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  • muggle-born hogwarts students trying to explain eurovision to their pure-blood friends
  • “so it’s like the quidditch world cup but with politics and terrible singing instead of flying.”
  • “no, no, people watch it because it’s so bad”
  • “yeah alright magic is great, but is it as good as getting an unexpected douze points? i think not” 
  • muggle-borns feeling down on eurovision weekend because even though their parents will write to them to tell them who won, there’s nothing quite like watching it live with friends.
  • until two sixth year ravenclaws figure out how to make a television work in the shrieking shack, since it’s far enough away from the castle for magic not to affect the signal. 
  • as they’re both from muggle families, the first thing they do is organise an illicit eurovision viewing party and the rest of the muggle-borns are living for it
  • everyone comes up with excuses - late night detention, extra quidditch practice, stargazing with the astronomy club. more than thirty students, including a handful of intrigued half-bloods and pure-bloods, end up in the shrieking shack on eurovision night.
  • there are cushions and blankets on the floor, a huge pile of snacks and a few bottles of firewhisky smuggled in by some seventh year gryffindors. 
  • the night is incredible, and the students who have never seen eurovision before are instant converts, laughing and singing along with the rest. they have to hide their yawns and hangovers from the professors the next day but it’s worth it
  • and this is how the secret eurovision drinking party becomes an underground hogwarts tradition 

So like, I’ve been studying for like 4/5 hours and I completely forgot that the daughter of my neighbors on the floor below me was holding her birthday party.

Really loudly.

With thin walls.

And they’re playing JB’s Baby and YELLING over it.

I’m glad kids still have humor these days tbh

Livvy and Kit playing chess

Kit: Ok Livvy admit it, I’ve got you cornered. It’s time to start waving that white flag.

Livvy: *curls her lip at him* The only thing I will be waving is your decaptitated head on a stick in front of your weeping mother!

Kit: *stares* Good lord.

Ty: *doesn’t look up from his book* Did I mention Livvy’s a bit competitive?


Livvy: *glares*

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heeeeey for the AU headcanons things, Clint and Nat as a cop and cat burglar, respectively??? Maybe???

1. Really all he wants to do is go home and fall asleep on his couch. He’d worked a stakeout most of the night and then had his normal shift to work on top of that.

2. So of course, today is when a bundle of casefiles is thrown on his desk with a thump, waking him. The cat nap is quickly replaced with the details of a skilled cat burglar threatening the valuables of the wealthy.

3. He’s fascinated immediately. There’s hardly any clues but there are patterns, things that the burglar always goes after. She (Clint is positive that the burglar is a she) doesn’t always take the most expensive items, no she takes whatever will be missed the most.

4. He notices that she also targets information, making away with flash drives of sensitive personal material on top of jewelry and art.

5. The casefile becomes a permanent fixture on his desk. Months pass and so do more burglaries. His superiors aren’t pleased with the lack of progress but Clint really doesn’t care. At this point, after hundreds of pointless interviews with the distressed ‘victims’, he’s halfway rooting for the cat burglar.

6. It’s a day much like the first day he got the casefile and he had just collapsed on his couch when a voice he does not recognize breaks the quiet.

“For a cop, you’re not very observant,” the redhead standing in his kitchen drinking his coffee out of his favorite mug says.

Clint’s on his feet and reaching for the gun he’d left on the table within seconds. “Who the fuck are you?”

“Calm down, I’m not armed and if I wanted to hurt you I wouldn’t have told you I was here.” She took a sip of coffee. “You weren’t finding me fast enough, Detective Barton, so I thought I’d better introduce myself.”

The pieces clicked together in Clint’s sleep-deprived brain. “You’re the cat burglar. I told everyone you were a woman but no one agreed with me. I have money riding on this.”

She smirked. “Going to have to prove it to collect on that money and I really don’t plan on letting you arrest me.”

“I think I’m the one with the gun here?” He didn’t mean for that to come out as a question but it made the thief laugh so he didn’t mind that much when it did.

