just a bit of pixie dust


 “I shall enjoy watching them weave magic on the field, day in day out, until one day we run out of pixie-dust-laced mazy dribbles and solo runs and eye-of-the-needle passes from nowhere that makes opposition defenders question their very existence.

Until that day comes, I plan to enjoy every ounce of magic this team has to offer, however sporadic or inconsistent, because once the stock runs out you are in for a rude awakening.

Until that day comes, I just wish for this team to grab even the little bits of silverware, as no matter how much they win it all feels inadequate to their stature.

And until that day comes, I shall forget the miseries of life for just 90 minutes, and tune in with a hopeful heart that can’t get enough of the sheer genius on display for 10+ years. There will be heartbreaks, there will be agony, there will be horrible defending and comical mistakes.

But above all, there will be gratitude.
For better, or for worse.”

Searching: Part 2

Summary: On each and everyone’s wrist, there is the name of both your soulmate and enemy. You discover that your wrists both say the same thing; a boy named Peter.


You couldn’t believe your ears. For a minute, you almost thought you misheard him. Could this boy be the one your meant for and the one who will bring your life come tumbling down? This handsome, devil of a boy couldn’t be the Peter that your wrists prophesied. Was that why he smiled as he looked at your wrists? When you looked quickly down at his wrists, you didn’t see any names. You felt your face fall a little, but you recovered when you saw the joy in his eyes.

“Well (Y/N), it’s very nice to meet you. I’m sorry for the Lost Boys, they can get a little carried away sometimes” he said smirking. “They just like to play games.”

“It’s ok. I just hope hope me being the only girl doesn’t make them want to willingly hand me over to some scary pirates.”

“ I won’t let them hurt you” Peter said, his face stone cold. You wanted to trust him so badly, but if this really was the Peter that would be your enemy, then you needed to keep your distance. 

“So, can you use some more of your magic to fly us back to that camp of yours?” You smirked. 

“Say no more.” Peter grabbed your waist and he flew you back to the camp, while you tried the whole flight to stop grinning like an idiot.


It been three weeks since you were brought to Neverland. They had been the best and worst three weeks of your life. The Lost Boys had accepted you as one of them, and some even considered you as a mother figure. You contributed to all the daily chores, and in return, the boys taught you all about the wildlife on the island. Everyone had truly accepted you as an equal, all except Peter. For the first two weeks, you felt like you two had gotten a lot closer. You even thought maybe he liked you, as more than just friends. But this past week, he had been acting rude to all the Lost Boys and you, especially. But finally you had had enough.

It was a hot, muggy day and the forest seemed to radiate heat for all sides. You and a group of the Lost Boys were out gathering fruits and plants for camp. Some of the younger boys had grown tired and sluggish because of the heat.

“(Y/N), I’m tireeeedddd.”

“Can you please take a break?” said Oliver, one of the littlest boys at camp. He had golden brown hair and green eyes that could melt your heart. Especially when he used those eyes to get what he wanted. You knew Peter would be mad that you guys were taking a break, but you pushed that thought to the back of your mind. You all deserved a break in this heat. And you exactly where to take the boys to have lots of fun.


As you arrived to the shore, you realized that this was one of the best ideas you had ever had. The sunshine sparkled on the water, and the water seemed to call your name. You picked Oliver up and threw him over your shoulder. He giggled and cried out in happiness.

“I’m gonna throw you in the water!!” You started giggling and ran into the water. You dove head first into the water, not caring about the clothes. The water felt cold upon your skin, and the warmth left your body. As you popped your head back, you saw the other Lost Boys splashing and playing in the water. This was the greatest idea! You swam back to shore, and sat on one of the rocks close to the water so that you could keep your feet in. You watched as Steven built a sand castle in the sand with Steven and Sebastian, the twins. Those three were your favorite out of the group and you couldn’t imagine your life without them.

“(Y/N), come build with us!”

“Yeah!! Pleeeeeaaasssseee!” You smiled and started towards the two boys when suddenly you saw Peter flying for the beach. And he did not look happy.

“What the hell is going on here?! You are all supposed to be working!” The littlest boys cowered in fear, and Oliver and the twins tried to hide behind your back. No matter what Peter did, no matter how badly he treated you, you would not let him treat your boys harshly. “Do I need to remind you who the ruler of this island is?” Peter said, grinding his teeth into a nasty grin.

“Peter, don’t hurt the Lost Boys. It was all my idea.”

“You stupid girl!” You grimaced when he called you stupid, but you couldn’t falter. Not in front of the boys. 

“I know that we were supposed to be working. But Oliver and some of the other boys were tired and couldn’t stand the heat. We needed a break.” You attempted to protect the rest of the boys with your body, though it was no use. If Peter had his mind set, he would stop at nothing. Peter Pan never fails.

“Of course you did! Look at you!” He said, a look of distaste in his eyes. As you eyed you up and down with disgust, you couldn’t take it anymore. The harassment, the torture, and certainly not him calling you fat. You couldn’t believe he would stoop to that level. As his eyes travelled up your body, he saw the pain and hurt in your eyes. 

He regretted it. He regretted ever hurting you. Though Peter would never say it aloud, he had loved you since the day you had come to the island. 

But what’s done is done. Before the tears could spill out of your eyes, you grabbed the little bit of pixie dust you had collected from the forest and sprinkled over you and the group of Lost Boys. In your head, you wished to be transported back to camp, and in a blink of an eye, you were there.

You let the Lost Boys run off and play in their tents. You just needed time to yourself, time to let out all the anger and sadness that you felt. But not in front of the boys. And certainly not in front of Oliver and the twins. 


As you packed up some food and water, you said goodbye to Oliver and the twins.

“You’re coming back, right (Y/N)?”

“Please don’t leave us. We love you,” said the twins, almost in tears. you gave them each a big hug.

“Of course. I’ll be back before you wake up. Now go play.” The twins tottered off, going to join the other boys in a game. “And as for you Oliver, I promise I will come back.” You couldn’t bear to leave him, but you needed to be alone. 

“Ok. I love you (Y/N).”

“I love you too Ollie” you said, kissing his little forehead.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed part two! I had such positivity for part one to make a part two. I plan on continuing to finish this little series, so if you guys like it, be sure to let me know! xoxoxo -Taylor

Pixie Dust - chapter 15

Last time, Neal had just turned up on Gold’s doorstep, much to Belle’s surprise.  It’s a bit weird writing a Christmas chapter when we’re almost into June, but enjoy the hints of food porn in the absence of any actual porn, because these two are still being dorks

Also fluff and Sprite do not mix - I may have to cause one of my other Golds some pain…

AO3 link

Belle shut the door behind Neal, and he eyed her curiously, the strap of the oversized rucksack over one shoulder.

“Alistair wasn’t expecting you until New Year,” she said.

“Oh yeah, change of plan,” he said.  “I guess I should have called…”

“Oh no, he’ll be so pleased to see you!” she assured him.  “Do you want to take your things upstairs?  Your room’s all ready.”

