just a bit noisey:)

So like, I’ve been studying for like 4/5 hours and I completely forgot that the daughter of my neighbors on the floor below me was holding her birthday party.

Really loudly.

With thin walls.

And they’re playing JB’s Baby and YELLING over it.

I’m glad kids still have humor these days tbh

But, poor Captain actually needed it.

I’m back! After all that studying for my finals next week, I think I’m not dead now! I’ll make more comics, especially because with summer right around the corner! I am deeply sorry that I did not make comics for they past few weeks, maybe days, but I’ll pick up pace again! Hopefully you understand!

Also, style revamp.

Supernatural Season 13: Mark Sheppard Not Returning as a Series Regular
By Vlada Gelman

Look, as much as I like Mark Sheppard, I’ve felt Crowley hung around a lot longer than he should have from a story perspective. Having him around gave the characters too easy and regular an access to Hell, which made it seem mundane, which retroactively took the impact out of both Sam and Dean’s time down below.

But having Crowley suddenly be so self-sacrificing? Like, literally? JUST LIKE THAT? It was a rushed job and, to me, ultimately unsatisfying.

I’ll probably go into it more when I do the recap(s) but I wanted a separate post just to say I think Mark Sheppard got shafted on a character arc/moment.


“And since you’ve a habit of neglecting yourself, I’ll make sure you are fed even if I have to ram it down your throat myself. He will need you.”

Amorthon growled as the piece of wood his in hands splintered. “DAMNIT. That’s the fifth one in the last…agh.” He stood up, stalked over to the fireplace and tossed the ruined piece into the blaze with a bit more force than was necessary. He’d been replaying the afternoon’s encounter over and over again since it had ended, and it had done nothing but leave him frustrated, angry, and quite frankly, hurt. 

“He’ll need ME? He’ll fucking need ME?! Well, where the hell was HE when I needed HIM!? Huh!? Either of them!” He sat down in the chair across from the fireplace, resisting the urge to slam his arms down against the armrests. The LAST thing he wanted was a trip to the infirmary. He took a deep breath, allowing his head to fall into his hands, only looking up when he felt Savage nudge against him.

He’d kept his composure for most of the afternoon. He hadn’t yelled, hadn’t lashed out, or acted the way he’d felt like acting. Instead, he’d sat and he’d listened with a clenched jaw and clenched fists…as he always did. What did it matter how upset he was with the situation, so long as everyone else was alright…right?


I meant to be back by now but, as usual, it seems that things have gotten complicated. How are things? Safe? No problems, right? 

I hope it’s dry there, at least. It seems that it never stops raining here. Anyway…stay safe, I’ll be home soon.



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So like what happens if a nephilim is born with bad teeth or eyesight? Do they go to a mundane optometrist or dentist? Or like do their parents set up an appointment in the silent city once a month for a silent brother to tighten their braces? But like would the silent brother use tools? Would they wear a mask? Is a mask even necessary? What about for glasses? Do they have a bunch of runes on a piece of paper for an eye chart and ask them what they see? What about their prescription? And having to deal with mundane optometrist asking for insurance? Do they just use glamour and try on a bunch in the store? Like these are the questions I need answers to Cassandra

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well, he expected this much. ❝ shouldn’t it be me protecting you? i am your
weapon after all, it’s my job as your zanpakuto. let someone else protect
you for once. ❞ ogihci smiled && kissed ichigo’s neck && cheek ( a silent
promise ). besides … ❝ it would be better if only one of us died rather than
the both of us dying. ❞ even if his instincts refused to put ichigo before
himself, he’d try.

Painful Reminders

The reminders followed him wherever he went.

A splintering crunch rings out through the haze of silence that has settled over the woodlands of the Hinterlands, echoing out across the snow. The gentle glow of the moon on the horizon breaks through tops of the forest, illuminating the flakes of snow floating steadily from the darkened skies above. Most inhabitants of the area had long since retired for the night, morning fast approaching.

The lone draenei allows his fist to drop away from the towering pine he stood before, a faint imprint of the collision left in the splintered bark. His bared hand falls back to his side, the blackened tips of his fingers brushing against the chilled metal armor. Even as the blood from his battered knuckles trails down his hand, the figure shows no sign of registering the darkened liquid as it drips steadily from his fingertips.

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