Sometimes I wish I could meet them so I can tell in person, how beautiful they are, inside and out

honestly this is so fucking surreal

i’m moving to a totally different country in a month and everything will be different and i cannot even begin to imagine my life after this

i mean

i’m not the kind of person to make huge life-changing decisions, i mostly just sit on my ass and complain

but then this happened

i thought i could prepare myself mentally, but nope, i’m just sitting here there unable to comprehend this whole thing

goodbye comfort zone it was fun while it lasted

you ever see game companies that are mostly composed of white cis men trying to “be more inclusive/respectful” and then fucking up over and over again and you’re just there clawing your face like “how about you hire women for that….”

do you ever think about how legendary pokemon might be their equivalent of cryptids in the pokemon world like ‘okay sure trainer you say you got a picture of a moltres but that just looks like you lit a rubber chicken on fire, that’s probably a hoax.’ ‘everyone knows that mewtwo is just a dude in a suit.’ ‘my grandmother’s aron got taken by deoxys my aunt got it on video’