“Um - okay.”

He opened and closed his mouth for a moment, as though he was about to say something, but appeared to think better of it, and made his way up the stairs, feet thumping on the treads.  Belle went back into the kitchen, filling the kettle with water and switching it on before preparing a pot for tea.  She tried to call Gold, but he wasn’t answering, and she assumed he would be driving.  She then cut some bread and buttered it, listening to the thump of feet on the stairs again, and looked over her shoulder to see Neal hovering in the doorway.  There was Christmas music playing from the little radio that sat on the windowsill, and he was looking at the cookies and the bags of different coloured frosting next to them with an expression of good-natured bemusement.

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anonymous asked:

We’re characters at Disney World and I’mm Tinkerbell and you’re Peter Pan and you flirt with me shamelessly and I’m not 100% sure that it’s just for show anymore and it’s kinda my favorite part of the day help Can you just write this omf I don't care who I just wanna see this happen

((Bro I love this so much cuz I’m such a Disney freak, also I accidentally wrote this for Disneyland since I’ve never been to Disney World, sorry!))

You adjust the blonde wig on your head, making sure that all of your hair is tucked underneath it. Satisfied that you are presentable, you leave your changing room and walk through the Utilidor, meeting up with the cast member in charge of keeping you on schedule.

“Hey, Barb,” you greet as you walk up to the woman.

“Hey! You ready? You look so good!” Barbara exclaims, falling in step with you.

You chuckle, “I always look like this, Barb. This is my job.”

“Yeah, but you always look amazing as Tinkerbell!” Barbara pulls open the schedule on her tablet and starts reading it off to you, “So we’re gonna start in Pixie Hollow for thirty minutes to meet the kids. Ray is going to be there as Terrence and Mica as Iridessa. After that we’re gonna head over to Pirates of the Caribbean to meet up with Geoff as Hook and Jeremy as Smee. Finally, we’ll end up in the Hub where Michael is Peter Pan and then you’ve got a break before the next rotation. Tonight, since the forecast is clear and wind is slow, you’re gonna be flying at the end of the fireworks. Sound good?”

You nod, your face coloring slightly, “You said we’re meeting up with Michael?”

“Yeah, as Peter Pan. Jordan recently quit so Michaels our main Pan now. Haha, get it? Main pan? Sounds like main ‘man’?” You groan at Barbara’s lame pun, rolling your eyes in exasperation. The two of you ascend the stairs that take you into Pixie Hollow and you smile, relaxing your shoulders and adjusting your wings once more before stepping out into the photo/signing area. This is your favorite part of your job. You get to interact with all kinds of people as well as pretend you’re actually Tinkerbell as you joke around and play with the other actors. The thirty minutes passes very quickly and Barb clears a space around you so that the two of you can duck out, heading through the park to Pirates. The guests in line groan as you leave, but Ray and Mica remain to continue signing autographs. Multiple times on the way to Pirates of Caribbean you are stopped to take a quick photo or sign something and you can tell Barbara is getting irritated.

You greet Goeff and Jeremy with a, “Captain Hook and his right hand man, Smee! What have you done with Peter Pan?” Geoff launches immediately into his Captain Hook spiel and Jeremy stutters along. The three of you draw a crowd and are soon taking photos and signing more autographs. As the time grows closer to you heading to the Hub, your heart pounds harder and you grow more and more excited. Michael has been flirting with you, but it’s always when he’s in character so you’re not sure if it’s for show or not. However, it is a lot of fun so you look forward to it every time Michael is Pan.

“Avast! Mr. Smee, we need to be heading towards the Jolly Roger, our crew awaits us there so we can embark on a journey to Mermaid Lagoon!” You have to admit that Geoff is a fantastic Captain Hook and you wave them off as they head to the sailing ship Columbia.

You can’t keep a smile off your face as you and Barbara walk to the Hub, and your smile only grows when you see Michael/Peter lounging against a fence, his copper hair poking out from beneath his green cap and the freckles that dot his face making him look boyish. Gavin, another cast member, is nearby. He’s already signing things and taking photos with people when you walk over and when he spots you he lights up.

“Hey, Tink, where you been?” Michael greets you, throwing his arms open wide and grinning, “All these kids have been coming by and guess what? They want to come to Neverland with us!”

“Well, they need more than just pixie dust,” you point out, “Have they got any faith and trust?”

Michael pretends to think, “I know that I have faith and trust, and I’ve definitely got pixie dust. But what about you?” Michael gets down on the level of the little boy in front of him, “Do you have faith and trust?” The boy nods. “Well, then all you need now is a bit of pixie dust! You can find that all over the place, especially in Pixie Hollow.”

“What do you have faith and trust in?” the boy asks. Michael sits back on his heels.

“Hmm… Well I have faith that Tink will always be there for me. I can count on her for anything. I bet if I asked she’d even go on a date with me. Do you think so?” You raise an eyebrow, watching as the Michael whispers the last part.

“Yeah!” the kids exclaims, “Tinkerbell, Peter Pan wants to go on a date with you!”

“Does he now?” You smile coyly, perching on the fence and crossing your legs, “I don’t know if I want to. Especially since he has that Wendy thing.”

“Aw, Tink, don’t be like that!” Michael sits criss cross on the ground, looking at you with pleading eyes, “Don’t you remember? Wendy was just our mother and she went back to England anyway. I’d much rather go on a date with you.”

You look at the little boy, “What do you think? Should I say yes?”

The boy’s eyes widen as he is given the responsibility of getting Tinkerbell and Peter Pan on a date. He nods vigorously, “Yes. I think you should.”

“Well then it’s settled,” you smile, “Peter Pan if you were to ask me on a date I would most definitely say ‘yes’.”

Michael jumps up, crowing happily, “Gee whiz I’m the happiest guy alive!” The two of you continue to banter the rest of the time before your rotations are over, Gavin and Barbara herd the two of you into the Utilidor and you continue to joke around as you head back to your changing rooms. 

“Hey,” Michael says, placing a hand on your shoulder, “Did you mean what you said? That you’d go out with me if I asked?”

Your face colors slightly as a blush rises on your cheeks, “Uh, haha, yeah. I mean… don’t feel pressured to do anything or whatever. I just think you’re really cute and, uh, really nice and thought that maybe you were into me too because of all the flirting and-” Michael cuts your nervous rambling off with a kiss on the lips. You freeze, watching him with wide eyes as he pulls back. His face is flushed now too and a dorky smile matches his happy eyes.

“Are you free tonight?”

“After the fireworks, I am.”

Michael chuckles, “Do you maybe want to get dinner together?”

You smile happily, “I’d like that.”

Lost Girl - Peter Pan Imagine

Rating: PG

Warnings: mentions of kidnapping and fluff

Summary: A trip to London was an opportunity you did not want to pass up. Fortunately and unfortunately, you didn’t see much of London. Then again, what was any city compared to that of the land of dreams, Neverland.

