you do that! They wanted to come back into their home… who are you to deprive them of their home!” you shouted angrily.

“They can’t go back into your mouth, okay? They have to stay out” Spencer laughed as he fixed the ice pack on your head and put the gauze back in your mouth.

You rambled on and on about wanting your damn teeth back for the rest of the way home, crying and shouting in your delirious state. Luckily, Spencer was not hurt by your words – in fact, he couldn’t stop laughing at you.

Once you arrived home, Spencer helped you stumble into your apartment complex and up multiple flights of stairs.

He led you to your couch, where you tripped and fell right into the fluffy cushions unharmed. Before you knew it, you were fast asleep.


You woke up once again, but this time you were more aware of what was happening.

Glancing at your end table, you saw a large bouquet of flowers, you assumed were from Spencer and his co-workers.

Suddenly realizing the pain you were in, you groaned loudly and sat up. “I feel like a bus ran over my mouth” you mumbled, your voice being stifled by the ice pack wrap that was strapped around your head.

Spencer hurried over to you and smoothed your hair once again. He held out some water and pain medication, urging you to take it. As you took it, Spencer began to chuckle.

“What’s so funny?”

“Do you remember the car ride home by any chance?”

You shook your head. Spencer began to fill you in on how you were behaving – how you tried to put your teeth back in, sobbing because you missed your “friends”… he even said that at one point, you rolled down your window, screaming about how your mouth felt like you were eating a cloud.

You buried your face in your hands and began to laugh. “I was really hoping I would be one of those people who didn’t have an, erm… interesting wisdom teeth removal experience”

Spencer laughed as he held a glass of water up to your lips again and you took a drink. “Sorry you had to put up with me…” you chuckled.

Spencer laughed as well. “It was actually rather entertaining… I even got a little bit on film”

Embarrassment washed over you as you continued to laugh. “I can’t wait to watch it…”

Pain medication suddenly kicking in, your eyes began to droop once again. Spencer pulled the blanket that was draped over you up to your chin and tucked you in.

Right before you fell asleep for the third time that day, Spencer planted a soft, wet kiss on your forehead. “I’ll be right here when you wake up” he whispered.

Staying Up Late (Uberhaxornova x Reader)

I was lying alone on the bed, waiting for James to arrive. He left his keys at home so I had to stay up to open the door for him. It’s been six months since I’ve started living in his house. We weren’t dating or anything, he was just an old friend from school. I moved to Colorado, where my new job was at, and all of the apartments were pretty expensive, so I decided to live with him.

“James, hurry up.” I mumbled as I gripped the bed sheet, I was trying my best to  stay but I was failing. “(Your name)!”,  a familiar voice shouted from the front door. I quickly got out of the bed and made my way to the front door and opened it.

“What took you so long?” I said rubbing my eyes from exhaustion. “Yeah, sorry about that.” He apologized though it wasn’t a sincere one. I moved out of his way so  that he could get inside. “Mnn..okay.” I didn’t mind his reply. I was too tired to put up with him. “I’m going to bed.” I informed him but I was stopped by his hand which had grabbed on to mines. “What is it now, James?"I asked turning my attention to his face. 

"Thanks for waiting.” He said as I felt his warmth leave my body.“It’s no big deal.” I replied feeling a bit awkward from what just happened. “I appreciate what you’ve done.” he said as he had walked towards me and rested his head on my shoulder. “J-James?” I stuttered as I was a bit flustered on our current position.  As I was panicking a snore was coming out on my side, it seemed likehe fell asleep. I guess I can’t blame him. It IS hard to post videos everyday with all the recording and editing.  

“Geez, don’t just fall asleep while you’re talking to me.” I said under my breath as I tried my best to keep my balance. “Be quiet and give me a few more minutes.” He said as he buried more of his face on my shoulder. As much I liked the feeling of having him on my shoulder, my legs started to wobble which James had noticed. “Sorry.” He apologized as he moved back, making direct eye contact with me. 

