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WIP Wednesday (Friday) Breath

Hey so I’m the actual worst and am just now picking through my inbox (I’m so sorry) but I totally have something for this and I’m very glad that you asked!

He was afraid. A trained Knight with a sword at his hip and he stank of fear, radiated it in waves that might have offended her if it wasn’t so pitiful. She nearly leaned forward just to see what he would do when he felt the heat of her breath too near to his neck.

Absolutely bonkers shit that legitimately happens in NBC Hannibal (an incomplete list):

  • Will beats a furry to death while fantasizing about Hannibal getting off to being beaten to death
  • A man??? Gets folded into an origami heart???????
  • A villains actual honest to god evil plan is to steal Will’s face so that he can eat Hannibal’s penis with it
  • Said villain then gets eaten by his pet eel??? After having his sperm harvested so his sister’s girlfriend can bear his child and inherit his wealth??
  • Honestly just Mason Verger in general: ??????
  • That time Hannibal waves at another serial killer and says “hello I love your work” before killing him
  • Hannibal wears at least four patterns at the same time and no one gouges their eyes out or tells him it looks awful
  • Fish jello treated as a delicacy that the average American would consume without vomiting
  • Feel free to add more

Historians and members of the public have shared photographs of their favourite exhibits from Brazil’s National Museum as they came to terms with the fire that has laid waste to the country’s oldest and most important historical and scientific museum.

Rio de Janeiro’s 200-year-old institution was home to 20m items. It is unclear how many were destroyed in the blaze, but it is believed much of the collection has been lost in the huge fire that started on Sunday.

Among the items feared destroyed by the blaze were a Roman fresco from Pompeii that survived the Vesuvius fire, Egyptian and Greco-Roman artefacts, fossils, dinosaurs, a meteorite found in 1784 and the remains of a 12,000-year-old human named “Luzia”, the oldest human fossil found in Brazil.

The National Museum also held one of the best collections of indigenous literature and artefacts in the world.


imma be real with you tho, i had to look up what a “shrike” was and now i know that it is a “a songbird with a strong sharply hooked bill, often impaling its prey of small birds, lizards, and insects on thorns” which is SO BADASS like hella. hella. hella tiny murder bird SINGING and MURDERING. what an aesthetic. and i don’t know how i lived not knowing that until this very moment, thank you hozier my forest fae lord for teaching me about the wildlife of our glorious world full of strange magics i feel 219.04% more ethereal now imma go summon myself a murder of shrikes. a flock of shrikes. a whole shitload of shrikes.