Word Count: 2223

London was an amazing place. You were… some young age that you don’t remember anymore when your school offered a summer trip to London. The sights were breathtaking. The culture, wonderful. The city, inspiring.

You and the other participants were staying in an old corner house in Bloomsbury. The house was abandoned after World War II. The family probably went to the countryside. Because of this, the government used it to house foreign students. It was a brilliant opportunity and a beautiful house. Your bedroom, shared with two other girls, was your favorite room. Mostly because there was a beautiful window seat where you could peacefully watch the stars.


You sighed. “Yes, Miss?”

“Close that window. You don’t want to let the wind in and ruin that new lavender dress of yours.”

You turned around and faced your teacher. “Can’t we leave it a crack open?”

“Why would you request such a thing?”

You crawled into your bed and tucked yourself in. “I want to see the clear sky.”

“Tell you what. I’ll close it, but I won’t lock it. Would you be ok with that?”

You nodded. “Thank you.” You closed your eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep.

The clock struck midnight.

Someone pushed the window open. It wasn’t you. It wasn’t your teacher. It was someone with a hook for a hand. “This is it,” he whispered to his pirate crew. “That Jane girl must be here somewhere.”

A short, pudgy man with gray hair pointed at your roommate. “What about his one here, Cap’n?”

Hook-for-hand took one look at her and scoffed. “Smee, tell me. What is she wearing?”

“Uh… Uh… White, Cap’n!”

“And Jane wears…”

“Purple, Cap’n!”

Hook spoke slowly. “Then, find the girl. Who. Wears. Purple!”

“I found ‘er, Cap’n!”


“Right here.” The pirate pointed at your sleeping figure.

Hook’s lips curled into a devious smile. “Oh, Jane. Wake up. Someone’s back to see you.”

You heard something. But it was so far away, like you were underwater. You blinked, waking yourself up. “What is it?”

You gasped. Pirates! One with a sharp hook where his hand should be and several other shadows behind him.


Then, everything went black.

Next thing you know, you were on a beach. Tied to an anchor. You looked around frantically. Where were you? What had happened while you were asleep? While you were… You were knocked out!

“Hey!” you shouted. “Hey! Someone!”

“Shut your trap, Jane!” someone shouted.

“Jane?” You shook your head. “There must be a mistake. I’m not Jane!”

“Well, if you aren’t Jane, then why ya here?”

You groaned. these pirates were not that bright.

“He’s here! Pan’s here!”

The whole beach erupted.

That man with a hook for a hand sauntered up to you. “Well, Jane, I hope you learn your lesson.”

“I’m not Jane,” you explained. “So, if you don’t mind.” You pulled against the ropes.

“That won’t work, Jane. You have to be her.”

“And why’s that?”

He smirked. “Why, only Jane wears purple.”

You blinked. “I’m dreaming. That’s what’s going on. I am dreaming. Dreaming of dumb pirates, beautiful beaches, and a crow cawing.”

The pirate’s face fell. “A crow?”

“You don’t hear it?”

The caw of a crow echoed throughout the island.

“That crow,” you explained with a laugh.

The captain growled. “Put a bag over her. I don’t like Jane’s voice.”

“I’m not Jane!”

Someone pulled a bag over your head. You tried to get it off yourself, rubbing your head against the anchor and shrinking. However, it didn’t do much.

“Come at me, Codfish!” A boy, you knew. “Come on, boys! I’ve seen a walking fish!”

Laughter. Kid’s laughter.

“Good one, Peter!”

“Ha! A walking fish!”

Then, Hook’s voice cut through the boys’ laughter. “Oh, Peter! We found some treasure for you.”

“And you wanna share? How nice! What is it?”

“A certain…” You could practically hear the old pirate smirk. “Lost Girl?”

“Jane? Let her go now, Hook!”

There was cheering of boys. There was shouting of pirates. There was clanging of swords.

Suddenly, you were lifted into the air.

You did what any normal girl would do. You screamed.

“Calm down, Lost Girl! It’s Peter.”

Light flooded your vision. You squirmed and tried your best to escape your captor.

Then, he gasped. And the arms that held you disappeared.

You screamed, feeling your stomach drop and air hit every part of your body. The ocean was beneath you. That was it. You were going to wake up, and you were going to be in your bed.

But, nothing happened. Arms engulfed you again. “Gotcha!”

With no distractions, you were finally able to open your eyes. Light blinded you once again, but then… It started to come into focus. A boy. A boy with reddish hair and brown eyes. Pointy ears?

“You’re not Jane.”

You laughed. “I know. And you’re not real.”

“Not real?” The boy seemed to take a second to ponder this. “You sure sound like the old Jane!” He laughed and set you down on the beach. “So, old Jane, how’d you like to get a tour of Neverland from Peter Pan himself?”

He threw out his arms and jumped off the rock, flying and circling in the air.

It almost made you dizzy. “Neverland? Why would I name this place Neverland?”

“Ha!” He zoomed in close to you so that his nose was just touching yours. “You’re funny, Ole Jane.”

You swatted him away from you. “My name’s not Jane. I’m (Y/n), (Y/n) (Y/l/n).”

Peter tilted his head and crossed his legs as if he was sitting in the sky. “That’s a funny name, (Y/n) (Y/n).”

You opened your mouth to correct him, but the boy seemed very proud of himself for listening to you. You had another question anyway. “How are you doing that?”

“Doing what?”


“You don’t know how to fly?” Peter Pan exclaimed. “It’s so easy! Easier than pie!”

You crossed your arms and teased, “Well if it’s so easy, why don’t you teach me?”

“Great idea, Old Jane!”

“I told you my name’s-”

Peter grabbed your hand and threw you on his back. “Come on! We’ve got a lot to do before it gets dark!”

You squealed and held on tightly. You closed your eyes, feeling the wind whip your dress carelessly. Your stomach must’ve dropped several feet, because you felt the need to scream and hold on even tighter.

“Careful, girlie. You don’t wanna strangle your knight in shining armor.”

“Who said I needed one!” you screamed into his shirt.

“Sorry, can’t hear you! You can thank me when we land!”

You wanted to scoff, but the emptiness in your stomach prevented you from doing so.

Suddenly, the boy started speaking, but not to you. It was followed by a jingling of bells. “Hey, Tink. What are you talking about? (Y/n) loves flying! See- oh.”

The wind stopped.

“(Y/n)… you ok?”

You opened one eye slowly. Peter Pan was staring at you, worry shining in his eyes.

You gasped. The worry in his eyes was so overwhelming. You’ve never seen anyone look at anyone like how he was gazing at you. This couldn’t be a dream. If you’ve never seen that look, how could you ever dream it?


You blinked. “Just a bit… dizzy. I’ve never flown before.”

Peter’s sad frown and worried eyes immediately changed to an expression of childish hope and joy. “Well, in order to get over the fear of flying, you need to fly. It’s simple, really. Faith, trust, and pixie dust. that’s all you need. That’s why Tink is here to help!”