I gazed into his brown eyes as he stared into mines. Tonight,  we were really tired and we just didn’t bother to talk about what had just happened. “Okay, goodnight James.” I said as I continued making my way towards my bedroom door. “Night.” He said from behind along with a thud. “James?” I quickly diverted my eyes towards him. His body was on the couch with his legs on the edge, about to fall. 

“If you’re really thankful then don’t give me a hard time.” I said as I pulled him out of the couch. “You’ll have a hard time recording tomorrow if you fall asleep on a cold place like this.” I tried reasoning out with him but it was useless so I sat down on the floor looking at his sleeping face.

“You’re really lucky that I can put up with you.” I said as I poked his cheeking hoping it would wake him up. “I guess that’s the reason why I love you.” He said waking up and sitting up from the couch. I didn’t really expect receiving my first confession like this. “What will  it take to make you go to your room?” I asked, worried about his work for tomorrow.

“Tuck me in.” He replied sounding like a child. I didn’t really bother to argue with him so I just nodded, realizing that his eyes sight might still be a bit blurry. “Okay, get up.” She said as she had stood up. “M'kay.” he said as he got up of the couch and went to his bedroom with me following him. As we got there he had laid down on the bed with me tucking him in. “Good night, Nova.” I addressed him as his youtube name. 

“Don’t fucking call me that.” he then closed his eyes as he was about to fall asleep.  He said as he sat up pulling me onto the bed falling on top of him. He wrapped his arms around my waist as he pulled me closer into a hug and before I could question him he had fallen asleep.  "What a smooth move.“ I said as I buried my face on his chest and joined him in his slumber.

my eyesight hasnt felt clear in a. long time. well its not blurry or anything, im not losing sight, i just… cant accurately control them and focus directly at things as well as i think i used to. and thats alright

Felicity Smoak, MIT class of ‘09. 


Imagine: Running (requested by anon) 


request: (Y/N) was taken to Neverland because her father abused and shouted at her. Peter promised her a better future but one day something really ticks him off and he starts to act like her father, she runs away but Peter catches her in the woods and… smut smut smut.

I pushed the front door open and ran out into the dark, tears started to form in my eyes as my sight got blurry, but I just went on, didn’t care, wanted to get out and away. As I ran through the streets, rounded corners and ran past houses, I thought about what had happened. My dad has always been aggressive and some kind of violent, but this time he’d really crossed the line. And this time I felt like I just couldn’t forgive him anymore. I was used to my dad being impulsive and overreactive but this time it had been way too much. I remember him shouting at me because I arrived 5 minutes later than we arranged. 