“You are but you’re not going to use it.” She took one more drink of her coffee and raised the mug in a salute. “Thanks for the coffee.”

She turned her back to him and walked to the open window that had apparently been her way in and let herself back out.

Clint just cursed under his breath and set his gun back down. Really, this was probably all some crazy hallucination.

7. When he woke up from his nap, the used mug was still on the counter. He stared at it for a full two minutes before drinking the last quarter of a cup and washing the mug.

8. He doesn’t learn her name until three visits and four months later and then it’s only because she wants to hear it fall off his lips when she has him pinned against the wall of his apartment and completely at her mercy.

9. (He calls her Tasha in his head sometimes, thinks it fondly when he glances at the thick file on his desk, knows that he’s in way over his head.)

10. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do if she ever slips up and leaves enough clues for him to actually find her. He really hopes he never has to find out.

that thing;

a tiny thing for @bezier-curve.

Five years and counting, and waking up to the tangle of blonde across their pillows filled him with something too good to put into words. Eloquent as he could be in meetings and public events, he became tongue-tied the moment Edward Elric rolled over and tossed an arm around his waist; sleepy mumbles against his chest made him smile, unguarded and real.

“You’re doing that thing again…”

Roy nuzzled into messy locks with a low hum, “What thing is that?”

“That thing—” Ed pulled away to peer at him with bleary eyes, “—you’re plotting shit and it’s not even noon yet.”

Roy smirked, that infuriatingly darling one that made Ed’s cheeks burn so deliciously, “Ed, it’s 2 in the afternoon on a Sunday.”

“Fuck off.” Was the petulant response he got as Ed burrowed closer, pulled the blankets tighter around them, “You’re so full of shit, Mustang—”

“Language, dear, it’s Sunday—”

“Fuck Sundays, too.”

But, poor Captain actually needed it.

I’m back! After all that studying for my finals next week, I think I’m not dead now! I’ll make more comics, especially because with summer right around the corner! I am deeply sorry that I did not make comics for they past few weeks, maybe days, but I’ll pick up pace again! Hopefully you understand!

Also, style revamp.

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How about Remus Lupin?

Oh my poor little werewolf, Remus!  I love him so much. 💚

  • favorite thing about them: Canonically he is such a force of quiet strength and goodness, but also such a sarcastic little shit at the same time that I love it.  He’s a furry little enigma of sarcastic mischief and I just love his character.  
  • least favorite thing about them:  His self-doubt and self-loathing.  
  • favorite line: “Finally, the flesh reflects the madness within.”.
  • brOTP: Lily Evans.
  • OTP: Sirius Black.  Forever Wolfstar.  💖
  • nOTP: Snape.  Just no.  NO.
  • random headcanon: Remus loved Sirius almost from the moment they met.  At first, he was a bit in awe, and even scared of the other boy because he was such a force of nature; a veritable whirlwind of activity and emotions and he radiated joy in ways that Remus just couldn’t fathom experiencing with his normal reticent nature,  The simple fact that this bright, popular, enigmatic boy wanted to be his friend just warmed Remus’ heart like nothing ever had.  He couldn’t help, but love him.  It wasn’t until their third year that he realized the love he had for Sirius was more than just friendship.  They had come back from summer hols and Sirius had been unusually quiet, but wouldn’t talk about what was bothering him.  That night, after the others were asleep and he heard Sirius rustling behind his closed bed drapes, he went to Sirius’ bed to see if he could cheer his friend up a bit.  He opened the curtains and saw Sirius removing his shirt and the large, angry welts and bruises littering the creamy, youthful skin.  Remus was shocked, and the wolf inside him raged, wanting to attack whoever had hurt the person he felt belonged to him.  Sirius immediately tried to cover up and downplay the bruises, but he eventually broke down and cried in Remus’ arms, telling him of the abuse he had suffered at the hands of his own mother who had tried to instill in him how a proper Pureblood should behave.  Remus just held him and reassured him that he was worth so much more than the Blacks could ever realize.  Remus was filled with love and sympathy for his friend who endured so much and he knew he would do the same for Peter and James as well.  But as he held a finally sleeping Sirius in his arms that night, and he tried to quiet the beast raging for revenge inside him, he knew that while he would protect and care for any of his friends in much the same way, he realized that it was only Sirius whose tears he wanted to kiss away.  He knew that the urge to touch, to soothe, to kiss the boy’s pain away was so very different than how he should feel for his friend. And it terrified him.  
  • unpopular opinion: Not a fan of Remadora.  Just…no.
  • song i associate with them: Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park
  • favorite picture of them:  I have two face casts for Remus, just as I do for Sirius, and it’s weird how depending on the fic it just automatically changes in my head.  The first is Daniel Sharman, who actually played a werewolf on Teen Wolf apparently, but I’ve never seen that show.  I just saw a picture of him once and was like “holy crap, he’s Remus!”  Of course, my other face cast for Remus is TT @asktheboywholived . I mean, really, by now my teeny tiny crush on them is a bit apparent.  It’s tiny.  Siriusly…minuscule.  ;-)  In all Sirius-ness though, they’re a fabulous role player and a lot of people’s head canon for both Sirius and Remus. 

