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So about the Vmas

There’s just 7 days left of voting, this could be Harry’s first big award as a solo artist, if we can vote for that fucking fan poll we might as well work hard for this one! And you don’t even have to work hard like it’s the easiest thing ever you can literally 👏 make 👏 up 👏 emails 👏 and VOTE, it doesn’t matter if it’s not a real one!!!! so logout 👏 login 👏 and VOTE and remember to vote in ALL CATEGORIES 👏 just fucking do IT I know you can 👏 do 👏 it

I was going through stuff and found the other heartless gif I’d made!  I never posted it.  I had a ton of fun with these.  

Mental Note: Always make keys!  I straight-aheaded both heartless animations and then wasted a bunch of time re-sizing it all.

Anniversary-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine:#125

Word Count: 1,156

Warnings: None that I can think of?

Summary: Y/N and Isaac take go on their 2nd honeymoon for their 15 year anniversary.

A/n: Day 7! Just one more day left until my surprise!

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Last Imagine

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One day left before season 7 airs. The spoilers and the hype are making me lose interest in the show.

For the longest time I was hoping that Sansa will end up as the Queen Elizabeth I of Westeros. Then season 6 came along and Jon and Sansa’s scenes stirred up a lot of non-sibling feels. And now I’m a believer lol. JonSa ship suddenly became everything to me, and I would also feel betrayed if it’s all for nothing.

Sansa has suffered far too much to ever go back to old Sansa, who’s naive and blinded by her love for what glitters. Starkbowl will be a million steps backwards for her. Sansa will have the most unsatisfying arc if they made her fight against her pack and if she becomes the lone wolf who dies. It would have been better if they kill her in season 1 since there’s no point in telling her story if she didn’t learn from her mistakes and if she’s not contributing to the big picture.

If Sansa is supposed to betray the rest of the Starks, she should at least have some truly good moments where it paid off for her to be against her family. Then it would at least be logical for her to think that going against Jon would benefit her more than working with him. Instead, the time she misremembered what happened between Joffrey and Arya, she lost her direwolf. The time she chose to say goodbye to the Cersei instead of following her father’s wish, she lost her father, her mother, her brother, she got beaten up and humiliated in public, and she was sexually harassed. The time she lied about her Aunt’s death, she was sold to the Boltons then got raped and tortured. She always pay too much for her mistakes. And unlike Jon, Arya, and Bran, who found true friends and allies at one time or another, Sansa was alone. No one had her best interest at heart, yes, not even Tyrion or Sandor. She suffered physical, mental, and emotional abuse from people who’s NOT her family over the last six seasons.

I saw a chart in Reddit where they show the screen time of each character and Sansa is in the top five (number 5). If nothing good is ever gonna come out of Sansa, those minutes/hours spent showing her suffering, and being passed on from one hand to another, would have been better spent developing other characters (like Arya or Bran, who have less screen time than her) or introducing other interesting characters they left out from the books.

So really, Starkbowl, Sansa’s death, seriously don’t make sense to me. I really hope that not everything is in vain. And I hope GRRM and D&D are not callous enough to write such complex female character and to develop her over the years, only to throw her story away.

If they are, then I want my time back! (And my tears, too! LOL.) Sorry for the rant.

Megaman Summer Chill Fanart Contest Deadline - 1 Week Left!

…Wait, wasn’t it all due today…?

No silly, weren’t you paying attention last week?! Things were extended for one week because a bunch of people asked for a little extra time. So you have just 7 days left, one whole extra week of bonus time, to wrap up your artwork and send it my way. Entries are due by next Sunday, August 13th, before the clock strikes midnight, CST. Or at least before your clock strikes midnight. I’ll count it either way.

Because I’ve ran out of waterpark and popsicle episodes from Rockman animation, not expecting another plug this extra week, I’m just throwing more caps from Beast+ up. Because, the waterpark theme still needs some contestants. And because Mariko-sensei riding Dekao like Flipper the Dolphin is still so absurd it needs to be reposted again and again.

We have just 4 total entries so far, which gives anyone who submits this week still some really good odds of winning something. So keep working hard on those final details, and flood me with art this week to win some prizes or cold, hard summer cash!

…end this submission curse…

Homeworld: Color, Cons, & Cosplay
Follow five scifi-enthusiasts as they conquer the dragon this Labor Day weekend by becoming the images they seldom see in film and TV.


13,000 to pledge $5 would get this film funded. 

There are 7 days left. I just turned 21. I will play the birthday gift card if I need to but there is so much representation to be made with this.  

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Hollstein Fanfiction

Soulmate timer AU based on this post.


When Mircalla Karnstein turned fifteen, she got her countdown, just like everyone else. Except not like everyone else. Because according to her countdown, she wouldn’t meet her soulmate for 319 years, 5 months, and 21 days.

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Reasons why I like Nezumi’s long hair, even though I normally don’t like long-haired guys. And there’s a short-haired one. First time I’ve drawn him like that. 

Ah… I’ve already posted this in a conversation with iwatch-theworld a couple of weeks ago… but I found the slightly bigger version and thought I could post it again. ^^


The Last 7 Days of the Legendary Showdown Gunnerkrigg Court/Girl Genius Kickstarter!

That’s right, just 7 days left, and there are still some cool stretch goals to go!

I wanted to post some pictures of the cool extras you can get by supporting the Kickstarter. I think the coins in particular look really great, and the magnet set can be used along side the sets from Girl Genius and Dr McNinja to creature your own battles!

Come on over and take part in the last few days!

I have been VERY cryptic and vague for the last few weeks asking all of you for your prayers, positive thoughts, vibes, energy and juju as I have been pursuing a new opportunity…

First off I want to thank EACH and EVERY ONE OF YOU for your likes, comment, messages and posts…. This community is truly UNIQUE, AMAZING and SUPPORTIVE in a way that is indescribable unless you are part of it…

With that said, I am EXCITED and HAPPY to share that I gave my 2 week notice to my current employer and that I have accepted a NEW JOB!!! 

There are no words to express how utterly good it felt to walk into my bosses office yesterday and tender my resignation…. he was SHOCKED  {not sure why except that I must have done VERY well at presenting a polished and professional front} and very taken aback by it.  He immediately reached out to HR to start the process of posting a requisition for my role and to find a temp to fill in when I leave… 

So, I now have just 7 working days left at my current job. My last day is Thursday 9/3… I wanted to give 2 weeks and technically did as I tendered my resignation yesterday with my final day on payroll of Labor Day, 9/7.  But, I already had vacation planned on 9/4 (Friday) so — LUCKY ME – I am almost DONE!!

And, as for my new beginning….

On Tuesday 9/8, I will be starting my new job with a high tech internet security firm based in Portland.  The best thing(s) are that

  • I will have some virtual support again like I had in my former job
  • I will be working with the executive assistant to the president of the company to help build/develop an assistant professional development program
  • THEY OFFERED ME MORE THAN I ASKED FOR!!!!  Literally making me ‘whole’ and getting me back to what I was making at my former job and tossing in a commuting allowance of $100 per month for gas, public transportation or parking AND an annual bonus program of 5% of my base salary!! 

So - let the new chapter begin because I am running towards it with open arms!!!