“Do you know what time it is?” He asked with a calm, scary voice, his smile almost insane. “Dad… It’s only five minutes, don’t you think you’re over…” While I was speaking he looked at me bug eyed and cut me off before I could finish my sentence. “Don’t.” He held up a hand right in front of my face. “I don’t wanna hear it. You’re not going out again. College is declined either, by the way.” I  looked at him in disbelief. “Are you serious, dad?! You can’t do this to me! My future depends on college!” I shouted, a big mistake. “Did you just…” He gave me a look which let goosebumps raise all over my skin. He moved closer and reached out a hand to touch my cheek. “Shout at me?” He reached out and then his hand went down on me. I was thrown backwards,  my head hit the wall behind me brutally. I could barely open my eyes, the light in the room felt like someone was stabbing out my eye. “I’m sorry.” I whispered. “I couldn’t hear you.” He complained ironically and this time his hand hit my ear which caused me to fall onto my side. I curled up, surrounded my legs with my arms and started to cry. “What on earth is wrong with you?” I shouted after a moment of silent crying. “What did I ever do to you?” I whispered. He paused and gave me an intensive look. “I never wanted kids.” He admitted emotionless. I opened my eyes, got onto my feet again and looked at him with as much hate as I could express within gaze and spat into his face. And then I ran.
Now I was sitting here, leaning against the wall of a house, in which probably a family was having dinner right now. I looked up and saw that two stars were shining brightly in the sky, strangely blinking at me, I frowned and turned my attention towards the window above, I saw that the lights were switched on. I could hear the family talk, laugh, even smell their food. It was something like… cinnamon? I quickly looked down to the floor, tears started to pour down my face again and I started sobbing, my head buried in my knees. Then suddenly something dusty and delicate started to rain down on me. At first I didn’t even notice that it was there but when it started to fill the air and finally reached my lungs I looked up. First I thought the kids from the house had heard me and now played a prank on me but when I saw no one, I turned my head straight ahead, and there he stood. A boy, handsome as hell, his eyes shining green like the deepest forest and his hair, dark brown like a trunk of a tree, also a little wavy and messed up as if a wind got up and messed around with it. The boy looked at me, interest was signing his features. “Who are you?” I asked him confused. “I’m Peter Pan.” He said smirking. “Wait, what? That’s impossible, Peter Pan is a fictional character and you’re a real boy.” I said slightly condescending. I really had no nerves for this. But the boy just gave me a sassy smile and started to lift from the ground. He actually flied, all alone, in the air! I looked at him bug eyed. “You believe me now?” And then I listened to him, and let him tell me stories about Neverland and the Lost Boys and I believed him. I believed he could make a better life possible for me. And he asked me to take his hand. And I did. Just when my dad was rounding the corner in search of me, I took Peter’s hand and he flew away with me, right towards the two stars that had been shining earlier, right towards the place where I would be safe, Neverland.