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Can I ask you your opinion on something ? I'm rewatching HLV, and Magnussen knew about Redbeard. We don't know to which extend (in Sherlock's pressure points, it's only written "Redbeard (see file)" ), but how do you think Magnussen knew that ? And do you think he knew about Victor, or only about Redbeard ?

Ooh, you know that is an interesting thought, which hadn’t really occurred to me much yet. The thing is that Magnussen actually could have gotten that information from a couple places. First of all, we already knew he had some sort of contact or connection with Mycroft, because Mycroft knew very well who he was and actually said Magnussen was under his protection. The other thing is that Magnussen could absolutely have had contact with Moriarty at some point. What are the chances that those two baddies never had anything to do with each other? I’m assuming Eurus wasn’t roaming free for many years and couldn’t have paid him a visit, but I could be wrong. (As another point, and this is shipper goggles on, but if it were Eurus, I think Molly would have been on that pressure point list as well. Because Eurus KNEW that Molly was big in her bro’s life. For Mycroft and Jim though, I bet they’d think of The Woman as a pressure point for Sherlock’s feels.) So really, either of them could have spilled the beans about “Redbeard.” There’s basically no way to tell whether Magnussen knew the whole truth about “Redbeard.” At the very least, he knew it was a pressure point. I’d like to think that Mycroft wouldn’t have told ALL the details, but you never know. And Moriarty probably would have given all the info. 

I feel like this was a bunch of messy rambling, but I liked this ask! Got me thinking lol. 😉 ❤️ 

3 days, my dudes. I couldn’t access my tumblr (and apparently, my paypal) for 3 whole days. I honestly thought I got hacked. :C I MISSED ALL OF YOU AAAA

Day 1, I thought ‘huh maybe tumblr servers are down, i’ll check back later’. And later it was still down (app kept screaming “SOMETHING WENT WRONG LOL”) and I’m just like… yeah tomorrow. (¬ ¬ )

Day 2, tried various ways of logging back in and asking around (shout-out to @lukkistarr and @powerdragonmoon). No one else was having this problem, nothing on the internet about tumblr being dead. Started to fear I’ve been hacked. (╥ω╥)

Day 3, called my ISP. They said they’ve been having reports of the same kind with different website servers. They said to hang tight and they’ll look into it. Hours later, here we are! \(^ヮ^)/

Now I missed 3 important days bc: end of Miraculous Blackout, SVTFOE TV Movie reactions, and… well, idk the 3rd day, but yeah.

Welp, I’m never logging out this account lmao. I log out every week to clean up my browser history/cache/etc but nope. None of that now. I guess I’ll just have to let my browser junk pile up like some kinda pleb. >:c

I want to switch ISPs……………………… but we have a 2 year contract

I hope everyone has been having a really great day. Please have it for me…… let me have a good day by proxy—— buh——

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