A ball of light appeared next to him. You blinked and used one hand to rub your eyes. It wasn’t just a ball of light. It was a person! … A tiny person with wings. “A fairy?” You gasped.

Peter laughed. “You look as if you’ve never seen one before.” He turned to the little lady, fairy, and instructed, “Let ‘er rip, Tink!”

Tinker Bell zoomed right to you and stopped in front of your eyes. She was beautiful and seemingly angry. Then, she jingled. and looked at Peter.

“Come on, Tinker Bell. Or I might just have to shake you.”

Tinker Belle huffed. She spun around above your head, showering you with pixie dust. She wasn’t stopping any time soon.

“That’s enough, Tink,” Peter laughed.

Tinker Bell narrowed her eyes and threw another ball of pixie dust at your head.

You closed your eyes and tried to wipe off all the excess dust on your face.

Peter smiled. “Now, think of a happy thought.”

“A happy thought?”

“Any happy thought! For Wendy, it was Mermaid Lagoon. John, the pirate’s cave. And Michael thought of being an Indian Brave.”

You tilted your head and closed your eyes. Your happiest thought made you smile. “Ok, I think I have it.”

Peter smiled. “Then, let go.”


“Let go, or I’ll do it for you,” he taunted.


Too late. He let you go.

You closed your eyes. Fear gutted you, and there was no air in your lungs.

Peter sputtered out a laugh. “Open your eyes, girlie.”

You slowly but surely did. You were flying! You were floating! All on your own!

You laughed and spun in the air. It felt so freeing. You didn’t have to rely on the ground. it was just you and the open sky. “Woohoo!”, you sang out, turning and twisting through the air.

Peter was beside you, laughing. “There you go, (Y/n)! That’s how you fly!”

You smiled. Then, you smirked. “Bet you can’t catch me.”

Peter blinked, obviously surprised by your challenge. Then, he smiled. “Ha! You think you can beat me? I am, clearly, the more experienced one.” He laid down on the air, placing his arms behind his head.

You stopped, propped your head on your hands, and rested your hands on Peter’s chest. “Well, scaredy-cat, are you saying no race?”

Peter’s jaw dropped. He flew out from under and flexed his muscles. “You are talking to Little Flying Eagle here. And Little Flying Eagle never backs down!”

“Then…” You bit your lip. “Let’s fly!” You sped off with your arms outstretched and a smile on your face.

“Hey!” Peter complained. He flew after you.

You, to be honest, forgot about the race. You were just flying, soaring over the island of Neverland. You flew through rainbows and bounced on cotton candy clouds. You touched the clear blue waters and danced under the snow clouds.

In all the fun you were having, you didn’t notice the Indian’s totem pole in front of you.


You gasped. You stared right into the face of a colorful bear. And Peter was behind you, one hand on your hip and the other holding your shoulder. His chest was not touching your back. It was close enough, however, that you could feel the heat coming from his body and his chest moving up and down as he breathed.

“Thanks,” you muttered, out of breath.

“No problem, (Y/n).”

Suddenly, Tinker Bell appeared beside the two of you. She pulled you away from Peter and floated in front of him, jingling frantically.

“Woah, Tink. The boys? Nearing sunset? Already?” Peter tilted his head and stared at the sun. “Oh.” He faced the fairy again. “Lost track of time, then. But, we can still get back in time!” He pulled your arm and flew. “Come on!”

Nights turned into moons. Soon, you had forgotten about London. About your old house. You lived in Neverland, the land of dreams. You had a family. You were a mother, a sister. And soon…

“You’ve earned it.” Peter hands you a lion’s hood. “Lost Girl.”

You blinked. You reached out to touch it, then you hesitated. “Really, Peter? Ya mean it?”

“Of course I do!” He beamed and insisted. “You’re one of us now, (Y/n).”

The Lost Boys cheered and jumped off the walls.

You laughed as one of the twins jumped on you. You held onto him and threw your head back with a joyful cry. “I’m a Lost Girl, boys!” You took the hood from Peter and ut it over your head. “Now, let’s go on an adventure!” You pulled out your machete and cheered with the boys.

Peter smiled. He flew above all of you. “Tink, let’s go!”

TinkerBell zoomed out of her room. She smiled at you, hitting you with her signature pixie dust ball before sprinkling the boys with the magical dust.

“You’ll pay for that, Tinker Bell!” you joked.

Tinker Bell just smirked and floated above your shoulder.

Peter raised his dagger. “All right, Lost Boys.” He bowed to you. “And Girl. Let’s go find some fun!”

“Yeah!” you all answered back with a cheer. The boys flew out first. Peter stayed behind and stared at you. “You coming, girlie?”

You floated to him. “Of course, I am. I am a Lost Girl after all.”

Peter laughed. “Then, Lost Girl, it would be an honor,” he bowed low and held out his hand, “to aid you in your next trip.”

You grinned. “Why, the pleasure’s all mine, Boy.” With that, You accepted his outstretched hand, and the two of you soared into the Neverland sky, looking for a new adventure.

Hello, everyone! Hope you like this one. I made it extra long because Peter Pan from Disney doesn’t have many imagines. All he has is fanfics about Wendy. A few with Jane. I think I found one with reader, but that’s one. It wasn’t even on tumblr. But, I hope this can be good enough to represent!

Have a great night everyone! Now, I need to catch up on math… Wish me luck!


I blew 2/3 of my babysitting money (basically, most of my money for like a month. I’m a dumbass. [I promise I will get more for my trip, Sass, I promise *sobs*]) on dice, so I figured I might as well show ‘em off. 

(I’m in a giddy mood, so read the captions if you’re up for my brand of humor/rambling. Also, more explanations and hilarious dice babbling under the jump-cut.)

The shiny ones are my new main dice set, along with the “metal” ones I guess. The metallic ones are actually metal-plated, but they’re hella so I laid down the dough. Srsly, tho, can’t wait to use them in a game. (I should also put metal dice on my wishlist omg.) 

Omg I also got a bunch of teeny tiny dice. The pastel ones and the sparkly ones sitting on the burlap-y bag (it’s actually hemp, but it reminds me of the burlap on those homonculi from the movie “9”, so ye, my fave thing tbh) are SO SMALL, like, dime-sized, srsly, and they are such adorable fuckers. I have dubbed them dicelings.

Additionally, I’m stoked about the cool stick-dice thing. I still don’t know it’s merits as opposed to a regular ol’ dodecahedron die, but I wanted at least one. I’ll prolly be back for more. Oh, and I guess I know have another store to fuel my dice addiction. (I love Black and Read so hard, they have SO MANY SELECTIONS, but I love my local store, Adventurer’s Quarter, and I’d hate to see them leave, so…*aggressively throws my money at my favorite local businesses and makers*)

Oh, and btw my mom, after MONTHS of me buying dice to add to my hoard, still had no clue what they were for and legit asked if they were “magic dice” (a.k.a. are they used for witchcraft [she’s been antsy ever since I started collecting stones and using them for some measure of spiritual healing]). I ended up having to explain to her what an actual nerd her offspring is, and go through the many delightful uses of dice in RPGs and table-top gaming. She was honestly quite fascinated. 