That was 2 weeks ago. Eversince I arrived here I felt accepted and wanted and never shut out. The Lost Boys told me a lot of stories about their adventures and their life before the Neverland. They always played stupid and especially dangerous games, they never said sorry and sometimes they could be very rude but still it felt like heaven for me. Everyone was holding together like a family. Finally I had one. Neverland was the place I could call home. Peter and I also got very close. We were somehow more than just friends. We used to hunt, collect firewood and so on. We also sometimes undertook the cooking task together. We simply had a lot of fun, but also Peter was the person I could always talk to, the person who felt responsible for me. He could sometimes be rude and aggressive too, but never really against me. Up to that day everything was totally fine between us. But then I accidentally arrived one hour late at camp, on top of that with one of the lost boys who were around my age. And Peter’s big problem has always been jealousy, I used to hang around with a lot of the Lost ones because Peter often was busy with protecting the island from intruders and other tasks, and the Lost Boys were the only friends I had. I didn’t even have a choice but hang around with boys all day. Peter, without saying a word, dragged me into his tent and threw me onto the armchair that was standing beside his bed. “Where the hell have you been?!” He shouted at me, which strongly reminded me of my dad, when he was angry at me. I felt anxiety form in my stomach. “Tell me!” He grabbed my arm violently when I didn’t answer. Seeing the anger in his eyes scared me so much I couldn’t talk. “What happened in the woods? Felix. Did he do something? Or did you maybe do something?” He asked still not loosening the grip from my wrist. “How do you dare, thinking something like that of me?” I asked disgust in my voice. “How I dare? Oh I really have no idea how I dare to say something like that.” He pulled me to my feet and looked me straight in the eyes. “Maybe because you were out in the woods, at night, with another boy?” I looked at him in disbelief. “Yeah that’s probably what happened, Peter.” I said condescendingly trying to get rid of his grip. He looked at me in disbelief for speaking up at him and then, the worst happened he raised his hand at me, but before he could touch anything with it I finally ridded him and ran out of the tent. Again tears poured down my face, making my sight blurry and unclear, I stumbled, branches scratched my face, leaving traces of blood and pain behind. I hid behind a tree, looking behind me checking if Peter had followed me. No one was there. I slowly felt relief washing through me, but when I turned back around Peter was standing right in front of me. I jerked and started to scream, but he silenced me by pressing his hand onto my mouth. “Shhh.” He simply said, moving closer and closer. “I let go, if you promise me to be quiet. If you scream again, bad things will happen to you…” He smirked playfully, as if he wasn’t serious about all this. I frowned and looked him straight in the eyes, there was a new expression there. “Do you understand?” He finally asked empathetically. I nodded. “Good.” Then his grip finally left my face. He moved closer  until his face was only inches away from mine. “Peter what are you-…” I started but he silenced me with a soft kiss. Butterflies exploded in my stomach. “Do you like what you feel?” He asked smirking pressing me against the tree. I nodded, unable to speak. Everything he said felt like a blur. And then he kissed me again, soft and cautious. His lips on mine, it felt unreal and I felt like wanting more of him. Wanting him to touch me, my body. “Do you want more?” He asked, probably noticing my excitement. I didn’t answer, I only wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down towards me. His lips crashed onto mine, my back hit the trunk of the tree as I ran my fingers through his hair. Everything felt so good, and so intensive, as if little flames were dancing on my skin. I quietly moaned. “More?” He snorted, mockingly raising his eyebrow at me and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt his strong arms holding me. “Peter.” I whispered in his ear. He started to kiss my neck, leaving hickeys all over it. He continued kissing me passionately, making me crazy. When my feet touched the ground again, Peter quickly grabbed my waist and pushed it against his own. I put my hands on his muscular chest, running my fingers down his belly until I finally reached the place I was heading for. He moaned into my ear and supported himself on the tree with both of his hands. “You’re not as innocent as I thought you’d be.” I smirked and started to stroke and scratch him through the material of his pants. I looked up at him and saw the lust in his eyes, then I went down to my knees and started to open at first his belt then the buttons of his jeans. I pulled both his jeans and boxers down and had a quick glance at him. “Damn.” I said bug eyed, then started to lick the top of him until I fully put him into my mouth. Meanwhile Peter messed up my hair. “God it feels so good.” He screamed. I continued for a while before he pulled me onto my feet again. “Now it’s my turn.” He said smirking also getting down to his knees. He pulled down my jeans and panties and started to kiss his way down my belly until he landed right on my clit with his wet and warm mouth. “God Peter!” I moaned while raking my fingers through his hair. He continued licking and sucking on it until he went on to my entrance. He licked it slowly, teasing me until he finally flicked his tongue into me. I threw my head backwards in complete excitement and begged him to continue. After a while he got up again and gave me a wet and juicy tongue kiss, while he simply sank into me. He was holding me tightly, as I moaned into the kiss. “Peter! Oh god!” I literally screamed. “You’re doing this so good.” I added smirking while he rolled his hips into mine over and over again. I felt a strange feeling form in my stomach as everything got better and better. He picked up the pace a little, making me scream even louder. “That’s my girl.” He whispered in my ear as he bit my ear lobe and parts of my neck. He started to get slower and more cautious, while he rubbed my clit gently. I moaned into his ear and hugged him tightly, feeling the warmth of his body, his chest pressed against mine. “I love you.” He whispered into my ear softly. “And I promise, I will never be like that again.” When I just wanted to say something he suddenly picked up the pace again, pushing harder and harder into me, almost pushing me over the edge. “Oh god! Be careful! I’m-…” Then he stopped looking at me with a sassy expression. “You’re what?” But before I could answer this question he started again and this time I couldn’t handle the pleasure anymore. “I’m coming!” I screamed as he pushed me against the tree over and over again. “Me too.” He whispered in my ear. And then I felt all of his cum flowing into me, which made my orgasm even better. I tightened my grip on his shoulder as the feeling started to fade away and the jerking of both of us stopped. He wrapped his strong arms around me tightly kissing the top of my head. “I love you too.” I said looking up at him. He smiled gently and kissed me again. “And I will never leave your side.” I added before Peter snapped us back into his tent, where we cuddled in bed the rest of the day.

