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I mean, if they wanted they could have made Lumière and Cogsworth the married couple we always knew they were instead of doing this. Develop their relationship, make Lumière’s incessant flirting an avoidance mechanism to make up for his pining for someone who he thinks indifferent and Cogsworth’s distant attitude a way to negate his feelings as what he thinks an act towards objectivity which he needs to fulfill his job the only way he knows how to. They could have made Mrs. Potts the friend who’s in the middle, seeing her favorite people act like dumb idiots but who also knows she has to let them find their way on their own. They could have made them confess their feelings at the end, as they talk about their bet, after seeing true love changing them, both literally and metaphorically. Fifi/Babette wouldn’t mind in the end, she would not only understand, after witnessing this she’d find the courage to ask Madame out on a date involving pretty dresses and a night at the opera. I don’t know, I’m not trying to write a b&b fic here, I’m just saying that nobody deserves to be tied romantically with Gaston, that’s the point of the movie, and if you want more representation you can do better than making it through a man devoted to a toxic abusive asshole. Howard deserved better. 

  • <p> <b>Lumière:</b> The castle is your home now! So feel free to go anywhere you like!<p/><b>Cogsworth:</b> Except the West Wing!<p/><b>Lumière:</b> *frantically gestures hands 'No!'*<p/><b>Cogsworth:</b> Oh! *panicked*- which we do not have!<p/><b>Belle:</b> Why? What's in the West Wing?<p/><b>Lumière:</b> Oh, nothing!<p/><b>Cogsworth:</b> Nothing!<p/><b>Lumière:</b> Uh- storage!<p/><b>Cogsworth:</b> Storage!<p/><b>Lumière:</b> That's it!<p/><b>Cogsworth:</b> That's it!<p/><b>Lumière:</b> Yes, that's it!<p/><b>Cogsworth:</b> This way please! To the *emphasizes* East Wing!<p/><b>Lumière:</b> Or as I like to call it, the Only Wing! *nervous laughter*<p/></p>
a drabble, featuring graves’ slight obsession with credence


Credence tilts his head up to the sky, eyes closed and lips curved in a satisfied smile. The heat will soon be unbearable, and he will be forced to roll his sleeves up to his elbows. But for now, he’s happy being able to soak in some sunlight.

He is oblivious to how tightly Graves has his hands clenched in the pockets of his slacks, fingers itching to trace that smile. The day is beautiful, definitely, but Credence, content and by his side, makes it more so.

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Random dump i edited using old rough sketches

i have a habit of creating random rough sketches of comic pages then ditching them then going back at them after like a month and it ends up piling in my folders. This one was when the Bad End Friends AU was so popular and one and a half year ago me still had those creative juices flowing in her head and wrote down an entire random plot at 3 am in the morning

would anyone be interested to read it even though its rough sketch///3///

fanon fenris: has a hair-trigger temper that goes off at the slightest mention of magic, swears all the time, violently threatens party members all the time, gets violent and aggressive every time hawke is pro-mage in a quest

canon fenris:  is always calm, mostly polite, and in control of himself aside from when he confronts his abusers (and when he’s mean to merrill. fenris ilu but no stop), never attacks or threatens any of your party members (yes, even anders), voices his disapproval but otherwise goes along with it if hawke is pro-mage

fanon fenris: picks on anders at every opportunity, is apparently seething with hatred for him, calls him an abomination literally every other word

canon fenris: doesn’t actually start most of their arguments; anders does (trust me, i checked), sounds bored in most of their conversations, is never violent towards anders, calls him an abomination in ONE conversation in the base game, and once in one of the dlcs

edit: fenris DOES threaten anders if hawke romances anders after fenris, specifically “break their heart and I’ll kill you”, but i will argue that even that is done out of love rather than him being an uncontrollable angry monster who does nothing but hate anders 24/7


↳Belle in Kingdom Hearts II


beauty and the beast + viking era ft. travis fimmel as the beast (also featuring clive standen as gaston and alyssa sutherland as the enchantress because i couldn’t resist)

for lauren @dionysae

for who could ever learn to love a beast?

i wouldn't mind tai winning. he's got about 4 or 5 back up plans if his name ever comes up, it's wild

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