All they took was faith and trust! Oh! And just a little bit of pixie dust!
DIY Tinkerbell/Fairy Wing Details

First of all, these wings would not have been possible if it wasn’t for my Dad. My Dad is an amazingly talented welder and after I designed these wings he put in all the hard work to make them look incredible! I’m not going to go into the detail of how he made them, but suffice it to say, the fact that these are made out of TITANIUM is pretty damn awesome! This means that they are super light but also really strong making them very easy to wear and transport.

You can see the early start of these wings laid out on the floor, from there my dad welded me a back brace designed to stick down the back of my dress/top that holds these wings in place with no strings attached ;)

Once the wings themselves were fully constructed I spray painted them with glitter blue, silver and pink to give them more of a magical look, and then covered them with two layers of cellophane, one clear and one iridescent. You can see how I lay them out on an ironing board (iridescent layer on the outside) and then cut them to shape. I used a spray adhesive between the two sheets to ensure they stuck really well together and then cut both sheets to about 0.5cm away from the frame.

Once both wings were fully covered it was hot glue time. I had mixed success with ‘heat sealing’ the cellophane I used (sticking/melting the cellophane edges using a flame) so instead I folded down the excess cellophane and glued it into place around the frame, which was not as nice looking but relatively easy. 

You can see how thin the frame is compared to my fingers (and I have tiny stick fingers too) as well as how far out the back brace is from the frame. To give the wings some extra support there is one thin piece of titanium that goes OVER the top of my tinker bell dress. This is hardy noticeable, but to help make it blend in even more I’ll be covering it in matching fabric so only those with eagle-eyes will see it.

I’m so, so happy with how these wings turned out, especially with how they look when they’re on and in natural light because the iridescent cellophane throws colour beautifully and I can’t wait to wear them as much as possible! 

“The moral of the show is that EVERYONE deserves love and sympathy!!! Even racists and colonizers and dictators!!!” No they don’t and shut up

If this is the message people are taking away from su then su needs to seriously rework its.message. not everyone can change their harmful views with a bit of faith love and pixie dust because that’s literally not how the world works. Sometimes when people are horrible to other people they just need to be told to fucking STOP and maybe given a kick to the ass because not everyone can wait around and put in the energy for their oppressors to have a change of heart!!

Stage Left - A Robbie Kay x Reader Imagine - Part 1

Hello lovely humans! So as we all know I am absolute trash for Robbie Kay because he is an adorable cinn bon roll that is too perfect. Anyways I started to write this fic and I was really digging it. So I hope that you guys like it as well! 

Also!  I am currently taking requests for Musical/ song themed imagines. So If you want me to write you a story based on your favorite song please please please send me the song title, who its by and what character or person you want me to write about in my ask box! It would mean the world to me plus I think it would be really fun!

Part two

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There’s still the feeling of something foreign in all this; in the dimly lit and dust-drowned taverns and the creaking signs swinging above heavy oaken doors; in the happy crackling fires and glinting embers and dark drapey cloaks; in the hazy pubs and lazy wands flicked for mugs and coins, the lively chatter of some and the tight whispering of most, as if every breath was a secret and every crumb of cake and sip of liquor a treasure to guard.

It feels like stepping into one of the books back at the old library - well-worn and best-loved and rimmed with faded gilt, the pages strong enough to hold world and wonders and carry so many young hearts, and yet fragile enough that they had to be kept from coming apart for too many worshipping hands - and the child curled up at the bottom of Credence’s heart still holds his breath every time.

It’s in one of those ancient-flavoured, smoky-looking pubs that a frothing pint of something is first set before him by a snorting waiter, seemingly offended by the excited twinkle in Newt’s eyes taking him in from across the table.

Credence’s eyebrows arch. The liquid in his mug glints golden like pixie dust, topped with a foamy little cloud slowly bubbling down over the side and old Merlin be blessed, his fingertips itch to touch it.

“What’s this?” He asks Newt’s wide, sparkling eyes and they’re smiling before Newt’s lips can even perk up.

“Butterbeer,” he all but chirps, ginger hair a charming mess and on his lips a grin that begs to be kissed. “It’s nice and hot,” he attempts a wink here, freckled nose crinkling most delightfully, “try it.”

Credence’s fingers curl around the mug, just shy of the sticky bits, and warmth seeps in instantly, trailing goosebumps on his forearms. He brings the drink to his lips and blows gently on the surface, causing the froth to dance and part around ghostly wisps of vapour.

The scent rising from the golden depths is sweet and buttery, like Queenie’s cookies were when she and Jacob last came to visit with their own Newt-approved case of wonders, and it makes Credence’s mouth water.

He meets Newt’s gaze over the brim of the pint and the wizard absent-mindedly licks his own lips, pink on softer pink, moist on dry, ready to open up again in a white-toothed smile.

“It’s good, I promise.”

And Credence trusts him, because why on earth wouldn’t he, and because it’s still the easiest thing he’s ever done in his long, long twenty years.

He takes a sip and after the ticklish foam, in rushes the warm, thick mouthful of Butterbeer and oh, it’s rich and sugary and heat spreads like wildfire in Credence’s limbs, down to the very pit of his stomach, bringing tingles to the nape of his neck. He finds himself completely drawn in, eyes shut and lips latching on - and whatever this stuff is, it tastes exactly like what Credence imagines childhoods are supposed to be, happy and sun-kissed and bursting with life and flavour, and it burns just a little bit in the back of his throat.

His eyes flutter open after the second- the third sip, his body blissfully heavy, his cheeks blissfully hot. He finds Newt’s gaze never left him, and Credence’s heart beats with the sweet thrill of it.

“Is it good?” His companion asks, delight hidden in the corner of his mouth - a spark lit in his amber eyes, dark, adoring - and young Mr. Barebone knows that he’ll never get used to this.

Sure, he can get used to slobbery graphorn kisses and surprise Douglas hugs and the tickle of his silver fuzz shoved up his nostrils, why not. He can get used to Pickett’s goodnight smooches and his cuddle-demanding squees in the morning, and actually anticipate them; he can even get used to dragon eggs hatching in the most inconvenient of places and setting a good half of his and Newt’s pockets on fire, but this? He’ll never get used to this. To Newt looking at him as if the world’s biggest wonders were all held in the palm of Credence’s hand, etched in the delicate handicraft of his features. Oh, never.

He swallows thickly then, the aftertaste of Butterbeer still fuzzy and lingering on his tongue like a binding spell.

Delicious,” he croaks at last, his voice a hoarse murmur, and the all-encompassing weight of Newt’s gaze is so vivid on his lips, Credence could swear they just kissed without so much as a touch.


Part 1

Part 2

Once Peter made sure that the Gladers were out of hearing distance, he turned to you, a bit unsure of what to say. He wanted you to stay and be with him. “So, how did they get here?” Peter decided to ask.