Dear Anon! Hope this is what you wanted. If not please message me and I’ll change it for you:) Sorry if it’s a little long haha anyways hope you and everyone else enjoyed reading.


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"I'll get you a glass of water."

Windows turned around, seeing Fuchs standing in the door frame.
He need a few moments to realize that he just woke up from a nap, his sight was still a bit blurry.
“What happened? Why are you here Fuchs?”
He couldn’t really understand why Fuchs offered him a glass of water but he thought it was a nice of Fuchs.


on ao3 | sourin } post ep 10. they’re chilling in the hot tub at the hotel. chilling is used in the loosest sense of the word. rated t, approx 1.3k words, warnings for almost crying and angsty shit and a lot of kissing.

It’s quiet, the kind of quiet that comes when the rustling of daytime fades into evening, when evening fades into deep night, the kind of quiet where the gentle frothing of waves whitens into the background, lit into champagne, where flecks of foam drift momentarily in the air like stardust.

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To what extent can our brains manipulate what we see? Like, sometimes if I wake up in the morning, it'll look like my clock says 4 am, which means I can have an extra hour to sleep, when it was actually 5 am. Is that my brain manipulating what I see because I was tired, or was my sight just kind of messed up because I just woke up and my sight was blurry?

I don’t know if this is just me, but I will often dream that I am looking at my clock and that it says I have plenty of time to sleep, but I didn’t actually look at my clock. Is it possible that, when this happened, you were in fact not awake at all?

Hoping for tomorrow | Fire & Claire

Fire found himself sitting on a bench at the park. At this late hour the park was abandoned and for humans perhaps a place that felt unsafe. It was a dark night after all, but Fire was comforted by the silence and darkness. He held his hands together, fingers intertwined with each other. Breathing out, a cloud could be seen. The days were getting colder and colder. It was a perk for him to actually be able to control fire, with which heat came. And he was usually quite warm from himself anyway. 

While looking down to his hands he let go of the surroundings for a moment to get lost in thoughts. Unlike the great circumstances his life was in now: he missed home. Memories flashing of his best friend, his sort-off mother, his brother.. Let out the great landscapes, the people fooling around, the children of the group who must be growing to be adults now. It was hard sometimes. Fire left his home for safety, peace and happiness. But no matter how much misery his old life had brought, he was slowly figuring out the good stuff by far outweighed the bad stuff. Or well, now he had moved on from the bad stuff at least. 

Pain. Out of the nowhere a shot of pain went through his neck, his head responding soon after. He felt himself weaken and tried to look up, move up. But somewhere in between thinking and trying that he had passed out. He did not even feel his body crash to the cold grass. 

It was cold and dark and everything felt sore. Fire was fighting between reality and disorientation. For a moment he was unaware of what happened -and he could not know. But the sting in his neck came back as well as the passing out and he was not an idiot. He’d been drugged. 

He tried to open his eyes but it did not seem to work. Slowly his surroundings appeared in a blurry motion and he still did not know what had happened. He felt a cold vibe from the hard ground beneath him. And soon he understood he was sitting on a concrete floor. He clenched his jaw the moment he noticed he was unable to move his arms. It did not take him long to figure his hands were bound. He could not move his legs, not being able to set any power in that part of his body. A frustrated noise escaped his lips as he tried to release himself, but the incapability of throwing any power in his movements kept it from working out. And still he could not see. 

He knew his eyes were open, his blurry sight was fading but realizing it was just purely dark inside made him relax a little on his blindness. He sighed once more, trying to slow his heartbeat to a normal level as he sat there, on his knees, unable to do anything. When calmed down he made an attempt to shift his vision, but without success. His usual skill to change to his wolf vision and find more in the darkness was gone. He was powerless. 

There were no windows, because no light could get in from anywhere. And he made a quick assumption he was in some kind of basement. Alone. There were any thoughts running through his head as to who could be the cause of this, many people who would want to but only a few who could. And if that was the case, this could not be good. 