“I don’t know,” you replied, “But isn’t it great? We can stay here.” Letting the happiness get the best of you, you hugged Peter. He froze at first and then wrapped his strong arms around you.

You pulled away from the hug. Peter could only marvel your beauty. He thought that he had seen all of what the world had to offer, yet there you were.

“So is touring the island still the plan?” He asked hopefully.

You smiled warmly. “Of course. The boys should sleep a bit before dinner.” The two of you began walking. Now that your boyfriend was on the island, Peter refrained from holding your hand. He stared at you and your beauty, subconsciously knowing that you might be leaving soon.

Newt gritted his teeth. The whole situation was bothering him. “I can’t bloody believe this,” he stated.

Some of the Lost Boys had left them in the cages. “Yeah,” Thomas agreed, “Where’s Y/N?”

“Probably with Peter Pan,” Newt said bitterly. He didn’t like how the two of you were already close.

Minho saw his jealousy and reassured, “Newt, don’t worry. Y/N loves you.” Newt looked at the bottom of the cage for a few seconds before nodding.

The island was amazing. Newt would love to see more of it, but they had to get back to the rest of the Gladers and find Teresa. Thomas obviously wasn’t fond of the distance from her.

In the distance, the Gladers could hear Peter’s voice. “Slightly, where did you put the boys?”

Slightly, the Lost Boy who had put them in the cage, answered, “Put them in the cages, Pan!”

“What?” You asked and Newt’s hopes rose.

“I didn’t tell you to put them in cages!” Peter reprimanded, “Get them out of there this instant.” A few seconds later, the Lost Boy followed by you and Peter, let the Gladers down.

“I’m so sorry, Newt,” you apologized and hugged him. He hugged you back, whispering, “It’s alright, love.”

For the first time since the Maze, you had looked over him to see if there were any serious injuries. Your fingers trailed over the cut under his eye softly. Guilt flashed in your eyes. You haven’t helped him. Seeing your guilt, Newt quickly kissed your cheek and whispered in your ear, “We’re alright. I promise.”

Peter looked at the two of you. He had only known you a week or so and Newt has known you for two years. Even if he did ask you to stay on Neverland, you would go with Newt. You would go with Newt to the end of the world.

“Um, it’s time for supper,” Peter cleared his throat. You, after checking Thomas and Minho as well, nodded and took Newt’s hand. Peter looked away, a small ache settling in his chest.

Thomas and Minho had gotten on well with the other Lost Boys while Peter subtly stared at you and Newt from across the fire. He saw you glance over to him, talk to Newt, and walk over. “Hello, Peter,” you greeted formally. You used to have some doubts about leaving, but it wasn’t the time to be selfish.

“I suppose this is your goodbye,” he stated awkwardly, looking at the ground.

You nodded. “Peter, I can’t thank you enough for saving me and bringing me here. I had so much fun, but my friends need me and-”

Peter finished, “And you love him.” It wasn’t a question. He knew what you were going to say. “You both look so adorable,” he teased a bit.

Laughing a bit, you hugged him. Normally, Peter’s heart rate would increase, but he knew that it was a friendly hug, one you would give to Thomas or Minho. Instead of thinking about it, he hugged you back. You brought him back and he saved you. There would always be a special place in your and Peter’s hearts for the both of you, no matter what.

After supper, you, Newt, Thomas, and Minho met Peter at the beach. He held a vial of pixie dust and sprinkled it over all of you. With his help, the four of you were flying.

Newt clutched your hand, making you giggle at his embarrassed facial expression. His eyes lit up as the sky changed. Once they were back at the facility, Peter turned to you. He smiled a little, knowing that you’d be happy with Newt. “Stay safe,” he warned, glancing around, “The world has definitely changed since I was here.” He looked at the vial in his hands. “Here. Just in case you want to come back.” Peter gave you the vial of pixie dust.

“It’s just the second star to the right,” he pointed to the sky. You smiled in thanks.

Newt said, “Thank you for taking care of us.” Peter nodded in reply.

“I really liked the island,” Minho added, not really knowing what to say.

Thomas agreed, “Very island-y.” Peter raised an eyebrow at that, but nodded again.

“Thank you again, Peter Pan,” you repeated.

“As long as you believe in me, Y/N Y/L/N.” With that, he flew off, into the night sky.

“Thomas, what are you doing?” You asked when you saw him holding a gun towards Newt. Thomas ran out of the van to him. After finding out he wasn’t immune, he went to the Crank Palace. This was the first time you were seeing him and Thomas had a gun.

He didn’t say anything to you, but Thomas pleaded with Newt, “I can’t, Newt, I cant.”

“Make amends! Repent for what you did!” His breath slowed down, as if he had completely given up. You looked at him with sad eyes. Newt didn’t want you to see him like this. “I’m a Crank. We tried to kill Y/N.”

“Don’t you dare say that!” You yelled, “It wasn’t you. You-”

“I couldn’t even save you!” He didn’t have to say the name, but you both knew who he was talking about. The anger returned to his eyes. “Kill me or I’ll kill you! Kill me! Do it!”

“Newt-” you tried again.

All of his rage and hopelessness poured into the two words. “KILL ME!” You and Thomas were silent and Newt saw what he managed to do. He managed to scare you. His last bit of sanity returned to his eyes and he said in his normal voice, “Please, Tommy, please.”

Thomas looked at you. Your eyes were full of tears, but you nodded. Newt was basically already dead. He wasn’t himself. You don’t know if you could live knowing that he was walking around in pain.

He nodded carefully and raised his gun. Newt tried to hold onto the little sanity he had. He wanted to be himself for his last moments. He wanted to be the person that you fell in love with.

The gunshot made you cry out. Newt dropped to the ground, dead. Tears streamed down your face as Thomas comforted you.

That night was hard to sleep. Your tears made the pillow wet and uncomfortable. A familiar green light filled the room. The boy that you haven’t seen since the WCKD facility appeared. “Go away, Peter.”

He put a hand on your shoulder. “I know about Newt.”

His name made you start crying again. Peter wrapped his arms around you comfortingly. Once you had calmed down a bit, he proposed, “You could come back to Neverland. You were happy there.”


“Please, Y/N,” he pleaded, “I hate to see you unhappy.”

“Peter, I’d never die on Neverland,” you rushed to correct yourself when you saw his face, “I don’t want to die now, but if I’m only going to be able to see Newt then, I will gladly wait.”

He looked at his feet. “Would I not be enough for you?”

“Newt was there when I had no memories,” you tried to explain, “He has saved me so many times, but not just from danger. He saved me by just being him. I might be sad now, but I know he wants me to move on until I join him. Peter, he’s the one.” You remembered the term. “There’s a better chance of surviving here then to find the one.”

Peter’s eyes glistened a bit, but he didn’t cry. “So I’ll never see you again.”

“If you come again, I might just change my mind,” you admitted, “But I don’t want that. Can you please respect my choice?”