His father was one of them. But his father was more of big entrances and Fire knew this was not his style. But the black one, the black lord, would never enter this world and only take Fire. He’d kill the whole population in the process. Which left him to think there was no one who could pull this off. And yet someone did. But not many people knew of his powers. Or that was what he thought. Well, he’d soon know more. At least, if the plan was not to leave him rot in this place. 

My mother sat in her usual spot on the couch, watching god knows what on the TV. Today is Thanksgiving but most of my family couldn’t make it due to transport. You see my family are very supportive and caring about everything I do, but they hardly have any time to come see us.

“Mum, Do you have the keys to Grandma’s house?” I asked, as Shawn came and sat down next to me. My grandma passed away 3 years ago and I haven’t been in her house since. 

“Why do you ask?”  Her eyes never leaving the TV. 

“I… I want to go visit the house mum. I haven’t been in 3 years. ”

“Yeah there in my room. Hold on a second and I will get them.” I felt Shawn’s hand slip into mine’s and he caressed my skin.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” His soft voice whispered into my ear as his breathe blew onto my skin making me shiver.

“Yes.” Shawn sweetly smiled as he brought my hand up to his face and gently kissed it.

“Here you go sweetie.” My mother handed me the keys to grandma’s house, and me and Shawn both got up and left the house. My grandma only stayed down the road from me so it wasn’t that much of a walk. 

I opened the door and instantly smelled the scent of apples. I smiled as I remembered the first day she got it. Everything was just the way it was before she died. 

“You okay baby?” Shawn asked whole pulling me to his side, kissing the top of my head. 

“Yeah, thank you.” I let got of his grip and walked into the living room where all the pictures of the family were. The first picture that I seen when I walked in was one of me and her mid laughing while staring at each other. The memories were just as rived as they were 4 years ago. My sight became blurry as tears were slipping down from my eyes down my cheeks. And that was when the water works came. 

“Hey baby, come here.” Shawn cooed as he took the photo from my hands gently before wrapped his strong muscular arms around my body. “She will be so proud of you Maya. You’re so strong and I’m proud of you baby. You’ve got to continue making her smile okay? I love you so much Maya.” Shawn said as he rocked us both back and forth, humming a song I didn’t recognize. I felt safe and all my worries washed away when I was with Shawn. 

“I love you too Shawn. So so much.” Shawn tilted my head up to face him as his face moved closer to mines. Shawn’s lips connected with mines, softly but full of passion. I kissed back putting every single bit of love I had for him, as I am thankful for having him in my life.

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*KICKS DOWN YOUR DOOR* Hhere is a second title that could do with some fic-ing: "Hey, the Inside of this Trunk Sure is Dark"

man oh man, that sure is a title that bodes well for all participating characters!  no way this will end badly for anyone involved!

The car sped over a pothole, jolting everything in the vehicle upwards by about two inches. Under usual circumstances, that fact would have been negligible.

Unfortunately for him, two inches counted for… quite a bit when it came to small enclosed spaces. Especially one as small, as enclosed as - say, the trunk of a moving car.

…He wished he was being hypothetical.

The old man took in a quick breath as his right shoulder banged hard onto the inside of the trunk lid, sending a jolt of sudden pain through his body. With the slightest of hesitations, he opened his eyes and squinted into the darkness.

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Anya: The Fallen Angel

What started out as a normal day for all would soon turn to be the beginning of a new life. The sky seemed a bit gloomy, patches of clouds covering the sunshine. Despite the change of weather, people were just going about their day.

In the cloudy mess, a small opening gave way and revealed a path of light that touched the vast ocean and onto the beach. As if by fate, something forced people to clear away from that spot, as if they felt inferior. Only one woman stood, trying to take a few shots of the lovely sight. Just as the lense focused, she saw the blurry outline of a child’s body. An angel in fact was falling.