He nodded and turned to go away before turning again. “Even if you don’t use the pixie dust to return to Neverland, you can still use it to make traveling easier. Goodbye, Lost Girl.”

“Goodbye, Peter Pan.” With that, you went to sleep with no dreams.

Minho and Thomas approached you the next day. “Listen, Y/N, we want you to be happy,” Minho started, “And if going back to Neverland will do that, well…”

“We want what’s best for you,” Thomas finished.

You smiled a little. “I’m not going anywhere,” you promised, “I’m here with my best friends.” You hugged them both.

“I hope you made the right choice,” he muttered.

“I know I did,” you reassured.

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fave anon again: you know that scene from community where the guy comes back with the pizza and everything is on fire and there's screaming and an ambulance is on its way? that, but with the gang. (bonus points if it ends with a kiss)

Jack left for ten minutes. Ten minutes. Six hundred seconds. Just long enough to hop in the car and pick up the pizza from just down the road. There is no way that is a large enough period of time for all of this to happen.

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....a very late edition of...you know what.....SUNDAY RECS 😉😉

….in my defense, I had work today and yesterday I was in the worst funkiest funk :| not fun, crying at the drop of a hat kind of day, so nah, I’d rather do this today!

Like always y’all get ALL the Thank Yous in the world for your works! You are awesome and make days a little bit brighter with each fic :)

  • Sleep - @mossandmushroom
    Domestic CS. Set post-s5. This is such a sweet thing, short and sweet, aka perfection!  It’s such a sweet little glimpse at their future, it’s hopeful without it being overly mushy or, corny, or anything, it just is what is, and the aftertaste after reading it is one of my favorite things. At the end, you just get this feeling that no matter what, they are going to be okay, and that’s just fantastic.
  • Unexpected Romance  - @firstbeanstalk
    This is a bit of a S6 six spec little one shot, but truly is just the most adorable little CS quiet moment. Just them, enjoying one another. If love was a fic, then this one shot would be it. We have a bit of a blackout situation, and Killian, Gosh, he’s the most adoring, reassuring nugget in this fic (which in my book is one of his most canon qualities regarding Emma, so yes, it was SO GOOD) —there is mention of sexy times without it getting too explicit at all, which is just lovely. The emotions though, the author didn’t hold back! Again, this felt like a very hopeful thing, I loved that.
  • Mahstatins’s 31 Days of Positivity@mahstatins
    Honestly, I’m just going to rec HER and each and every one of the dabbles she’s written for this meme! THEY ARE LOVELY, I drafted to rec’ Beauty + Trust + Save, but truly, all of them are incredibly little bits packed with all of the feels! READ THE DRABBLES! 
  • Cutieodonoghue’s everybitoffluffyheaven (?) – @cutieodonoghue
    Another bundle rec, but truly, I read one of her newer works this week, but was aching for more, so I ended up in her Daddy!Killian tag, I think, and yeah, well, the rest is history….here it goes,

  • i get to love youIt’s Easter time in the Swan-Jones household, and their itty baby mini me is about 6months, and there are onesies with baby chicks on them (I KNOW!) and little cute bunny rabbits, and baby snuggles, and yeah, I’m trash, THIS is SO lovely! You should read it if you haven’t already! SO CUTE!!
  • in my heart reconcile all the darkness and lightanother fluffy baby bit paired with baby snuggles and midnight quiet conversations in the dark! It’s hopeful, and about healing and moving on. Super short, but so cute!
  •  singingWe all know Colin can carry a tune, so picturing Killian doing so isn’t that hard, is it? It’s ADORABLE let me tell ya! We have Emma catching Killian in the midst of a ‘performance’ to their daughter, and there’s so much happiness, and cuteness, and family singing and dancing! SO CUTE!
  • Every Letter @bleebug
    *I SIGH* *DEEPLY* —I admit, for days (weeks?) I’ve seen this fic pop in my dash, in the tags, and I’ve resisted it —mostly because of my allergy to committing to MCs, but…I have to say, I was wrong and I should have been reading this from the get go. So yeah, we have a multichapter, Killian and Emma get paired up for a school assignment when they are ten, and become pen pals from then on. This story has EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! it’s angsty, everything isn’t rainbows and puppies, at all, but it’s isn’t completely hopeless which I appreciate TONS! Plus, you have their relationship here, and that is EVERYTHING! They mean so much to one another, but there are ups and downs (BOY, are they!) but everything is so worth it! So far we are on Chapter 7, out of probably 10. I caught up with the whole thing Saturday and I’m truly in love and can’t wait to read more!
  • kiss me on the sidewalk@mermaidswans
    This is a sweet tiny little one shot! ADORABLE! SOOOO FLUFFY and sweet! (aka my absolute jam!) Killian is an adorable dork, who adores his Swan, and tries to be sneaky, but everybody is onto him about certain question he has to ask Em, and of course there is just so much he can keep from Emma before she grows suspicious! again, the cutest little bit! I loved it!

  • Backpedal  - @ive-always-been-a-pirate
    DADDY!KILLIAN! I repeat, it’s not a drill, DADDY!KILLIAN FIC! In which tiny adorable Liam is ready to get rid of his training wheels and the whole family shows up to support him! Of course there’s a bike for Killian to try as well, AND CHARMING! And there’s Captain Charming precious adorable bickering while Emma and Mary Margaret get to witness with amusement, and then, to top everything that is cute and adorable in this world, LIAM! This Liam is one of the sweetest little versions of a CS child I’ve ever read! Killian is this kid’s hero and I DIE! I so do! It melts my heart, because this feels so real and grounded, yet SO SO fluffy my heart can barely take it………….Whew, I really needed to let that out! There’s one particular moment, when all playful bickering is set aside and all eyes are on little Liam, It’s SOOOO GOOD! Please read this if you are even semi-down. It’ll turn your day around, I swear!!

  • transatlanticism@weezlywrites
    CS long distance AU —I cried my eyes out at this one okay? It hit close to home, and I’m the worst person in the world at goodbyes, I just can not take them! I hold the record of the most tears cried at Hartsfield’s airport (if you are ever in Atlanta, there’s a little fact about me lol) —Goodbyes are truly a weakness of mine, so when you put Killian and Emma, falling for each other SO deeply, yet separated by miles and miles, my heart was truly broken! THIS IS INCREDIBLE tho! The writing and characterization is spot on! I love it, I love it, I love it! It’s a complete AU in the sense that they hold complete different professions and lifestyles than in the show, but Goodness precious, it WORKS! it works so so so well! I will tell you this ends on a happy note (in case you are put off by my comment about how much I bawled while reading lol)

  •  Slow Me Down@seriouslyhooked
    Future CS family feels?? Check and check!! J This is my jam you all, them happy and the domesticity, the partnership, the freaking love, the chaos of family life! Just give it to me! I ADORED this little bit! They are clueless and adorable, and I just really love them, kay? ;) this is sooo cute and fluffy, and perfect! read it! 

  • Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust@captainswanluver​ 
    CS AU —I think it has a bit of that enemies to lovers trope feel, without them being complete enemies? Suffice to say, it’s not love at first sight okay? The way it unfolds from a less than idea first meeting, it’s the best thing ever tho! These two are single parents in this universe, Emma has Henry, Killian has a little girl, their kids are in the same class, and when they meet, they both (I think) judged the book by its cover a beat too soon. They end up working in bringing a production of…PETER PAN to the kids’ school and of course that leads to time spent together, glances here, glances there, but there are trust issues and everything isn’t easy, but again, the reward at the end is certainly worth it! LOVELY read! 

  •  AND…lastly, Home for Christmas@startswithhope​  
    CS modern au, friends to lovers—ish, kinda, unrequired love that isn’t really unrequired? Do I need say more? this thing is like crack, the really really good kind (not that I know anything about its quality, but you get my deal, right?) Honestly, I’ve had this fic opened in a tab for weeks (months maybe?) I have no idea who rec’d it to me, how or why I decided I wanted to read it, but it’s been there for me to read forever and last night I just said what the hell and read the thing in one go. I cried, I laughed, I felt for Emma and Killian so freaking much! This is the kind of angst that I handle well-ish. They are going through stuff (Killian, Killian is going through something big) but then at least he has Emma and that makes everything so much better! This is a Christmassy fic, but who cares, it’s the best thing ever! I kept trying to put it down last night, every couple of chapters or so, I couldn’t sleep just thinking and overthinking, ended up going to bed at 2 after finishing all six glorious chapters! It’s just so great! There’s a bit at an airport, after they have both landed, and Killian has a bit of a moment when he struggles not to break down (it’s brutal!) but, while incredibly sad, that moment and that love between them is so real and palpable in that scene that it has stuck with me all through today. GO READ! do yourselves a favor!  

AND…this is it for today! I hope your weeks started well, and the rest of your week is lovely!! Read the fics, love on the fics, like them, reblog them! Go wild! They are SO GOOD! 

Day 8- Coming out

It was getting late and Emma had a pretty strong feeling she should have went home hours ago. Somewhere around the first glass of cider, just after Henry came into Regina’s study to say goodnight to both of them. But Regina didn’t ask her to leave, she never even suggested that it was late and her couch was so comfortable and the combination of the delicious dinner and the cider made Emma all mellow and heavy and it was just easier to accept the offer of a second and then a third glass.

By the time they were finishing their third glasses, Emma was curled around a cushion, her knees brought up to her chest and Regina was opposite her on the couch, her bare feet tucked under her as she sat with an elbow propped on the back of the couch. The brunette’s hair was a bit tousled from her hand that ran through it from time to time and Emma’s eyes couldn’t help but follow them every time, feeling envious of those fingers. Not that she would say that out loud anytime soon because they didn’t talk about anything like that. They were friends and friends weren’t supposed to want to run their fingers through the other’s hair and maybe just maybe gently fist a handful as they pressed their lips against the other one’s plump, red, inviting ones… Woah, get a grip, Emma!, she scolded herself.

The fight against the Evil Queen and then defeating Hyde made it impossible for Regina to really concentrate on losing Robin Hood but now that life slowed down a bit, she had time to deal with everything and Emma was incredibly happy to say that after months of grief and sleepless nights and crying, her best friend was finally feeling better. Much better, if her current rant about being unable to find a date because of the Queen was any indication.

“I mean, seriously Emma. Nobody would even consider going out with me. And it’s because of her.” Regina huffed in annoyance.

“That’s silly Regina. Everyone knows that’s your past. You are not her. I mean literally, you’re not her.” Emma argued, her words just the slightest bit slurred from the alcohol.

“People won’t realize that. They see me, they remember her. How am I supposed to find a partner now?”

“Robin knew about your past…”

“Yes but he was my soulmate. That’s different. I knew he would accept me, I knew because of the…”

“Yeah I know, I know..the pixie dust thing.” Emma cut her off, for some reason feeling uneasy with the whole soulmate subject. With the whole Robin subject. She didn’t like him, it was ugly and rude to say, especially after the man died, she knew, but her mind was a bit blurry from Regina’s cider and it wasn’t like anyone could hear her thoughts, she was free to think whatever she wanted.

“So here I am, stuck in a town where nobody would dare or would want to go out with me. I’ll totally die alone…” Regina pouted a bit and Emma grinned at how adorable the other woman looked.

“Look, the Evil Queen wanted to murder my parents, almost succeeded the last time too, so nobody has more reason to hate or fear her than me. But I’d totally go out with you if I didn’t know for sure you were straight.” Emma assured the brunette vehemently, only realizing what she said once it was already out of her mouth.

Regina’s surprised brown eyes snapped to her face and Emma felt a blush creep up her neck as her mouth opened and closed, not finding a decent explanation for what she just admitted.

“I…eh…I mean…” she stuttered awkwardly.

She and Regina never talked about their sexuality before. It wasn’t like she wanted to keep being a bisexual a secret, she wasn’t ashamed or anything, it just never came up. While she was with Hook it was never mentioned and if she was honest, ever since she came to town, she only had eyes for one woman. And that certain brunette was sitting across from her on that very couch, blinking at her  with utter shock and something like… was that amusement in her eyes?

And Regina, well, Emma knew about Daniel, Graham and recently, Robin. Regina never showed any interest in a woman or talked about any other lovers from the Enchanted Forest so Emma just assumed…

However, judging by the way Regina’s brown eyes glinted with something predatory in them as she suddenly eyed Emma, maybe she assumed wrong?

“And might I ask, Em-ma, what made you so sure I was straight?” Regina basically purred, putting her glass on the coffee table as she crawled over to the blonde on the couch.

“Well from your surprised look, I’d say until now, you thought I was straight too.” Emma shot back, heat curling deep in her stomach as she let go of the pillow, leaning forward to get closer to Regina.

“You were with Hook.” Regina hissed his name, not even bothering to hide her disapproval.

“And you were with Robin.” Emma muttered, their faces now only a few inches apart.

“Apparently you haven’t heard enough stories of the Evil Queen darling.” Regina growled. “I might be a different woman now, but we do still share some… qualities.” she smirked before letting her eyes trail down to Emma’s lips, licking her own and making the blonde’s breath hitch.

“Like?” she squeaked.

“Like taking delight in devouring beautiful blonde women.” Regina whispered then she didn’t wait any longer to close the distance between their mouths, sealing her lips against Emma’s in a wild, sensual kiss.

Emma didn’t hesitate to return it with the same eagerness, both of them moaning when her hand found the back of Regina’s head and slipped between the silky strands, her other hand settling low on the brunette’s back, pulling her impossibly close to herself.

“Oh… Women?” Emma panted against Regina’s lips with a grin when they broke apart for air for a moment, an eyebrow raised challengingly.

“See dear, that’s where she and I are different.” Regina breathed with a heaving chest as she gazed into Emma’s eyes with a mix of smoldering passion and utter adoration. “I only want one.”

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